2018 Orlando Magic Team Passing Stats

The 2018 Orlando Magic averaged 284 passes per game. The leading assist duo was D.J. Augustin to Nikola Vucevic, with 178 assists on 1288 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
D.J. Augustin to Nikola Vucevic128817821544048.9%
Evan Fournier to Nikola Vucevic66211714728851.0%
D.J. Augustin to Evan Fournier8138211526842.9%
Nikola Vucevic to Evan Fournier6678212325947.5%
Aaron Gordon to Nikola Vucevic514768616552.1%
Nikola Vucevic to Aaron Gordon480709020244.6%
D.J. Augustin to Aaron Gordon552567417542.3%
Aaron Gordon to Terrence Ross245566414943.0%
Jerian Grant to Terrence Ross303546416040.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Jonathan Isaac407515814839.2%
D.J. Augustin to Jonathan Isaac478505713542.2%
Evan Fournier to Aaron Gordon331465415036.0%
Aaron Gordon to Evan Fournier306455513540.7%
Nikola Vucevic to D.J. Augustin14794111223348.1%
D.J. Augustin to Terrence Ross242333911135.1%
Evan Fournier to D.J. Augustin426324910447.1%
Evan Fournier to Jonathan Isaac20930348639.5%
Terrence Ross to Nikola Vucevic26730389042.2%
Isaiah Briscoe to Terrence Ross228294311537.4%
Evan Fournier to Terrence Ross9128325360.4%
Terrence Ross to Aaron Gordon22125429544.2%
Jonathon Simmons to Terrence Ross9925337345.2%
Michael Carter-Williams to Terrence Ross11622296246.8%
Aaron Gordon to Jonathan Isaac9922245345.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Terrence Ross20922258031.3%
Jerian Grant to Mo Bamba18421225837.9%
Jonathan Isaac to Aaron Gordon16621367945.6%
Jerian Grant to Aaron Gordon19620296445.3%
Wes Iwundu to Nikola Vucevic18620326450.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Nikola Vucevic12020275549.1%
Jonathan Isaac to Nikola Vucevic24119296942.0%
Mo Bamba to Terrence Ross13218245742.1%
Aaron Gordon to Khem Birch7516182475.0%
Aaron Gordon to D.J. Augustin703164011235.7%
Jonathon Simmons to Mo Bamba7616163250.0%
Jerian Grant to Nikola Vucevic13315184639.1%
Terrence Ross to Mo Bamba10315194641.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Wes Iwundu16615175133.3%
Terrence Ross to Khem Birch8514143342.4%
Aaron Gordon to Wes Iwundu9413143638.9%
Terrence Ross to Evan Fournier9213163842.1%
Nikola Vucevic to Jonathon Simmons13813154434.1%
Isaiah Briscoe to Jarell Martin5112132356.5%
Aaron Gordon to Mo Bamba6112132944.8%
Jonathan Isaac to Evan Fournier28311309133.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Terrence Ross9511164139.0%
Wes Iwundu to Aaron Gordon9311204544.4%
Terrence Ross to D.J. Augustin20211224450.0%
Isaiah Briscoe to Khem Birch7510112347.8%
Michael Carter-Williams to Khem Birch5110111957.9%
Jerian Grant to Evan Fournier15010173943.6%
Khem Birch to Evan Fournier629153345.5%
Jerian Grant to Jonathan Isaac1109123831.6%
Terrence Ross to Wes Iwundu41992142.9%
Khem Birch to Terrence Ross908132650.0%
Isaiah Briscoe to Evan Fournier1458174934.7%
Evan Fournier to Isaiah Briscoe588101566.7%
Evan Fournier to Wes Iwundu51892339.1%
Wes Iwundu to Jonathan Isaac27881457.1%
Jonathon Simmons to Jonathan Isaac51881844.4%
Khem Birch to Aaron Gordon817133339.4%
Isaiah Briscoe to Wes Iwundu97782630.8%
Isaiah Briscoe to Jonathan Isaac52791850.0%
Evan Fournier to Khem Birch35781266.7%
Aaron Gordon to Jonathon Simmons1257114027.5%
Wes Iwundu to Evan Fournier55792437.5%
Wes Iwundu to Terrence Ross637153641.7%
Jonathon Simmons to Jerian Grant92782433.3%
Evan Fournier to Mo Bamba50661442.9%
Jonathan Isaac to D.J. Augustin121864010438.5%
Terrence Ross to Jerian Grant1186102147.6%
Jonathon Simmons to Evan Fournier48672035.0%
D.J. Augustin to Jonathon Simmons945102343.5%
Mo Bamba to Jonathan Isaac31551050.0%
Khem Birch to Wes Iwundu675102737.0%
Isaiah Briscoe to Aaron Gordon105593327.3%
Aaron Gordon to Jerian Grant2655123040.0%
Jerian Grant to Jarell Martin41551435.7%
Jerian Grant to Jonathon Simmons1635185532.7%
Jonathan Isaac to Jonathon Simmons735112250.0%
Wes Iwundu to D.J. Augustin1125113036.7%
Jonathon Simmons to Aaron Gordon100563616.7%
Nikola Vucevic to Jerian Grant171592045.0%
D.J. Augustin to Mo Bamba39451435.7%
D.J. Augustin to Wes Iwundu105442218.2%
Mo Bamba to Aaron Gordon66451729.4%
Michael Carter-Williams to Aaron Gordon52461346.2%
Michael Carter-Williams to Evan Fournier634133043.3%
Evan Fournier to Jarell Martin23451241.7%
Aaron Gordon to Isaiah Briscoe161472133.3%
Jerian Grant to Amile Jefferson1544666.7%
Wes Iwundu to Jarell Martin18451050.0%
Wes Iwundu to Jerian Grant73461346.2%
Jarell Martin to Terrence Ross28471838.9%
Terrence Ross to Jonathan Isaac56452420.8%
Isaiah Briscoe to Mo Bamba1933837.5%
Isaiah Briscoe to Jerian Grant41361735.3%
Isaiah Briscoe to Nikola Vucevic51331127.3%
Michael Carter-Williams to Wes Iwundu3434850.0%
Evan Fournier to Jerian Grant69341723.5%
Wes Iwundu to Khem Birch4734757.1%
Jarell Martin to Jerian Grant118351729.4%
Jarell Martin to Evan Fournier25371353.8%
Jarell Martin to Nikola Vucevic934580.0%
Terrence Ross to Jonathon Simmons67392536.0%
Mo Bamba to Jerian Grant3062102245.5%
Mo Bamba to Jonathon Simmons1152103627.8%
Mo Bamba to Evan Fournier52251338.5%
Khem Birch to Jonathan Isaac1122540.0%
Khem Birch to Jarell Martin823560.0%
Khem Birch to Jerian Grant7722728.6%
Michael Carter-Williams to Jonathan Isaac1822922.2%
Troy Caupain to Jarell Martin3222100.0%
Troy Caupain to Jerian Grant322366.7%
Evan Fournier to Michael Carter-Williams2122540.0%
Jerian Grant to Melvin Frazier Jr.1423933.3%
Jerian Grant to Wes Iwundu60241233.3%
Jerian Grant to Khem Birch44221315.4%
Jonathan Isaac to Mo Bamba1822450.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Khem Birch5222100.0%
Wes Iwundu to Isaiah Briscoe101251827.8%
Jarell Martin to Wes Iwundu2923742.9%
Terrence Ross to Jarell Martin2723837.5%
Jonathon Simmons to Wes Iwundu1322450.0%
Jonathon Simmons to D.J. Augustin64241040.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Isaiah Briscoe8622728.6%
D.J. Augustin to Jarell Martin2111616.7%
D.J. Augustin to Khem Birch1511425.0%
Mo Bamba to Wes Iwundu1911616.7%
Mo Bamba to Nikola Vucevic611250.0%
Mo Bamba to D.J. Augustin76141040.0%
Khem Birch to Mo Bamba1111100.0%
Khem Birch to Isaiah Briscoe160182236.4%
Khem Birch to Michael Carter-Williams104141723.5%
Michael Carter-Williams to Melvin Frazier Jr.411250.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Amile Jefferson811425.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Jarell Martin811425.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Nikola Vucevic1811520.0%
Evan Fournier to Amile Jefferson211250.0%
Evan Fournier to Jonathon Simmons3611166.3%
Melvin Frazier Jr. to Troy Caupain1111100.0%
Aaron Gordon to Jarell Martin2111100.0%
Aaron Gordon to Michael Carter-Williams82131030.0%
Jerian Grant to D.J. Augustin2111100.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Jerian Grant256121020.0%
Wes Iwundu to Melvin Frazier Jr.211250.0%
Wes Iwundu to Jonathon Simmons1211520.0%
Amile Jefferson to Wes Iwundu7111100.0%
Amile Jefferson to Jerian Grant2013742.9%
Amile Jefferson to Terrence Ross1111100.0%
Jarell Martin to Melvin Frazier Jr.411333.3%
Jarell Martin to Amile Jefferson5111100.0%
Jarell Martin to Isaiah Briscoe134191947.4%
Jarell Martin to Khem Birch311333.3%
Terrence Ross to Isaiah Briscoe100141330.8%
Terrence Ross to Michael Carter-Williams5412825.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Jarell Martin1711520.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Jarell Martin1211520.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Michael Carter-Williams2612540.0%
D.J. Augustin to Isaiah Briscoe30010.0%
D.J. Augustin to Michael Carter-Williams60020.0%
Mo Bamba to Isaiah Briscoe6302450.0%
Mo Bamba to Troy Caupain10000.0%
Mo Bamba to Jarell Martin30000.0%
Khem Birch to Melvin Frazier Jr.20000.0%
Khem Birch to Troy Caupain20010.0%
Khem Birch to Jonathon Simmons2011100.0%
Khem Birch to D.J. Augustin3401714.3%
Isaiah Briscoe to Melvin Frazier Jr.100040.0%
Isaiah Briscoe to Amile Jefferson30000.0%
Isaiah Briscoe to Troy Caupain401250.0%
Isaiah Briscoe to Jonathon Simmons130020.0%
Isaiah Briscoe to D.J. Augustin30000.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Jerian Grant902450.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to D.J. Augustin70000.0%
Troy Caupain to Mo Bamba10000.0%
Troy Caupain to Amile Jefferson30010.0%
Troy Caupain to Isaiah Briscoe10000.0%
Troy Caupain to Wes Iwundu10000.0%
Melvin Frazier Jr. to Amile Jefferson30010.0%
Melvin Frazier Jr. to Isaiah Briscoe30020.0%
Melvin Frazier Jr. to Wes Iwundu30010.0%
Melvin Frazier Jr. to Jarell Martin20010.0%
Melvin Frazier Jr. to Jerian Grant60010.0%
Melvin Frazier Jr. to Khem Birch30000.0%
Aaron Gordon to Amile Jefferson10000.0%
Jerian Grant to Isaiah Briscoe2001333.3%
Jerian Grant to Troy Caupain40020.0%
Jerian Grant to Michael Carter-Williams20010.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Isaiah Briscoe12701520.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Wes Iwundu440050.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Michael Carter-Williams4201250.0%
Wes Iwundu to Mo Bamba260080.0%
Wes Iwundu to Amile Jefferson20000.0%
Wes Iwundu to Troy Caupain10000.0%
Wes Iwundu to Michael Carter-Williams2102633.3%
Amile Jefferson to Melvin Frazier Jr.2011100.0%
Amile Jefferson to Isaiah Briscoe100010.0%
Amile Jefferson to Troy Caupain3011100.0%
Amile Jefferson to Jarell Martin60020.0%
Amile Jefferson to Michael Carter-Williams13011100.0%
Amile Jefferson to Evan Fournier10000.0%
Amile Jefferson to D.J. Augustin40010.0%
Jarell Martin to Mo Bamba50000.0%
Jarell Martin to Troy Caupain1011100.0%
Jarell Martin to Aaron Gordon20010.0%
Jarell Martin to Jonathon Simmons2001616.7%
Jarell Martin to Michael Carter-Williams290030.0%
Jarell Martin to D.J. Augustin5103560.0%
Terrence Ross to Amile Jefferson10000.0%
Terrence Ross to Marcus Morris Sr.10000.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Isaiah Briscoe50000.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Khem Birch30000.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Mo Bamba3011100.0%