2018 Washington Wizards Team Passing Stats

The 2018 Washington Wizards averaged 291 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Tomas Satoransky to Bradley Beal, with 97 assists on 941 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Tomas Satoransky to Bradley Beal9419715335942.6%
John Wall to Bradley Beal6517912028442.3%
Bradley Beal to Thomas Bryant311697213055.4%
Bradley Beal to Jeff Green431677717544.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Thomas Bryant359555710057.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Jeff Green491526014441.7%
Bradley Beal to Trevor Ariza442505815138.4%
John Wall to Markieff Morris219445011045.5%
Trevor Ariza to Bradley Beal426406515342.5%
Bradley Beal to Tomas Satoransky739405212840.6%
Bradley Beal to Otto Porter Jr.21238428450.0%
John Wall to Jeff Green15838386756.7%
Tomas Satoransky to Trevor Ariza415354212134.7%
Bradley Beal to Bobby Portis252344111735.0%
Thomas Bryant to Bradley Beal499325714439.6%
John Wall to Otto Porter Jr.21329418548.2%
Trevor Ariza to Jeff Green20028378543.5%
Bradley Beal to Markieff Morris21627319233.7%
Tomas Satoransky to Bobby Portis21827337345.2%
Trevor Ariza to Tomas Satoransky32825356553.8%
Bradley Beal to John Wall539256014441.7%
John Wall to Kelly Oubre Jr.12625257135.2%
Jeff Green to Bradley Beal409245012540.0%
Trevor Ariza to Thomas Bryant13423264953.1%
Jeff Green to Trevor Ariza20023246338.1%
Bradley Beal to Kelly Oubre Jr.8522254951.0%
Jeff Green to Tomas Satoransky55222266341.3%
Otto Porter Jr. to Bradley Beal27222468653.5%
Tomas Satoransky to Otto Porter Jr.14822265944.1%
Troy Brown Jr. to Thomas Bryant10320213560.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Troy Brown Jr.14420246238.7%
Bradley Beal to Jabari Parker14118245246.2%
Markieff Morris to Bradley Beal20517356454.7%
John Wall to Thomas Bryant6917183060.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Jabari Parker14416244751.1%
Chasson Randle to Bradley Beal16014295850.0%
Jabari Parker to Bradley Beal18413265250.0%
Chasson Randle to Sam Dekker9113152853.6%
John Wall to Dwight Howard6713152560.0%
Bradley Beal to Troy Brown Jr.9112132944.8%
Jeff Green to Thomas Bryant5712131968.4%
Austin Rivers to Kelly Oubre Jr.9412134231.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Kelly Oubre Jr.8812163743.2%
Tomas Satoransky to Austin Rivers16812174736.2%
Thomas Bryant to Trevor Ariza11111153641.7%
Chasson Randle to Thomas Bryant7611111957.9%
Chasson Randle to Jeff Green11811154136.6%
Austin Rivers to Jeff Green9711133636.1%
Bradley Beal to Chasson Randle8410102737.0%
Bradley Beal to Sam Dekker4210102441.7%
Troy Brown Jr. to Jabari Parker7010142751.9%
Troy Brown Jr. to Tomas Satoransky15010123237.5%
Thomas Bryant to Tomas Satoransky51910225440.7%
Jeff Green to Otto Porter Jr.6910113036.7%
Jordan McRae to Thomas Bryant2710101566.7%
Jabari Parker to Thomas Bryant5810122352.2%
Otto Porter Jr. to John Wall26110256439.1%
John Wall to Trevor Ariza3410112055.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Bobby Portis389102050.0%
Austin Rivers to Bradley Beal959184242.9%
Trevor Ariza to Bobby Portis718123336.4%
Trevor Ariza to Otto Porter Jr.43881844.4%
Troy Brown Jr. to Bradley Beal1008163743.2%
Jeff Green to John Wall2918337742.9%
Markieff Morris to Kelly Oubre Jr.38882040.0%
Jabari Parker to Troy Brown Jr.74892437.5%
Jabari Parker to Chasson Randle1238112445.8%
Bobby Portis to Jabari Parker628133339.4%
Chasson Randle to Otto Porter Jr.758113234.4%
Jeff Green to Kelly Oubre Jr.497112544.0%
Markieff Morris to John Wall2887247233.3%
Jabari Parker to Bobby Portis50792045.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Tomas Satoransky1997112152.4%
Otto Porter Jr. to Markieff Morris577152657.7%
Otto Porter Jr. to Jeff Green66792437.5%
Bobby Portis to Trevor Ariza647112250.0%
Chasson Randle to Jabari Parker867113234.4%
Austin Rivers to Markieff Morris71792536.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Sam Dekker61792437.5%
John Wall to Tomas Satoransky84792142.9%
Trevor Ariza to Chasson Randle69671643.8%
Trevor Ariza to Jabari Parker52671643.8%
Bradley Beal to Dwight Howard42671070.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Sam Dekker33681844.4%
Ian Mahinmi to Otto Porter Jr.43682236.4%
Markieff Morris to Otto Porter Jr.38671353.8%
Markieff Morris to Dwight Howard14661060.0%
Chasson Randle to Ian Mahinmi76661540.0%
Chasson Randle to Trevor Ariza82682138.1%
John Wall to Sam Dekker23661154.5%
Trevor Ariza to Sam Dekker2255955.6%
Thomas Bryant to Troy Brown Jr.109583225.0%
Thomas Bryant to Jeff Green64571936.8%
Sam Dekker to Chasson Randle141581942.1%
Jeff Green to Chasson Randle129572035.0%
Jeff Green to Bobby Portis46551145.5%
Ian Mahinmi to Sam Dekker33551145.5%
Markieff Morris to Tomas Satoransky100591947.4%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Bradley Beal865133043.3%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Jeff Green39571546.7%
Jabari Parker to Wesley Johnson26551533.3%
Otto Porter Jr. to Trevor Ariza54562128.6%
Bobby Portis to Tomas Satoransky3025102737.0%
Chasson Randle to Jordan McRae64591850.0%
Austin Rivers to Thomas Bryant1755771.4%
Tomas Satoransky to Chasson Randle81592733.3%
Tomas Satoransky to Jordan McRae36571546.7%
Tomas Satoransky to Markieff Morris1075103429.4%
Tomas Satoransky to Jason Smith43551241.7%
Jason Smith to Kelly Oubre Jr.27551533.3%
Bradley Beal to Austin Rivers78471643.8%
Thomas Bryant to Chasson Randle139482138.1%
Thomas Bryant to Jabari Parker784162857.1%
Thomas Bryant to Otto Porter Jr.2544850.0%
Sam Dekker to Troy Brown Jr.3544850.0%
Sam Dekker to Jeff Green32441330.8%
Jeff Green to Markieff Morris29441040.0%
Wesley Johnson to Jabari Parker1844850.0%
Markieff Morris to Sam Dekker1444666.7%
Jabari Parker to Tomas Satoransky176481457.1%
Jabari Parker to Trevor Ariza52441921.1%
Otto Porter Jr. to Thomas Bryant29451050.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Austin Rivers42461060.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Ian Mahinmi36471258.3%
Otto Porter Jr. to Dwight Howard22451241.7%
Bobby Portis to Bradley Beal2594206431.3%
Bobby Portis to Jeff Green684112937.9%
Chasson Randle to Bobby Portis41441233.3%
Austin Rivers to John Wall1064143145.2%
John Wall to Austin Rivers102492634.6%
Trevor Ariza to Jordan McRae1733560.0%
Bradley Beal to Ian Mahinmi40341526.7%
Troy Brown Jr. to Devin Robinson10333100.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Chasson Randle68361442.9%
Thomas Bryant to Sam Dekker2133560.0%
Thomas Bryant to John Wall1423123138.7%
Sam Dekker to Jabari Parker1533560.0%
Sam Dekker to Bradley Beal643152462.5%
Jeff Green to Ian Mahinmi2334944.4%
Ian Mahinmi to Chasson Randle118331127.3%
Ian Mahinmi to Bradley Beal683111861.1%
Jordan McRae to Jabari Parker3633933.3%
Jabari Parker to Sam Dekker2034757.1%
Jabari Parker to Jordan McRae38331520.0%
Jabari Parker to Jeff Green3634944.4%
Bobby Portis to Troy Brown Jr.41341428.6%
Bobby Portis to Thomas Bryant1533742.9%
Chasson Randle to Devin Robinson2434944.4%
Chasson Randle to Tomas Satoransky5333933.3%
Austin Rivers to Otto Porter Jr.3134944.4%
Austin Rivers to Tomas Satoransky117352123.8%
Tomas Satoransky to John Wall893103330.3%
Tomas Satoransky to Ian Mahinmi46331030.0%
Jason Smith to Otto Porter Jr.1133742.9%
Jason Smith to Bradley Beal2334944.4%
John Wall to Jason Smith1433650.0%
John Wall to Ian Mahinmi32331127.3%
Trevor Ariza to Markieff Morris2422366.7%
Bradley Beal to Jason Smith1622540.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Ian Mahinmi13222100.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Trevor Ariza7222100.0%
Thomas Bryant to Bobby Portis1422540.0%
Thomas Bryant to Kelly Oubre Jr.1322825.0%
Thomas Bryant to Jordan McRae40241233.3%
Sam Dekker to Thomas Bryant1922728.6%
Sam Dekker to Bobby Portis4222100.0%
Sam Dekker to Tomas Satoransky76231030.0%
Sam Dekker to Ian Mahinmi2022540.0%
Jeff Green to Troy Brown Jr.2123837.5%
Jeff Green to Sam Dekker2022450.0%
Jeff Green to Austin Rivers98271741.2%
Dwight Howard to Otto Porter Jr.1423560.0%
Dwight Howard to Bradley Beal60231323.1%
Ian Mahinmi to Kelly Oubre Jr.23241233.3%
Jordan McRae to Troy Brown Jr.1622540.0%
Jordan McRae to Bobby Portis3224757.1%
Jordan McRae to Bradley Beal30241040.0%
Jordan McRae to Wesley Johnson5222100.0%
Jordan McRae to Jeff Green31251435.7%
Jordan McRae to Trevor Ariza13233100.0%
Markieff Morris to Austin Rivers72262128.6%
Markieff Morris to Jeff Green2922633.3%
Markieff Morris to Ian Mahinmi822366.7%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Tomas Satoransky100261154.5%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Austin Rivers87272528.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Jason Smith1122450.0%
Gary Payton II to Jordan McRae522366.7%
Otto Porter Jr. to Kelly Oubre Jr.30221020.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Sam Dekker2522825.0%
Bobby Portis to Jordan McRae42251338.5%
Devin Robinson to Chasson Randle3724944.4%
Tomas Satoransky to Devin Robinson1122450.0%
Trevor Ariza to Troy Brown Jr.811333.3%
Trevor Ariza to Wesley Johnson1011520.0%
Trevor Ariza to Ian Mahinmi2311520.0%
Ron Baker to Chasson Randle19111100.0%
Ron Baker to Markieff Morris511333.3%
Bradley Beal to Devin Robinson1111100.0%
Bradley Beal to Jordan McRae3313742.9%
Troy Brown Jr. to Jordan McRae22131030.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Otto Porter Jr.611333.3%
Troy Brown Jr. to John Jenkins4111100.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Austin Rivers912450.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Markieff Morris1111100.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Jeff Green26151145.5%
Thomas Bryant to Gary Payton II5111100.0%
Thomas Bryant to Austin Rivers3411520.0%
Sam Dekker to Devin Robinson712450.0%
Sam Dekker to Gary Payton II611250.0%
Sam Dekker to Jordan McRae2211812.5%
Sam Dekker to Otto Porter Jr.27131225.0%
Sam Dekker to Austin Rivers8122100.0%
Sam Dekker to Markieff Morris1713650.0%
Sam Dekker to John Wall3013742.9%
Jeff Green to Devin Robinson311250.0%
Jeff Green to Jabari Parker34131127.3%
Jeff Green to Jason Smith211250.0%
Jeff Green to Dwight Howard2111100.0%
John Jenkins to Chasson Randle2111100.0%
Wesley Johnson to Bobby Portis911333.3%
Wesley Johnson to Jordan McRae712366.7%
Wesley Johnson to Trevor Ariza511333.3%
Ian Mahinmi to Devin Robinson712450.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Tomas Satoransky7714757.1%
Ian Mahinmi to Austin Rivers3712728.6%
Ian Mahinmi to Markieff Morris1611333.3%
Ian Mahinmi to John Wall79161540.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Trevor Ariza1011425.0%
Jordan McRae to Gary Payton II2111100.0%
Jordan McRae to Otto Porter Jr.511333.3%
Jordan McRae to Tomas Satoransky3512633.3%
Jordan McRae to Austin Rivers711250.0%
Markieff Morris to Chasson Randle2011250.0%
Markieff Morris to Trevor Ariza1511425.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Sam Dekker3111100.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Otto Porter Jr.2711812.5%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Markieff Morris38121315.4%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Dwight Howard511250.0%
Gary Payton II to Troy Brown Jr.3111100.0%
Gary Payton II to Sam Dekker711333.3%
Otto Porter Jr. to Troy Brown Jr.912450.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Gary Payton II3111100.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Chasson Randle73131127.3%
Bobby Portis to Devin Robinson311333.3%
Bobby Portis to Chasson Randle5612633.3%
Bobby Portis to Sam Dekker811425.0%
Bobby Portis to Wesley Johnson1411616.7%
Chasson Randle to Troy Brown Jr.64121513.3%
Chasson Randle to Markieff Morris1612366.7%
Austin Rivers to Troy Brown Jr.1913742.9%
Austin Rivers to Devin Robinson3122100.0%
Austin Rivers to Jason Smith15111100.0%
Devin Robinson to Troy Brown Jr.1112366.7%
Devin Robinson to Sam Dekker912450.0%
Devin Robinson to Tomas Satoransky14122100.0%
Devin Robinson to Ian Mahinmi2111100.0%
Tomas Satoransky to John Jenkins1111100.0%
Jason Smith to Troy Brown Jr.4111100.0%
Trevor Ariza to Ron Baker10000.0%
Trevor Ariza to John Jenkins10000.0%
Trevor Ariza to John Wall4303837.5%
Ron Baker to Troy Brown Jr.10010.0%
Ron Baker to Thomas Bryant10000.0%
Ron Baker to Sam Dekker501250.0%
Ron Baker to Tomas Satoransky70000.0%
Ron Baker to John Wall10010.0%
Ron Baker to Trevor Ariza20020.0%
Bradley Beal to Gary Payton II10010.0%
Bradley Beal to Ron Baker10010.0%
Bradley Beal to Wesley Johnson120050.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Gary Payton II10000.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Ron Baker20000.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Kelly Oubre Jr.40020.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Wesley Johnson30010.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to John Wall3011100.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Jason Smith70020.0%
Thomas Bryant to Devin Robinson20010.0%
Thomas Bryant to Okaro White20000.0%
Thomas Bryant to Markieff Morris10000.0%
Thomas Bryant to Wesley Johnson60020.0%
Sam Dekker to Ron Baker10000.0%
Sam Dekker to Kelly Oubre Jr.20000.0%
Sam Dekker to Trevor Ariza220070.0%
Jeff Green to Jordan McRae2905955.6%
Jeff Green to John Jenkins10000.0%
Jeff Green to Wesley Johnson20010.0%
Dwight Howard to Kelly Oubre Jr.40000.0%
Dwight Howard to Tomas Satoransky70000.0%
Dwight Howard to Austin Rivers110000.0%
Dwight Howard to Markieff Morris9011100.0%
Dwight Howard to John Wall171032015.0%
Dwight Howard to Jeff Green30000.0%
John Jenkins to Troy Brown Jr.20000.0%
John Jenkins to Thomas Bryant20020.0%
John Jenkins to Sam Dekker10000.0%
John Jenkins to Jabari Parker10010.0%
John Jenkins to Jordan McRae3011100.0%
John Jenkins to Tomas Satoransky10000.0%
John Jenkins to Jeff Green10000.0%
Wesley Johnson to Troy Brown Jr.30010.0%
Wesley Johnson to Thomas Bryant50020.0%
Wesley Johnson to Chasson Randle18011100.0%
Wesley Johnson to Tomas Satoransky80000.0%
Wesley Johnson to Bradley Beal100020.0%
Wesley Johnson to Jeff Green401250.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Troy Brown Jr.1102450.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Gary Payton II20000.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Ron Baker20010.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Jabari Parker1011100.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Jordan McRae20000.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Jeff Green290020.0%
Jordan McRae to Devin Robinson10000.0%
Jordan McRae to Okaro White10010.0%
Jordan McRae to Chasson Randle4302825.0%
Jordan McRae to Kelly Oubre Jr.10010.0%
Jordan McRae to Sam Dekker1300100.0%
Jordan McRae to John Jenkins30000.0%
Jordan McRae to Ian Mahinmi20010.0%
Markieff Morris to Troy Brown Jr.40000.0%
Markieff Morris to Thomas Bryant10010.0%
Markieff Morris to Ron Baker30020.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Troy Brown Jr.10000.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Thomas Bryant90000.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to John Wall1480234650.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Ian Mahinmi100020.0%
Jabari Parker to Ian Mahinmi10000.0%
Gary Payton II to Thomas Bryant20010.0%
Gary Payton II to Chasson Randle10000.0%
Gary Payton II to Bradley Beal20000.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Jordan McRae1001250.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Jason Smith50020.0%
Chasson Randle to Ron Baker140000.0%
Chasson Randle to John Jenkins20000.0%
Chasson Randle to Wesley Johnson1401425.0%
Chasson Randle to John Wall10000.0%
Austin Rivers to Sam Dekker10000.0%
Austin Rivers to Jordan McRae401333.3%
Austin Rivers to Ian Mahinmi210030.0%
Austin Rivers to Dwight Howard40000.0%
Devin Robinson to Thomas Bryant20000.0%
Devin Robinson to Bobby Portis20010.0%
Devin Robinson to Jordan McRae10000.0%
Devin Robinson to Austin Rivers40000.0%
Devin Robinson to Bradley Beal30000.0%
Devin Robinson to Jason Smith30000.0%
Devin Robinson to Jeff Green40010.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Okaro White30010.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Ron Baker30000.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Wesley Johnson90020.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Dwight Howard501333.3%
Jason Smith to Thomas Bryant20000.0%
Jason Smith to Tomas Satoransky600030.0%
Jason Smith to Austin Rivers350040.0%
Jason Smith to Markieff Morris20000.0%
Jason Smith to John Wall3903837.5%
Jason Smith to Jeff Green701616.7%
John Wall to Troy Brown Jr.10000.0%
John Wall to Chasson Randle20010.0%
Okaro White to Thomas Bryant30010.0%
Okaro White to Jordan McRae10010.0%
Okaro White to Tomas Satoransky30000.0%
Okaro White to Austin Rivers1011100.0%