2018 Detroit Pistons Team Passing Stats

The 2018 Detroit Pistons averaged 311 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Reggie Jackson to Blake Griffin, with 109 assists on 1971 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Reggie Jackson to Blake Griffin197110921649843.4%
Reggie Jackson to Andre Drummond590859721345.5%
Blake Griffin to Andre Drummond465808419642.9%
Blake Griffin to Reggie Jackson16077513433340.2%
Blake Griffin to Reggie Bullock592737820338.4%
Ish Smith to Langston Galloway325414312135.5%
Blake Griffin to Langston Galloway251373910238.2%
Reggie Jackson to Reggie Bullock34134379041.1%
Zaza Pachulia to Langston Galloway13734386955.1%
Blake Griffin to Luke Kennard28032389141.8%
Reggie Bullock to Blake Griffin427315913643.4%
Ish Smith to Luke Kennard315315211545.2%
Reggie Bullock to Andre Drummond11430345166.7%
Ish Smith to Andre Drummond22030387352.1%
Andre Drummond to Reggie Jackson1181298921042.4%
Luke Kennard to Andre Drummond14627306943.5%
Ish Smith to Blake Griffin507256315141.7%
Blake Griffin to Bruce Brown26423247233.3%
Blake Griffin to Wayne Ellington20823307938.0%
Reggie Jackson to Wayne Ellington17322245048.0%
Jose Calderon to Langston Galloway14921215637.5%
Reggie Bullock to Reggie Jackson35420409741.2%
Jose Calderon to Blake Griffin28120358740.2%
Andre Drummond to Wayne Ellington12420245742.1%
Bruce Brown to Reggie Jackson41619389838.8%
Jose Calderon to Stanley Johnson21218246437.5%
Zaza Pachulia to Luke Kennard11018224746.8%
Langston Galloway to Andre Drummond10117225143.1%
Reggie Jackson to Langston Galloway14917185433.3%
Bruce Brown to Andre Drummond13216255347.2%
Luke Kennard to Langston Galloway9116174736.2%
Ish Smith to Thon Maker19016164833.3%
Jose Calderon to Jon Leuer8615172860.7%
Andre Drummond to Reggie Bullock12014153246.9%
Reggie Jackson to Luke Kennard15514224845.8%
Reggie Jackson to Stanley Johnson14614153839.5%
Reggie Jackson to Bruce Brown24113175232.7%
Luke Kennard to Reggie Jackson18613245147.1%
Ish Smith to Zaza Pachulia17513163447.1%
Bruce Brown to Reggie Bullock9112142850.0%
Wayne Ellington to Andre Drummond8812173351.5%
Langston Galloway to Blake Griffin19412367150.7%
Blake Griffin to Ish Smith43212367846.2%
Reggie Jackson to Glenn Robinson III11412122842.9%
Stanley Johnson to Langston Galloway11112133834.2%
Stanley Johnson to Andre Drummond6912172958.6%
Luke Kennard to Blake Griffin21112207726.0%
Ish Smith to Glenn Robinson III7812122548.0%
Andre Drummond to Langston Galloway9611112839.3%
Andre Drummond to Blake Griffin408115612544.8%
Langston Galloway to Luke Kennard9511164040.0%
Blake Griffin to Glenn Robinson III10611144531.1%
Bruce Brown to Blake Griffin24810246934.8%
Jose Calderon to Bruce Brown9310123138.7%
Andre Drummond to Luke Kennard13210194641.3%
Blake Griffin to Stanley Johnson9610113531.4%
Luke Kennard to Ish Smith24010236535.4%
Ish Smith to Stanley Johnson17010194740.4%
Bruce Brown to Jon Leuer35991560.0%
Wayne Ellington to Blake Griffin1519235343.4%
Langston Galloway to Stanley Johnson789113135.5%
Stanley Johnson to Luke Kennard669112250.0%
Luke Kennard to Thon Maker56992339.1%
Thon Maker to Langston Galloway48991947.4%
Ish Smith to Wayne Ellington65992045.0%
Reggie Bullock to Bruce Brown1078112740.7%
Wayne Ellington to Reggie Jackson1628205536.4%
Zaza Pachulia to Glenn Robinson III35891656.3%
Jose Calderon to Reggie Bullock67782040.0%
Andre Drummond to Bruce Brown1457102050.0%
Blake Griffin to Jose Calderon218772330.4%
Bruce Brown to Luke Kennard37661250.0%
Bruce Brown to Wayne Ellington50661931.6%
Reggie Bullock to Langston Galloway39661250.0%
Jose Calderon to Luke Kennard123692634.6%
Langston Galloway to Reggie Jackson1656155129.4%
Langston Galloway to Ish Smith2546315952.5%
Blake Griffin to Zaza Pachulia67671936.8%
Reggie Jackson to Thon Maker93661931.6%
Luke Kennard to Stanley Johnson39691850.0%
Luke Kennard to Wayne Ellington31661735.3%
Thon Maker to Wayne Ellington38661250.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Reggie Jackson1646132552.0%
Jose Calderon to Andre Drummond73573520.0%
Wayne Ellington to Bruce Brown38571643.8%
Langston Galloway to Jon Leuer25551050.0%
Langston Galloway to Zaza Pachulia89561154.5%
Blake Griffin to Jon Leuer2155683.3%
Reggie Jackson to Jon Leuer54561154.5%
Reggie Jackson to Zaza Pachulia85561442.9%
Stanley Johnson to Blake Griffin1115133834.2%
Thon Maker to Luke Kennard68591947.4%
Zaza Pachulia to Jose Calderon115592240.9%
Glenn Robinson III to Reggie Bullock2456966.7%
Ish Smith to Bruce Brown69572035.0%
Ish Smith to Reggie Jackson61572133.3%
Reggie Bullock to Ish Smith77491752.9%
Jose Calderon to Zaza Pachulia80461735.3%
Langston Galloway to Reggie Bullock41451435.7%
Blake Griffin to Thon Maker1844580.0%
Stanley Johnson to Glenn Robinson III1244757.1%
Stanley Johnson to Jon Leuer1444850.0%
Stanley Johnson to Reggie Jackson2184103231.3%
Luke Kennard to Reggie Bullock3944757.1%
Luke Kennard to Zaza Pachulia119462326.1%
Jon Leuer to Luke Kennard29441040.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Bruce Brown38451145.5%
Bruce Brown to Zaza Pachulia40341040.0%
Andre Drummond to Ish Smith3583256041.7%
Wayne Ellington to Ish Smith49351533.3%
Langston Galloway to Thon Maker35331225.0%
Langston Galloway to Glenn Robinson III22341330.8%
Reggie Jackson to Khyri Thomas1333475.0%
Stanley Johnson to Ish Smith242393625.0%
Luke Kennard to Glenn Robinson III2433837.5%
Jon Leuer to Zaza Pachulia933475.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Ish Smith2843134429.5%
Glenn Robinson III to Andre Drummond56371546.7%
Ish Smith to Reggie Bullock88351533.3%
Khyri Thomas to Zaza Pachulia1633650.0%
Bruce Brown to Stanley Johnson41251050.0%
Bruce Brown to Langston Galloway35221414.3%
Bruce Brown to Jose Calderon86231127.3%
Reggie Bullock to Khyri Thomas722366.7%
Reggie Bullock to Luke Kennard42231030.0%
Reggie Bullock to Stanley Johnson36251533.3%
Reggie Bullock to Glenn Robinson III2123837.5%
Reggie Bullock to Jon Leuer623560.0%
Jose Calderon to Henry Ellenson6233100.0%
Jose Calderon to Glenn Robinson III3022825.0%
Andre Drummond to Thon Maker2122922.2%
Andre Drummond to Jose Calderon13524944.4%
Wayne Ellington to Luke Kennard2123742.9%
Langston Galloway to Khyri Thomas1322540.0%
Reggie Jackson to Ish Smith55231225.0%
Stanley Johnson to Reggie Bullock4122922.2%
Stanley Johnson to Jose Calderon281271258.3%
Stanley Johnson to Zaza Pachulia48231323.1%
Luke Kennard to Bruce Brown40241136.4%
Jon Leuer to Bruce Brown2822728.6%
Jon Leuer to Blake Griffin1723742.9%
Thon Maker to Khyri Thomas1823475.0%
Thon Maker to Bruce Brown1822633.3%
Thon Maker to Andre Drummond4323650.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Glenn Robinson III622366.7%
Zaza Pachulia to Thon Maker1923742.9%
Zaza Pachulia to Stanley Johnson68262821.4%
Zaza Pachulia to Jon Leuer6222100.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Blake Griffin66282630.8%
Glenn Robinson III to Langston Galloway1922825.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Reggie Jackson174292733.3%
Glenn Robinson III to Wayne Ellington822450.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Blake Griffin56261833.3%
Glenn Robinson III to Zaza Pachulia3623742.9%
Bruce Brown to Khyri Thomas912450.0%
Bruce Brown to Glenn Robinson III1811333.3%
Bruce Brown to Ish Smith78151729.4%
Reggie Bullock to Zaza Pachulia2911520.0%
Jose Calderon to Khyri Thomas3111714.3%
Jose Calderon to Svi Mykhailiuk4111100.0%
Jose Calderon to Thon Maker1311333.3%
Jose Calderon to Reggie Jackson2011425.0%
Jose Calderon to Ish Smith1912540.0%
Andre Drummond to Khyri Thomas6111100.0%
Andre Drummond to Stanley Johnson70142020.0%
Andre Drummond to Glenn Robinson III2912728.6%
Henry Ellenson to Luke Kennard3111100.0%
Wayne Ellington to Thon Maker2211616.7%
Wayne Ellington to Glenn Robinson III4111100.0%
Wayne Ellington to Jon Leuer1111100.0%
Wayne Ellington to Zaza Pachulia912366.7%
Langston Galloway to Bruce Brown2513650.0%
Langston Galloway to Wayne Ellington1212633.3%
Langston Galloway to Jose Calderon8312633.3%
Reggie Jackson to Jose Calderon1411250.0%
Stanley Johnson to Khyri Thomas1511616.7%
Stanley Johnson to Bruce Brown4714850.0%
Luke Kennard to Khyri Thomas1311911.1%
Luke Kennard to Jose Calderon106151241.7%
Jon Leuer to Khyri Thomas1011425.0%
Jon Leuer to Glenn Robinson III1211333.3%
Jon Leuer to Reggie Bullock9111100.0%
Kalin Lucas to Langston Galloway2111100.0%
Thon Maker to Jon Leuer2111100.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Thon Maker611333.3%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Zaza Pachulia3111100.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Khyri Thomas1512728.6%
Zaza Pachulia to Henry Ellenson411250.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Reggie Bullock3911119.1%
Zaza Pachulia to Wayne Ellington611425.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Khyri Thomas2011520.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Bruce Brown2312450.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Stanley Johnson911425.0%
Ish Smith to Khyri Thomas1711520.0%
Ish Smith to Jon Leuer2311616.7%
Ish Smith to Jose Calderon1911425.0%
Khyri Thomas to Svi Mykhailiuk6111100.0%
Khyri Thomas to Bruce Brown711250.0%
Khyri Thomas to Langston Galloway1111714.3%
Khyri Thomas to Glenn Robinson III1411333.3%
Khyri Thomas to Andre Drummond611333.3%
Bruce Brown to Thon Maker90040.0%
Bruce Brown to Henry Ellenson30020.0%
Reggie Bullock to Jose Calderon530020.0%
Andre Drummond to Jon Leuer501250.0%
Henry Ellenson to Bruce Brown50000.0%
Henry Ellenson to Langston Galloway10000.0%
Henry Ellenson to Glenn Robinson III30010.0%
Henry Ellenson to Andre Drummond10000.0%
Henry Ellenson to Reggie Jackson30000.0%
Henry Ellenson to Ish Smith10000.0%
Henry Ellenson to Jose Calderon17011100.0%
Henry Ellenson to Zaza Pachulia10000.0%
Wayne Ellington to Langston Galloway140040.0%
Langston Galloway to Svi Mykhailiuk20010.0%
Blake Griffin to Khyri Thomas130020.0%
Blake Griffin to Blake Griffin10000.0%
Reggie Jackson to Svi Mykhailiuk10000.0%
Reggie Jackson to Henry Ellenson10010.0%
Reggie Jackson to Reggie Jackson10000.0%
Stanley Johnson to Kalin Lucas50010.0%
Luke Kennard to Henry Ellenson30000.0%
Luke Kennard to Kalin Lucas20000.0%
Luke Kennard to Jon Leuer260090.0%
Jon Leuer to Henry Ellenson20000.0%
Jon Leuer to Stanley Johnson2101425.0%
Jon Leuer to Langston Galloway310090.0%
Jon Leuer to Andre Drummond901333.3%
Jon Leuer to Reggie Jackson87061250.0%
Jon Leuer to Ish Smith4901812.5%
Jon Leuer to Jose Calderon128041136.4%
Zach Lofton to Ish Smith20010.0%
Zach Lofton to Zaza Pachulia10010.0%
Kalin Lucas to Luke Kennard20020.0%
Kalin Lucas to Stanley Johnson40010.0%
Kalin Lucas to Zaza Pachulia20000.0%
Thon Maker to Svi Mykhailiuk70020.0%
Thon Maker to Glenn Robinson III30010.0%
Thon Maker to Reggie Jackson123071546.7%
Thon Maker to Ish Smith2890173943.6%
Thon Maker to Blake Griffin2101714.3%
Thon Maker to Jose Calderon90010.0%
Thon Maker to Zaza Pachulia170040.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Khyri Thomas30020.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Reggie Jackson20000.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Jose Calderon20000.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Zach Lofton20010.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Svi Mykhailiuk30020.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Kalin Lucas20010.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Andre Drummond10000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Svi Mykhailiuk40000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Luke Kennard2701616.7%
Glenn Robinson III to Thon Maker20000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Henry Ellenson40020.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Jon Leuer80030.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Ish Smith116051050.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Jose Calderon470030.0%
Ish Smith to Zach Lofton20000.0%
Ish Smith to Henry Ellenson10000.0%
Khyri Thomas to Luke Kennard1501812.5%
Khyri Thomas to Thon Maker130020.0%
Khyri Thomas to Stanley Johnson90050.0%
Khyri Thomas to Reggie Bullock20020.0%
Khyri Thomas to Jon Leuer60020.0%
Khyri Thomas to Reggie Jackson1201520.0%
Khyri Thomas to Ish Smith902366.7%
Khyri Thomas to Blake Griffin1502450.0%
Khyri Thomas to Jose Calderon140010.0%