2018 Boston Celtics Team Passing Stats

The 2018 Boston Celtics averaged 296 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Kyrie Irving to Al Horford, with 130 assists on 814 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Kyrie Irving to Al Horford81413014326154.8%
Kyrie Irving to Marcus Morris Sr.446758718148.1%
Kyrie Irving to Jayson Tatum5157310121147.9%
Marcus Smart to Al Horford494678013658.8%
Al Horford to Jayson Tatum370597718741.2%
Al Horford to Kyrie Irving9695913629246.6%
Marcus Smart to Kyrie Irving6405310923945.6%
Gordon Hayward to Jaylen Brown250475714738.8%
Marcus Smart to Jayson Tatum376477218239.6%
Marcus Smart to Marcus Morris Sr.385476315740.1%
Kyrie Irving to Gordon Hayward401435111743.6%
Al Horford to Marcus Morris Sr.204405112740.2%
Kyrie Irving to Jaylen Brown218394910049.0%
Terry Rozier to Gordon Hayward557385914939.6%
Al Horford to Marcus Smart516364010837.0%
Terry Rozier to Jaylen Brown291364712936.4%
Al Horford to Jaylen Brown17535469349.5%
Kyrie Irving to Marcus Smart50634439445.7%
Jayson Tatum to Al Horford367344810147.5%
Terry Rozier to Jayson Tatum308314410741.1%
Terry Rozier to Marcus Morris Sr.378304711740.2%
Gordon Hayward to Terry Rozier475294310441.3%
Gordon Hayward to Al Horford25628307142.3%
Al Horford to Gordon Hayward25028368343.4%
Jayson Tatum to Kyrie Irving579287014349.0%
Gordon Hayward to Daniel Theis14827275152.9%
Marcus Smart to Terry Rozier31427378344.6%
Gordon Hayward to Marcus Morris Sr.16626357844.9%
Gordon Hayward to Kyrie Irving427245811650.0%
Kyrie Irving to Daniel Theis12523235442.6%
Kyrie Irving to Aron Baynes14023245841.4%
Terry Rozier to Al Horford35723316547.7%
Marcus Smart to Gordon Hayward23522275549.1%
Jayson Tatum to Jaylen Brown13622266639.4%
Gordon Hayward to Jayson Tatum17520277735.1%
Terry Rozier to Daniel Theis23320234353.5%
Gordon Hayward to Marcus Smart25719215637.5%
Marcus Smart to Jaylen Brown14419256836.8%
Jayson Tatum to Marcus Morris Sr.13018236038.3%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Terry Rozier40217326648.5%
Terry Rozier to Marcus Smart36117277038.6%
Jaylen Brown to Terry Rozier31716246139.3%
Jayson Tatum to Marcus Smart34816267136.6%
Aron Baynes to Kyrie Irving22915316051.7%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Jaylen Brown8715203951.3%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Jayson Tatum14514256240.3%
Jayson Tatum to Gordon Hayward12814174934.7%
Daniel Theis to Gordon Hayward16814215141.2%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Marcus Smart39713216233.9%
Jayson Tatum to Daniel Theis9013132650.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Kyrie Irving668125015332.7%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Gordon Hayward12612173943.6%
Terry Rozier to Kyrie Irving24212357844.9%
Marcus Smart to Aron Baynes10212122450.0%
Daniel Theis to Jaylen Brown9812215042.0%
Aron Baynes to Marcus Smart15811153740.5%
Jaylen Brown to Gordon Hayward11311143243.8%
Al Horford to Terry Rozier36411176028.3%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Al Horford18911142850.0%
Marcus Smart to Daniel Theis10611112544.0%
Jaylen Brown to Jayson Tatum9210144035.0%
Jaylen Brown to Kyrie Irving21310275350.9%
Jaylen Brown to Al Horford12810132846.4%
Gordon Hayward to Semi Ojeleye4610102343.5%
Gordon Hayward to Aron Baynes7510122157.1%
Kyrie Irving to Terry Rozier20810185036.0%
Jayson Tatum to Terry Rozier28910175431.5%
Daniel Theis to Marcus Smart15010152853.6%
Aron Baynes to Gordon Hayward999163151.6%
Jaylen Brown to Daniel Theis72992045.0%
Jaylen Brown to Marcus Morris Sr.769103627.8%
Brad Wanamaker to Guerschon Yabusele519101952.6%
Jaylen Brown to Aron Baynes45881747.1%
Brad Wanamaker to Jaylen Brown51892339.1%
Aron Baynes to Jaylen Brown577122450.0%
Aron Baynes to Marcus Morris Sr.537133043.3%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Aron Baynes71781844.4%
Terry Rozier to Semi Ojeleye104782630.8%
Daniel Theis to Jayson Tatum707133240.6%
Daniel Theis to Kyrie Irving1587213756.8%
Brad Wanamaker to Daniel Theis45771450.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Daniel Theis78671163.6%
Semi Ojeleye to Jaylen Brown34671450.0%
Marcus Smart to Robert Williams III2966785.7%
Jayson Tatum to Aron Baynes74671838.9%
Brad Wanamaker to Semi Ojeleye71672626.9%
Brad Wanamaker to Gordon Hayward55671838.9%
Jaylen Brown to Semi Ojeleye31551631.3%
Jaylen Brown to Marcus Smart124592045.0%
Al Horford to Aron Baynes2155771.4%
Al Horford to Brad Wanamaker22555100.0%
Kyrie Irving to Robert Williams III1855862.5%
Terry Rozier to Guerschon Yabusele66572231.8%
Terry Rozier to Aron Baynes157552123.8%
Marcus Smart to Semi Ojeleye34571070.0%
Daniel Theis to Marcus Morris Sr.50562623.1%
Brad Wanamaker to Robert Williams III2755771.4%
Aron Baynes to Jayson Tatum78493525.7%
Al Horford to Semi Ojeleye1744757.1%
Terry Rozier to Brad Wanamaker82451729.4%
Jayson Tatum to Semi Ojeleye1744850.0%
Daniel Theis to Terry Rozier3204154434.1%
Brad Wanamaker to Jayson Tatum40461540.0%
Guerschon Yabusele to Terry Rozier74471450.0%
Jaylen Brown to Robert Williams III733475.0%
Jaylen Brown to Brad Wanamaker5135955.6%
P.J. Dozier to Semi Ojeleye934666.7%
Kyrie Irving to Semi Ojeleye2533837.5%
Semi Ojeleye to Guerschon Yabusele2635955.6%
Semi Ojeleye to Terry Rozier174382138.1%
Marcus Smart to Guerschon Yabusele1434580.0%
Daniel Theis to Semi Ojeleye2134850.0%
Daniel Theis to Brad Wanamaker6935862.5%
Brad Wanamaker to Terry Rozier68331915.8%
Brad Wanamaker to RJ Hunter1634757.1%
Brad Wanamaker to Al Horford2633560.0%
Guerschon Yabusele to Robert Williams III11333100.0%
Gordon Hayward to Guerschon Yabusele1423650.0%
Gordon Hayward to Brad Wanamaker52231030.0%
RJ Hunter to Semi Ojeleye2222100.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Robert Williams III1322366.7%
Semi Ojeleye to Robert Williams III822366.7%
Semi Ojeleye to Marcus Smart6222450.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Brad Wanamaker83251145.5%
Semi Ojeleye to Al Horford1922728.6%
Marcus Smart to Brad Wanamaker2024944.4%
Jayson Tatum to Robert Williams III22222100.0%
Guerschon Yabusele to Jayson Tatum1426785.7%
Guerschon Yabusele to Kyrie Irving2723933.3%
Aron Baynes to Terry Rozier197153215.6%
Aron Baynes to Brad Wanamaker2511333.3%
Aron Baynes to Al Horford1411250.0%
Jaylen Brown to Guerschon Yabusele2111333.3%
P.J. Dozier to Terry Rozier1211333.3%
P.J. Dozier to Brad Wanamaker2913742.9%
Al Horford to Robert Williams III3111100.0%
Al Horford to Daniel Theis311250.0%
RJ Hunter to Terry Rozier1111100.0%
Kyrie Irving to Brad Wanamaker711250.0%
Greg Monroe to Guerschon Yabusele2111100.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Daniel Theis2111333.3%
Semi Ojeleye to Jayson Tatum22141040.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Gordon Hayward3212728.6%
Terry Rozier to Robert Williams III4011250.0%
Jayson Tatum to Brad Wanamaker3911425.0%
Daniel Theis to Robert Williams III2111100.0%
Daniel Theis to Guerschon Yabusele4111100.0%
Daniel Theis to RJ Hunter1111100.0%
Brad Wanamaker to P.J. Dozier1912633.3%
Brad Wanamaker to Marcus Smart2211333.3%
Brad Wanamaker to Marcus Morris Sr.32151241.7%
Robert Williams III to Terry Rozier7811147.1%
Robert Williams III to Marcus Smart4711812.5%
Robert Williams III to Brad Wanamaker4612728.6%
Robert Williams III to Marcus Morris Sr.1112450.0%
Robert Williams III to Kyrie Irving3114944.4%
Robert Williams III to Gordon Hayward2311333.3%
Guerschon Yabusele to P.J. Dozier611250.0%
Guerschon Yabusele to Semi Ojeleye1811911.1%
Guerschon Yabusele to Jaylen Brown2113837.5%
Guerschon Yabusele to Gordon Hayward2214757.1%
Aron Baynes to Semi Ojeleye30010.0%
Jaylen Brown to P.J. Dozier10010.0%
P.J. Dozier to Robert Williams III30010.0%
P.J. Dozier to Daniel Theis10010.0%
P.J. Dozier to Guerschon Yabusele3011100.0%
P.J. Dozier to RJ Hunter601425.0%
Gordon Hayward to Robert Williams III160000.0%
RJ Hunter to Robert Williams III30010.0%
RJ Hunter to Daniel Theis10000.0%
RJ Hunter to P.J. Dozier60030.0%
RJ Hunter to Brad Wanamaker70000.0%
Kyrie Irving to Guerschon Yabusele140040.0%
Greg Monroe to Semi Ojeleye10000.0%
Greg Monroe to Brad Wanamaker20000.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Semi Ojeleye60020.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Guerschon Yabusele90030.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Brad Wanamaker3301333.3%
Semi Ojeleye to P.J. Dozier40010.0%
Semi Ojeleye to RJ Hunter30010.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Aron Baynes130010.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Marcus Morris Sr.6011100.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Kyrie Irving4304944.4%
Semi Ojeleye to Greg Monroe10000.0%
Terry Rozier to P.J. Dozier70000.0%
Terry Rozier to RJ Hunter10000.0%
Jayson Tatum to Guerschon Yabusele60000.0%
Daniel Theis to P.J. Dozier20000.0%
Daniel Theis to Al Horford10000.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Aron Baynes200030.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Kyrie Irving30010.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Greg Monroe301250.0%
Robert Williams III to Daniel Theis20000.0%
Robert Williams III to P.J. Dozier3011100.0%
Robert Williams III to Semi Ojeleye1301425.0%
Robert Williams III to Jayson Tatum901425.0%
Robert Williams III to Guerschon Yabusele90040.0%
Robert Williams III to Jaylen Brown1901520.0%
Robert Williams III to Al Horford10000.0%
Guerschon Yabusele to Daniel Theis130020.0%
Guerschon Yabusele to RJ Hunter10000.0%
Guerschon Yabusele to Marcus Smart220030.0%
Guerschon Yabusele to Brad Wanamaker3803933.3%
Guerschon Yabusele to Marcus Morris Sr.801250.0%
Guerschon Yabusele to Greg Monroe10010.0%