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Shri Khalpada

Shri Khalpada

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We all have daily rituals to keep us focused, create structure, and provide some enjoyment. For a lot of us, Wordle has worked its way into that rotation. As I've been playing over the last year, my curiosity has had me wondering things like "how many possible words are there?", "how many words start and end with the same letter?", and "how many words use Y as the only vowel?". To try to answer those questions, and more, I built this Wordle visualization tool!

You can click around on different letters to see the words that use that letter in that particular position. You can also use the inputs below the visualization to add more constraints. The greenness of a square represents how frequently that letter appears in solutions given the letters you've already selected.

Note that these words only represent the list Wordle uses for possible solutions; there are many more guessable 5-letter words. Also note that the editors of Wordle may select words outside of the original list of 2,309 solutions on a given day. This tool only uses the original list of solutions.

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