2022 Detroit Pistons Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Detroit Pistons averaged 264 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Killian Hayes to Bojan Bogdanovic, with 82 assists on 615 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Killian Hayes to Bojan Bogdanovic6158211826344.9%
Jaden Ivey to Jalen Duren254646911062.7%
Jaden Ivey to Bojan Bogdanovic366587516944.4%
Killian Hayes to Jaden Ivey569527919141.4%
Killian Hayes to Isaiah Stewart294424810744.9%
Killian Hayes to Marvin Bagley III20335428748.3%
Killian Hayes to Saddiq Bey273334512436.3%
Killian Hayes to Hamidou Diallo17332357347.9%
Killian Hayes to Jalen Duren19331336055.0%
Jaden Ivey to Saddiq Bey217313810835.2%
Jaden Ivey to Isaiah Stewart20030338737.9%
Jaden Ivey to James Wiseman11430335955.9%
Killian Hayes to Isaiah Livers23627307838.5%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Jaden Ivey316264811442.1%
Cade Cunningham to Bojan Bogdanovic17225307341.1%
Jaden Ivey to Isaiah Livers13425296544.6%
Jaden Ivey to Killian Hayes512254512536.0%
Cory Joseph to Bojan Bogdanovic12724366654.5%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Isaiah Stewart15423266639.4%
Jaden Ivey to Marvin Bagley III15123296643.9%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Killian Hayes344223910437.5%
Killian Hayes to James Wiseman11122246238.7%
Jaden Ivey to Alec Burks17522328239.0%
Cory Joseph to Kevin Knox II11422234946.9%
Cory Joseph to Hamidou Diallo15122275846.6%
Alec Burks to Hamidou Diallo8520234057.5%
Jalen Duren to Bojan Bogdanovic16320296147.5%
Killian Hayes to Cory Joseph19020234551.1%
Jaden Ivey to Hamidou Diallo10320224153.7%
Cory Joseph to Marvin Bagley III14419275846.6%
Killian Hayes to Kevin Knox II7118183551.4%
Killian Hayes to Alec Burks17418337047.1%
Saddiq Bey to Bojan Bogdanovic13017305653.6%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Saddiq Bey12817226334.9%
Cory Joseph to Isaiah Livers9917193554.3%
Killian Hayes to Rodney McGruder8816163842.1%
Alec Burks to Saddiq Bey9915245543.6%
Cade Cunningham to Isaiah Stewart8915154037.5%
Killian Hayes to Eugene Omoruyi9915173745.9%
Saddiq Bey to Isaiah Stewart11014164535.6%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Jalen Duren10414152853.6%
Alec Burks to Bojan Bogdanovic10414235343.4%
Jaden Ivey to Cory Joseph12214173548.6%
Alec Burks to Kevin Knox II5513132944.8%
Cory Joseph to Rodney McGruder8813133735.1%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Marvin Bagley III7712123040.0%
Cade Cunningham to Jaden Ivey11312214151.2%
Cade Cunningham to Saddiq Bey12812195534.5%
Cory Joseph to Jalen Duren10212123138.7%
Cory Joseph to Jaden Ivey17612246338.1%
Isaiah Stewart to Jalen Duren3512131968.4%
Isaiah Stewart to Jaden Ivey33412287139.4%
Cory Joseph to Alec Burks279114211935.3%
Saddiq Bey to Jaden Ivey28910268630.2%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Alec Burks7110113928.2%
Alec Burks to Marvin Bagley III5210102343.5%
Cory Joseph to Eugene Omoruyi7910123138.7%
Cory Joseph to Isaiah Stewart4210101855.6%
Cory Joseph to R.J. Hampton10310113828.9%
Isaiah Stewart to Killian Hayes35410257433.8%
Hamidou Diallo to Alec Burks1039153740.5%
Killian Hayes to R.J. Hampton639102441.7%
Jaden Ivey to Rodney McGruder509102441.7%
Cory Joseph to Saddiq Bey1279186328.6%
Cory Joseph to James Wiseman459102147.6%
Isaiah Stewart to Bojan Bogdanovic1379194740.4%
Saddiq Bey to Hamidou Diallo51882040.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Hamidou Diallo37881747.1%
Jalen Duren to Jaden Ivey46284012133.1%
Jalen Duren to Saddiq Bey798123336.4%
Jaden Ivey to Eugene Omoruyi44882630.8%
Saddiq Bey to Jalen Duren42771163.6%
Saddiq Bey to Marvin Bagley III387101758.8%
Alec Burks to Jalen Duren51771353.8%
Alec Burks to Isaiah Stewart45782040.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Isaiah Stewart29771163.6%
Hamidou Diallo to Cory Joseph2297143243.8%
Jaden Ivey to R.J. Hampton42771838.9%
Jaden Ivey to Kevin Knox II37771546.7%
Isaiah Stewart to Saddiq Bey1107123237.5%
Saddiq Bey to Alec Burks76692437.5%
Hamidou Diallo to Isaiah Livers40661346.2%
R.J. Hampton to Jaden Ivey47691850.0%
Cory Joseph to Killian Hayes2256135822.4%
Isaiah Livers to Bojan Bogdanovic406101662.5%
Marvin Bagley III to Killian Hayes2505245444.4%
Saddiq Bey to Killian Hayes2555175034.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Cade Cunningham1535204247.6%
Alec Burks to Jaden Ivey1745175034.0%
Alec Burks to Cory Joseph2075113630.6%
Hamidou Diallo to Jalen Duren3755771.4%
Jalen Duren to James Wiseman1155955.6%
Jalen Duren to Cory Joseph2685133735.1%
Jalen Duren to Alec Burks965123040.0%
Cory Joseph to Jared Rhoden39551533.3%
Isaiah Livers to Jaden Ivey1915164734.0%
Marvin Bagley III to Jaden Ivey2034145127.5%
Marvin Bagley III to Isaiah Livers38441136.4%
Marvin Bagley III to Cory Joseph1574102540.0%
Marvin Bagley III to Alec Burks64471838.9%
Alec Burks to Killian Hayes1404112642.3%
Hamidou Diallo to Kevin Knox II1844757.1%
Hamidou Diallo to Marvin Bagley III2044944.4%
Hamidou Diallo to Bojan Bogdanovic43471741.2%
R.J. Hampton to Marvin Bagley III1644580.0%
Killian Hayes to Cade Cunningham444111957.9%
Jaden Ivey to Cade Cunningham1374154136.6%
Isaiah Livers to James Wiseman42451827.8%
Isaiah Livers to Alec Burks43481747.1%
Rodney McGruder to Marvin Bagley III26441233.3%
Eugene Omoruyi to Jalen Duren1146875.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to James Wiseman1045955.6%
Isaiah Stewart to Isaiah Livers2345683.3%
Isaiah Stewart to Hamidou Diallo41461346.2%
Isaiah Stewart to Alec Burks56461442.9%
Marvin Bagley III to James Wiseman12331030.0%
Marvin Bagley III to Hamidou Diallo3133742.9%
Marvin Bagley III to Bojan Bogdanovic61372330.4%
Saddiq Bey to Cade Cunningham1273133735.1%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Isaiah Livers3633837.5%
Alec Burks to Isaiah Livers40331520.0%
Alec Burks to James Wiseman835683.3%
Cade Cunningham to Killian Hayes3233650.0%
Cade Cunningham to Hamidou Diallo18341040.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Killian Hayes2213113928.2%
Jalen Duren to Isaiah Livers30331127.3%
Jalen Duren to Isaiah Stewart27341428.6%
Jalen Duren to R.J. Hampton1733650.0%
Jalen Duren to Killian Hayes4783236237.1%
Jalen Duren to Hamidou Diallo56361735.3%
Jalen Duren to Marvin Bagley III1033650.0%
R.J. Hampton to Cory Joseph1153101758.8%
Killian Hayes to Jared Rhoden21351050.0%
Cory Joseph to Buddy Boeheim24331323.1%
Kevin Knox II to Hamidou Diallo2636875.0%
Kevin Knox II to Cory Joseph1853102147.6%
Isaiah Livers to Cade Cunningham36381457.1%
Isaiah Livers to Marvin Bagley III37371643.8%
Rodney McGruder to Jaden Ivey59361540.0%
Rodney McGruder to Eugene Omoruyi1533650.0%
Rodney McGruder to James Wiseman21341330.8%
Nerlens Noel to Hamidou Diallo1233560.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to R.J. Hampton3134666.7%
James Wiseman to Isaiah Livers2533742.9%
James Wiseman to Marvin Bagley III1433650.0%
Marvin Bagley III to Jalen Duren922366.7%
Saddiq Bey to Cory Joseph116231323.1%
Buddy Boeheim to Jared Rhoden522366.7%
Buddy Boeheim to Cory Joseph2023560.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to James Wiseman2222100.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Kevin Knox II1122633.3%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Nerlens Noel622366.7%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Cory Joseph61241625.0%
Alec Burks to Rodney McGruder1422450.0%
Jalen Duren to Eugene Omoruyi1423475.0%
Jalen Duren to Rodney McGruder1422540.0%
R.J. Hampton to Jalen Duren1522540.0%
R.J. Hampton to Hamidou Diallo1422633.3%
R.J. Hampton to Rodney McGruder822633.3%
Jaden Ivey to Jared Rhoden1322540.0%
Jaden Ivey to Nerlens Noel1022540.0%
Cory Joseph to Nerlens Noel822450.0%
Kevin Knox II to Jalen Duren14222100.0%
Kevin Knox II to Alec Burks55241330.8%
Isaiah Livers to Eugene Omoruyi1323837.5%
Isaiah Livers to R.J. Hampton622366.7%
Isaiah Livers to Hamidou Diallo46221020.0%
Isaiah Livers to Cory Joseph100261540.0%
Rodney McGruder to Saddiq Bey923475.0%
Rodney McGruder to Killian Hayes96252222.7%
Rodney McGruder to Kevin Knox II5222100.0%
Rodney McGruder to Hamidou Diallo1122540.0%
Rodney McGruder to Cory Joseph90292142.9%
Nerlens Noel to Bojan Bogdanovic1324580.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Marvin Bagley III8233100.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Rodney McGruder2022450.0%
Jared Rhoden to R.J. Hampton1422540.0%
Isaiah Stewart to Cade Cunningham174273818.4%
James Wiseman to Eugene Omoruyi1422366.7%
James Wiseman to Rodney McGruder2623560.0%
Marvin Bagley III to R.J. Hampton2713933.3%
Marvin Bagley III to Saddiq Bey33161637.5%
Marvin Bagley III to Kevin Knox II711425.0%
Marvin Bagley III to Rodney McGruder2511911.1%
Saddiq Bey to Isaiah Livers2912922.2%
Saddiq Bey to Kevin Knox II30111010.0%
Saddiq Bey to Rodney McGruder1411425.0%
Saddiq Bey to Nerlens Noel6111100.0%
Alec Burks to R.J. Hampton311250.0%
Cade Cunningham to Jalen Duren1811911.1%
Cade Cunningham to Isaiah Livers1611520.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Jaden Ivey164183622.2%
Hamidou Diallo to Cade Cunningham27141233.3%
Hamidou Diallo to Saddiq Bey42141822.2%
Hamidou Diallo to Rodney McGruder811250.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Nerlens Noel511250.0%
Jalen Duren to Kevin Knox II1411425.0%
R.J. Hampton to James Wiseman1313742.9%
Killian Hayes to Braxton Key3111100.0%
Killian Hayes to Nerlens Noel34111010.0%
Kevin Knox II to Isaiah Livers711333.3%
Kevin Knox II to Isaiah Stewart7111100.0%
Kevin Knox II to Saddiq Bey45151631.3%
Kevin Knox II to Killian Hayes109161931.6%
Kevin Knox II to Marvin Bagley III511250.0%
Isaiah Livers to Buddy Boeheim411250.0%
Isaiah Livers to Jalen Duren2712540.0%
Isaiah Livers to Isaiah Stewart2111714.3%
Isaiah Livers to Saddiq Bey42131618.8%
Isaiah Livers to Killian Hayes2861195733.3%
Isaiah Livers to Rodney McGruder1311425.0%
Rodney McGruder to Jalen Duren1711520.0%
Rodney McGruder to Isaiah Stewart811520.0%
Rodney McGruder to Nerlens Noel2111100.0%
Rodney McGruder to Bojan Bogdanovic1012633.3%
Rodney McGruder to Alec Burks20141040.0%
Nerlens Noel to Jaden Ivey2414757.1%
Nerlens Noel to Cory Joseph13111100.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Isaiah Livers1612540.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Cory Joseph7312728.6%
Jared Rhoden to James Wiseman511250.0%
Jared Rhoden to Cory Joseph68141921.1%
Isaiah Stewart to James Wiseman412366.7%
Isaiah Stewart to Kevin Knox II411250.0%
Isaiah Stewart to Marvin Bagley III912450.0%
Isaiah Stewart to Rodney McGruder811250.0%
James Wiseman to Jalen Duren3111100.0%
James Wiseman to Jaden Ivey1951123831.6%
James Wiseman to R.J. Hampton2111425.0%
James Wiseman to Killian Hayes2301214052.5%
James Wiseman to Bojan Bogdanovic511333.3%
James Wiseman to Alec Burks1511425.0%
Marvin Bagley III to Jared Rhoden80010.0%
Marvin Bagley III to Eugene Omoruyi120050.0%
Marvin Bagley III to Isaiah Stewart70020.0%
Buddy Boeheim to Jalen Duren50000.0%
Buddy Boeheim to Jaden Ivey601333.3%
Buddy Boeheim to Eugene Omoruyi10010.0%
Buddy Boeheim to Isaiah Livers10010.0%
Buddy Boeheim to R.J. Hampton20000.0%
Buddy Boeheim to Killian Hayes1401333.3%
Buddy Boeheim to James Wiseman20020.0%
Buddy Boeheim to Marvin Bagley III10000.0%
Buddy Boeheim to Rodney McGruder10000.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Rodney McGruder901425.0%
Alec Burks to Nerlens Noel2011100.0%
Cade Cunningham to Kevin Knox II30020.0%
Cade Cunningham to Rodney McGruder10000.0%
Cade Cunningham to Nerlens Noel20010.0%
Cade Cunningham to Cory Joseph120010.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Jared Rhoden50020.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Eugene Omoruyi10000.0%
Hamidou Diallo to R.J. Hampton120020.0%
Hamidou Diallo to James Wiseman50010.0%
Jalen Duren to Buddy Boeheim10000.0%
Jalen Duren to Jared Rhoden40010.0%
Jalen Duren to Cade Cunningham55051145.5%
Jalen Duren to Nerlens Noel10010.0%
R.J. Hampton to Buddy Boeheim30010.0%
R.J. Hampton to Jared Rhoden110010.0%
R.J. Hampton to Eugene Omoruyi2101812.5%
R.J. Hampton to Isaiah Livers1001520.0%
R.J. Hampton to Isaiah Stewart20000.0%
R.J. Hampton to Killian Hayes52041040.0%
R.J. Hampton to Bojan Bogdanovic10010.0%
R.J. Hampton to Alec Burks10010.0%
Killian Hayes to Buddy Boeheim1201714.3%
Killian Hayes to Stanley Umude20020.0%
Jaden Ivey to Buddy Boeheim30020.0%
Cory Joseph to Cade Cunningham150020.0%
Braxton Key to Cade Cunningham20010.0%
Braxton Key to Killian Hayes30010.0%
Braxton Key to Hamidou Diallo20000.0%
Braxton Key to Alec Burks10000.0%
Kevin Knox II to Jaden Ivey72021711.8%
Kevin Knox II to Cade Cunningham4011100.0%
Kevin Knox II to Rodney McGruder80000.0%
Kevin Knox II to Nerlens Noel20010.0%
Kevin Knox II to Bojan Bogdanovic110030.0%
Isaiah Livers to Kevin Knox II120050.0%
Isaiah Livers to Nerlens Noel50000.0%
Rodney McGruder to Buddy Boeheim10010.0%
Rodney McGruder to Jared Rhoden30010.0%
Rodney McGruder to Isaiah Livers1101616.7%
Rodney McGruder to Braxton Key20000.0%
Rodney McGruder to R.J. Hampton80040.0%
Nerlens Noel to Cade Cunningham1502633.3%
Nerlens Noel to Isaiah Livers20000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Saddiq Bey100040.0%
Nerlens Noel to Killian Hayes5101520.0%
Nerlens Noel to Kevin Knox II40030.0%
Nerlens Noel to Rodney McGruder50030.0%
Nerlens Noel to Alec Burks60010.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Jared Rhoden40000.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Jaden Ivey4801119.1%
Eugene Omoruyi to Killian Hayes93061540.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Hamidou Diallo10000.0%
Jared Rhoden to Buddy Boeheim10010.0%
Jared Rhoden to Jalen Duren10000.0%
Jared Rhoden to Jaden Ivey3602540.0%
Jared Rhoden to Eugene Omoruyi40020.0%
Jared Rhoden to Isaiah Livers10010.0%
Jared Rhoden to Saddiq Bey10010.0%
Jared Rhoden to Killian Hayes4102825.0%
Jared Rhoden to Hamidou Diallo30010.0%
Jared Rhoden to Marvin Bagley III40020.0%
Jared Rhoden to Rodney McGruder10000.0%
Isaiah Stewart to R.J. Hampton10000.0%
Isaiah Stewart to Cory Joseph5301425.0%
Stanley Umude to Isaiah Stewart10000.0%
James Wiseman to Buddy Boeheim10000.0%
James Wiseman to Jared Rhoden40010.0%
James Wiseman to Hamidou Diallo1303475.0%
James Wiseman to Cory Joseph9401812.5%