2018 New Orleans Pelicans Team Passing Stats

The 2018 New Orleans Pelicans averaged 310 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Jrue Holiday to Anthony Davis, with 119 assists on 734 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Jrue Holiday to Anthony Davis73411914832246.0%
Jrue Holiday to Julius Randle6898511625845.0%
Jrue Holiday to E'Twaun Moore464678117047.6%
Elfrid Payton to Julius Randle436558419243.8%
Jrue Holiday to Nikola Mirotic271525611747.9%
Anthony Davis to Jrue Holiday894509820946.9%
Elfrid Payton to Anthony Davis319445412244.3%
Jrue Holiday to Darius Miller370425014035.7%
Anthony Davis to Julius Randle244354910347.6%
Tim Frazier to Anthony Davis294334310242.2%
E'Twaun Moore to Anthony Davis286334710843.5%
Julius Randle to Jrue Holiday729337618840.4%
Julius Randle to Anthony Davis253324310242.2%
Julius Randle to Darius Miller23931388445.2%
Elfrid Payton to Frank Jackson17530337245.8%
Anthony Davis to E'Twaun Moore23829347247.2%
Darius Miller to Julius Randle232294810048.0%
Darius Miller to Anthony Davis14629337047.1%
Tim Frazier to Jrue Holiday387284410541.9%
Anthony Davis to Nikola Mirotic9427315457.4%
Elfrid Payton to Jrue Holiday304274710246.1%
Jrue Holiday to Cheick Diallo8426274560.0%
Elfrid Payton to Cheick Diallo10526264261.9%
Julius Randle to E'Twaun Moore18025346850.0%
Tim Frazier to Julius Randle27924429345.2%
Jrue Holiday to Jahlil Okafor16124366654.5%
Elfrid Payton to E'Twaun Moore14224285947.5%
Tim Frazier to E'Twaun Moore13123264953.1%
Elfrid Payton to Jahlil Okafor15122355563.6%
Elfrid Payton to Ian Clark12322245246.2%
Julius Randle to Frank Jackson15021296842.6%
Julius Randle to Elfrid Payton36020326946.4%
Jrue Holiday to Frank Jackson18919235839.7%
Anthony Davis to Darius Miller14618194245.2%
Jrue Holiday to Solomon Hill15318194047.5%
Elfrid Payton to Kenrich Williams18418225837.9%
Ian Clark to Anthony Davis10517224153.7%
Tim Frazier to Darius Miller16617195633.9%
Tim Frazier to Nikola Mirotic11017184143.9%
Jrue Holiday to Tim Frazier25816193554.3%
Darius Miller to Cheick Diallo5716163447.1%
E'Twaun Moore to Julius Randle18316286741.8%
Elfrid Payton to Darius Miller14216164337.2%
Anthony Davis to Elfrid Payton37515276144.3%
Tim Frazier to Frank Jackson9115163348.5%
Julius Randle to Ian Clark19815175332.1%
Kenrich Williams to Julius Randle15615204346.5%
Frank Jackson to Anthony Davis12414223759.5%
Tim Frazier to Kenrich Williams6713132259.1%
Jrue Holiday to Kenrich Williams14313153740.5%
Jrue Holiday to Ian Clark13213153641.7%
Darius Miller to Jrue Holiday30313368045.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Jrue Holiday33013378046.3%
Elfrid Payton to Christian Wood4913153050.0%
Ian Clark to Cheick Diallo8112122646.2%
Tim Frazier to Ian Clark9312162857.1%
E'Twaun Moore to Nikola Mirotic9912133933.3%
Julius Randle to Cheick Diallo3912162176.2%
Ian Clark to Julius Randle18811286443.8%
Julius Randle to Nikola Mirotic4911112642.3%
Anthony Davis to Wesley Johnson4810112445.8%
Tim Frazier to Cheick Diallo5810102050.0%
Solomon Hill to Julius Randle10210143342.4%
Solomon Hill to Jrue Holiday21210214744.7%
Jrue Holiday to Elfrid Payton29910155030.0%
Frank Jackson to Jahlil Okafor10210163250.0%
Frank Jackson to Julius Randle15510194344.2%
Darius Miller to Jahlil Okafor6910163053.3%
Kenrich Williams to Jahlil Okafor6310142653.8%
Ian Clark to Darius Miller759101952.6%
Anthony Davis to Kenrich Williams569112740.7%
Cheick Diallo to Frank Jackson799162564.0%
Elfrid Payton to Nikola Mirotic609103132.3%
Julius Randle to Kenrich Williams95993327.3%
Julius Randle to Tim Frazier2479102835.7%
Kenrich Williams to Ian Clark799133141.9%
Ian Clark to Jahlil Okafor708122450.0%
Frank Jackson to Cheick Diallo51881747.1%
Darius Miller to Ian Clark858133834.2%
Nikola Mirotic to Julius Randle788183060.0%
Kenrich Williams to Cheick Diallo33881080.0%
Ian Clark to Frank Jackson44791656.3%
Anthony Davis to Tim Frazier3347102934.5%
Tim Frazier to Solomon Hill70771643.8%
Jrue Holiday to Wesley Johnson85782630.8%
Stanley Johnson to Cheick Diallo53781361.5%
Wesley Johnson to Anthony Davis517112152.4%
Darius Miller to Kenrich Williams44772231.8%
Jahlil Okafor to Frank Jackson1047123534.3%
Julius Randle to Jahlil Okafor29791560.0%
Kenrich Williams to Frank Jackson807103033.3%
Kenrich Williams to Jrue Holiday1997204544.4%
Ian Clark to Elfrid Payton986122842.9%
Anthony Davis to Frank Jackson1076102934.5%
Anthony Davis to Ian Clark82682236.4%
Solomon Hill to Cheick Diallo2667977.8%
Solomon Hill to Darius Miller67662524.0%
Darius Miller to Nikola Mirotic53682334.8%
Nikola Mirotic to E'Twaun Moore109692339.1%
Kenrich Williams to Christian Wood17661346.2%
Kenrich Williams to Elfrid Payton2556142948.3%
Ian Clark to Nikola Mirotic52572231.8%
Solomon Hill to Anthony Davis845112544.0%
Frank Jackson to Elfrid Payton1425102147.6%
Darius Miller to Frank Jackson55552520.0%
Darius Miller to Stanley Johnson28571353.8%
Darius Miller to Tim Frazier1315102050.0%
Darius Miller to Solomon Hill42551241.7%
Nikola Mirotic to Jrue Holiday4595329434.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Jrue Holiday2685295552.7%
Elfrid Payton to Solomon Hill57581942.1%
Ian Clark to Christian Wood24451145.5%
Anthony Davis to Solomon Hill72451729.4%
Cheick Diallo to Jahlil Okafor1446875.0%
Cheick Diallo to Ian Clark101491850.0%
Cheick Diallo to Solomon Hill51451050.0%
Solomon Hill to Elfrid Payton76461346.2%
Solomon Hill to Nikola Mirotic31461735.3%
Frank Jackson to Darius Miller58451827.8%
Frank Jackson to E'Twaun Moore44451241.7%
Stanley Johnson to Ian Clark42451435.7%
Stanley Johnson to Darius Miller45471450.0%
Wesley Johnson to Nikola Mirotic1945862.5%
E'Twaun Moore to Cheick Diallo2244666.7%
E'Twaun Moore to Tim Frazier6244850.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Elfrid Payton97461250.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Wesley Johnson3044850.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Ian Clark90482236.4%
Kenrich Williams to Stanley Johnson2045771.4%
Kenrich Williams to Anthony Davis69461735.3%
Ian Clark to Kenrich Williams62341233.3%
Ian Clark to Solomon Hill3733837.5%
Ian Clark to E'Twaun Moore30341136.4%
Ian Clark to Jrue Holiday1213173647.2%
Cheick Diallo to Christian Wood1134850.0%
Tim Frazier to Jahlil Okafor54371936.8%
Solomon Hill to Jahlil Okafor463101662.5%
Frank Jackson to Kenrich Williams57341233.3%
Frank Jackson to Nikola Mirotic32361060.0%
Frank Jackson to Jrue Holiday1793194443.2%
Stanley Johnson to Frank Jackson3334850.0%
Stanley Johnson to Christian Wood38371258.3%
Stanley Johnson to Julius Randle3634944.4%
Darius Miller to Christian Wood7344100.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Frank Jackson4135862.5%
Nikola Mirotic to Tim Frazier13836966.7%
Nikola Mirotic to Anthony Davis66372626.9%
E'Twaun Moore to Solomon Hill3233933.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Darius Miller50351338.5%
Jahlil Okafor to Kenrich Williams50341136.4%
Jahlil Okafor to E'Twaun Moore3433742.9%
Jahlil Okafor to Nikola Mirotic1034757.1%
Elfrid Payton to Dairis Bertans30331127.3%
Kenrich Williams to Darius Miller5133933.3%
Dairis Bertans to Stanley Johnson1324666.7%
Dairis Bertans to Elfrid Payton2624580.0%
Dairis Bertans to Ian Clark1722633.3%
Cheick Diallo to Kenrich Williams45241136.4%
Andrew Harrison to Anthony Davis1923837.5%
Solomon Hill to Frank Jackson48221513.3%
Solomon Hill to Stanley Johnson1723560.0%
Frank Jackson to Ian Clark52231421.4%
Stanley Johnson to Kenrich Williams1222540.0%
Wesley Johnson to E'Twaun Moore4023837.5%
Wesley Johnson to Jrue Holiday1072112055.0%
Darius Miller to Elfrid Payton110282040.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Cheick Diallo2222100.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Darius Miller4624757.1%
E'Twaun Moore to Jahlil Okafor37271546.7%
Jahlil Okafor to Christian Wood822540.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Tim Frazier11226785.7%
Jahlil Okafor to Solomon Hill4522825.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Anthony Davis5222100.0%
Elfrid Payton to Stanley Johnson34251145.5%
Elfrid Payton to Jason Smith922540.0%
Julius Randle to Wesley Johnson2022540.0%
Kenrich Williams to E'Twaun Moore1722633.3%
Dairis Bertans to Frank Jackson712540.0%
Dairis Bertans to Cheick Diallo1211425.0%
Dairis Bertans to Christian Wood511250.0%
Dairis Bertans to Julius Randle1013560.0%
Ian Clark to Dairis Bertans2411616.7%
Ian Clark to Wesley Johnson1813742.9%
Anthony Davis to Stanley Johnson4111100.0%
Cheick Diallo to Tim Frazier173131030.0%
Cheick Diallo to Julius Randle77121118.2%
Cheick Diallo to Elfrid Payton198161637.5%
Cheick Diallo to Darius Miller59111010.0%
Cheick Diallo to E'Twaun Moore5214944.4%
Cheick Diallo to Wesley Johnson511250.0%
Cheick Diallo to Jrue Holiday1651153641.7%
Tim Frazier to Andrew Harrison6111100.0%
Tim Frazier to Elfrid Payton711425.0%
Tim Frazier to Wesley Johnson2012633.3%
Andrew Harrison to Kenrich Williams2111100.0%
Andrew Harrison to Julius Randle3122100.0%
Andrew Harrison to Solomon Hill4111100.0%
Andrew Harrison to Darius Miller5111100.0%
Andrew Harrison to E'Twaun Moore712366.7%
Solomon Hill to Dairis Bertans1711714.3%
Solomon Hill to Kenrich Williams1611425.0%
Solomon Hill to Tim Frazier108131030.0%
Solomon Hill to Ian Clark57141822.2%
Solomon Hill to E'Twaun Moore36111010.0%
Frank Jackson to Dairis Bertans8111100.0%
Frank Jackson to Tim Frazier65151145.5%
Frank Jackson to Solomon Hill2811812.5%
Stanley Johnson to Solomon Hill1011333.3%
Stanley Johnson to E'Twaun Moore912633.3%
Wesley Johnson to Julius Randle2311714.3%
Darius Miller to Dairis Bertans211250.0%
Darius Miller to E'Twaun Moore47121020.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Kenrich Williams1111100.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Jahlil Okafor7122100.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Ian Clark6213742.9%
Nikola Mirotic to Solomon Hill3511425.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Kenrich Williams1811425.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Frank Jackson31121414.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Andrew Harrison711333.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Ian Clark3011520.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Dairis Bertans711425.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Cheick Diallo411250.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Stanley Johnson4512450.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Julius Randle4913742.9%
Jahlil Okafor to Elfrid Payton252173122.6%
Jahlil Okafor to Darius Miller5111128.3%
Elfrid Payton to Wesley Johnson311250.0%
Julius Randle to Dairis Bertans1411250.0%
Julius Randle to Stanley Johnson2711520.0%
Julius Randle to Solomon Hill8011119.1%
Jason Smith to Darius Miller511250.0%
Kenrich Williams to Dairis Bertans711250.0%
Kenrich Williams to Tim Frazier8813560.0%
Christian Wood to Dairis Bertans811250.0%
Christian Wood to Kenrich Williams811425.0%
Christian Wood to Frank Jackson411250.0%
Christian Wood to Jahlil Okafor311250.0%
Christian Wood to Elfrid Payton5311425.0%
Christian Wood to Solomon Hill1911425.0%
Dairis Bertans to Kenrich Williams30000.0%
Dairis Bertans to Jahlil Okafor1001425.0%
Dairis Bertans to Solomon Hill270060.0%
Dairis Bertans to Darius Miller60000.0%
Dairis Bertans to Anthony Davis30000.0%
Ian Clark to Stanley Johnson340070.0%
Ian Clark to Andrew Harrison20010.0%
Ian Clark to Tim Frazier64031225.0%
Ian Clark to Jason Smith30010.0%
Anthony Davis to Dairis Bertans30010.0%
Anthony Davis to Cheick Diallo70000.0%
Anthony Davis to Andrew Harrison140010.0%
Anthony Davis to Jahlil Okafor50040.0%
Cheick Diallo to Dairis Bertans110030.0%
Cheick Diallo to Stanley Johnson105011010.0%
Cheick Diallo to Andrew Harrison1001250.0%
Cheick Diallo to Anthony Davis1201250.0%
Cheick Diallo to Nikola Mirotic30010.0%
Cheick Diallo to Jason Smith10000.0%
Tim Frazier to Stanley Johnson100010.0%
Andrew Harrison to Cheick Diallo60000.0%
Andrew Harrison to Jahlil Okafor20020.0%
Andrew Harrison to Tim Frazier30010.0%
Andrew Harrison to Ian Clark10000.0%
Andrew Harrison to Wesley Johnson10000.0%
Andrew Harrison to Jrue Holiday70010.0%
Solomon Hill to Christian Wood270070.0%
Solomon Hill to Andrew Harrison40010.0%
Solomon Hill to Wesley Johnson30010.0%
Jrue Holiday to Stanley Johnson60020.0%
Jrue Holiday to Willie Cauley-Stein10000.0%
Jrue Holiday to Andrew Harrison60010.0%
Frank Jackson to Stanley Johnson1802728.6%
Frank Jackson to Wesley Johnson40010.0%
Stanley Johnson to Dairis Bertans2401616.7%
Stanley Johnson to Jahlil Okafor2401714.3%
Stanley Johnson to Tim Frazier110020.0%
Stanley Johnson to Elfrid Payton2902366.7%
Stanley Johnson to Anthony Davis80010.0%
Stanley Johnson to Jrue Holiday1202540.0%
Wesley Johnson to Kenrich Williams30000.0%
Wesley Johnson to Frank Jackson40010.0%
Wesley Johnson to Cheick Diallo60010.0%
Wesley Johnson to Andrew Harrison50010.0%
Wesley Johnson to Jahlil Okafor4022100.0%
Wesley Johnson to Tim Frazier230020.0%
Wesley Johnson to Elfrid Payton30010.0%
Wesley Johnson to Ian Clark160020.0%
Wesley Johnson to Solomon Hill70000.0%
Wesley Johnson to Darius Miller40000.0%
Darius Miller to Andrew Harrison30010.0%
Darius Miller to Wesley Johnson20000.0%
Darius Miller to Jason Smith20010.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Elfrid Payton111041428.6%
Nikola Mirotic to Wesley Johnson320060.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Stanley Johnson20010.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Andrew Harrison50000.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Wesley Johnson20000.0%
Elfrid Payton to Tim Frazier50020.0%
Julius Randle to Christian Wood40010.0%
Julius Randle to Andrew Harrison10000.0%
Julius Randle to Jason Smith10000.0%
Jason Smith to Frank Jackson30010.0%
Jason Smith to Julius Randle20010.0%
Jason Smith to Elfrid Payton110020.0%
Jason Smith to Ian Clark40000.0%
Kenrich Williams to Andrew Harrison10000.0%
Kenrich Williams to Solomon Hill170010.0%
Kenrich Williams to Nikola Mirotic20010.0%
Kenrich Williams to Wesley Johnson20010.0%
Christian Wood to Cheick Diallo30000.0%
Christian Wood to Stanley Johnson4503560.0%
Christian Wood to Julius Randle130030.0%
Christian Wood to Ian Clark3301714.3%
Christian Wood to Darius Miller60000.0%