2018 Golden State Warriors Team Passing Stats

The 2018 Golden State Warriors averaged 317 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Kevin Durant to Klay Thompson, with 120 assists on 516 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Kevin Durant to Klay Thompson51612013329045.9%
Draymond Green to Klay Thompson52911513127348.0%
Draymond Green to Stephen Curry128210515536442.6%
Kevin Durant to Stephen Curry89210314233142.9%
Draymond Green to Kevin Durant8429814728252.1%
Stephen Curry to Klay Thompson521899921645.8%
Stephen Curry to Kevin Durant6867812024249.6%
Andre Iguodala to Klay Thompson249485711051.8%
Kevin Durant to Kevon Looney24747488457.1%
Stephen Curry to Draymond Green815414811840.7%
Andre Iguodala to Kevin Durant460377819140.8%
Andre Iguodala to Stephen Curry397365712645.2%
Kevon Looney to Klay Thompson17933398645.3%
Shaun Livingston to Klay Thompson21632378344.6%
Draymond Green to DeMarcus Cousins18931358441.7%
Kevin Durant to Draymond Green44630328438.1%
Klay Thompson to Stephen Curry21227416860.3%
Klay Thompson to Kevin Durant379276312450.8%
Stephen Curry to Andre Iguodala25626275152.9%
Kevin Durant to Jonas Jerebko14225265349.1%
Draymond Green to Andre Iguodala27525295058.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Klay Thompson17124288035.0%
Kevon Looney to Stephen Curry419244810048.0%
Kevon Looney to Kevin Durant364244610543.8%
Klay Thompson to Draymond Green32123295552.7%
Quinn Cook to Kevin Durant321226011353.1%
Stephen Curry to Alfonzo McKinnie10722234551.1%
Stephen Curry to Kevon Looney36622234551.1%
Stephen Curry to Jonas Jerebko14622236137.7%
Kevin Durant to Quinn Cook29022338041.3%
Jonas Jerebko to Kevin Durant307224510443.3%
Jonas Jerebko to Klay Thompson18521319233.7%
Kevin Durant to Jordan Bell10820203655.6%
Draymond Green to Kevon Looney9120222878.6%
Andre Iguodala to Kevon Looney13620202871.4%
Klay Thompson to DeMarcus Cousins16020215141.2%
Quinn Cook to Klay Thompson22319268331.3%
DeMarcus Cousins to Stephen Curry20119234156.1%
Kevin Durant to Andre Iguodala25419205040.0%
Kevin Durant to DeMarcus Cousins18218277834.6%
Jordan Bell to Quinn Cook34217317441.9%
Kevin Durant to Alfonzo McKinnie5917173548.6%
Klay Thompson to Kevon Looney17417193751.4%
Draymond Green to Alfonzo McKinnie7316163053.3%
Jonas Jerebko to Stephen Curry23016387848.7%
Quinn Cook to Jordan Bell25515266241.9%
DeMarcus Cousins to Draymond Green24315163348.5%
Stephen Curry to DeMarcus Cousins20415215339.6%
Andre Iguodala to Jonas Jerebko11715163447.1%
Shaun Livingston to Stephen Curry17715277237.5%
Klay Thompson to Andre Iguodala14415152365.2%
Draymond Green to Jonas Jerebko10714142948.3%
Andre Iguodala to Quinn Cook18114173056.7%
Shaun Livingston to Jonas Jerebko17014143342.4%
Quinn Cook to Jonas Jerebko16613133636.1%
DeMarcus Cousins to Kevin Durant15013213658.3%
Kevin Durant to Damian Jones6813132259.1%
Andre Iguodala to Alfonzo McKinnie5411112152.4%
Damian Jones to Klay Thompson4511142166.7%
Klay Thompson to Quinn Cook11411162661.5%
Klay Thompson to Jonas Jerebko9711122941.4%
Stephen Curry to Damian Jones6310101758.8%
Stephen Curry to Shaun Livingston10910102441.7%
Kevon Looney to Andre Iguodala18310113036.7%
Jordan Bell to Kevin Durant1419194839.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Shaun Livingston1149101662.5%
Andre Iguodala to Draymond Green244993030.0%
Shaun Livingston to Draymond Green2149122941.4%
Shaun Livingston to DeMarcus Cousins1349153542.9%
DeMarcus Cousins to Quinn Cook908122157.1%
Stephen Curry to Jordan Bell93881553.3%
Andre Iguodala to DeMarcus Cousins738102147.6%
Jonas Jerebko to Alfonzo McKinnie59892142.9%
Jonas Jerebko to Quinn Cook2728214744.7%
Shaun Livingston to Kevon Looney87881650.0%
Kevon Looney to Jonas Jerebko85881747.1%
Klay Thompson to Shaun Livingston1218122548.0%
Jordan Bell to Damion Lee59781747.1%
Jordan Bell to Klay Thompson69792536.0%
Quinn Cook to Damian Jones6277887.5%
Quinn Cook to Andre Iguodala131781942.1%
Kevin Durant to Shaun Livingston1127102147.6%
Jacob Evans to Quinn Cook63781650.0%
Draymond Green to Shaun Livingston2147101855.6%
Andre Iguodala to Shaun Livingston1247111957.9%
Jonas Jerebko to Andre Iguodala140781747.1%
Damian Jones to Kevin Durant1157183354.5%
Shaun Livingston to Andre Iguodala142771643.8%
Klay Thompson to Alfonzo McKinnie29771258.3%
Jordan Bell to Alfonzo McKinnie62682433.3%
Jordan Bell to Stephen Curry1586184639.1%
Quinn Cook to Kevon Looney84681361.5%
Draymond Green to Damian Jones3166966.7%
Draymond Green to Quinn Cook136672429.2%
Shaun Livingston to Damion Lee35661154.5%
Shaun Livingston to Kevin Durant1486206033.3%
Kevon Looney to Damion Lee34661346.2%
Klay Thompson to Damian Jones57661154.5%
Quinn Cook to Alfonzo McKinnie94551533.3%
Quinn Cook to Damion Lee64561931.6%
Jacob Evans to Kevon Looney2055683.3%
Andre Iguodala to Jordan Bell5255955.6%
Jonas Jerebko to Jordan Bell5655955.6%
Damian Jones to Stephen Curry73571546.7%
Kevon Looney to Alfonzo McKinnie58561540.0%
Kevon Looney to Shaun Livingston1135102245.5%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Quinn Cook1495142751.9%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Klay Thompson44561154.5%
Klay Thompson to Jordan Bell68551338.5%
Jordan Bell to Jacob Evans56451435.7%
Jordan Bell to Jonas Jerebko85451827.8%
Quinn Cook to Marcus Derrickson19451050.0%
Quinn Cook to DeMarcus Cousins111493426.5%
Quinn Cook to Shaun Livingston132471353.8%
DeMarcus Cousins to Jonas Jerebko1244757.1%
DeMarcus Cousins to Andre Iguodala68441330.8%
Stephen Curry to Andrew Bogut2744757.1%
Kevin Durant to Damion Lee2344944.4%
Andre Iguodala to Damion Lee1444850.0%
Damian Jones to Quinn Cook73461346.2%
Damion Lee to Jonas Jerebko34451145.5%
Shaun Livingston to Alfonzo McKinnie32441136.4%
Shaun Livingston to Quinn Cook114481942.1%
Kevon Looney to Quinn Cook108481844.4%
Alfonzo McKinnie to DeMarcus Cousins2245771.4%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Stephen Curry1424133141.9%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Kevin Durant123483324.2%
Klay Thompson to Damion Lee1244850.0%
Jordan Bell to Andre Iguodala99331717.6%
Andrew Bogut to Stephen Curry4735955.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Jordan Bell16333100.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Alfonzo McKinnie27331127.3%
Kevin Durant to Andrew Bogut1733475.0%
Jacob Evans to Jordan Bell49331030.0%
Jacob Evans to Jonas Jerebko2533650.0%
Draymond Green to Jordan Bell1333560.0%
Draymond Green to Damion Lee1534850.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Damion Lee30341233.3%
Damion Lee to Jordan Bell4534757.1%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Kevon Looney4035862.5%
Jordan Bell to Damian Jones322366.7%
Jordan Bell to Kevon Looney1124666.7%
Jordan Bell to Draymond Green23222100.0%
Jordan Bell to Shaun Livingston8224666.7%
Andrew Bogut to Draymond Green3824580.0%
Andrew Bogut to Klay Thompson16222100.0%
Andrew Bogut to Kevin Durant3522540.0%
Quinn Cook to Jacob Evans66231421.4%
DeMarcus Cousins to Damion Lee1522450.0%
Stephen Curry to Damion Lee1422825.0%
Stephen Curry to Quinn Cook1922366.7%
Jacob Evans to Marcus Derrickson2222100.0%
Jacob Evans to Alfonzo McKinnie1222540.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Kevon Looney42231127.3%
Jonas Jerebko to Draymond Green96241136.4%
Kevon Looney to Draymond Green193231225.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Jonas Jerebko4722825.0%
Klay Thompson to Andrew Bogut18222100.0%
Jordan Bell to Marcus Derrickson811714.3%
Jordan Bell to DeMarcus Cousins1912633.3%
Andrew Bogut to Alfonzo McKinnie4111100.0%
Quinn Cook to Draymond Green108121020.0%
Quinn Cook to Andrew Bogut1411250.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Jacob Evans712366.7%
Marcus Derrickson to Jonas Jerebko911520.0%
Kevin Durant to Marcus Derrickson3111100.0%
Jacob Evans to Damion Lee3112540.0%
Jacob Evans to DeMarcus Cousins1511250.0%
Andre Iguodala to Jacob Evans8111100.0%
Andre Iguodala to Damian Jones1411425.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Marcus Derrickson611250.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Jacob Evans3312366.7%
Damian Jones to Andre Iguodala29122100.0%
Damion Lee to Marcus Derrickson811333.3%
Damion Lee to Jacob Evans1711250.0%
Damion Lee to Alfonzo McKinnie911250.0%
Damion Lee to Quinn Cook78121020.0%
Damion Lee to Stephen Curry1812540.0%
Damion Lee to Kevin Durant35131030.0%
Shaun Livingston to Jordan Bell6412540.0%
Kevon Looney to Marcus Derrickson1111100.0%
Kevon Looney to Jacob Evans1212450.0%
Kevon Looney to Jordan Bell1511250.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Marcus Derrickson511333.3%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Damian Jones3111100.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Draymond Green11313650.0%
Jordan Bell to Andrew Bogut30010.0%
Andrew Bogut to Jacob Evans10000.0%
Andrew Bogut to Jordan Bell40010.0%
Andrew Bogut to Damion Lee50010.0%
Andrew Bogut to Quinn Cook130020.0%
Andrew Bogut to Jonas Jerebko60000.0%
Andrew Bogut to Andre Iguodala60010.0%
Andrew Bogut to Shaun Livingston20000.0%
Quinn Cook to Stephen Curry170050.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Kevon Looney20000.0%
Stephen Curry to Marcus Derrickson20010.0%
Stephen Curry to Jonah Bolden10000.0%
Marcus Derrickson to Jacob Evans70010.0%
Marcus Derrickson to Jordan Bell20000.0%
Marcus Derrickson to Alfonzo McKinnie20010.0%
Marcus Derrickson to Damion Lee10010.0%
Marcus Derrickson to Damian Jones10000.0%
Marcus Derrickson to Quinn Cook1802633.3%
Marcus Derrickson to Stephen Curry2011100.0%
Marcus Derrickson to Kevin Durant30010.0%
Marcus Derrickson to Shaun Livingston40000.0%
Kevin Durant to Jacob Evans30010.0%
Jacob Evans to Damian Jones10000.0%
Jacob Evans to Draymond Green60000.0%
Jacob Evans to Klay Thompson10000.0%
Jacob Evans to Stephen Curry30010.0%
Jacob Evans to Kevin Durant40010.0%
Jacob Evans to Andrew Bogut10000.0%
Jacob Evans to Andre Iguodala90000.0%
Jacob Evans to Shaun Livingston30010.0%
Draymond Green to Jacob Evans60010.0%
Draymond Green to Andrew Bogut150010.0%
Andre Iguodala to Andrew Bogut80000.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Damian Jones20000.0%
Jonas Jerebko to DeMarcus Cousins120020.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Andrew Bogut40000.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Shaun Livingston2140112445.8%
Damian Jones to Marcus Derrickson10000.0%
Damian Jones to Jordan Bell30000.0%
Damian Jones to Alfonzo McKinnie10000.0%
Damian Jones to Damion Lee501250.0%
Damian Jones to Kevon Looney50000.0%
Damian Jones to Draymond Green430030.0%
Damian Jones to Jonas Jerebko140000.0%
Damian Jones to Shaun Livingston20000.0%
Damion Lee to Damian Jones50000.0%
Damion Lee to Kevon Looney260030.0%
Damion Lee to Draymond Green15011100.0%
Damion Lee to Klay Thompson1201425.0%
Damion Lee to DeMarcus Cousins1101250.0%
Damion Lee to Andrew Bogut10000.0%
Damion Lee to Andre Iguodala180020.0%
Damion Lee to Shaun Livingston3401425.0%
Shaun Livingston to Marcus Derrickson30010.0%
Shaun Livingston to Jacob Evans50020.0%
Shaun Livingston to Damian Jones10000.0%
Shaun Livingston to Andrew Bogut20000.0%
Kevon Looney to Damian Jones10010.0%
Kevon Looney to E'Twaun Moore10000.0%
Kevon Looney to DeMarcus Cousins20010.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Jacob Evans350040.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Jordan Bell3101250.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Damion Lee1901333.3%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Andrew Bogut301250.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Andre Iguodala7601425.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Shaun Livingston8302633.3%
Klay Thompson to Marcus Derrickson10000.0%
Klay Thompson to Anthony Davis10000.0%