2018 Charlotte Hornets Team Passing Stats

The 2018 Charlotte Hornets averaged 290 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Kemba Walker to Marvin Williams, with 86 assists on 688 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Kemba Walker to Marvin Williams688869222940.2%
Kemba Walker to Jeremy Lamb7298312230939.5%
Kemba Walker to Cody Zeller550677114748.3%
Kemba Walker to Nicolas Batum815629920149.3%
Nicolas Batum to Marvin Williams283494911542.6%
Nicolas Batum to Jeremy Lamb357426214742.2%
Kemba Walker to Miles Bridges27839439545.3%
Nicolas Batum to Kemba Walker782378124333.3%
Tony Parker to Malik Monk263355012739.4%
Jeremy Lamb to Kemba Walker676337821236.8%
Tony Parker to Miles Bridges14131347644.7%
Kemba Walker to Frank Kaminsky22731358342.2%
Marvin Williams to Kemba Walker891299723441.5%
Cody Zeller to Kemba Walker11112912226546.0%
Tony Parker to Willy Hernangomez19328316448.4%
Nicolas Batum to Cody Zeller22226327045.7%
Kemba Walker to Malik Monk18125349436.2%
Cody Zeller to Nicolas Batum22425306248.4%
Jeremy Lamb to Marvin Williams22824267435.1%
Tony Parker to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist15324266440.6%
Kemba Walker to Bismack Biyombo22823244553.3%
Nicolas Batum to Miles Bridges10822235046.0%
Malik Monk to Willy Hernangomez10022224845.8%
Kemba Walker to Dwayne Bacon15722265944.1%
Devonte' Graham to Malik Monk11121255545.5%
Jeremy Lamb to Cody Zeller15021275251.9%
Devonte' Graham to Miles Bridges8419214151.2%
Malik Monk to Miles Bridges9619204643.5%
Tony Parker to Marvin Williams14619225540.0%
Kemba Walker to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist23019256240.3%
Jeremy Lamb to Frank Kaminsky14318224944.9%
Tony Parker to Kemba Walker21518327940.5%
Cody Zeller to Jeremy Lamb18218316746.3%
Jeremy Lamb to Nicolas Batum18917205635.7%
Nicolas Batum to Malik Monk11716265349.1%
Nicolas Batum to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist10416223857.9%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Jeremy Lamb14016254654.3%
Marvin Williams to Jeremy Lamb298163310830.6%
Devonte' Graham to Frank Kaminsky19115184440.9%
Cody Zeller to Marvin Williams10315163053.3%
Tony Parker to Frank Kaminsky9614163348.5%
Miles Bridges to Dwayne Bacon7713183551.4%
Miles Bridges to Kemba Walker452135511946.2%
Devonte' Graham to Willy Hernangomez12913143243.8%
Jeremy Lamb to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist8713163743.2%
Malik Monk to Frank Kaminsky8513153345.5%
Kemba Walker to Willy Hernangomez19013143935.9%
Miles Bridges to Malik Monk12812174537.8%
Devonte' Graham to Jeremy Lamb10712204742.6%
Jeremy Lamb to Miles Bridges8212144233.3%
Tony Parker to Jeremy Lamb14412164734.0%
Marvin Williams to Nicolas Batum27312205735.1%
Dwayne Bacon to Miles Bridges6111122646.2%
Willy Hernangomez to Miles Bridges7211122548.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Kemba Walker42111369836.7%
Frank Kaminsky to Jeremy Lamb18111165429.6%
Malik Monk to Marvin Williams6411112544.0%
Tony Parker to Nicolas Batum11911113135.5%
Nicolas Batum to Bismack Biyombo10710102343.5%
Miles Bridges to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist4610111861.1%
Miles Bridges to Marvin Williams5210102343.5%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Nicolas Batum10110153444.1%
Jeremy Lamb to Willy Hernangomez6610122450.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Kemba Walker56494111934.5%
Devonte' Graham to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist879112839.3%
Devonte' Graham to Marvin Williams629102540.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Miles Bridges52992240.9%
Frank Kaminsky to Dwayne Bacon629133043.3%
Bismack Biyombo to Jeremy Lamb788142556.0%
Malik Monk to Cody Zeller358111861.1%
Malik Monk to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist54892437.5%
Tony Parker to Cody Zeller63891850.0%
Kemba Walker to Tony Parker2048275846.6%
Marvin Williams to Miles Bridges708102245.5%
Dwayne Bacon to Kemba Walker1547164535.6%
Nicolas Batum to Tony Parker1567234748.9%
Bismack Biyombo to Nicolas Batum98792142.9%
Miles Bridges to Willy Hernangomez58771838.9%
Miles Bridges to Jeremy Lamb887102737.0%
Devonte' Graham to Bismack Biyombo42771353.8%
Willy Hernangomez to Malik Monk1267143638.9%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Malik Monk867103627.8%
Malik Monk to Bismack Biyombo30771163.6%
Marvin Williams to Malik Monk707122941.4%
Cody Zeller to Miles Bridges34781650.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Malik Monk35672133.3%
Dwayne Bacon to Marvin Williams31661442.9%
Devonte' Graham to Kemba Walker1236144829.2%
Willy Hernangomez to Nicolas Batum52681747.1%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Kemba Walker3516429245.7%
Jeremy Lamb to Dwayne Bacon536122646.2%
Jeremy Lamb to Bismack Biyombo72671936.8%
Malik Monk to Dwayne Bacon396101662.5%
Malik Monk to Kemba Walker1266183847.4%
Nicolas Batum to Dwayne Bacon3255955.6%
Nicolas Batum to Frank Kaminsky75552025.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Marvin Williams71551729.4%
Miles Bridges to Bismack Biyombo42551050.0%
Miles Bridges to Nicolas Batum79551631.3%
Willy Hernangomez to Dwayne Bacon33561442.9%
Frank Kaminsky to Malik Monk93572528.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Nicolas Batum4656966.7%
Frank Kaminsky to Tony Parker1625153050.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Miles Bridges50551729.4%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Frank Kaminsky15551145.5%
Jeremy Lamb to Devonte' Graham106571450.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Tony Parker1485133339.4%
Malik Monk to Nicolas Batum38551241.7%
Dwayne Bacon to Jeremy Lamb58492045.0%
Nicolas Batum to Devonte' Graham91461637.5%
Miles Bridges to Frank Kaminsky36451533.3%
Miles Bridges to Cody Zeller38451145.5%
Devonte' Graham to Dwayne Bacon56471546.7%
Willy Hernangomez to Devonte' Graham1804112642.3%
Willy Hernangomez to Jeremy Lamb89492339.1%
Willy Hernangomez to Marvin Williams1844666.7%
Frank Kaminsky to Devonte' Graham194472035.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist20441233.3%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Devonte' Graham95441526.7%
Jeremy Lamb to Malik Monk63443212.5%
Malik Monk to Devonte' Graham84472528.0%
Kemba Walker to Devonte' Graham86441921.1%
Marvin Williams to Cody Zeller32461250.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Willy Hernangomez2634757.1%
Dwayne Bacon to Frank Kaminsky58331225.0%
Nicolas Batum to Willy Hernangomez61362030.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Dwayne Bacon41351631.3%
Miles Bridges to Devonte' Graham1223102245.5%
Miles Bridges to Tony Parker2423225540.0%
Devonte' Graham to Nicolas Batum69351435.7%
Willy Hernangomez to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist49361833.3%
Willy Hernangomez to Tony Parker3473246040.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Willy Hernangomez5333100.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Kemba Walker3193327940.5%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Marvin Williams24341136.4%
Malik Monk to Tony Parker1003102737.0%
Tony Parker to Dwayne Bacon37331323.1%
Tony Parker to Bismack Biyombo32331030.0%
Marvin Williams to Devonte' Graham89382138.1%
Marvin Williams to Tony Parker1973235442.6%
Cody Zeller to Malik Monk49351435.7%
Dwayne Bacon to Devonte' Graham54231225.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Cody Zeller7222100.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Miles Bridges2623837.5%
Devonte' Graham to Cody Zeller2823560.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Frank Kaminsky1422633.3%
Frank Kaminsky to J.P. Macura922540.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Dwayne Bacon24241136.4%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Tony Parker2372174637.0%
J.P. Macura to Bismack Biyombo322366.7%
Malik Monk to Jeremy Lamb41241526.7%
Marvin Williams to Willy Hernangomez1122633.3%
Marvin Williams to Frank Kaminsky1123560.0%
Marvin Williams to Bismack Biyombo2223837.5%
Cody Zeller to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist43221315.4%
Cody Zeller to Tony Parker1392132846.4%
Dwayne Bacon to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist1311333.3%
Dwayne Bacon to Nicolas Batum1811425.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Tony Parker3612633.3%
Bismack Biyombo to Malik Monk40131030.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist1211425.0%
Joe Chealey to Frank Kaminsky4111100.0%
Devonte' Graham to J.P. Macura2111100.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Shelvin Mack1811333.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Cody Zeller2111100.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Bismack Biyombo511425.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Marvin Williams1411520.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Willy Hernangomez2912633.3%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Bismack Biyombo6111100.0%
Shelvin Mack to Bismack Biyombo4111100.0%
Malik Monk to Joe Chealey311250.0%
Malik Monk to Shelvin Mack411250.0%
Tony Parker to Devonte' Graham1611520.0%
Marvin Williams to Dwayne Bacon34151145.5%
Marvin Williams to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist1511333.3%
Dwayne Bacon to Joe Chealey50010.0%
Dwayne Bacon to J.P. Macura50020.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Shelvin Mack40020.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Bismack Biyombo330030.0%
Nicolas Batum to J.P. Macura20000.0%
Nicolas Batum to Shelvin Mack50000.0%
Bismack Biyombo to J.P. Macura30000.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Devonte' Graham600070.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Frank Kaminsky80000.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Shelvin Mack90010.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Tony Parker96082040.0%
Miles Bridges to J.P. Macura30010.0%
Miles Bridges to Shelvin Mack150000.0%
Joe Chealey to Devonte' Graham10000.0%
Joe Chealey to Miles Bridges10000.0%
Joe Chealey to Dwayne Bacon2011100.0%
Joe Chealey to Malik Monk10000.0%
Devonte' Graham to Shelvin Mack30000.0%
Devonte' Graham to Tony Parker230020.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Joe Chealey50000.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Shelvin Mack60020.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Cody Zeller130050.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Shelvin Mack80020.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Shelvin Mack60020.0%
Shelvin Mack to Devonte' Graham10000.0%
Shelvin Mack to Miles Bridges50010.0%
Shelvin Mack to Dwayne Bacon10010.0%
Shelvin Mack to Malik Monk801425.0%
Shelvin Mack to Willy Hernangomez140030.0%
Shelvin Mack to Frank Kaminsky60020.0%
Shelvin Mack to Cody Zeller50020.0%
Shelvin Mack to Jeremy Lamb402366.7%
Shelvin Mack to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist80040.0%
Shelvin Mack to Kemba Walker10000.0%
Shelvin Mack to Nicolas Batum110030.0%
Shelvin Mack to Marvin Williams40010.0%
J.P. Macura to Devonte' Graham40020.0%
J.P. Macura to Miles Bridges30000.0%
J.P. Macura to Dwayne Bacon20010.0%
J.P. Macura to Willy Hernangomez10000.0%
J.P. Macura to Frank Kaminsky40010.0%
J.P. Macura to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist10000.0%
J.P. Macura to Nicolas Batum10000.0%
Malik Monk to J.P. Macura10000.0%
Kemba Walker to Bobby Portis10000.0%
Marvin Williams to Shelvin Mack50010.0%
Cody Zeller to Devonte' Graham4002633.3%
Cody Zeller to Dwayne Bacon30010.0%
Cody Zeller to Frank Kaminsky40010.0%
Cody Zeller to Shelvin Mack80010.0%