2018 Philadelphia 76ers Team Passing Stats

The 2018 Philadelphia 76ers averaged 317 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Ben Simmons to JJ Redick, with 134 assists on 970 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Ben Simmons to JJ Redick97013414435440.7%
Joel Embiid to JJ Redick5839811427241.9%
Ben Simmons to Jimmy Butler7839414430547.2%
Ben Simmons to Joel Embiid8588311929440.5%
Ben Simmons to Landry Shamet283565710255.9%
JJ Redick to Joel Embiid562559522741.9%
JJ Redick to Ben Simmons384456412451.6%
T.J. McConnell to Joel Embiid512446015638.5%
Jimmy Butler to Ben Simmons470405311446.5%
Ben Simmons to Tobias Harris326344111037.3%
Jimmy Butler to JJ Redick17030337842.3%
Joel Embiid to Ben Simmons1326298215752.2%
Ben Simmons to Wilson Chandler26127287338.4%
Jimmy Butler to Joel Embiid285264612337.4%
T.J. McConnell to JJ Redick26226328239.0%
T.J. McConnell to Ben Simmons32124306645.5%
Ben Simmons to Mike Muscala26824256737.3%
Wilson Chandler to Joel Embiid16223277138.0%
Ben Simmons to Dario Saric16423245742.1%
Jimmy Butler to Mike Muscala11521225341.5%
T.J. McConnell to Jimmy Butler336204111635.3%
Amir Johnson to JJ Redick8519203360.6%
T.J. McConnell to Landry Shamet16419214645.7%
Ben Simmons to Robert Covington10419194542.2%
Ben Simmons to T.J. McConnell30218224351.2%
Ben Simmons to Furkan Korkmaz12417174736.2%
Wilson Chandler to Ben Simmons38216294959.2%
Joel Embiid to T.J. McConnell57516346354.0%
Joel Embiid to Jimmy Butler23516266440.6%
Tobias Harris to Joel Embiid11816225639.3%
T.J. McConnell to Mike Muscala21616174240.5%
Ben Simmons to Mike Scott13316174042.5%
Tobias Harris to Ben Simmons36415295949.2%
T.J. McConnell to Jonah Bolden13215153148.4%
T.J. McConnell to Furkan Korkmaz15215164436.4%
Jimmy Butler to Wilson Chandler8514153246.9%
Joel Embiid to Landry Shamet12314164040.0%
Joel Embiid to Furkan Korkmaz12214143540.0%
Markelle Fultz to Joel Embiid24214337146.5%
T.J. McConnell to Tobias Harris12814224548.9%
Jimmy Butler to T.J. McConnell18113162955.2%
Furkan Korkmaz to Joel Embiid13413214744.7%
T.J. McConnell to Boban Marjanovic7713162661.5%
JJ Redick to Mike Muscala9713132552.0%
Ben Simmons to Jonah Bolden13913133537.1%
Jimmy Butler to Boban Marjanovic5412121963.2%
Jimmy Butler to Mike Scott6712133834.2%
Jimmy Butler to Tobias Harris11912235641.1%
JJ Redick to Jimmy Butler11312194245.2%
Wilson Chandler to JJ Redick7811132650.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Tobias Harris7611162857.1%
Mike Muscala to Landry Shamet13511164139.0%
Mike Muscala to JJ Redick8611112937.9%
Ben Simmons to Amir Johnson15011134032.5%
Furkan Korkmaz to JJ Redick5710101952.6%
Mike Muscala to Ben Simmons47710305950.8%
Landry Shamet to Ben Simmons16910194047.5%
Jimmy Butler to Jonah Bolden50992045.0%
Markelle Fultz to Robert Covington48991947.4%
Tobias Harris to Boban Marjanovic609112347.8%
T.J. McConnell to Mike Scott1109112642.3%
JJ Redick to Tobias Harris939173154.8%
JJ Redick to Amir Johnson56991560.0%
Dario Saric to Joel Embiid969133537.1%
Jonah Bolden to Tobias Harris628112152.4%
Jonah Bolden to JJ Redick55892142.9%
Joel Embiid to Wilson Chandler98892536.0%
Markelle Fultz to Mike Muscala80881747.1%
Markelle Fultz to JJ Redick101891947.4%
Tobias Harris to JJ Redick97893030.0%
Mike Muscala to Joel Embiid1118174537.8%
JJ Redick to Mike Scott43892045.0%
Dario Saric to JJ Redick45881650.0%
Jimmy Butler to Landry Shamet67773023.3%
Tobias Harris to Jimmy Butler1187133834.2%
T.J. McConnell to Wilson Chandler87791850.0%
JJ Redick to Jonah Bolden42771741.2%
JJ Redick to Furkan Korkmaz34771838.9%
JJ Redick to T.J. McConnell1127142850.0%
JJ Redick to Wilson Chandler58791850.0%
Landry Shamet to Joel Embiid1437215637.5%
Ben Simmons to Boban Marjanovic48771546.7%
Ben Simmons to James Ennis III64771936.8%
Wilson Chandler to Jimmy Butler766102934.5%
Joel Embiid to Mike Scott26661250.0%
Joel Embiid to Tobias Harris856142850.0%
Tobias Harris to James Ennis III30662030.0%
Amir Johnson to Landry Shamet606101758.8%
Amir Johnson to Ben Simmons2446213363.6%
Furkan Korkmaz to Ben Simmons92681942.1%
Boban Marjanovic to Jimmy Butler586122254.5%
T.J. McConnell to Amir Johnson84671163.6%
Mike Muscala to Furkan Korkmaz71682828.6%
Landry Shamet to Mike Muscala109661833.3%
Ben Simmons to Corey Brewer32661154.5%
Jonah Bolden to Ben Simmons2665173844.7%
Jimmy Butler to Shake Milton855771.4%
Jimmy Butler to James Ennis III1555771.4%
Wilson Chandler to T.J. McConnell151591369.2%
Robert Covington to Joel Embiid625112740.7%
Markelle Fultz to Ben Simmons695102050.0%
Tobias Harris to T.J. McConnell124561735.3%
Tobias Harris to Mike Scott53562227.3%
Amir Johnson to Shake Milton3755862.5%
Amir Johnson to Furkan Korkmaz39571450.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to T.J. McConnell1215121866.7%
Mike Muscala to T.J. McConnell3955183946.2%
JJ Redick to Dario Saric52562425.0%
JJ Redick to Robert Covington22551338.5%
Dario Saric to Robert Covington36551241.7%
Mike Scott to JJ Redick36551241.7%
Landry Shamet to Jimmy Butler405101952.6%
Landry Shamet to JJ Redick32561250.0%
Landry Shamet to Amir Johnson5555771.4%
Jonathon Simmons to Greg Monroe1655862.5%
Jimmy Butler to Amir Johnson42441526.7%
Joel Embiid to Markelle Fultz2374153839.5%
Joel Embiid to Dario Saric60441526.7%
James Ennis III to JJ Redick1344666.7%
Markelle Fultz to Amir Johnson3444666.7%
Amir Johnson to Jimmy Butler47461154.5%
Amir Johnson to Tobias Harris25441136.4%
Furkan Korkmaz to Landry Shamet2844666.7%
Boban Marjanovic to T.J. McConnell1034132356.5%
T.J. McConnell to Shake Milton56441723.5%
T.J. McConnell to Jonathon Simmons34461154.5%
T.J. McConnell to Robert Covington1044666.7%
Shake Milton to Amir Johnson2544757.1%
Mike Muscala to Jimmy Butler90442020.0%
JJ Redick to Markelle Fultz47451338.5%
Landry Shamet to Markelle Fultz45461346.2%
Ben Simmons to Markelle Fultz96472133.3%
Jonathon Simmons to Boban Marjanovic1044580.0%
Jonathon Simmons to T.J. McConnell2945771.4%
Jonah Bolden to Landry Shamet3233837.5%
Jonah Bolden to T.J. McConnell253392339.1%
Corey Brewer to Ben Simmons2933933.3%
Wilson Chandler to Furkan Korkmaz1633742.9%
Wilson Chandler to Mike Muscala1533560.0%
Robert Covington to Dario Saric34331030.0%
Joel Embiid to Mike Muscala50332114.3%
Markelle Fultz to Dario Saric60331520.0%
Tobias Harris to Jonah Bolden3733650.0%
Amir Johnson to T.J. McConnell1313112152.4%
Furkan Korkmaz to Wilson Chandler1633475.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Amir Johnson2934944.4%
Boban Marjanovic to Ben Simmons62331030.0%
T.J. McConnell to Dario Saric3033742.9%
T.J. McConnell to James Ennis III1333837.5%
Shake Milton to Greg Monroe1933650.0%
JJ Redick to James Ennis III933475.0%
Mike Scott to T.J. McConnell167381361.5%
Mike Scott to Tobias Harris62382138.1%
Landry Shamet to Furkan Korkmaz20331030.0%
Landry Shamet to Wilson Chandler2733650.0%
Landry Shamet to Corey Brewer19331030.0%
Ben Simmons to Shake Milton18331030.0%
Ben Simmons to Jonathon Simmons3734757.1%
Jonathon Simmons to Zhaire Smith733475.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Ben Simmons38341040.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Amir Johnson1433650.0%
Zhaire Smith to Mike Scott4333100.0%
Jonah Bolden to Furkan Korkmaz1923650.0%
Jonah Bolden to Mike Scott922366.7%
Jonah Bolden to Jimmy Butler61242516.0%
Wilson Chandler to Landry Shamet2222540.0%
Wilson Chandler to Corey Brewer5222100.0%
Robert Covington to Ben Simmons106271838.9%
Robert Covington to JJ Redick2322728.6%
Joel Embiid to Jonah Bolden1822450.0%
Joel Embiid to James Ennis III1722366.7%
Joel Embiid to Robert Covington61231717.6%
Joel Embiid to Corey Brewer1122728.6%
James Ennis III to Jonah Bolden7222100.0%
James Ennis III to Ben Simmons80271643.8%
James Ennis III to Boban Marjanovic7222100.0%
James Ennis III to Jimmy Butler922633.3%
Markelle Fultz to Landry Shamet57221513.3%
Markelle Fultz to Wilson Chandler16233100.0%
Tobias Harris to Shake Milton822540.0%
Tobias Harris to Jonathon Simmons2122825.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Furkan Korkmaz1722728.6%
Amir Johnson to Robert Covington1722540.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Jonah Bolden1722540.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Jonathon Simmons8222100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to JJ Redick1522728.6%
Shake Milton to Haywood Highsmith722366.7%
Shake Milton to Ben Simmons2422540.0%
Shake Milton to Joel Embiid2423650.0%
Greg Monroe to Jonathon Simmons1423560.0%
Mike Muscala to Demetrius Jackson1322450.0%
Mike Muscala to Wilson Chandler1923650.0%
Justin Patton to JJ Redick422450.0%
JJ Redick to Landry Shamet25221216.7%
Dario Saric to Landry Shamet1822728.6%
Mike Scott to Ben Simmons211292142.9%
Mike Scott to Boban Marjanovic1422450.0%
Landry Shamet to Shake Milton1122450.0%
Landry Shamet to T.J. McConnell97241330.8%
Landry Shamet to Dario Saric20222100.0%
Ben Simmons to Demetrius Jackson4222100.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Haywood Highsmith2222100.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Jonah Bolden722450.0%
Jonathon Simmons to JJ Redick1222633.3%
Zhaire Smith to Boban Marjanovic822366.7%
Jonah Bolden to Shake Milton2112540.0%
Jonah Bolden to Boban Marjanovic1111100.0%
Jonah Bolden to Joel Embiid2111911.1%
Jonah Bolden to James Ennis III1511333.3%
Jonah Bolden to Wilson Chandler10122100.0%
Jonah Bolden to Corey Brewer8111100.0%
Jonah Bolden to Amir Johnson9111100.0%
Corey Brewer to Shake Milton511250.0%
Corey Brewer to Jonah Bolden411250.0%
Corey Brewer to Furkan Korkmaz5111100.0%
Corey Brewer to Joel Embiid1913933.3%
Corey Brewer to Mike Muscala9111100.0%
Corey Brewer to Wilson Chandler311250.0%
Corey Brewer to JJ Redick711333.3%
Jimmy Butler to Furkan Korkmaz611425.0%
Jimmy Butler to Jonathon Simmons1011333.3%
Wilson Chandler to Jonah Bolden3111100.0%
Robert Covington to Mike Muscala1111250.0%
Robert Covington to Amir Johnson13111100.0%
Joel Embiid to Jonathon Simmons1011333.3%
James Ennis III to Joel Embiid1814757.1%
James Ennis III to Mike Scott1011425.0%
Markelle Fultz to Jonah Bolden1611616.7%
Markelle Fultz to Furkan Korkmaz1711425.0%
Markelle Fultz to T.J. McConnell1411333.3%
Markelle Fultz to Jimmy Butler2111100.0%
Tobias Harris to Amir Johnson1713560.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Jonah Bolden311250.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Furkan Korkmaz1111100.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Shake Milton711250.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Jonah Bolden711425.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Amir Johnson1211333.3%
Amir Johnson to Zhaire Smith712366.7%
Amir Johnson to Jonah Bolden811250.0%
Amir Johnson to Markelle Fultz3913837.5%
Amir Johnson to Jonathon Simmons1413475.0%
Amir Johnson to Corey Brewer511250.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Shake Milton811250.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Markelle Fultz19111100.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Boban Marjanovic511250.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Jonathon Simmons311250.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Tobias Harris811425.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Greg Monroe1111100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Zhaire Smith711520.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Shake Milton1411425.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Furkan Korkmaz611250.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Mike Scott1211425.0%
T.J. McConnell to Zhaire Smith1612633.3%
T.J. McConnell to Justin Patton1211333.3%
T.J. McConnell to Greg Monroe1312366.7%
Shake Milton to Jonah Bolden1611425.0%
Shake Milton to Demetrius Jackson2111100.0%
Shake Milton to Mike Muscala511333.3%
Shake Milton to Jimmy Butler611250.0%
Shake Milton to Corey Brewer211250.0%
Greg Monroe to Zhaire Smith811250.0%
Greg Monroe to T.J. McConnell2013475.0%
Greg Monroe to Tobias Harris612450.0%
Greg Monroe to JJ Redick1111100.0%
Greg Monroe to Amir Johnson611333.3%
Mike Muscala to Shake Milton1011333.3%
Mike Muscala to Robert Covington1211250.0%
Mike Muscala to Amir Johnson2212540.0%
Justin Patton to Tobias Harris4111100.0%
JJ Redick to Boban Marjanovic1611333.3%
JJ Redick to Corey Brewer812450.0%
Dario Saric to Markelle Fultz80151241.7%
Dario Saric to Amir Johnson1711250.0%
Mike Scott to Jonah Bolden7111100.0%
Mike Scott to Joel Embiid3212825.0%
Mike Scott to James Ennis III1911911.1%
Mike Scott to Amir Johnson411250.0%
Landry Shamet to Jonah Bolden2011333.3%
Landry Shamet to Robert Covington811250.0%
Ben Simmons to Zhaire Smith2011616.7%
Jonathon Simmons to Shake Milton1211333.3%
Jonathon Simmons to Justin Patton1111100.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Joel Embiid1012450.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Jimmy Butler711333.3%
Jonathon Simmons to Tobias Harris1713742.9%
Zhaire Smith to Jonah Bolden7111100.0%
Zhaire Smith to T.J. McConnell1211250.0%
Zhaire Smith to Tobias Harris312366.7%
Zhaire Smith to Amir Johnson6111100.0%
Jonah Bolden to Haywood Highsmith30000.0%
Jonah Bolden to Zhaire Smith40020.0%
Jonah Bolden to Justin Patton10000.0%
Jonah Bolden to Markelle Fultz2701425.0%
Jonah Bolden to Demetrius Jackson1402366.7%
Jonah Bolden to Jonathon Simmons1501250.0%
Jonah Bolden to Mike Muscala80010.0%
Jonah Bolden to Greg Monroe1011100.0%
Corey Brewer to Landry Shamet130050.0%
Corey Brewer to T.J. McConnell1001250.0%
Corey Brewer to Jimmy Butler40030.0%
Corey Brewer to Amir Johnson30010.0%
Jimmy Butler to Markelle Fultz30000.0%
Jimmy Butler to Corey Brewer60010.0%
Wilson Chandler to Shake Milton20000.0%
Wilson Chandler to Markelle Fultz250020.0%
Wilson Chandler to Dario Saric30000.0%
Wilson Chandler to Amir Johnson60000.0%
Robert Covington to Landry Shamet80020.0%
Robert Covington to Markelle Fultz7201714.3%
Robert Covington to T.J. McConnell2401250.0%
Joel Embiid to Zhaire Smith20010.0%
Joel Embiid to Shake Milton90000.0%
Joel Embiid to Demetrius Jackson10000.0%
James Ennis III to Justin Patton10000.0%
James Ennis III to T.J. McConnell2001520.0%
James Ennis III to Jonathon Simmons20010.0%
James Ennis III to Tobias Harris1901812.5%
James Ennis III to Amir Johnson20000.0%
Tobias Harris to Zhaire Smith201250.0%
Tobias Harris to Justin Patton30000.0%
Tobias Harris to Furkan Korkmaz50010.0%
Tobias Harris to Greg Monroe20000.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Zhaire Smith10000.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Landry Shamet20000.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Shake Milton70010.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Boban Marjanovic30000.0%
Haywood Highsmith to T.J. McConnell1502366.7%
Haywood Highsmith to Jonathon Simmons80010.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Greg Monroe20000.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Amir Johnson40020.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Landry Shamet50030.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Ben Simmons10000.0%
Demetrius Jackson to T.J. McConnell40000.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Mike Muscala50000.0%
Amir Johnson to Haywood Highsmith20010.0%
Amir Johnson to Demetrius Jackson190010.0%
Amir Johnson to Boban Marjanovic1011100.0%
Amir Johnson to Dario Saric80010.0%
Amir Johnson to James Ennis III50020.0%
Amir Johnson to Mike Muscala120040.0%
Amir Johnson to Mike Scott20010.0%
Amir Johnson to Greg Monroe60030.0%
Amir Johnson to Wilson Chandler80020.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Haywood Highsmith20000.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Zhaire Smith10000.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Demetrius Jackson90010.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Dario Saric20000.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to James Ennis III10010.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Mike Muscala320070.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Mike Scott20010.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Jimmy Butler20000.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Corey Brewer20000.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Haywood Highsmith10000.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Jonah Bolden10000.0%
Boban Marjanovic to James Ennis III30000.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Amir Johnson10000.0%
T.J. McConnell to Haywood Highsmith140010.0%
T.J. McConnell to Markelle Fultz1401333.3%
T.J. McConnell to Demetrius Jackson20000.0%
T.J. McConnell to Corey Brewer110040.0%
Shake Milton to Zhaire Smith9011100.0%
Shake Milton to Landry Shamet901425.0%
Shake Milton to Furkan Korkmaz180040.0%
Shake Milton to Boban Marjanovic100030.0%
Shake Milton to T.J. McConnell3001714.3%
Shake Milton to Jonathon Simmons180030.0%
Shake Milton to Mike Scott30020.0%
Shake Milton to Tobias Harris702366.7%
Shake Milton to Wilson Chandler10000.0%
Shake Milton to JJ Redick10000.0%
Greg Monroe to Haywood Highsmith50030.0%
Greg Monroe to Shake Milton190030.0%
Greg Monroe to Furkan Korkmaz10010.0%
Greg Monroe to Ben Simmons10000.0%
Mike Muscala to Jonah Bolden80020.0%
Mike Muscala to Markelle Fultz153092142.9%
Mike Muscala to Dario Saric40000.0%
Mike Muscala to Corey Brewer1301520.0%
Justin Patton to Jonah Bolden20010.0%
Justin Patton to Ben Simmons10000.0%
Justin Patton to T.J. McConnell200020.0%
Justin Patton to Jonathon Simmons20010.0%
Justin Patton to James Ennis III10000.0%
JJ Redick to Zhaire Smith10000.0%
JJ Redick to Shake Milton10000.0%
JJ Redick to Justin Patton40020.0%
JJ Redick to Jonathon Simmons30010.0%
JJ Redick to Greg Monroe10000.0%
Dario Saric to Ben Simmons227071936.8%
Dario Saric to T.J. McConnell3803475.0%
Dario Saric to Mike Muscala40000.0%
Dario Saric to Wilson Chandler30010.0%
Mike Scott to Zhaire Smith40010.0%
Mike Scott to Shake Milton90000.0%
Mike Scott to Furkan Korkmaz10000.0%
Mike Scott to Jonathon Simmons2301616.7%
Mike Scott to Jimmy Butler55041723.5%
Mike Scott to Greg Monroe10000.0%
Landry Shamet to Demetrius Jackson80010.0%
Ben Simmons to Greg Monroe20010.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Furkan Korkmaz10000.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Mike Scott1701520.0%
Zhaire Smith to Haywood Highsmith10010.0%
Zhaire Smith to Shake Milton70040.0%
Zhaire Smith to Furkan Korkmaz20010.0%
Zhaire Smith to Ben Simmons1201250.0%
Zhaire Smith to Joel Embiid602366.7%
Zhaire Smith to Jonathon Simmons40020.0%
Zhaire Smith to Greg Monroe10000.0%
Zhaire Smith to JJ Redick10000.0%