2018 New York Knicks Team Passing Stats

The 2018 New York Knicks averaged 293 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Emmanuel Mudiay to Kevin Knox II, with 36 assists on 337 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Kevin Knox II337365614738.1%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Enes Kanter32634458354.2%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Noah Vonleh38525358839.8%
Noah Vonleh to Tim Hardaway Jr.373255814639.7%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Tim Hardaway Jr.311243211228.6%
Allonzo Trier to Mitchell Robinson10523233467.6%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Enes Kanter19822285848.3%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Damyean Dotson21022287537.3%
Enes Kanter to Tim Hardaway Jr.284213310132.7%
Enes Kanter to Mario Hezonja15820245940.7%
Frank Ntilikina to Tim Hardaway Jr.22920368940.4%
Trey Burke to Enes Kanter16119295850.0%
Damyean Dotson to Kevin Knox II14919257334.2%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Kevin Knox II12019237431.1%
Kevin Knox II to Damyean Dotson13819234847.9%
Dennis Smith Jr. to DeAndre Jordan11419213265.6%
Allonzo Trier to Damyean Dotson12419246040.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Damyean Dotson13418245048.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Damyean Dotson29518208723.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Damyean Dotson16018235343.4%
Noah Vonleh to Kevin Knox II17718258230.5%
Noah Vonleh to Emmanuel Mudiay691184311637.1%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Luke Kornet18616184738.3%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Mario Hezonja19516266738.8%
Trey Burke to Tim Hardaway Jr.19215217627.6%
Kadeem Allen to Mitchell Robinson4814151883.3%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Kevin Knox II18414206929.0%
Allonzo Trier to Kevin Knox II8914215736.8%
Damyean Dotson to Mitchell Robinson10113131872.2%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Emmanuel Mudiay32813307838.5%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Noah Vonleh18413185135.3%
Mario Hezonja to Kevin Knox II10613185234.6%
Frank Ntilikina to Enes Kanter12313163842.1%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Lance Thomas6013132846.4%
Kadeem Allen to Kevin Knox II8512164139.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Trey Burke20912256240.3%
Mario Hezonja to Damyean Dotson10212153345.5%
Enes Kanter to Emmanuel Mudiay35212358342.2%
Emmanuel Mudiay to DeAndre Jordan16112142556.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Kevin Knox II7312184540.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Mitchell Robinson5112122060.0%
Kadeem Allen to John Jenkins4811112544.0%
Damyean Dotson to Allonzo Trier14411245642.9%
Damyean Dotson to Luke Kornet9011113036.7%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Damyean Dotson9511143935.9%
DeAndre Jordan to Kevin Knox II6111123040.0%
Kevin Knox II to Luke Kornet9511132944.8%
Luke Kornet to Kevin Knox II10011154235.7%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Mitchell Robinson8911122352.2%
Frank Ntilikina to Mitchell Robinson5911111668.8%
Frank Ntilikina to Mario Hezonja6811142653.8%
Kadeem Allen to Luke Kornet6710112347.8%
Trey Burke to Kevin Knox II8310173943.6%
Trey Burke to Damyean Dotson7110112839.3%
Damyean Dotson to Dennis Smith Jr.17310224746.8%
Damyean Dotson to Emmanuel Mudiay24110267136.6%
Mario Hezonja to Mitchell Robinson5410101566.7%
Mario Hezonja to Emmanuel Mudiay30010244949.0%
Kevin Knox II to Emmanuel Mudiay40210266440.6%
Frank Ntilikina to Noah Vonleh18410163941.0%
Allonzo Trier to Enes Kanter13610173943.6%
Noah Vonleh to Damyean Dotson14210144134.1%
Trey Burke to Allonzo Trier1209214151.2%
Damyean Dotson to Lance Thomas58992437.5%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Frank Ntilikina1659204544.4%
Mario Hezonja to Noah Vonleh759162564.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Emmanuel Mudiay1809133339.4%
Enes Kanter to Kevin Knox II809114325.6%
Luke Kornet to Damyean Dotson1019132846.4%
Noah Vonleh to Enes Kanter619132356.5%
Kadeem Allen to Damyean Dotson788102737.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Mario Hezonja67882927.6%
Mario Hezonja to Enes Kanter1348153345.5%
DeAndre Jordan to Mario Hezonja408142360.9%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Henry Ellenson47881747.1%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Lance Thomas81882630.8%
Mitchell Robinson to Damyean Dotson1328183551.4%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Allonzo Trier888142948.3%
Allonzo Trier to Mario Hezonja1168185234.6%
Noah Vonleh to Allonzo Trier1748225044.0%
Trey Burke to Mario Hezonja647102050.0%
Damyean Dotson to Noah Vonleh1237123633.3%
Damyean Dotson to Tim Hardaway Jr.907164139.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Dennis Smith Jr.1817154037.5%
Kevin Knox II to Noah Vonleh1267152951.7%
Kevin Knox II to Tim Hardaway Jr.1057154434.1%
Frank Ntilikina to Lance Thomas49772035.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Noah Vonleh767102245.5%
Lance Thomas to Damyean Dotson61781553.3%
Allonzo Trier to Emmanuel Mudiay1397133537.1%
Noah Vonleh to Mitchell Robinson1577887.5%
Kadeem Allen to Allonzo Trier128692832.1%
Trey Burke to Frank Ntilikina766122060.0%
Damyean Dotson to Mario Hezonja105673420.6%
Damyean Dotson to DeAndre Jordan82671546.7%
Kevin Knox II to Mitchell Robinson63671070.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Allonzo Trier1526123831.6%
Mitchell Robinson to Kevin Knox II836104422.7%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Luke Kornet89663218.8%
Allonzo Trier to Luke Kornet53671546.7%
Allonzo Trier to Frank Ntilikina79692437.5%
Allonzo Trier to Noah Vonleh1366153542.9%
Noah Vonleh to Frank Ntilikina3186114623.9%
Kadeem Allen to Mario Hezonja36551241.7%
Trey Burke to Noah Vonleh885102737.0%
Damyean Dotson to Frank Ntilikina1475103727.0%
Damyean Dotson to Enes Kanter87561833.3%
Henry Ellenson to John Jenkins1955683.3%
Mario Hezonja to DeAndre Jordan33551050.0%
Enes Kanter to Trey Burke2135206033.3%
Luke Kornet to Emmanuel Mudiay2255174637.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Allonzo Trier1985166225.8%
Frank Ntilikina to Luke Kornet54551533.3%
Allonzo Trier to Kadeem Allen53571643.8%
Allonzo Trier to Tim Hardaway Jr.685102835.7%
Noah Vonleh to Luke Kornet30551145.5%
Kadeem Allen to Henry Ellenson1944666.7%
Trey Burke to Lance Thomas74442119.0%
Damyean Dotson to Kadeem Allen58461833.3%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Allonzo Trier654101855.6%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Mitchell Robinson43451241.7%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Lance Thomas26451050.0%
Mario Hezonja to Luke Kornet57441428.6%
Mario Hezonja to Tim Hardaway Jr.85492733.3%
John Jenkins to Mitchell Robinson1744580.0%
John Jenkins to Henry Ellenson2144944.4%
Enes Kanter to Allonzo Trier117483225.0%
Enes Kanter to Noah Vonleh6244944.4%
Emmanuel Mudiay to John Jenkins47451631.3%
Frank Ntilikina to Emmanuel Mudiay31461154.5%
Mitchell Robinson to Allonzo Trier1334163743.2%
Mitchell Robinson to Emmanuel Mudiay2074163053.3%
Lance Thomas to Dennis Smith Jr.81471546.7%
Noah Vonleh to Mario Hezonja82472528.0%
Noah Vonleh to Trey Burke2024245147.1%
Noah Vonleh to Lance Thomas19441040.0%
Noah Vonleh to Courtney Lee2144666.7%
Ron Baker to Damyean Dotson1234580.0%
Trey Burke to Mitchell Robinson2033475.0%
Trey Burke to Luke Kornet37331225.0%
Damyean Dotson to Henry Ellenson1634757.1%
Damyean Dotson to Trey Burke763122548.0%
Damyean Dotson to John Jenkins1733475.0%
Henry Ellenson to Mitchell Robinson933650.0%
Mario Hezonja to Allonzo Trier119362425.0%
John Jenkins to Luke Kornet2533742.9%
John Jenkins to Emmanuel Mudiay36361250.0%
Enes Kanter to Damyean Dotson72341822.2%
Enes Kanter to Courtney Lee1433560.0%
Kevin Knox II to Allonzo Trier1113112347.8%
Kevin Knox II to Dennis Smith Jr.2103134429.5%
Kevin Knox II to Mario Hezonja78362326.1%
Kevin Knox II to Enes Kanter66341136.4%
Kevin Knox II to DeAndre Jordan85331030.0%
Luke Kornet to Billy Garrett1434580.0%
Luke Kornet to Dennis Smith Jr.1073112544.0%
Courtney Lee to Kevin Knox II16331127.3%
Courtney Lee to Luke Kornet1333742.9%
Courtney Lee to Damyean Dotson15331030.0%
Courtney Lee to Emmanuel Mudiay1633742.9%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Frank Ntilikina2933837.5%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Courtney Lee2133650.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Tim Hardaway Jr.56351926.3%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Mario Hezonja45351827.8%
Lance Thomas to Mitchell Robinson20333100.0%
Lance Thomas to Emmanuel Mudiay1613133043.3%
Allonzo Trier to Lance Thomas29331323.1%
Kadeem Allen to Noah Vonleh39261154.5%
Ron Baker to Allonzo Trier38261346.2%
Ron Baker to Mitchell Robinson3222100.0%
Ron Baker to Courtney Lee322366.7%
Trey Burke to Emmanuel Mudiay3022922.2%
Henry Ellenson to Allonzo Trier2224944.4%
Henry Ellenson to Kevin Knox II1022728.6%
Billy Garrett to John Jenkins1122450.0%
Mario Hezonja to Trey Burke1432103231.3%
Mario Hezonja to John Jenkins1122633.3%
Mario Hezonja to Lance Thomas26261250.0%
John Jenkins to Kadeem Allen3123837.5%
John Jenkins to Lance Thomas5222100.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Kadeem Allen3525771.4%
Kevin Knox II to Kadeem Allen86291560.0%
Kevin Knox II to Henry Ellenson922450.0%
Luke Kornet to Mitchell Robinson1222366.7%
Luke Kornet to Kadeem Allen91271258.3%
Luke Kornet to Frank Ntilikina57241040.0%
Luke Kornet to Henry Ellenson1323742.9%
Luke Kornet to Mario Hezonja80271936.8%
Luke Kornet to Noah Vonleh3323933.3%
Luke Kornet to Tim Hardaway Jr.42271258.3%
Luke Kornet to John Jenkins26241428.6%
Luke Kornet to Courtney Lee1123560.0%
Wesley Matthews to Kevin Knox II523475.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Kadeem Allen2022728.6%
Frank Ntilikina to Trey Burke732132552.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Frank Ntilikina86271838.9%
Mitchell Robinson to Mario Hezonja84261735.3%
Mitchell Robinson to Trey Burke54261637.5%
Mitchell Robinson to John Jenkins1622450.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Lance Thomas2222366.7%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Henry Ellenson2222825.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Emmanuel Mudiay3122728.6%
Dennis Smith Jr. to John Jenkins42231323.1%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Wesley Matthews2523742.9%
Lance Thomas to Luke Kornet1222633.3%
Lance Thomas to Enes Kanter28251241.7%
Allonzo Trier to DeAndre Jordan1722728.6%
Noah Vonleh to Kadeem Allen86241330.8%
Noah Vonleh to Dennis Smith Jr.201283125.8%
Kadeem Allen to Dennis Smith Jr.2913742.9%
Kadeem Allen to Emmanuel Mudiay2212366.7%
Kadeem Allen to Tim Hardaway Jr.2111100.0%
Kadeem Allen to Lance Thomas3312825.0%
Ron Baker to Kevin Knox II1112540.0%
Ron Baker to Mario Hezonja1412825.0%
Ron Baker to Enes Kanter612366.7%
Trey Burke to Courtney Lee512366.7%
Damyean Dotson to Ron Baker1111425.0%
Henry Ellenson to Kadeem Allen3011425.0%
Henry Ellenson to Emmanuel Mudiay102151338.5%
Henry Ellenson to Lance Thomas611333.3%
Billy Garrett to Isaiah Hicks311250.0%
Billy Garrett to Luke Kornet711333.3%
Billy Garrett to Damyean Dotson1211520.0%
Billy Garrett to Henry Ellenson1212540.0%
Billy Garrett to Mario Hezonja912366.7%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Luke Kornet3211911.1%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Ron Baker1111425.0%
Mario Hezonja to Billy Garrett1211425.0%
Mario Hezonja to Henry Ellenson511250.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Allonzo Trier1111100.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Kadeem Allen1711250.0%
John Jenkins to Isaiah Hicks1111100.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Allonzo Trier2612728.6%
Enes Kanter to Frank Ntilikina118131520.0%
Enes Kanter to Lance Thomas1612633.3%
Kevin Knox II to John Jenkins1111333.3%
Kevin Knox II to Lance Thomas2214850.0%
Kevin Knox II to Courtney Lee1312366.7%
Luke Kornet to Allonzo Trier37141040.0%
Luke Kornet to Trey Burke4313560.0%
Luke Kornet to Lance Thomas1111250.0%
Courtney Lee to Allonzo Trier811333.3%
Courtney Lee to Mitchell Robinson911333.3%
Courtney Lee to Frank Ntilikina1511616.7%
Courtney Lee to Tim Hardaway Jr.412366.7%
Wesley Matthews to Dennis Smith Jr.1913742.9%
Wesley Matthews to Noah Vonleh5111100.0%
Wesley Matthews to DeAndre Jordan3111100.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Dennis Smith Jr.3312922.2%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Trey Burke3712633.3%
Mitchell Robinson to Dennis Smith Jr.109193030.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Henry Ellenson1311333.3%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Kadeem Allen3212825.0%
Lance Thomas to Allonzo Trier46141233.3%
Lance Thomas to Kevin Knox II30121020.0%
Lance Thomas to Kadeem Allen5713837.5%
Lance Thomas to Noah Vonleh2111425.0%
Lance Thomas to Trey Burke118171741.2%
Lance Thomas to Tim Hardaway Jr.44151338.5%
Allonzo Trier to Trey Burke76171838.9%
Allonzo Trier to John Jenkins2411911.1%
Noah Vonleh to DeAndre Jordan1211425.0%
Kadeem Allen to Billy Garrett501250.0%
Kadeem Allen to Isaiah Hicks6011100.0%
Kadeem Allen to Frank Ntilikina60010.0%
Kadeem Allen to Enes Kanter100030.0%
Kadeem Allen to Wesley Matthews40000.0%
Kadeem Allen to DeAndre Jordan2602366.7%
Ron Baker to Luke Kornet10010.0%
Ron Baker to Frank Ntilikina180050.0%
Ron Baker to Noah Vonleh180030.0%
Ron Baker to Trey Burke20010.0%
Ron Baker to Tim Hardaway Jr.1501333.3%
Ron Baker to Lance Thomas50000.0%
Trey Burke to Kadeem Allen20010.0%
Trey Burke to Ron Baker10010.0%
Damyean Dotson to Billy Garrett50040.0%
Damyean Dotson to Isaiah Hicks30010.0%
Damyean Dotson to Courtney Lee1101520.0%
Henry Ellenson to Billy Garrett290020.0%
Henry Ellenson to Isaiah Hicks1011100.0%
Henry Ellenson to Luke Kornet100020.0%
Henry Ellenson to Damyean Dotson3003650.0%
Henry Ellenson to Dennis Smith Jr.5702922.2%
Henry Ellenson to Mario Hezonja110030.0%
Henry Ellenson to Noah Vonleh3022100.0%
Billy Garrett to Mitchell Robinson50010.0%
Billy Garrett to Kevin Knox II50030.0%
Billy Garrett to Kadeem Allen30010.0%
Billy Garrett to Lance Thomas10000.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Kadeem Allen10000.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Courtney Lee40000.0%
Mario Hezonja to Kadeem Allen5601714.3%
Mario Hezonja to Isaiah Hicks40010.0%
Mario Hezonja to Frank Ntilikina10403742.9%
Mario Hezonja to Dennis Smith Jr.68031127.3%
Mario Hezonja to Ron Baker130000.0%
Mario Hezonja to Wesley Matthews3011100.0%
Mario Hezonja to Courtney Lee30010.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Kevin Knox II10000.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Billy Garrett2011100.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Luke Kornet10000.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Damyean Dotson50000.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Henry Ellenson10000.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Mario Hezonja40000.0%
Isaiah Hicks to John Jenkins40000.0%
John Jenkins to Allonzo Trier2303933.3%
John Jenkins to Kevin Knox II801520.0%
John Jenkins to Billy Garrett110030.0%
John Jenkins to Damyean Dotson130030.0%
John Jenkins to Frank Ntilikina10000.0%
John Jenkins to Dennis Smith Jr.2903650.0%
John Jenkins to Mario Hezonja100010.0%
John Jenkins to Noah Vonleh40000.0%
John Jenkins to DeAndre Jordan10000.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Luke Kornet100030.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Frank Ntilikina30000.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Noah Vonleh1601333.3%
DeAndre Jordan to John Jenkins20000.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Lance Thomas701425.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Wesley Matthews60020.0%
Enes Kanter to Mitchell Robinson10000.0%
Enes Kanter to Kadeem Allen120000.0%
Enes Kanter to Luke Kornet10000.0%
Enes Kanter to Ron Baker60030.0%
Enes Kanter to Meyers Leonard10000.0%
Kevin Knox II to Billy Garrett802366.7%
Kevin Knox II to Isaiah Hicks20000.0%
Kevin Knox II to Frank Ntilikina121041723.5%
Kevin Knox II to Ron Baker20022100.0%
Kevin Knox II to Trey Burke121073023.3%
Kevin Knox II to Wesley Matthews40030.0%
Luke Kornet to Isaiah Hicks10010.0%
Luke Kornet to Ron Baker10000.0%
Luke Kornet to Wesley Matthews20010.0%
Luke Kornet to DeAndre Jordan30000.0%
Courtney Lee to Mario Hezonja10010.0%
Courtney Lee to Noah Vonleh1501250.0%
Courtney Lee to Trey Burke601425.0%
Courtney Lee to Enes Kanter90020.0%
Courtney Lee to Lance Thomas40020.0%
Wesley Matthews to Allonzo Trier10000.0%
Wesley Matthews to Kadeem Allen20000.0%
Wesley Matthews to Mario Hezonja30020.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Kadeem Allen40000.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Ron Baker150000.0%
Frank Ntilikina to John Jenkins50020.0%
Frank Ntilikina to DeAndre Jordan10010.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Courtney Lee150040.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Billy Garrett701250.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Kadeem Allen82031323.1%
Mitchell Robinson to Luke Kornet110010.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Ron Baker50000.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Noah Vonleh1902450.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Enes Kanter20010.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Wesley Matthews40030.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Courtney Lee40020.0%
Lance Thomas to Billy Garrett20010.0%
Lance Thomas to Frank Ntilikina79031030.0%
Lance Thomas to Ron Baker60000.0%
Lance Thomas to Henry Ellenson20000.0%
Lance Thomas to Mario Hezonja33022100.0%
Lance Thomas to John Jenkins60000.0%
Lance Thomas to DeAndre Jordan7011100.0%
Lance Thomas to Courtney Lee30000.0%
Allonzo Trier to Isaiah Hicks20000.0%
Allonzo Trier to Dennis Smith Jr.48041330.8%
Allonzo Trier to Ron Baker170010.0%
Allonzo Trier to Henry Ellenson170070.0%
Allonzo Trier to Wesley Matthews30020.0%
Allonzo Trier to Courtney Lee70010.0%
Noah Vonleh to Ron Baker360020.0%
Noah Vonleh to Henry Ellenson30030.0%
Noah Vonleh to John Jenkins30020.0%
Noah Vonleh to Wesley Matthews30010.0%