2018 Miami Heat Team Passing Stats

The 2018 Miami Heat averaged 301 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Dwyane Wade to Kelly Olynyk, with 52 assists on 376 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Dwyane Wade to Kelly Olynyk376525813243.9%
Dwyane Wade to Bam Adebayo31547529952.5%
Justise Winslow to Josh Richardson642467616346.6%
Justise Winslow to Hassan Whiteside21045519354.8%
Bam Adebayo to Josh Richardson424436315141.7%
Josh Richardson to Kelly Olynyk460425010448.1%
Dwyane Wade to Josh Richardson471426014242.3%
Josh Richardson to Justise Winslow505415411148.6%
Josh Richardson to Hassan Whiteside261395210052.0%
Dwyane Wade to Hassan Whiteside13337387054.3%
Justise Winslow to Kelly Olynyk42435388544.7%
Justise Winslow to Bam Adebayo25832355662.5%
Josh Richardson to Tyler Johnson26629368442.9%
James Johnson to Hassan Whiteside13328325954.2%
Kelly Olynyk to Josh Richardson552274512436.3%
Josh Richardson to Bam Adebayo37027336749.3%
Rodney McGruder to Hassan Whiteside10726275054.0%
Josh Richardson to Dwyane Wade429265212641.3%
Goran Dragic to Bam Adebayo15525265052.0%
Goran Dragic to Hassan Whiteside11125285550.9%
Josh Richardson to Derrick Jones Jr.15023235343.4%
Dwyane Wade to Justise Winslow30423348938.2%
Justise Winslow to Dwyane Wade442235412543.2%
Bam Adebayo to Kelly Olynyk13221215240.4%
Josh Richardson to Rodney McGruder22721317640.8%
Bam Adebayo to Dwyane Wade392205412244.3%
James Johnson to Josh Richardson31320298534.1%
Dwyane Wade to Dion Waiters16120296942.0%
Dion Waiters to Kelly Olynyk24819276541.5%
Justise Winslow to Rodney McGruder22619257433.8%
Justise Winslow to Dion Waiters26519296246.8%
Bam Adebayo to Tyler Johnson16318215637.5%
Bam Adebayo to Dion Waiters23318276144.3%
Goran Dragic to Dwyane Wade26318359238.0%
Tyler Johnson to Bam Adebayo14818204544.4%
Kelly Olynyk to Dwyane Wade514184914833.1%
Bam Adebayo to Justise Winslow30317377946.8%
Goran Dragic to Josh Richardson20317205834.5%
Tyler Johnson to Josh Richardson18817225440.7%
Rodney McGruder to Josh Richardson25417236933.3%
Goran Dragic to James Johnson11916193751.4%
James Johnson to Tyler Johnson9516223759.5%
Josh Richardson to James Johnson27016247233.3%
Dion Waiters to Josh Richardson19516215240.4%
Justise Winslow to Tyler Johnson27516205337.7%
Justise Winslow to James Johnson32516286443.8%
Goran Dragic to Kelly Olynyk14015163447.1%
Kelly Olynyk to Justise Winslow54315309133.0%
Josh Richardson to Dion Waiters19515246437.5%
Justise Winslow to Derrick Jones Jr.8615152171.4%
Goran Dragic to Derrick Jones Jr.8914143638.9%
Goran Dragic to Justise Winslow12214173844.7%
Goran Dragic to Rodney McGruder13614183946.2%
Goran Dragic to Dion Waiters9414163545.7%
Tyler Johnson to Kelly Olynyk16014163644.4%
Rodney McGruder to Justise Winslow30314237530.7%
Dwyane Wade to Derrick Jones Jr.11014154334.9%
Dion Waiters to Bam Adebayo16614153641.7%
James Johnson to Dwyane Wade23113358740.2%
Tyler Johnson to Justise Winslow21013175829.3%
Rodney McGruder to James Johnson14413184837.5%
Kelly Olynyk to Goran Dragic25513266043.3%
Dwyane Wade to Rodney McGruder11013153641.7%
Dwyane Wade to James Johnson16213174637.0%
Bam Adebayo to Derrick Jones Jr.5612122744.4%
Kelly Olynyk to Bam Adebayo14412173745.9%
Kelly Olynyk to Tyler Johnson17612174240.5%
Kelly Olynyk to Dion Waiters33612267534.7%
Dwyane Wade to Tyler Johnson15212155030.0%
Bam Adebayo to Wayne Ellington5011112250.0%
James Johnson to Rodney McGruder14311135324.5%
James Johnson to Goran Dragic11211143737.8%
Tyler Johnson to Hassan Whiteside5211122646.2%
Josh Richardson to Wayne Ellington9411122941.4%
Dwyane Wade to Goran Dragic21311205337.7%
Dion Waiters to Derrick Jones Jr.8411132944.8%
Dion Waiters to Justise Winslow20511223759.5%
Bam Adebayo to Rodney McGruder9710133438.2%
Bam Adebayo to Goran Dragic13810153641.7%
Tyler Johnson to Derrick Jones Jr.6410102147.6%
Tyler Johnson to Dwyane Wade15410174141.5%
Kelly Olynyk to Rodney McGruder10310143737.8%
Dion Waiters to Hassan Whiteside2810111668.8%
James Johnson to Justise Winslow2899205735.1%
James Johnson to Dion Waiters949113333.3%
James Johnson to Wayne Ellington56992437.5%
Kelly Olynyk to Hassan Whiteside619142653.8%
Hassan Whiteside to Justise Winslow2409224450.0%
Justise Winslow to Goran Dragic2009204940.8%
Tyler Johnson to Wayne Ellington39892240.9%
Rodney McGruder to Bam Adebayo78892339.1%
Rodney McGruder to Tyler Johnson64882334.8%
Dion Waiters to Dwyane Wade1628184143.9%
Hassan Whiteside to James Johnson1238162759.3%
Tyler Johnson to James Johnson897112250.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Dwyane Wade1957194938.8%
Kelly Olynyk to Derrick Jones Jr.69782138.1%
Dion Waiters to Tyler Johnson49781457.1%
Dion Waiters to Goran Dragic83782927.6%
Hassan Whiteside to Josh Richardson2437186229.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Tyler Johnson887101952.6%
Hassan Whiteside to Rodney McGruder1257123534.3%
Wayne Ellington to Justise Winslow55671258.3%
Rodney McGruder to Kelly Olynyk89682433.3%
Rodney McGruder to Goran Dragic1656103330.3%
Rodney McGruder to Dwyane Wade1526234847.9%
Josh Richardson to Goran Dragic2316225837.9%
Dion Waiters to James Johnson68661833.3%
Justise Winslow to Wayne Ellington77672330.4%
Wayne Ellington to Bam Adebayo31561154.5%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Rodney McGruder64582334.8%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Dion Waiters105592339.1%
Dwyane Wade to Duncan Robinson22551145.5%
Dwyane Wade to Wayne Ellington28551338.5%
Hassan Whiteside to Dwyane Wade1735114027.5%
Bam Adebayo to James Johnson68461735.3%
Wayne Ellington to Hassan Whiteside46441625.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Bam Adebayo55461346.2%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Justise Winslow137472231.8%
Rodney McGruder to Derrick Jones Jr.54452025.0%
Rodney McGruder to Wayne Ellington33441330.8%
Dion Waiters to Duncan Robinson3344944.4%
Dion Waiters to Rodney McGruder37451145.5%
Hassan Whiteside to Goran Dragic1634133438.2%
Wayne Ellington to Kelly Olynyk3034850.0%
James Johnson to Kelly Olynyk2633837.5%
Tyler Johnson to Rodney McGruder75361637.5%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Josh Richardson186372725.9%
Kelly Olynyk to Wayne Ellington34341233.3%
Josh Richardson to Duncan Robinson1233560.0%
Dwyane Wade to Udonis Haslem23331323.1%
Hassan Whiteside to Wayne Ellington38331225.0%
Goran Dragic to Tyler Johnson42231127.3%
Wayne Ellington to Josh Richardson88272825.0%
Wayne Ellington to Tyler Johnson2522540.0%
Wayne Ellington to Rodney McGruder24241233.3%
James Johnson to Duncan Robinson1522728.6%
James Johnson to Bam Adebayo5722825.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Tyler Johnson66231421.4%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Hassan Whiteside1622540.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Wayne Ellington1322540.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Goran Dragic1262102050.0%
Rodney McGruder to Dion Waiters38241233.3%
Kelly Olynyk to James Johnson47241233.3%
Duncan Robinson to Bam Adebayo8222100.0%
Dion Waiters to Wayne Ellington822450.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Kelly Olynyk4722728.6%
Ryan Anderson to Duncan Robinson311250.0%
Ryan Anderson to Rodney McGruder412366.7%
Wayne Ellington to Derrick Jones Jr.611333.3%
Wayne Ellington to James Johnson4712825.0%
Wayne Ellington to Goran Dragic1712450.0%
Wayne Ellington to Udonis Haslem1111100.0%
Wayne Ellington to Dwyane Wade1912633.3%
Udonis Haslem to Kelly Olynyk3111100.0%
Udonis Haslem to Dwyane Wade26151338.5%
James Johnson to Derrick Jones Jr.1411520.0%
Tyler Johnson to Duncan Robinson4111100.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Kelly Olynyk4812633.3%
Kelly Olynyk to Duncan Robinson3111100.0%
Duncan Robinson to Yante Maten311250.0%
Duncan Robinson to Derrick Jones Jr.1011520.0%
Duncan Robinson to Hassan Whiteside2111100.0%
Emanuel Terry to Ryan Anderson1111100.0%
Dion Waiters to Ryan Anderson1011425.0%
Dion Waiters to Udonis Haslem511250.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Derrick Jones Jr.2311425.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Dion Waiters68171450.0%
Justise Winslow to Udonis Haslem711425.0%
Bam Adebayo to Duncan Robinson80030.0%
Bam Adebayo to Yante Maten10010.0%
Bam Adebayo to Hassan Whiteside20020.0%
Bam Adebayo to Ryan Anderson10010.0%
Ryan Anderson to Emanuel Terry10000.0%
Ryan Anderson to Bam Adebayo10000.0%
Ryan Anderson to Derrick Jones Jr.40000.0%
Ryan Anderson to Josh Richardson20000.0%
Ryan Anderson to Dion Waiters180020.0%
Ryan Anderson to Hassan Whiteside30010.0%
Ryan Anderson to James Johnson60010.0%
Ryan Anderson to Goran Dragic80000.0%
Ryan Anderson to Dwyane Wade50010.0%
Goran Dragic to Duncan Robinson60000.0%
Goran Dragic to Wayne Ellington160040.0%
Goran Dragic to Ryan Anderson30000.0%
Goran Dragic to Udonis Haslem90040.0%
Wayne Ellington to Dion Waiters70020.0%
Udonis Haslem to Duncan Robinson30000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Yante Maten10000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Derrick Jones Jr.20000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Josh Richardson30020.0%
Udonis Haslem to Justise Winslow90010.0%
Udonis Haslem to Tyler Johnson40000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Rodney McGruder50020.0%
Udonis Haslem to Dion Waiters80010.0%
Udonis Haslem to James Johnson30000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Goran Dragic130020.0%
James Johnson to Ryan Anderson20000.0%
James Johnson to Udonis Haslem50000.0%
Tyler Johnson to Dion Waiters3801812.5%
Tyler Johnson to Goran Dragic3602728.6%
Tyler Johnson to Udonis Haslem30010.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Duncan Robinson60010.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to James Johnson130020.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Ryan Anderson20000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Udonis Haslem1011100.0%
Yante Maten to Duncan Robinson10000.0%
Yante Maten to Justise Winslow3011100.0%
Yante Maten to Udonis Haslem10000.0%
Yante Maten to Dwyane Wade1002450.0%
Rodney McGruder to Duncan Robinson50020.0%
Rodney McGruder to Ryan Anderson50010.0%
Rodney McGruder to Udonis Haslem30010.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Udonis Haslem20000.0%
Josh Richardson to Ryan Anderson10000.0%
Josh Richardson to Udonis Haslem30010.0%
Duncan Robinson to Emanuel Terry10000.0%
Duncan Robinson to Josh Richardson170020.0%
Duncan Robinson to Justise Winslow70030.0%
Duncan Robinson to Tyler Johnson80010.0%
Duncan Robinson to Rodney McGruder80000.0%
Duncan Robinson to Kelly Olynyk80020.0%
Duncan Robinson to Dion Waiters2401333.3%
Duncan Robinson to James Johnson150040.0%
Duncan Robinson to Goran Dragic901250.0%
Duncan Robinson to Ryan Anderson40000.0%
Duncan Robinson to Udonis Haslem401250.0%
Duncan Robinson to Dwyane Wade1401520.0%
Emanuel Terry to Dion Waiters2011100.0%
Dwyane Wade to Yante Maten10000.0%
Dwyane Wade to Bojan Bogdanovic10000.0%
Dwyane Wade to Ryan Anderson10000.0%
Dion Waiters to Emanuel Terry10010.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Duncan Robinson50010.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Bam Adebayo20000.0%
Justise Winslow to Duncan Robinson100030.0%
Justise Winslow to Ryan Anderson10000.0%