2018 Houston Rockets Team Passing Stats

The 2018 Houston Rockets averaged 246 passes per game. The leading assist duo was James Harden to Clint Capela, with 220 assists on 685 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
James Harden to Clint Capela68522022534465.4%
Chris Paul to Eric Gordon52210712528943.3%
Chris Paul to Clint Capela398808416650.6%
James Harden to Eric Gordon584699728534.0%
James Harden to P.J. Tucker561676816840.5%
Chris Paul to P.J. Tucker330555514139.0%
Chris Paul to Gerald Green215495113238.6%
James Harden to Gerald Green282464913037.7%
Chris Paul to James Harden7263912730341.9%
James Harden to Danuel House Jr.18738388345.8%
Eric Gordon to Clint Capela20835386558.5%
James Harden to Kenneth Faried14135356157.4%
Chris Paul to Kenneth Faried10430335955.9%
Clint Capela to James Harden15352814740036.8%
James Harden to James Ennis III16227276541.5%
Chris Paul to James Ennis III9924275648.2%
Chris Paul to Danuel House Jr.8622245642.9%
Clint Capela to Eric Gordon23021317640.8%
James Harden to Austin Rivers319204610245.1%
Austin Rivers to Eric Gordon10219255843.1%
Austin Rivers to Gerald Green10519226136.1%
P.J. Tucker to Eric Gordon20619309232.6%
Eric Gordon to P.J. Tucker14718195534.5%
Eric Gordon to Gerald Green6218194047.5%
James Harden to Nene8015173548.6%
Chris Paul to Austin Rivers12315165330.2%
Chris Paul to Carmelo Anthony7915214942.9%
P.J. Tucker to Gerald Green7615163743.2%
James Harden to Chris Paul611145413540.0%
P.J. Tucker to Clint Capela15414143243.8%
Clint Capela to P.J. Tucker10013132944.8%
James Harden to Gary Clark7113133240.6%
Austin Rivers to P.J. Tucker8313132846.4%
P.J. Tucker to James Harden10431213232640.5%
Clint Capela to Gerald Green6411113036.7%
James Ennis III to Clint Capela6610101190.9%
Eric Gordon to James Ennis III4010101952.6%
Danuel House Jr. to Clint Capela4310101471.4%
Chris Paul to Gary Clark8010124129.3%
Austin Rivers to Danuel House Jr.5410132454.2%
Chris Paul to Iman Shumpert619123237.5%
Austin Rivers to Nene859102050.0%
P.J. Tucker to Austin Rivers1429204346.5%
Eric Gordon to Danuel House Jr.41891850.0%
Eric Gordon to Kenneth Faried55892339.1%
Chris Paul to Nene57881844.4%
Austin Rivers to Kenneth Faried738112152.4%
Gerald Green to Clint Capela58771070.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Gerald Green23781553.3%
Austin Rivers to James Harden32274913436.6%
P.J. Tucker to Chris Paul4557277735.1%
Eric Gordon to Chris Paul3266327741.6%
James Harden to Iman Shumpert59661931.6%
James Harden to Carmelo Anthony58682630.8%
Chris Paul to Isaiah Hartenstein29661250.0%
Austin Rivers to Gary Clark27661154.5%
Austin Rivers to James Ennis III27661540.0%
Clint Capela to Danuel House Jr.32551435.7%
Clint Capela to Austin Rivers855102050.0%
Eric Gordon to James Harden39755012639.7%
Eric Gordon to Nene40551050.0%
James Harden to Isaiah Hartenstein2855862.5%
Nene to Eric Gordon505101952.6%
P.J. Tucker to James Ennis III39561833.3%
P.J. Tucker to Kenneth Faried27551050.0%
Clint Capela to James Ennis III26451241.7%
Clint Capela to Chris Paul80845013138.2%
Michael Carter-Williams to Carmelo Anthony1747977.8%
Gary Clark to Gerald Green40461735.3%
James Ennis III to Eric Gordon43461833.3%
Kenneth Faried to James Harden2824348639.5%
Kenneth Faried to Chris Paul1874133339.4%
Eric Gordon to Austin Rivers79472725.9%
Gerald Green to James Harden38745114435.4%
Gerald Green to P.J. Tucker52441625.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Gerald Green2245862.5%
Danuel House Jr. to Austin Rivers60451729.4%
Danuel House Jr. to P.J. Tucker2844850.0%
Nene to James Harden2214297638.2%
Nene to Gerald Green38451729.4%
Iman Shumpert to Austin Rivers30441040.0%
Iman Shumpert to Kenneth Faried1644757.1%
Michael Carter-Williams to Gary Clark2133742.9%
Michael Carter-Williams to Marquese Chriss2033837.5%
Gary Clark to Danuel House Jr.1633475.0%
Gary Clark to James Ennis III633475.0%
Gary Clark to Eric Gordon31361540.0%
James Ennis III to Gerald Green23331030.0%
James Ennis III to Chris Paul903112642.3%
Kenneth Faried to Eric Gordon63371741.2%
Eric Gordon to Carmelo Anthony1833837.5%
Gerald Green to Gary Clark1733475.0%
Gerald Green to Austin Rivers1013123138.7%
Gerald Green to Eric Gordon693142751.9%
Gerald Green to Nene3833837.5%
James Harden to Michael Carter-Williams20331030.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Danuel House Jr.833475.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Iman Shumpert1833650.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Eric Gordon40382236.4%
Danuel House Jr. to Nene1333837.5%
Brandon Knight to Austin Rivers3335771.4%
Brandon Knight to Gerald Green16341136.4%
Nene to Danuel House Jr.2834944.4%
Nene to James Ennis III6333100.0%
Nene to Austin Rivers89371741.2%
Chris Paul to Brandon Knight1933933.3%
Austin Rivers to Clint Capela93351338.5%
Austin Rivers to Iman Shumpert2133650.0%
Iman Shumpert to Eric Gordon1333650.0%
Iman Shumpert to P.J. Tucker2533837.5%
P.J. Tucker to Danuel House Jr.39331225.0%
Clint Capela to Gary Clark1422540.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Isaiah Hartenstein1722450.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to P.J. Tucker1722540.0%
Chris Chiozza to Austin Rivers1022540.0%
Marquese Chriss to Gerald Green1922366.7%
James Ennis III to Kenneth Faried1122540.0%
James Ennis III to James Harden1782285253.8%
James Ennis III to P.J. Tucker40221020.0%
Kenneth Faried to P.J. Tucker21222100.0%
Kenneth Faried to Gerald Green31251827.8%
Eric Gordon to Gary Clark21221118.2%
Eric Gordon to Isaiah Hartenstein1122366.7%
Gerald Green to Danuel House Jr.1922728.6%
Gerald Green to Marquese Chriss2222633.3%
Gerald Green to Kenneth Faried2922450.0%
Gerald Green to Iman Shumpert1022540.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Eric Gordon2023560.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to P.J. Tucker722540.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Gary Clark14221020.0%
Danuel House Jr. to James Harden25423710136.6%
Brandon Knight to Danuel House Jr.1122633.3%
Chris Paul to Michael Carter-Williams1222450.0%
Iman Shumpert to Clint Capela1623475.0%
Iman Shumpert to Gerald Green1422825.0%
P.J. Tucker to Nene2623837.5%
Carmelo Anthony to Clint Capela22111100.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Michael Carter-Williams1211520.0%
Carmelo Anthony to James Harden62171838.9%
Carmelo Anthony to P.J. Tucker811333.3%
Carmelo Anthony to Gerald Green1211714.3%
Clint Capela to Michael Carter-Williams46151050.0%
Clint Capela to Iman Shumpert1511250.0%
Clint Capela to Brandon Knight3212633.3%
Clint Capela to Carmelo Anthony18131127.3%
Michael Carter-Williams to Vincent Edwards311250.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Danuel House Jr.1612728.6%
Michael Carter-Williams to Clint Capela2212450.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to James Ennis III711425.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Eric Gordon26121612.5%
Michael Carter-Williams to Gerald Green33121118.2%
Michael Carter-Williams to Nene1113475.0%
Chris Chiozza to Kenneth Faried1711425.0%
Chris Chiozza to Gerald Green3111100.0%
Marquese Chriss to Isaiah Hartenstein1111100.0%
Marquese Chriss to James Ennis III3111100.0%
Marquese Chriss to Michael Carter-Williams2911425.0%
Marquese Chriss to Austin Rivers1613560.0%
Gary Clark to Marquese Chriss1111520.0%
Gary Clark to Michael Carter-Williams3513650.0%
Gary Clark to Austin Rivers52151338.5%
Gary Clark to James Harden1421155228.8%
Gary Clark to P.J. Tucker12111100.0%
James Ennis III to Austin Rivers46141625.0%
Kenneth Faried to Chris Chiozza18111100.0%
Kenneth Faried to Danuel House Jr.1112540.0%
Kenneth Faried to Clint Capela411333.3%
Eric Gordon to Iman Shumpert812633.3%
Gerald Green to Chris Chiozza9111100.0%
Gerald Green to Isaiah Hartenstein1511520.0%
Gerald Green to Zhou Qi1111100.0%
Gerald Green to James Ennis III1311333.3%
James Harden to Marquese Chriss411333.3%
James Harden to James Nunnally411250.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Michael Carter-Williams3013560.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Austin Rivers1211425.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Chris Paul601111573.3%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Carmelo Anthony311333.3%
Danuel House Jr. to Marquese Chriss711250.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Kenneth Faried311250.0%
Brandon Knight to Nene1512366.7%
Nene to Gary Clark911250.0%
Nene to Michael Carter-Williams1412366.7%
Nene to Iman Shumpert911250.0%
Nene to Chris Paul102131225.0%
James Nunnally to P.J. Tucker211250.0%
James Nunnally to Gerald Green211250.0%
Chris Paul to Marquese Chriss911333.3%
Austin Rivers to Marquese Chriss911250.0%
Austin Rivers to James Nunnally711425.0%
Austin Rivers to Terrence Jones411250.0%
Austin Rivers to Brandon Knight1812450.0%
Iman Shumpert to Danuel House Jr.1712540.0%
Iman Shumpert to James Harden751113234.4%
Iman Shumpert to Chris Paul6112825.0%
P.J. Tucker to Gary Clark711250.0%
P.J. Tucker to James Nunnally711425.0%
P.J. Tucker to Iman Shumpert2511812.5%
P.J. Tucker to Brandon Knight911250.0%
P.J. Tucker to Carmelo Anthony8111100.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Gary Clark40020.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Isaiah Hartenstein10000.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Marquese Chriss10010.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Eric Gordon10022100.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Chris Paul58051435.7%
Clint Capela to Chris Chiozza10000.0%
Clint Capela to Kenneth Faried10000.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to James Harden1902728.6%
Michael Carter-Williams to Chris Paul70000.0%
Chris Chiozza to Gary Clark1701911.1%
Chris Chiozza to Isaiah Hartenstein10000.0%
Chris Chiozza to Danuel House Jr.201250.0%
Marquese Chriss to Gary Clark80010.0%
Marquese Chriss to Vincent Edwards10000.0%
Marquese Chriss to Danuel House Jr.2202922.2%
Marquese Chriss to Brandon Knight120030.0%
Marquese Chriss to James Harden902366.7%
Marquese Chriss to Eric Gordon40000.0%
Marquese Chriss to Chris Paul1302366.7%
Marquese Chriss to Carmelo Anthony10010.0%
Gary Clark to Chris Chiozza100030.0%
Gary Clark to Isaiah Hartenstein12011100.0%
Gary Clark to Clint Capela110010.0%
Gary Clark to James Nunnally10010.0%
Gary Clark to Terrence Jones10000.0%
Gary Clark to Kenneth Faried30020.0%
Gary Clark to Iman Shumpert2011100.0%
Gary Clark to Brandon Knight120010.0%
Gary Clark to Chris Paul107092240.9%
Gary Clark to Carmelo Anthony10010.0%
Gary Clark to Nene70020.0%
Vincent Edwards to Gary Clark20010.0%
Vincent Edwards to James Ennis III10000.0%
Vincent Edwards to Gerald Green5022100.0%
James Ennis III to Gary Clark60000.0%
James Ennis III to Isaiah Hartenstein40000.0%
James Ennis III to Danuel House Jr.30000.0%
James Ennis III to Marquese Chriss60020.0%
James Ennis III to Michael Carter-Williams30010.0%
James Ennis III to Brandon Knight10010.0%
James Ennis III to Nene40020.0%
Kenneth Faried to Gary Clark701425.0%
Kenneth Faried to James Ennis III80030.0%
Kenneth Faried to Austin Rivers82031520.0%
Kenneth Faried to Iman Shumpert50020.0%
Kenneth Faried to Nene10000.0%
Eric Gordon to Vincent Edwards10000.0%
Eric Gordon to Marquese Chriss10010.0%
Eric Gordon to Michael Carter-Williams1601425.0%
Eric Gordon to James Nunnally10010.0%
Eric Gordon to Terrence Jones10000.0%
Eric Gordon to Brandon Knight50020.0%
Gerald Green to Vincent Edwards40020.0%
Gerald Green to Michael Carter-Williams3302922.2%
Gerald Green to James Nunnally20010.0%
Gerald Green to Terrence Jones10000.0%
Gerald Green to Brandon Knight1501616.7%
Gerald Green to Chris Paul1890153345.5%
Gerald Green to Carmelo Anthony801520.0%
James Harden to Terrence Jones10010.0%
James Harden to Brandon Knight70040.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Gary Clark90030.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to James Ennis III30000.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Iman Shumpert20010.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to James Harden65061833.3%
Danuel House Jr. to Chris Chiozza40000.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Isaiah Hartenstein30010.0%
Danuel House Jr. to James Ennis III30030.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Michael Carter-Williams100030.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Brandon Knight2202633.3%
Danuel House Jr. to Chris Paul1280143145.2%
Terrence Jones to Gary Clark10000.0%
Terrence Jones to Austin Rivers60010.0%
Terrence Jones to Iman Shumpert10000.0%
Terrence Jones to James Harden10010.0%
Terrence Jones to Gerald Green30010.0%
Brandon Knight to Gary Clark60000.0%
Brandon Knight to Marquese Chriss90010.0%
Brandon Knight to Clint Capela130010.0%
Brandon Knight to James Ennis III10000.0%
Brandon Knight to James Harden110020.0%
Brandon Knight to Eric Gordon801333.3%
Brandon Knight to P.J. Tucker50010.0%
Brandon Knight to Chris Paul9033100.0%
Nene to James Nunnally10000.0%
Nene to Kenneth Faried10010.0%
Nene to Brandon Knight190060.0%
Nene to P.J. Tucker110050.0%
James Nunnally to Gary Clark10000.0%
James Nunnally to Austin Rivers20000.0%
James Nunnally to James Harden40010.0%
James Nunnally to Eric Gordon30010.0%
Austin Rivers to Chris Chiozza90020.0%
Austin Rivers to Isaiah Hartenstein80010.0%
Austin Rivers to Greg Monroe10000.0%
Austin Rivers to Chris Paul101082532.0%
Iman Shumpert to Chris Chiozza30010.0%
Iman Shumpert to Isaiah Hartenstein20000.0%
Iman Shumpert to Terrence Jones20010.0%
Iman Shumpert to Nene130030.0%
P.J. Tucker to Isaiah Hartenstein70020.0%
P.J. Tucker to Marquese Chriss30000.0%
P.J. Tucker to Michael Carter-Williams22011100.0%
P.J. Tucker to P.J. Tucker10000.0%