2018 Toronto Raptors Team Passing Stats

The 2018 Toronto Raptors averaged 299 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Kyle Lowry to Serge Ibaka, with 139 assists on 561 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Kyle Lowry to Serge Ibaka56113914629349.8%
Kyle Lowry to Pascal Siakam90410314629050.3%
Kyle Lowry to Danny Green552798518446.2%
Fred VanVleet to Serge Ibaka409707716147.8%
Kyle Lowry to Kawhi Leonard6956314933444.6%
Kawhi Leonard to Pascal Siakam361465611050.9%
Pascal Siakam to Serge Ibaka262465110648.1%
Fred VanVleet to Pascal Siakam510467014947.0%
Kyle Lowry to Jonas Valanciunas17944539257.6%
Pascal Siakam to Kawhi Leonard4914410721150.7%
Kawhi Leonard to Danny Green21539418846.6%
Pascal Siakam to Danny Green30439429245.7%
Kawhi Leonard to Serge Ibaka22736409243.5%
Pascal Siakam to Kyle Lowry978365915139.1%
Fred VanVleet to Norman Powell17931397949.4%
Fred VanVleet to Danny Green26830348341.0%
Danny Green to Serge Ibaka19829306248.4%
Danny Green to Pascal Siakam31227519653.1%
Kyle Lowry to Fred VanVleet34726358043.8%
Kyle Lowry to OG Anunoby14424276045.0%
Danny Green to Kawhi Leonard281235713043.8%
Kawhi Leonard to Kyle Lowry38523309431.9%
Kyle Lowry to Marc Gasol23923286443.8%
Pascal Siakam to Fred VanVleet61623339634.4%
Fred VanVleet to Kyle Lowry24822317839.7%
Marc Gasol to Kawhi Leonard13520325558.2%
Fred VanVleet to OG Anunoby16920276839.7%
Kyle Lowry to Norman Powell12519214151.2%
Fred VanVleet to Kawhi Leonard270194311537.4%
Serge Ibaka to Fred VanVleet48818367846.2%
Marc Gasol to Norman Powell8817183452.9%
Serge Ibaka to Pascal Siakam18717255248.1%
Serge Ibaka to Kyle Lowry897173610335.0%
Marc Gasol to Pascal Siakam13416274757.4%
Marc Gasol to Kyle Lowry32016254456.8%
Fred VanVleet to Delon Wright17416204346.5%
Delon Wright to Norman Powell13316224450.0%
Marc Gasol to Danny Green11615213461.8%
Norman Powell to Serge Ibaka7815153050.0%
Fred VanVleet to Jonas Valanciunas12515184143.9%
Delon Wright to CJ Miles12215205139.2%
Danny Green to Fred VanVleet27914254951.0%
Danny Green to Kyle Lowry60714349635.4%
Serge Ibaka to Kawhi Leonard26114319333.3%
Serge Ibaka to Danny Green14014173450.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Fred VanVleet20713236833.8%
Jeremy Lin to Serge Ibaka5613132356.5%
Fred VanVleet to CJ Miles8713155129.4%
Kawhi Leonard to OG Anunoby8812143145.2%
Pascal Siakam to OG Anunoby7011142850.0%
Pascal Siakam to Norman Powell13411163545.7%
Jonas Valanciunas to Kyle Lowry24311294564.4%
Fred VanVleet to Marc Gasol15811112839.3%
Delon Wright to OG Anunoby14911174637.0%
Delon Wright to Serge Ibaka11811133537.1%
Danny Green to Marc Gasol10110132454.2%
Norman Powell to Pascal Siakam13110143540.0%
Norman Powell to Marc Gasol5910111764.7%
Delon Wright to Jonas Valanciunas10210132944.8%
Kyle Lowry to CJ Miles52992437.5%
Kyle Lowry to Greg Monroe41881650.0%
Norman Powell to OG Anunoby888112347.8%
Pascal Siakam to Marc Gasol109882630.8%
Delon Wright to Kawhi Leonard848204148.8%
OG Anunoby to Norman Powell123792931.0%
Serge Ibaka to OG Anunoby37771838.9%
Kawhi Leonard to Jonas Valanciunas36781844.4%
Norman Powell to Danny Green39771741.2%
Fred VanVleet to Greg Monroe59771353.8%
Delon Wright to Fred VanVleet1517113432.4%
Delon Wright to Danny Green57772231.8%
OG Anunoby to Pascal Siakam686122352.2%
OG Anunoby to Kyle Lowry1696112642.3%
Jeremy Lin to Pascal Siakam836133043.3%
Jeremy Lin to Norman Powell72672528.0%
Kyle Lowry to Delon Wright1016102934.5%
Patrick McCaw to OG Anunoby27661442.9%
Patrick McCaw to Norman Powell40661250.0%
CJ Miles to Jonas Valanciunas17677100.0%
Norman Powell to Fred VanVleet1846184738.3%
Pascal Siakam to Delon Wright1546102737.0%
Pascal Siakam to Jonas Valanciunas60661931.6%
OG Anunoby to Greg Monroe39561540.0%
Marc Gasol to OG Anunoby28551050.0%
Jeremy Lin to OG Anunoby47551338.5%
Jeremy Lin to Jodie Meeks27551241.7%
Kyle Lowry to Patrick McCaw30551050.0%
Kyle Lowry to Jodie Meeks12555100.0%
Norman Powell to Delon Wright1215102835.7%
Norman Powell to Kyle Lowry1015102737.0%
Norman Powell to CJ Miles30551145.5%
Delon Wright to Chris Boucher22551145.5%
Delon Wright to Pascal Siakam1325113036.7%
Delon Wright to Greg Monroe1155123633.3%
Delon Wright to Kyle Lowry905102934.5%
OG Anunoby to Serge Ibaka48451338.5%
Lorenzo Brown to Jonas Valanciunas18471163.6%
Marc Gasol to Fred VanVleet1714103033.3%
Serge Ibaka to Delon Wright110461637.5%
Kawhi Leonard to Jeremy Lin3344944.4%
Kawhi Leonard to Greg Monroe1444666.7%
Kawhi Leonard to Marc Gasol98461931.6%
Kyle Lowry to Jeremy Lin54451631.3%
Patrick McCaw to Malcolm Miller1444850.0%
Norman Powell to Kawhi Leonard45471838.9%
Norman Powell to Jeremy Lin60482433.3%
Pascal Siakam to Greg Monroe2144757.1%
Jonas Valanciunas to Pascal Siakam44481747.1%
OG Anunoby to Fred VanVleet2153112740.7%
OG Anunoby to Kawhi Leonard653133438.2%
Lorenzo Brown to OG Anunoby1833742.9%
Lorenzo Brown to Fred VanVleet1633560.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Norman Powell2533742.9%
Lorenzo Brown to Delon Wright5136785.7%
Lorenzo Brown to Greg Monroe38341428.6%
Lorenzo Brown to CJ Miles25331127.3%
Marc Gasol to Jeremy Lin91372035.0%
Marc Gasol to Jodie Meeks633475.0%
Marc Gasol to Serge Ibaka533475.0%
Danny Green to Norman Powell3834944.4%
Serge Ibaka to Jeremy Lin92381553.3%
Kawhi Leonard to Norman Powell42361250.0%
Jeremy Lin to Chris Boucher25331030.0%
Jodie Meeks to Chris Boucher734580.0%
CJ Miles to Delon Wright1183102540.0%
CJ Miles to Serge Ibaka2333560.0%
Greg Monroe to Delon Wright140392142.9%
Norman Powell to Chris Boucher1733933.3%
Jonas Valanciunas to OG Anunoby33371546.7%
Jonas Valanciunas to Fred VanVleet202383423.5%
OG Anunoby to Chris Boucher1222825.0%
OG Anunoby to Malcolm Miller4222100.0%
OG Anunoby to Delon Wright147291947.4%
OG Anunoby to Danny Green33241136.4%
Lorenzo Brown to Danny Green1422540.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Serge Ibaka1722728.6%
Danny Green to OG Anunoby31231127.3%
Danny Green to Patrick McCaw1122366.7%
Serge Ibaka to Norman Powell101252025.0%
Serge Ibaka to CJ Miles3022922.2%
Kawhi Leonard to Delon Wright54231421.4%
Kawhi Leonard to CJ Miles1922922.2%
Jeremy Lin to Patrick McCaw2022633.3%
Jeremy Lin to Danny Green2722540.0%
Jeremy Lin to Marc Gasol65261540.0%
Jeremy Lin to Kyle Lowry4022728.6%
Kyle Lowry to Chris Boucher722366.7%
Jordan Loyd to Norman Powell622366.7%
Patrick McCaw to Chris Boucher922450.0%
Jodie Meeks to Jeremy Lin1723560.0%
CJ Miles to OG Anunoby24221315.4%
CJ Miles to Danny Green1322450.0%
Greg Monroe to OG Anunoby2822922.2%
Greg Monroe to Jordan Loyd922366.7%
Greg Monroe to Pascal Siakam32241040.0%
Greg Monroe to Norman Powell35261154.5%
Greg Monroe to CJ Miles1122540.0%
Eric Moreland to Jeremy Lin1523475.0%
Norman Powell to Jonas Valanciunas1625955.6%
Norman Powell to Greg Monroe33231520.0%
Norman Powell to Jodie Meeks1322450.0%
Pascal Siakam to Chris Boucher3222100.0%
Pascal Siakam to Lorenzo Brown2422450.0%
Pascal Siakam to Jeremy Lin80231225.0%
Pascal Siakam to Jodie Meeks822450.0%
Pascal Siakam to CJ Miles25221315.4%
Jonas Valanciunas to Delon Wright115272330.4%
Jonas Valanciunas to Kawhi Leonard52251435.7%
Fred VanVleet to Chris Boucher3222100.0%
Fred VanVleet to Lorenzo Brown2122633.3%
Fred VanVleet to Jeremy Lin30231127.3%
Delon Wright to Malachi Richardson2422450.0%
Delon Wright to Lorenzo Brown4723837.5%
OG Anunoby to Patrick McCaw3012540.0%
OG Anunoby to Jonas Valanciunas2714757.1%
OG Anunoby to Jeremy Lin68121612.5%
OG Anunoby to Marc Gasol1311250.0%
OG Anunoby to CJ Miles39111010.0%
Chris Boucher to OG Anunoby5111100.0%
Chris Boucher to Malcolm Miller711250.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Chris Boucher911520.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Pascal Siakam2013475.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Malachi Richardson28121020.0%
Marc Gasol to Patrick McCaw2812633.3%
Danny Green to Jonas Valanciunas30131421.4%
Serge Ibaka to Patrick McCaw2211250.0%
Serge Ibaka to Lorenzo Brown2411425.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Patrick McCaw9111100.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Jodie Meeks411250.0%
Jeremy Lin to Jordan Loyd7122100.0%
Jeremy Lin to Malcolm Miller811333.3%
Kyle Lowry to Malachi Richardson711333.3%
Kyle Lowry to Lorenzo Brown1011425.0%
Jordan Loyd to Malachi Richardson911333.3%
Jordan Loyd to Jodie Meeks511333.3%
Jordan Loyd to Serge Ibaka2111100.0%
Patrick McCaw to Fred VanVleet3914580.0%
Patrick McCaw to Pascal Siakam35141040.0%
Patrick McCaw to Delon Wright812366.7%
Patrick McCaw to Kawhi Leonard1311425.0%
Patrick McCaw to Danny Green711250.0%
Patrick McCaw to Serge Ibaka18111100.0%
Patrick McCaw to Marc Gasol2111250.0%
Patrick McCaw to Kyle Lowry5311714.3%
Patrick McCaw to CJ Miles1111100.0%
Jodie Meeks to Norman Powell7122100.0%
Jodie Meeks to Serge Ibaka4111100.0%
Jodie Meeks to Kyle Lowry5111100.0%
CJ Miles to Fred VanVleet69141233.3%
CJ Miles to Pascal Siakam2012540.0%
CJ Miles to Norman Powell3212922.2%
CJ Miles to Kawhi Leonard23141136.4%
CJ Miles to Greg Monroe1411616.7%
CJ Miles to Kyle Lowry4214757.1%
Malcolm Miller to Norman Powell1012540.0%
Greg Monroe to Chris Boucher311250.0%
Greg Monroe to Malachi Richardson511333.3%
Greg Monroe to Kyle Lowry66141428.6%
Eric Moreland to Patrick McCaw8111100.0%
Eric Moreland to Malcolm Miller4111100.0%
Norman Powell to Patrick McCaw3612825.0%
Norman Powell to Malcolm Miller611425.0%
Pascal Siakam to Patrick McCaw4012633.3%
Pascal Siakam to Malcolm Miller2111100.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Malachi Richardson2111100.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Norman Powell1412540.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Danny Green38141136.4%
Jonas Valanciunas to CJ Miles2212728.6%
Fred VanVleet to Eric Moreland3111100.0%
Fred VanVleet to Jodie Meeks5111100.0%
OG Anunoby to Jordan Loyd3011100.0%
OG Anunoby to Malachi Richardson20000.0%
OG Anunoby to Eric Moreland30010.0%
OG Anunoby to Lorenzo Brown210010.0%
OG Anunoby to Jodie Meeks20000.0%
Chris Boucher to Jordan Loyd150010.0%
Chris Boucher to Fred VanVleet40010.0%
Chris Boucher to Pascal Siakam40000.0%
Chris Boucher to Malachi Richardson30010.0%
Chris Boucher to Patrick McCaw160000.0%
Chris Boucher to Norman Powell2101425.0%
Chris Boucher to Delon Wright230040.0%
Chris Boucher to Eric Moreland30000.0%
Chris Boucher to Lorenzo Brown18011100.0%
Chris Boucher to Kawhi Leonard20000.0%
Chris Boucher to Jeremy Lin3504666.7%
Chris Boucher to Danny Green10000.0%
Chris Boucher to Jodie Meeks70000.0%
Chris Boucher to Serge Ibaka1011100.0%
Chris Boucher to Kyle Lowry90010.0%
Chris Boucher to CJ Miles40000.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Jordan Loyd6011100.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Kawhi Leonard1404757.1%
Lorenzo Brown to Kyle Lowry100010.0%
Danny Green to Jordan Loyd30000.0%
Danny Green to Delon Wright5102450.0%
Danny Green to Lorenzo Brown100000.0%
Danny Green to Jeremy Lin150020.0%
Danny Green to Greg Monroe501520.0%
Danny Green to CJ Miles90010.0%
Serge Ibaka to Jordan Loyd10000.0%
Serge Ibaka to Malcolm Miller10000.0%
Serge Ibaka to Jodie Meeks20010.0%
Serge Ibaka to Marc Gasol30010.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Chris Boucher10000.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Malachi Richardson20000.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Eric Moreland10000.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Lorenzo Brown90020.0%
Jeremy Lin to Fred VanVleet320090.0%
Jeremy Lin to Eric Moreland9011100.0%
Jeremy Lin to Kawhi Leonard3101119.1%
Kyle Lowry to Jordan Loyd10000.0%
Kyle Lowry to Malcolm Miller10010.0%
Jordan Loyd to Chris Boucher120040.0%
Jordan Loyd to OG Anunoby30000.0%
Jordan Loyd to Fred VanVleet10000.0%
Jordan Loyd to Pascal Siakam10010.0%
Jordan Loyd to Patrick McCaw50000.0%
Jordan Loyd to Malcolm Miller40010.0%
Jordan Loyd to Delon Wright60010.0%
Jordan Loyd to Eric Moreland40000.0%
Jordan Loyd to Lorenzo Brown601250.0%
Jordan Loyd to Jeremy Lin90020.0%
Jordan Loyd to Greg Monroe40010.0%
Jordan Loyd to Danny Green20000.0%
Jordan Loyd to Kyle Lowry20000.0%
Patrick McCaw to Jordan Loyd501425.0%
Patrick McCaw to Eric Moreland30000.0%
Patrick McCaw to Jeremy Lin39031030.0%
Patrick McCaw to Greg Monroe20000.0%
Patrick McCaw to Jodie Meeks10010.0%
Jodie Meeks to OG Anunoby30010.0%
Jodie Meeks to Jordan Loyd40000.0%
Jodie Meeks to Fred VanVleet80000.0%
Jodie Meeks to Pascal Siakam20000.0%
Jodie Meeks to Patrick McCaw10000.0%
Jodie Meeks to Malcolm Miller50030.0%
Jodie Meeks to Danny Green20010.0%
Jodie Meeks to Marc Gasol50010.0%
CJ Miles to Chris Boucher40000.0%
CJ Miles to Jordan Loyd20010.0%
CJ Miles to Malachi Richardson30010.0%
CJ Miles to Patrick McCaw10000.0%
CJ Miles to Lorenzo Brown1801425.0%
Malcolm Miller to Chris Boucher10000.0%
Malcolm Miller to OG Anunoby30000.0%
Malcolm Miller to Jordan Loyd801333.3%
Malcolm Miller to Fred VanVleet30010.0%
Malcolm Miller to Patrick McCaw40010.0%
Malcolm Miller to Kawhi Leonard10010.0%
Malcolm Miller to Jeremy Lin2101425.0%
Malcolm Miller to Jodie Meeks10010.0%
Malcolm Miller to Serge Ibaka10000.0%
Malcolm Miller to Kyle Lowry20000.0%
Greg Monroe to Fred VanVleet8103933.3%
Greg Monroe to Lorenzo Brown3201333.3%
Greg Monroe to Kawhi Leonard2505862.5%
Greg Monroe to Danny Green110020.0%
Eric Moreland to OG Anunoby30010.0%
Eric Moreland to Jordan Loyd110020.0%
Eric Moreland to Fred VanVleet3011100.0%
Eric Moreland to Pascal Siakam40000.0%
Eric Moreland to Norman Powell401250.0%
Eric Moreland to Kawhi Leonard10000.0%
Eric Moreland to Jodie Meeks10000.0%
Norman Powell to Jordan Loyd50010.0%
Norman Powell to Malachi Richardson40010.0%
Norman Powell to Eric Moreland60020.0%
Norman Powell to Lorenzo Brown25041136.4%
Malachi Richardson to Chris Boucher20010.0%
Malachi Richardson to OG Anunoby10000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Jordan Loyd50000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Fred VanVleet90030.0%
Malachi Richardson to Patrick McCaw10000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Norman Powell20000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Delon Wright19022100.0%
Malachi Richardson to Lorenzo Brown220050.0%
Malachi Richardson to Kawhi Leonard20000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Greg Monroe50030.0%
Malachi Richardson to Danny Green10000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Serge Ibaka20000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Kyle Lowry60020.0%
Malachi Richardson to CJ Miles60020.0%
Pascal Siakam to Malachi Richardson10000.0%
Pascal Siakam to Eric Moreland30000.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Lorenzo Brown2201333.3%
Jonas Valanciunas to Serge Ibaka10000.0%
Fred VanVleet to Malachi Richardson60010.0%
Fred VanVleet to Patrick McCaw1801425.0%
Fred VanVleet to Malcolm Miller30010.0%
Delon Wright to Jordan Loyd70020.0%
Delon Wright to Patrick McCaw80010.0%