2021 Denver Nuggets Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Denver Nuggets averaged 315 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Monte Morris to Nikola Jokic, with 161 assists on 1656 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Monte Morris to Nikola Jokic165616121541352.1%
Nikola Jokic to Aaron Gordon96014618034751.9%
Nikola Jokic to Monte Morris170913017936549.0%
Will Barton to Nikola Jokic83510913524854.4%
Nikola Jokic to Will Barton99110012928145.9%
Nikola Jokic to Jeff Green427748017446.0%
Aaron Gordon to Nikola Jokic7107310919954.8%
Monte Morris to Will Barton643466917739.0%
Will Barton to Aaron Gordon298434811342.5%
Monte Morris to Aaron Gordon458425212541.6%
Monte Morris to Jeff Green30239469051.1%
Will Barton to Monte Morris609356011950.4%
Jeff Green to Nikola Jokic31635468256.1%
Aaron Gordon to Jeff Green18234356752.2%
Will Barton to Jeff Green20232348341.0%
Nikola Jokic to Bones Hyland39332418846.6%
Facundo Campazzo to Nikola Jokic29028346850.0%
Nikola Jokic to Austin Rivers26928328438.1%
Facundo Campazzo to JaMychal Green19427316845.6%
Aaron Gordon to Monte Morris50227439545.3%
Bones Hyland to JaMychal Green18927276045.0%
Aaron Gordon to Will Barton28426378046.3%
Facundo Campazzo to Jeff Green17825337643.4%
Facundo Campazzo to Bones Hyland27324317441.9%
Bones Hyland to Bryn Forbes21523266738.8%
Bones Hyland to Nikola Jokic35822397750.6%
Bones Hyland to DeMarcus Cousins23018256936.2%
Facundo Campazzo to Austin Rivers17917245048.0%
Bones Hyland to Zeke Nnaji7817183551.4%
Will Barton to JaMychal Green11316174637.0%
Jeff Green to Aaron Gordon17616234748.9%
Bones Hyland to Will Barton16215234353.5%
Nikola Jokic to Facundo Campazzo32215174042.5%
Facundo Campazzo to Will Barton20314226036.7%
Bones Hyland to Austin Rivers20914234650.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Zeke Nnaji10713133735.1%
Austin Rivers to Nikola Jokic20413295552.7%
DeMarcus Cousins to Bones Hyland26312266440.6%
Bones Hyland to Jeff Green7812173056.7%
Nikola Jokic to Michael Porter Jr.8312133537.1%
Nikola Jokic to JaMychal Green5112122352.2%
Austin Rivers to Bryn Forbes8212142751.9%
Facundo Campazzo to Markus Howard5511123040.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Bryn Forbes9311144035.0%
Bones Hyland to Davon Reed13111112445.8%
Bones Hyland to Aaron Gordon9011163447.1%
Facundo Campazzo to Davon Reed9610112445.8%
Facundo Campazzo to Bryn Forbes10710113630.6%
Facundo Campazzo to Aaron Gordon9710152853.6%
Bryn Forbes to DeMarcus Cousins7810142556.0%
Jeff Green to Monte Morris32710185334.0%
Jeff Green to Will Barton24310266838.2%
Austin Rivers to Bones Hyland21210164634.8%
Will Barton to Austin Rivers72992045.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Vlatko Cancar64991752.9%
DeMarcus Cousins to JaMychal Green469112347.8%
JaMychal Green to Bones Hyland2259174934.7%
Nikola Jokic to Davon Reed1079132944.8%
Monte Morris to Austin Rivers1019102737.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Nikola Jokic719132356.5%
Will Barton to Bones Hyland1698124526.7%
Bryn Forbes to Bones Hyland1468143342.4%
JaMychal Green to Bryn Forbes56892240.9%
Nikola Jokic to Bryn Forbes67882334.8%
Austin Rivers to Facundo Campazzo1758102638.5%
Will Barton to Zeke Nnaji32781553.3%
Facundo Campazzo to P.J. Dozier63781553.3%
Aaron Gordon to Austin Rivers59781747.1%
JaMychal Green to Davon Reed647101566.7%
JaMychal Green to Will Barton1167143441.2%
Nikola Jokic to Zeke Nnaji41771741.2%
Davon Reed to Zeke Nnaji37771643.8%
Davon Reed to Nikola Jokic81781942.1%
Austin Rivers to Monte Morris1137112544.0%
Austin Rivers to Will Barton897103231.3%
Austin Rivers to DeMarcus Cousins86772133.3%
Austin Rivers to Jeff Green687102050.0%
P.J. Dozier to JaMychal Green28661060.0%
JaMychal Green to Aaron Gordon596112152.4%
Jeff Green to Bones Hyland996112740.7%
Bones Hyland to Monte Morris83671450.0%
Monte Morris to DeMarcus Cousins52681844.4%
Davon Reed to Bryn Forbes41671546.7%
Davon Reed to DeMarcus Cousins43671353.8%
Austin Rivers to Aaron Gordon68682138.1%
Will Barton to Michael Porter Jr.26561060.0%
Facundo Campazzo to DeMarcus Cousins91553215.6%
Aaron Gordon to Bones Hyland76571936.8%
Bones Hyland to Facundo Campazzo300582729.6%
Nikola Jokic to P.J. Dozier49551827.8%
Monte Morris to Bones Hyland73572035.0%
Monte Morris to Michael Porter Jr.38551338.5%
Monte Morris to Bryn Forbes31571163.6%
Monte Morris to JaMychal Green74551827.8%
Davon Reed to Facundo Campazzo1605112445.8%
Austin Rivers to Davon Reed41551050.0%
Will Barton to Vlatko Cancar2144757.1%
Facundo Campazzo to Bol Bol1644757.1%
Facundo Campazzo to Monte Morris95451533.3%
Vlatko Cancar to Facundo Campazzo5045955.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Austin Rivers86471643.8%
DeMarcus Cousins to Jeff Green1244944.4%
P.J. Dozier to Nikola Jokic454111957.9%
P.J. Dozier to Aaron Gordon22441040.0%
P.J. Dozier to Will Barton48471936.8%
Bryn Forbes to Nikola Jokic53481747.1%
Aaron Gordon to JaMychal Green45441428.6%
JaMychal Green to Facundo Campazzo220472725.9%
JaMychal Green to Monte Morris80491656.3%
JaMychal Green to Nikola Jokic44461154.5%
Jeff Green to Michael Porter Jr.844580.0%
Jeff Green to DeMarcus Cousins1244580.0%
Monte Morris to Davon Reed4244850.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Markus Howard2345955.6%
Davon Reed to Markus Howard26451241.7%
DeMarcus Cousins to Davon Reed3836966.7%
DeMarcus Cousins to Aaron Gordon1934944.4%
P.J. Dozier to Facundo Campazzo73331030.0%
P.J. Dozier to Jeff Green3233560.0%
Bryn Forbes to Davon Reed2633650.0%
Bryn Forbes to Monte Morris3134850.0%
Bryn Forbes to JaMychal Green39331225.0%
Aaron Gordon to Facundo Campazzo84361540.0%
Jeff Green to P.J. Dozier2936966.7%
Jeff Green to Austin Rivers64351729.4%
Markus Howard to Zeke Nnaji933475.0%
Bones Hyland to Bol Bol1433560.0%
Monte Morris to Facundo Campazzo83351533.3%
Monte Morris to Zeke Nnaji1233560.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Facundo Campazzo153371838.9%
Michael Porter Jr. to Aaron Gordon1936875.0%
Davon Reed to Bones Hyland1873113729.7%
Davon Reed to Vlatko Cancar1833560.0%
Davon Reed to Will Barton75351435.7%
Davon Reed to Jeff Green2633837.5%
Austin Rivers to JaMychal Green56331127.3%
Will Barton to Facundo Campazzo183262722.2%
Will Barton to P.J. Dozier32221020.0%
Bol Bol to Zeke Nnaji422366.7%
Vlatko Cancar to Bol Bol922366.7%
Vlatko Cancar to Davon Reed2224580.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Nikola Jokic1523742.9%
Vlatko Cancar to JaMychal Green7222100.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Zeke Nnaji922450.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Monte Morris4722922.2%
DeMarcus Cousins to Will Barton2723837.5%
P.J. Dozier to Bones Hyland64241428.6%
Aaron Gordon to Zeke Nnaji922450.0%
Aaron Gordon to Bryn Forbes1322450.0%
Aaron Gordon to DeMarcus Cousins1722450.0%
JaMychal Green to Markus Howard1322450.0%
JaMychal Green to Zeke Nnaji1824850.0%
JaMychal Green to Austin Rivers79282236.4%
JaMychal Green to DeMarcus Cousins3422728.6%
Jeff Green to Facundo Campazzo141251729.4%
Jeff Green to JaMychal Green1622728.6%
Bones Hyland to Markus Howard2422540.0%
Bones Hyland to Vlatko Cancar1122366.7%
Bones Hyland to P.J. Dozier53241233.3%
Nikola Jokic to Markus Howard1222540.0%
Nikola Jokic to Vlatko Cancar1922540.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Davon Reed42251050.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Bryn Forbes922450.0%
Zeke Nnaji to JaMychal Green1122450.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Austin Rivers36241330.8%
Michael Porter Jr. to Will Barton32251241.7%
Davon Reed to Austin Rivers4122633.3%
Austin Rivers to Bol Bol822450.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Monte Morris5222100.0%
Will Barton to Markus Howard511425.0%
Will Barton to Davon Reed3712450.0%
Will Barton to Bryn Forbes1411333.3%
Bol Bol to Facundo Campazzo2111520.0%
Bol Bol to Petr Cornelie1111100.0%
Bol Bol to Nikola Jokic512366.7%
Facundo Campazzo to Petr Cornelie1511425.0%
Facundo Campazzo to James Ennis III912366.7%
Vlatko Cancar to Bones Hyland1612450.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Markus Howard1712825.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Monte Morris7111100.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Petr Cornelie611333.3%
Vlatko Cancar to Will Barton1311425.0%
Petr Cornelie to Facundo Campazzo1711425.0%
Petr Cornelie to Markus Howard511250.0%
Petr Cornelie to Zeke Nnaji4111100.0%
P.J. Dozier to Zeke Nnaji511333.3%
P.J. Dozier to Bol Bol3111100.0%
P.J. Dozier to Monte Morris3412633.3%
James Ennis III to Bones Hyland411333.3%
James Ennis III to Facundo Campazzo4111100.0%
James Ennis III to Davon Reed1111100.0%
Bryn Forbes to Facundo Campazzo7611714.3%
Bryn Forbes to Zeke Nnaji812728.6%
Aaron Gordon to Michael Porter Jr.3011128.3%
Aaron Gordon to Davon Reed1511250.0%
JaMychal Green to Vlatko Cancar8111100.0%
JaMychal Green to P.J. Dozier43121020.0%
Jeff Green to Davon Reed1111520.0%
Markus Howard to Facundo Campazzo4013933.3%
Markus Howard to Petr Cornelie811333.3%
Markus Howard to Nikola Jokic7122100.0%
Markus Howard to Austin Rivers3111100.0%
Markus Howard to Jeff Green411250.0%
Bones Hyland to Michael Porter Jr.4111100.0%
Nikola Jokic to Bol Bol511250.0%
Monte Morris to Bol Bol411250.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Nikola Jokic1511250.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Jeff Green911250.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Monte Morris86141330.8%
Michael Porter Jr. to JaMychal Green3111100.0%
Davon Reed to Monte Morris75141233.3%
Davon Reed to Petr Cornelie211250.0%
Davon Reed to Aaron Gordon1711250.0%
Austin Rivers to Markus Howard411333.3%
Austin Rivers to Zeke Nnaji3012922.2%
Austin Rivers to Vlatko Cancar811250.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Bol Bol1111100.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Nikola Jokic1111100.0%
Will Barton to Rayjon Tucker20000.0%
Will Barton to Bol Bol10000.0%
Will Barton to DeMarcus Cousins2601425.0%
Bol Bol to Carlik Jones10000.0%
Bol Bol to Bones Hyland130030.0%
Bol Bol to Markus Howard1302728.6%
Bol Bol to Davon Reed3011100.0%
Bol Bol to Vlatko Cancar40010.0%
Bol Bol to Monte Morris20000.0%
Bol Bol to P.J. Dozier20010.0%
Bol Bol to Will Barton30010.0%
Bol Bol to Austin Rivers70020.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Rayjon Tucker10000.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Michael Porter Jr.130090.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Zeke Nnaji80040.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Bryn Forbes30000.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Austin Rivers110050.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Jeff Green10010.0%
Petr Cornelie to Bones Hyland50000.0%
Petr Cornelie to Rayjon Tucker10000.0%
Petr Cornelie to Bol Bol10000.0%
Petr Cornelie to Davon Reed40000.0%
Petr Cornelie to Vlatko Cancar30000.0%
Petr Cornelie to Aaron Gordon10000.0%
Petr Cornelie to Austin Rivers50000.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Facundo Campazzo770080.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Markus Howard10000.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Nikola Jokic10000.0%
P.J. Dozier to Markus Howard10000.0%
P.J. Dozier to Michael Porter Jr.401333.3%
P.J. Dozier to Austin Rivers2401333.3%
James Ennis III to Jeff Green20000.0%
Bryn Forbes to Markus Howard40020.0%
Bryn Forbes to Aaron Gordon100040.0%
Bryn Forbes to Will Barton1201333.3%
Bryn Forbes to Austin Rivers63031323.1%
Bryn Forbes to Jeff Green601250.0%
Aaron Gordon to Markus Howard20000.0%
Aaron Gordon to P.J. Dozier240040.0%
JaMychal Green to Bol Bol20000.0%
JaMychal Green to Michael Porter Jr.60010.0%
JaMychal Green to Jeff Green3301812.5%
Jeff Green to Markus Howard60030.0%
Jeff Green to Zeke Nnaji80020.0%
Jeff Green to Vlatko Cancar20000.0%
Jeff Green to Bryn Forbes70010.0%
Jeff Green to James Ennis III10000.0%
Markus Howard to Bones Hyland190050.0%
Markus Howard to Bol Bol50000.0%
Markus Howard to Davon Reed150020.0%
Markus Howard to Vlatko Cancar80010.0%
Markus Howard to Monte Morris60020.0%
Markus Howard to Bryn Forbes40010.0%
Markus Howard to T.J. McConnell10000.0%
Markus Howard to Aaron Gordon2011100.0%
Markus Howard to JaMychal Green70010.0%
Markus Howard to Will Barton30010.0%
Markus Howard to DeMarcus Cousins20010.0%
Bones Hyland to Rayjon Tucker10000.0%
Bones Hyland to Petr Cornelie30010.0%
Bones Hyland to James Ennis III30010.0%
Nikola Jokic to Rayjon Tucker30010.0%
Nikola Jokic to DeMarcus Cousins20020.0%
Carlik Jones to Rayjon Tucker20010.0%
Carlik Jones to Petr Cornelie20000.0%
Monte Morris to Markus Howard60020.0%
Monte Morris to Rayjon Tucker10000.0%
Monte Morris to Vlatko Cancar20010.0%
Monte Morris to P.J. Dozier250050.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Bones Hyland95062524.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Bol Bol30000.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Vlatko Cancar80000.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Monte Morris2402366.7%
Zeke Nnaji to P.J. Dozier902366.7%
Zeke Nnaji to Aaron Gordon90010.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Will Barton3803650.0%
Zeke Nnaji to DeMarcus Cousins20000.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Bones Hyland50010.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Facundo Campazzo130000.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to P.J. Dozier20000.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Austin Rivers10000.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Jeff Green30010.0%
Davon Reed to Carlik Jones30010.0%
Davon Reed to Rayjon Tucker30000.0%
Davon Reed to Bol Bol10000.0%
Davon Reed to James Ennis III30010.0%
Davon Reed to JaMychal Green3401520.0%
Austin Rivers to Rayjon Tucker1011100.0%
Austin Rivers to P.J. Dozier1701333.3%
Austin Rivers to Petr Cornelie30010.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Carlik Jones2011100.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Facundo Campazzo40000.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Davon Reed20000.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Aaron Gordon10000.0%
Rayjon Tucker to JaMychal Green10000.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Will Barton20010.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Austin Rivers10000.0%