2018 Denver Nuggets Team Passing Stats

The 2018 Denver Nuggets averaged 312 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Nikola Jokic to Jamal Murray, with 147 assists on 2223 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Nikola Jokic to Jamal Murray222314722349245.3%
Jamal Murray to Nikola Jokic183612317937747.5%
Nikola Jokic to Gary Harris6708510626739.7%
Nikola Jokic to Paul Millsap409748318644.6%
Nikola Jokic to Malik Beasley322717414351.7%
Monte Morris to Mason Plumlee669597313255.3%
Monte Morris to Malik Beasley348586816341.7%
Mason Plumlee to Monte Morris733498016249.4%
Jamal Murray to Paul Millsap438486413348.1%
Nikola Jokic to Torrey Craig246464710047.0%
Jamal Murray to Malik Beasley20946489053.3%
Monte Morris to Trey Lyles498456519333.7%
Nikola Jokic to Monte Morris759435711250.9%
Nikola Jokic to Juancho Hernangomez23543438749.4%
Mason Plumlee to Malik Beasley208404811940.3%
Gary Harris to Nikola Jokic401365812446.8%
Nikola Jokic to Will Barton529355113438.1%
Monte Morris to Nikola Jokic724357115147.0%
Paul Millsap to Nikola Jokic416334711740.2%
Mason Plumlee to Jamal Murray474315011942.0%
Mason Plumlee to Trey Lyles18229336749.3%
Will Barton to Nikola Jokic447283911334.5%
Jamal Murray to Mason Plumlee36028355761.4%
Jamal Murray to Will Barton26828346850.0%
Paul Millsap to Jamal Murray646275112540.8%
Paul Millsap to Gary Harris16726316051.7%
Malik Beasley to Nikola Jokic20425378344.6%
Gary Harris to Paul Millsap17423358342.2%
Nikola Jokic to Mason Plumlee17123286145.9%
Jamal Murray to Juancho Hernangomez14922225044.0%
Jamal Murray to Trey Lyles19122287835.9%
Monte Morris to Paul Millsap19921276442.2%
Monte Morris to Jamal Murray29920338638.4%
Jamal Murray to Gary Harris27219308435.7%
Malik Beasley to Mason Plumlee13218203852.6%
Jamal Murray to Torrey Craig15218195435.2%
Mason Plumlee to Nikola Jokic14918224746.8%
Will Barton to Malik Beasley7017193850.0%
Malik Beasley to Monte Morris28417335856.9%
Mason Plumlee to Gary Harris14317206033.3%
Will Barton to Paul Millsap17315215538.2%
Gary Harris to Jamal Murray18515225440.7%
Trey Lyles to Monte Morris56015379638.5%
Mason Plumlee to Juancho Hernangomez9915153542.9%
Will Barton to Jamal Murray28314266937.7%
Gary Harris to Monte Morris11114173154.8%
Trey Lyles to Jamal Murray25414225242.3%
Paul Millsap to Monte Morris25414183946.2%
Paul Millsap to Malik Beasley8514143046.7%
Monte Morris to Juancho Hernangomez14214144729.8%
Torrey Craig to Nikola Jokic19013294761.7%
Nikola Jokic to Trey Lyles8813153641.7%
Trey Lyles to Malik Beasley12313174637.0%
Trey Lyles to Mason Plumlee11813193161.3%
Mason Plumlee to Torrey Craig8513143836.8%
Will Barton to Mason Plumlee11312172958.6%
Gary Harris to Mason Plumlee7812153148.4%
Monte Morris to Gary Harris18112226136.1%
Will Barton to Monte Morris12411132552.0%
Torrey Craig to Jamal Murray23011144531.1%
Monte Morris to Torrey Craig11411114226.2%
Jamal Murray to Monte Morris28011215339.6%
Will Barton to Gary Harris9910103231.3%
Gary Harris to Will Barton9610133636.1%
Juancho Hernangomez to Nikola Jokic18510183847.4%
Paul Millsap to Will Barton17110184738.3%
Monte Morris to Will Barton19110185532.7%
Mason Plumlee to Isaiah Thomas8810173056.7%
Will Barton to Trey Lyles539122842.9%
Torrey Craig to Malik Beasley559102245.5%
Mason Plumlee to Paul Millsap739112445.8%
Malik Beasley to Jamal Murray1888244553.3%
Trey Lyles to Nikola Jokic828142458.3%
Mason Plumlee to Will Barton1368133636.1%
Malik Beasley to Trey Lyles59772231.8%
Torrey Craig to Juancho Hernangomez34781844.4%
Torrey Craig to Mason Plumlee76771936.8%
Juancho Hernangomez to Torrey Craig37791464.3%
Juancho Hernangomez to Malik Beasley57781844.4%
Juancho Hernangomez to Mason Plumlee98781650.0%
Trey Lyles to Gary Harris56791947.4%
Paul Millsap to Torrey Craig60771838.9%
Isaiah Thomas to Monte Morris55771353.8%
Malik Beasley to Paul Millsap806133735.1%
Torrey Craig to Paul Millsap806153542.9%
Gary Harris to Torrey Craig37681844.4%
Juancho Hernangomez to Monte Morris2876204050.0%
Will Barton to Torrey Craig3555955.6%
Brandon Goodwin to Malik Beasley1155683.3%
Gary Harris to Malik Beasley33551338.5%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jamal Murray2675165230.8%
Trey Lyles to Juancho Hernangomez59551926.3%
Malik Beasley to Juancho Hernangomez36441136.4%
Torrey Craig to Monte Morris1704122744.4%
Torrey Craig to Trey Lyles38451631.3%
Torrey Craig to Gary Harris48481747.1%
Juancho Hernangomez to Trey Lyles67471936.8%
Juancho Hernangomez to Paul Millsap47461833.3%
Trey Lyles to Torrey Craig3644944.4%
Isaiah Thomas to Torrey Craig1945862.5%
Isaiah Thomas to Malik Beasley27451338.5%
DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell to Malik Beasley833560.0%
Malik Beasley to Torrey Craig41331225.0%
Torrey Craig to Isaiah Thomas3333742.9%
Brandon Goodwin to Trey Lyles28341040.0%
Gary Harris to Trey Lyles38361250.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Gary Harris58361735.3%
Tyler Lydon to Malik Beasley1234666.7%
Paul Millsap to Juancho Hernangomez37331127.3%
Paul Millsap to Mason Plumlee6835955.6%
Monte Morris to Isaiah Thomas67362425.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Mason Plumlee4233560.0%
DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell to Tyler Lydon522450.0%
Malik Beasley to Will Barton38241136.4%
Malik Beasley to Isaiah Thomas1522450.0%
Torrey Craig to Will Barton48272035.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Thomas Welsh1122366.7%
Brandon Goodwin to Monte Morris622366.7%
Brandon Goodwin to Juancho Hernangomez822450.0%
Trey Lyles to Will Barton52251241.7%
Paul Millsap to Trey Lyles10222100.0%
Monte Morris to Nick Young822366.7%
Isaiah Thomas to Jarred Vanderbilt722366.7%
Isaiah Thomas to Nikola Jokic27222100.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Malik Beasley922540.0%
Thomas Welsh to Malik Beasley1323650.0%
DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell to Thomas Welsh7111100.0%
Will Barton to Juancho Hernangomez1211250.0%
Malik Beasley to Brandon Goodwin1111333.3%
Malik Beasley to Thomas Welsh711250.0%
Malik Beasley to Jarred Vanderbilt411333.3%
Malik Beasley to Tyler Lydon811250.0%
Malik Beasley to Gary Harris25161346.2%
Torrey Craig to Thomas Welsh411250.0%
Torrey Craig to Jarred Vanderbilt711520.0%
Gary Harris to Juancho Hernangomez36121216.7%
Juancho Hernangomez to Isaiah Thomas2112633.3%
Tyler Lydon to Torrey Craig412366.7%
Tyler Lydon to Monte Morris2012366.7%
Tyler Lydon to Trey Lyles611250.0%
Trey Lyles to Brandon Goodwin3211714.3%
Trey Lyles to DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell611250.0%
Trey Lyles to Jarred Vanderbilt4111100.0%
Trey Lyles to Isaiah Thomas1011333.3%
Monte Morris to DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell2111100.0%
Monte Morris to Thomas Welsh411250.0%
Monte Morris to Jarred Vanderbilt1611520.0%
Monte Morris to Tyler Lydon711250.0%
Mason Plumlee to Tyler Lydon2111100.0%
Mason Plumlee to Nick Young311250.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Paul Millsap1511520.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Thomas Welsh1111100.0%
Thomas Welsh to Brandon Goodwin1111333.3%
Thomas Welsh to Jarred Vanderbilt2111100.0%
Thomas Welsh to Tyler Lydon1111100.0%
Nick Young to Monte Morris4122100.0%
Nick Young to Jamal Murray511250.0%
DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell to Torrey Craig50020.0%
DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell to Monte Morris10000.0%
DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell to Juancho Hernangomez20000.0%
DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell to Trey Lyles40000.0%
Will Barton to Jarred Vanderbilt10000.0%
Malik Beasley to DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell20000.0%
Malik Beasley to Nick Young30010.0%
Torrey Craig to Brandon Goodwin60010.0%
Torrey Craig to DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell70010.0%
Torrey Craig to Tyler Lydon10000.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Torrey Craig10010.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Tyler Lydon60000.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Nikola Jokic60000.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Mason Plumlee50000.0%
Gary Harris to Isaiah Thomas601520.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Brandon Goodwin1101425.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell90020.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Thomas Welsh10010.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jarred Vanderbilt60000.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Tyler Lydon40010.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Will Barton270040.0%
Nikola Jokic to Brandon Goodwin40000.0%
Nikola Jokic to Isaiah Thomas44021216.7%
Nikola Jokic to Nick Young10010.0%
Tyler Lydon to Brandon Goodwin1901714.3%
Tyler Lydon to DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell60010.0%
Tyler Lydon to Thomas Welsh10010.0%
Tyler Lydon to Juancho Hernangomez701425.0%
Tyler Lydon to Isaiah Thomas30020.0%
Trey Lyles to Thomas Welsh20010.0%
Trey Lyles to Tyler Lydon100040.0%
Trey Lyles to Nick Young30020.0%
Trey Lyles to Paul Millsap50000.0%
Paul Millsap to Isaiah Thomas160010.0%
Monte Morris to Brandon Goodwin50000.0%
Jamal Murray to Isaiah Thomas60030.0%
Jamal Murray to Ryan Anderson10000.0%
Jamal Murray to Nick Young40000.0%
Mason Plumlee to Brandon Goodwin80010.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Tyler Lydon30000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Juancho Hernangomez140040.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Jamal Murray20000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Trey Lyles501520.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Gary Harris60030.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Torrey Craig7011100.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Monte Morris270030.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Tyler Lydon20010.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Juancho Hernangomez50010.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Trey Lyles70000.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Isaiah Thomas140030.0%
Thomas Welsh to DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell50030.0%
Thomas Welsh to Torrey Craig20020.0%
Thomas Welsh to Monte Morris20000.0%
Thomas Welsh to Trey Lyles10000.0%
Nick Young to Brandon Goodwin20000.0%
Nick Young to Trey Lyles10000.0%
Nick Young to Nikola Jokic10000.0%
Nick Young to Mason Plumlee40000.0%