2020 Denver Nuggets Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Denver Nuggets averaged 296 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Nikola Jokic to Michael Porter Jr., with 136 assists on 603 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Nikola Jokic to Michael Porter Jr.60313614627752.7%
Nikola Jokic to Jamal Murray13309318136349.9%
Jamal Murray to Nikola Jokic8958811421553.0%
Will Barton to Nikola Jokic7868613523357.9%
Nikola Jokic to Will Barton734729520147.3%
Facundo Campazzo to Michael Porter Jr.190555910257.8%
Nikola Jokic to Paul Millsap24254569857.1%
Facundo Campazzo to Nikola Jokic679538718447.3%
Nikola Jokic to Monte Morris591487314052.1%
Nikola Jokic to P.J. Dozier28943448850.0%
Monte Morris to Nikola Jokic629396914049.3%
Nikola Jokic to Aaron Gordon27336449148.4%
Nikola Jokic to Gary Harris18934408348.2%
Michael Porter Jr. to Nikola Jokic50932569558.9%
Jamal Murray to Michael Porter Jr.15529317541.3%
Facundo Campazzo to JaMychal Green23128316448.4%
Paul Millsap to Nikola Jokic27125366555.4%
Will Barton to Michael Porter Jr.8924284858.3%
P.J. Dozier to Nikola Jokic27723376656.1%
Monte Morris to Michael Porter Jr.10123255347.2%
Jamal Murray to JaMychal Green10423234057.5%
Aaron Gordon to Michael Porter Jr.8922244158.5%
Nikola Jokic to Facundo Campazzo66421258728.7%
Nikola Jokic to JaMychal Green13621224548.9%
Jamal Murray to Paul Millsap15820264953.1%
Paul Millsap to Michael Porter Jr.6519214250.0%
Jamal Murray to Will Barton363183310531.4%
Aaron Gordon to Nikola Jokic20317285650.0%
Monte Morris to JaMychal Green15216165032.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Zeke Nnaji6915152171.4%
Will Barton to Jamal Murray26714256339.7%
P.J. Dozier to Michael Porter Jr.5713192673.1%
P.J. Dozier to JaMychal Green8013182962.1%
Monte Morris to Jamal Murray13113243863.2%
Facundo Campazzo to Jamal Murray17312335955.9%
Will Barton to Monte Morris13311152657.7%
Facundo Campazzo to Aaron Gordon10511112642.3%
Monte Morris to Will Barton14011164238.1%
Will Barton to Paul Millsap12610164337.2%
Facundo Campazzo to Monte Morris15110193850.0%
P.J. Dozier to Facundo Campazzo18010112544.0%
P.J. Dozier to Paul Millsap7610143243.8%
Gary Harris to Nikola Jokic10710162955.2%
Nikola Jokic to Austin Rivers13610143935.9%
Paul Millsap to Will Barton15110173745.9%
Monte Morris to P.J. Dozier6710152171.4%
Monte Morris to Paul Millsap8210102835.7%
Austin Rivers to Michael Porter Jr.4810132454.2%
Facundo Campazzo to P.J. Dozier1419114524.4%
Facundo Campazzo to Paul Millsap1269144134.1%
Paul Millsap to Jamal Murray2159225639.3%
Monte Morris to Isaiah Hartenstein53991560.0%
Jamal Murray to P.J. Dozier1029133834.2%
Will Barton to Aaron Gordon44891656.3%
Facundo Campazzo to Will Barton1578104223.8%
Jamal Murray to Facundo Campazzo148892634.6%
Jamal Murray to Gary Harris77892045.0%
Will Barton to P.J. Dozier61772231.8%
Will Barton to JaMychal Green62772231.8%
Aaron Gordon to Facundo Campazzo99791947.4%
JaMychal Green to Michael Porter Jr.607102343.5%
JaMychal Green to Nikola Jokic1027152853.6%
Markus Howard to Zeke Nnaji32771353.8%
Paul Millsap to JaMychal Green42771643.8%
Jamal Murray to Monte Morris1647143836.8%
Austin Rivers to Nikola Jokic1197143836.8%
P.J. Dozier to Will Barton72671936.8%
Gary Harris to Will Barton32661442.9%
Gary Harris to Paul Millsap41661637.5%
Nikola Jokic to Markus Howard34681361.5%
Nikola Jokic to Zeke Nnaji26661250.0%
Nikola Jokic to Vlatko Cancar47661442.9%
Michael Porter Jr. to Will Barton1526133933.3%
Michael Porter Jr. to Paul Millsap57691560.0%
Austin Rivers to JaMychal Green34661346.2%
Austin Rivers to JaVale McGee22661060.0%
Will Barton to Facundo Campazzo124571450.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Isaiah Hartenstein54561154.5%
Facundo Campazzo to JaVale McGee33561250.0%
JaMychal Green to Facundo Campazzo2115123336.4%
JaMychal Green to P.J. Dozier935112740.7%
JaMychal Green to Will Barton92592142.9%
Nikola Jokic to R.J. Hampton30551145.5%
Paul Millsap to Facundo Campazzo118571741.2%
Monte Morris to Facundo Campazzo1285112839.3%
Michael Porter Jr. to Facundo Campazzo221572035.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Austin Rivers29581172.7%
Will Barton to Isaiah Hartenstein2144757.1%
Will Barton to Gary Harris35441233.3%
JaMychal Green to Monte Morris1554152853.6%
Gary Harris to Michael Porter Jr.20471353.8%
Markus Howard to Bol Bol29441625.0%
Paul Millsap to Vlatko Cancar8444100.0%
Paul Millsap to Monte Morris814111764.7%
Paul Millsap to P.J. Dozier79462326.1%
Monte Morris to Zeke Nnaji11441040.0%
Jamal Murray to Isaiah Hartenstein4444850.0%
Jamal Murray to Aaron Gordon35451241.7%
Michael Porter Jr. to Jamal Murray1894183748.6%
Michael Porter Jr. to JaMychal Green29441040.0%
Austin Rivers to Paul Millsap27451050.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Austin Rivers67331520.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Bol Bol1434850.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Nikola Jokic32351050.0%
P.J. Dozier to Isaiah Hartenstein3534944.4%
P.J. Dozier to Jamal Murray107392634.6%
Aaron Gordon to Will Barton48351338.5%
Aaron Gordon to Austin Rivers22341136.4%
JaMychal Green to Markus Howard1734666.7%
JaMychal Green to Austin Rivers50371741.2%
R.J. Hampton to Zeke Nnaji1433560.0%
R.J. Hampton to Monte Morris2534944.4%
Gary Harris to Jamal Murray50371546.7%
Shaquille Harrison to Michael Porter Jr.1433475.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Vlatko Cancar1433475.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Monte Morris53351050.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to JaMychal Green1434850.0%
Paul Millsap to Gary Harris3033933.3%
Monte Morris to JaVale McGee1933742.9%
Jamal Murray to Bol Bol933475.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Aaron Gordon47361833.3%
Bol Bol to Markus Howard3025862.5%
Facundo Campazzo to R.J. Hampton2124850.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Bol Bol20231225.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Vlatko Cancar2922540.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Shaquille Harrison1122450.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Markus Howard54241723.5%
Vlatko Cancar to Zeke Nnaji1622728.6%
P.J. Dozier to Zeke Nnaji1722728.6%
P.J. Dozier to Monte Morris99241625.0%
P.J. Dozier to Aaron Gordon2525862.5%
Aaron Gordon to Markus Howard2222100.0%
JaMychal Green to Vlatko Cancar722366.7%
JaMychal Green to Gary Harris1022366.7%
JaMychal Green to Paul Millsap2923837.5%
R.J. Hampton to JaMychal Green1022728.6%
Gary Harris to JaMychal Green922540.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Markus Howard32221118.2%
Shaquille Harrison to Paul Millsap31251145.5%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Jamal Murray872122646.2%
Markus Howard to Isaiah Hartenstein8233100.0%
Nikola Jokic to Shaquille Harrison64221020.0%
Nikola Jokic to JaVale McGee722540.0%
JaVale McGee to Shaquille Harrison2823560.0%
Paul Millsap to Markus Howard1323560.0%
Paul Millsap to Austin Rivers2122450.0%
Monte Morris to Gary Harris2923560.0%
Jamal Murray to Zeke Nnaji2822922.2%
Jamal Murray to R.J. Hampton1422633.3%
Jamal Murray to Vlatko Cancar722450.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Markus Howard47261346.2%
Zeke Nnaji to Monte Morris1722540.0%
Zeke Nnaji to P.J. Dozier2223475.0%
Austin Rivers to Vlatko Cancar11222100.0%
Austin Rivers to Aaron Gordon1623742.9%
Will Barton to JaVale McGee611250.0%
Bol Bol to Facundo Campazzo1912366.7%
Bol Bol to R.J. Hampton1312366.7%
Bol Bol to Vlatko Cancar711333.3%
Bol Bol to P.J. Dozier4122100.0%
Bol Bol to Jamal Murray711250.0%
Vlatko Cancar to P.J. Dozier1512633.3%
Vlatko Cancar to Isaiah Hartenstein411250.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Shaquille Harrison1011250.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Jamal Murray1713560.0%
P.J. Dozier to Bol Bol711250.0%
P.J. Dozier to Vlatko Cancar511333.3%
P.J. Dozier to Gary Harris411333.3%
P.J. Dozier to Austin Rivers1611250.0%
P.J. Dozier to JaVale McGee911425.0%
Aaron Gordon to P.J. Dozier2111520.0%
Aaron Gordon to Paul Millsap511250.0%
JaMychal Green to Zeke Nnaji1111250.0%
JaMychal Green to Isaiah Hartenstein10111100.0%
JaMychal Green to Shaquille Harrison3811520.0%
JaMychal Green to Jamal Murray136173321.2%
JaMychal Green to Aaron Gordon4111100.0%
JaMychal Green to JaVale McGee6133100.0%
R.J. Hampton to Facundo Campazzo3811520.0%
R.J. Hampton to Vlatko Cancar711333.3%
R.J. Hampton to Isaiah Hartenstein2111100.0%
R.J. Hampton to Jamal Murray1311250.0%
R.J. Hampton to Nikola Jokic2312450.0%
R.J. Hampton to Will Barton1613475.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Facundo Campazzo2611333.3%
Shaquille Harrison to Zeke Nnaji411333.3%
Shaquille Harrison to P.J. Dozier4212540.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Nikola Jokic6212825.0%
Shaquille Harrison to JaMychal Green28121118.2%
Shaquille Harrison to Austin Rivers3211616.7%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Markus Howard811250.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Michael Porter Jr.611333.3%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Vlatko Cancar1011250.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to P.J. Dozier3212825.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Will Barton1912450.0%
Markus Howard to Michael Porter Jr.5111100.0%
Markus Howard to Vlatko Cancar35121216.7%
Markus Howard to Nikola Jokic1412540.0%
Markus Howard to JaVale McGee1111425.0%
Markus Howard to Paul Millsap1011333.3%
JaVale McGee to Vlatko Cancar511250.0%
JaVale McGee to JaMychal Green811250.0%
JaVale McGee to Will Barton1012366.7%
JaVale McGee to Austin Rivers2311250.0%
Paul Millsap to R.J. Hampton1111100.0%
Paul Millsap to Bol Bol4111100.0%
Paul Millsap to Isaiah Hartenstein2111100.0%
Paul Millsap to Shaquille Harrison3111520.0%
Monte Morris to R.J. Hampton1111250.0%
Monte Morris to Bol Bol411250.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Facundo Campazzo7313560.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Bol Bol1011333.3%
Zeke Nnaji to Michael Porter Jr.311250.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Isaiah Hartenstein4122100.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Markus Howard5111100.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Monte Morris172141921.1%
Michael Porter Jr. to P.J. Dozier60121118.2%
Michael Porter Jr. to Isaiah Hartenstein5111100.0%
Austin Rivers to Facundo Campazzo6414850.0%
Austin Rivers to P.J. Dozier2414757.1%
Will Barton to Markus Howard30010.0%
Will Barton to Zeke Nnaji30010.0%
Will Barton to R.J. Hampton30020.0%
Will Barton to Bol Bol20000.0%
Will Barton to Vlatko Cancar20000.0%
Will Barton to Shaquille Harrison10000.0%
Bol Bol to Zeke Nnaji40030.0%
Bol Bol to Monte Morris6011100.0%
Bol Bol to Shaquille Harrison100010.0%
Bol Bol to Greg Whittington10010.0%
Bol Bol to Nikola Jokic8011100.0%
Bol Bol to JaMychal Green10010.0%
Bol Bol to Will Barton80020.0%
Bol Bol to Austin Rivers20000.0%
Bol Bol to JaVale McGee10000.0%
Bol Bol to Paul Millsap30010.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Markus Howard210060.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Greg Whittington10010.0%
Facundo Campazzo to Gary Harris70020.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Facundo Campazzo230020.0%
Vlatko Cancar to R.J. Hampton90010.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Michael Porter Jr.90050.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Monte Morris100010.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Greg Whittington10010.0%
Vlatko Cancar to JaMychal Green30010.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Will Barton1001250.0%
Vlatko Cancar to Austin Rivers40000.0%
Vlatko Cancar to JaVale McGee601333.3%
Vlatko Cancar to Paul Millsap100010.0%
Gary Clark to Facundo Campazzo10000.0%
Gary Clark to Markus Howard10000.0%
P.J. Dozier to Markus Howard4011100.0%
P.J. Dozier to R.J. Hampton20000.0%
P.J. Dozier to Shaquille Harrison1801425.0%
P.J. Dozier to Greg Whittington20000.0%
Aaron Gordon to Monte Morris160010.0%
Aaron Gordon to Shaquille Harrison80050.0%
Aaron Gordon to Jamal Murray120010.0%
Aaron Gordon to JaMychal Green20000.0%
Aaron Gordon to JaVale McGee30020.0%
JaMychal Green to R.J. Hampton2101520.0%
R.J. Hampton to Markus Howard190040.0%
R.J. Hampton to Bol Bol60020.0%
R.J. Hampton to Michael Porter Jr.40010.0%
R.J. Hampton to P.J. Dozier10010.0%
R.J. Hampton to Greg Whittington10000.0%
R.J. Hampton to Paul Millsap10000.0%
Gary Harris to Facundo Campazzo20000.0%
Gary Harris to Monte Morris2501425.0%
Gary Harris to P.J. Dozier60010.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Bol Bol50020.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Monte Morris1703475.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Aaron Gordon902366.7%
Shaquille Harrison to Will Barton20010.0%
Shaquille Harrison to JaVale McGee200040.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Facundo Campazzo6002825.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Zeke Nnaji60020.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to R.J. Hampton2011100.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Bol Bol40000.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Paul Millsap10000.0%
Markus Howard to Facundo Campazzo150010.0%
Markus Howard to R.J. Hampton1902540.0%
Markus Howard to Monte Morris901250.0%
Markus Howard to P.J. Dozier401250.0%
Markus Howard to Shaquille Harrison160030.0%
Markus Howard to Jamal Murray302366.7%
Markus Howard to Greg Whittington10000.0%
Markus Howard to JaMychal Green80010.0%
Markus Howard to Will Barton20000.0%
Markus Howard to Austin Rivers80000.0%
Nikola Jokic to Bol Bol130020.0%
JaVale McGee to Facundo Campazzo5501250.0%
JaVale McGee to Markus Howard1401520.0%
JaVale McGee to Zeke Nnaji30000.0%
JaVale McGee to Bol Bol10010.0%
JaVale McGee to Michael Porter Jr.90030.0%
JaVale McGee to Monte Morris260040.0%
JaVale McGee to P.J. Dozier110010.0%
JaVale McGee to Jamal Murray40020.0%
JaVale McGee to Nikola Jokic6011100.0%
JaVale McGee to Aaron Gordon50000.0%
JaVale McGee to Paul Millsap30010.0%
Paul Millsap to Zeke Nnaji30020.0%
Paul Millsap to Aaron Gordon120040.0%
Monte Morris to Markus Howard70050.0%
Monte Morris to Vlatko Cancar80020.0%
Monte Morris to Shaquille Harrison80030.0%
Monte Morris to Aaron Gordon170040.0%
Monte Morris to Austin Rivers3011100.0%
Jamal Murray to Markus Howard20020.0%
Zeke Nnaji to R.J. Hampton120040.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Vlatko Cancar190020.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Shaquille Harrison60020.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Jamal Murray3004666.7%
Zeke Nnaji to Greg Whittington10000.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Nikola Jokic1902540.0%
Zeke Nnaji to JaMychal Green50020.0%
Zeke Nnaji to Will Barton130000.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Zeke Nnaji10000.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to R.J. Hampton10000.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Vlatko Cancar30010.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Shaquille Harrison160000.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to Gary Harris130010.0%
Michael Porter Jr. to JaVale McGee60000.0%
Austin Rivers to Markus Howard4011100.0%
Austin Rivers to Monte Morris10000.0%
Austin Rivers to Shaquille Harrison2401425.0%
Greg Whittington to Facundo Campazzo10000.0%
Greg Whittington to Markus Howard40010.0%
Greg Whittington to R.J. Hampton1011100.0%
Greg Whittington to P.J. Dozier3011100.0%