Home Court Advantage? For Some Teams

The number of fans allowed at each stadium in the 2021 NBA Playoffs

Rob Moore

Rob Moore

We're about to kick off a unique postseason in the NBA. Each team has different COVID-19 restrictions in place, including a limit on the number of fans allowed per game. Some teams, like the Knicks, are allowing nearly full capacity, but are requiring proof of vaccination for most in attendance. Other teams are placing tighter limits on the number of fans, like the Portland Trail Blazers who, throughout the season, were allowing at most 10% capacity - less than 2,000 in total (note that Portland has now increased total capacity to 8,000).

To get a sense of how much a home crowd can help, the home team wins about 58-60% of all games in a typical NBA season. This year, with a majority of the games being played with either no crowd or a very small crowd, the home winning percentage dropped to 54.3%. Still an advantage, but a much smaller one compared to seasons with packed arenas.

Below, you can view every first round matchup and the teams' respective capacity allowance.

1. Philadelphia 76ers

Stadium Capacity: 20,155

Allowed Capacity: 11,160 (55%)

8. Washington Wizards

Stadium Capacity: 20,362

Allowed Capacity: 10,665 (52%)

2. Brooklyn Nets

Stadium Capacity: 17,732

Allowed Capacity: 14,391 (81%)

7. Boston Celtics

Stadium Capacity: 18,624

Allowed Capacity: 17,226 (92%)

3. Milwaukee Bucks

Stadium Capacity: 17,341

Allowed Capacity: 9,107 (53%)

6. Miami Heat

Stadium Capacity: 19,600

Allowed Capacity: 17,000 (87%)

4. New York Knicks

Stadium Capacity: 19,812

Allowed Capacity: 15,000 (76%)

5. Atlanta Hawks

Stadium Capacity: 16,888

Allowed Capacity: 16,458 (97%)

1. Utah Jazz

Stadium Capacity: 18,306

Allowed Capacity: 13,000 (71%)

8. Memphis Grizzlies

Stadium Capacity: 17,794

Allowed Capacity: 12,185 (68%)

2. Phoenix Suns

Stadium Capacity: 18,055

Allowed Capacity: 11,919 (66%)

7. Los Angeles Lakers

Stadium Capacity: 19,068

Allowed Capacity: 8,025 (42%)

3. Denver Nuggets

Stadium Capacity: 19,520

Allowed Capacity: 7,750 (40%)

6. Portland Trail Blazers

Stadium Capacity: 19,441

Allowed Capacity: 8,050 (41%)

4. Los Angeles Clippers

Stadium Capacity: 19,068

Allowed Capacity: 8,025 (42%)

5. Dallas Mavericks

Stadium Capacity: 19,200

Allowed Capacity: 17,761 (93%)


Below is summary of the number of fans allowed in each team's stadium. Last updated June 01, 2021.

TeamFans AllowedMaximum Capacity
Dallas Mavericks17,76119,200
Boston Celtics17,22618,624
Miami Heat17,00019,600
Atlanta Hawks16,45816,888
New York Knicks15,00019,812
Brooklyn Nets14,39117,732
Utah Jazz13,00018,306
Memphis Grizzlies12,18517,794
Phoenix Suns11,91918,055
Philadelphia 76ers11,16020,155
Washington Wizards10,66520,362
Milwaukee Bucks9,10717,341
Portland Trail Blazers8,05019,441
Los Angeles Clippers8,02519,068
Los Angeles Lakers8,02519,068
Denver Nuggets7,75019,520

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