2020 Toronto Raptors Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Toronto Raptors averaged 292 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Fred VanVleet to Pascal Siakam, with 60 assists on 878 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Fred VanVleet to Pascal Siakam8786011429738.4%
Kyle Lowry to Chris Boucher239545510651.9%
Kyle Lowry to Norman Powell310526613947.5%
Pascal Siakam to Fred VanVleet900518719943.7%
Kyle Lowry to Pascal Siakam613489121642.1%
Fred VanVleet to Norman Powell321486413148.9%
Fred VanVleet to OG Anunoby325465211744.4%
Kyle Lowry to Fred VanVleet571396715244.1%
Fred VanVleet to Kyle Lowry424395111145.9%
Fred VanVleet to Chris Boucher23138398347.0%
Kyle Lowry to OG Anunoby26734399142.9%
Pascal Siakam to OG Anunoby22031359636.5%
Kyle Lowry to Aron Baynes19230307341.1%
Pascal Siakam to Norman Powell19029387749.4%
Pascal Siakam to Kyle Lowry49827418448.8%
Fred VanVleet to Aron Baynes21526266540.0%
Malachi Flynn to Chris Boucher13524275549.1%
Pascal Siakam to Chris Boucher12224255545.5%
Kyle Lowry to Terence Davis12319205139.2%
Kyle Lowry to DeAndre' Bembry10817173351.5%
Malachi Flynn to Gary Trent Jr.8916205933.9%
Malachi Flynn to OG Anunoby10315203655.6%
Malachi Flynn to Khem Birch15315153641.7%
OG Anunoby to Chris Boucher6914142653.8%
Pascal Siakam to Aron Baynes9314162759.3%
OG Anunoby to Kyle Lowry26113204940.8%
Norman Powell to Chris Boucher7813143243.8%
Norman Powell to Pascal Siakam13713214151.2%
Fred VanVleet to Khem Birch8113142948.3%
DeAndre' Bembry to Chris Boucher10312133537.1%
DeAndre' Bembry to Pascal Siakam15612265052.0%
Chris Boucher to Fred VanVleet37112317939.2%
Norman Powell to Fred VanVleet22312185930.5%
Pascal Siakam to Terence Davis5512122254.5%
Pascal Siakam to Gary Trent Jr.8112184440.9%
Fred VanVleet to Terence Davis8312143638.9%
OG Anunoby to Fred VanVleet31111248030.0%
Chris Boucher to Norman Powell7911182766.7%
Terence Davis to Chris Boucher6611122744.4%
Malachi Flynn to Stanley Johnson14511144035.0%
Stanley Johnson to Yuta Watanabe4611122352.2%
Kyle Lowry to Khem Birch5811111861.1%
Pascal Siakam to Khem Birch6311111957.9%
Fred VanVleet to Stanley Johnson11811132944.8%
OG Anunoby to Norman Powell8210122842.9%
OG Anunoby to Aron Baynes5610102050.0%
Aron Baynes to Kyle Lowry29710184440.9%
DeAndre' Bembry to Aron Baynes7110101758.8%
Stanley Johnson to Khem Birch4510122157.1%
Norman Powell to Kyle Lowry18210163447.1%
Pascal Siakam to Malachi Flynn16310163053.3%
OG Anunoby to Pascal Siakam1579214645.7%
Aron Baynes to Norman Powell759153345.5%
Norman Powell to OG Anunoby589122450.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Chris Boucher37991947.4%
DeAndre' Bembry to Norman Powell738162955.2%
Khem Birch to OG Anunoby298111861.1%
Chris Boucher to Kyle Lowry3748216532.3%
Malachi Flynn to Yuta Watanabe90892045.0%
Malachi Flynn to Fred VanVleet1008153938.5%
Malachi Flynn to DeAndre' Bembry1258122744.4%
Stanley Johnson to Chris Boucher51882040.0%
Stanley Johnson to Pascal Siakam698142263.6%
Stanley Johnson to Norman Powell778122842.9%
Pascal Siakam to DeAndre' Bembry1168102343.5%
OG Anunoby to Gary Trent Jr.39791464.3%
Aron Baynes to Fred VanVleet2987175829.3%
DeAndre' Bembry to Yuta Watanabe59772035.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Fred VanVleet1337123435.3%
DeAndre' Bembry to Stanley Johnson1077103132.3%
Khem Birch to Malachi Flynn1747123237.5%
Chris Boucher to Pascal Siakam1737224647.8%
Malachi Flynn to Pascal Siakam1787205337.7%
Stanley Johnson to OG Anunoby46791850.0%
Stanley Johnson to Kyle Lowry1907205139.2%
Kyle Lowry to Yuta Watanabe62771838.9%
Fred VanVleet to DeAndre' Bembry85781747.1%
Yuta Watanabe to Chris Boucher37771546.7%
OG Anunoby to Khem Birch30661250.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Jalen Harris406111764.7%
Malachi Flynn to Freddie Gillespie5666875.0%
Malachi Flynn to Paul Watson26671070.0%
Stanley Johnson to Aron Baynes39661346.2%
Pascal Siakam to Stanley Johnson90671546.7%
Fred VanVleet to Yuta Watanabe50671936.8%
Fred VanVleet to Gary Trent Jr.49682828.6%
OG Anunoby to DeAndre' Bembry5056875.0%
Aron Baynes to OG Anunoby32571450.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Terence Davis42561637.5%
DeAndre' Bembry to OG Anunoby52582138.1%
DeAndre' Bembry to Khem Birch32561346.2%
DeAndre' Bembry to Kyle Lowry1305133141.9%
Chris Boucher to Malachi Flynn153582433.3%
Terence Davis to DeAndre' Bembry4256875.0%
Terence Davis to Norman Powell39581172.7%
Jalen Harris to Khem Birch1555771.4%
Kyle Lowry to Matt Thomas3056966.7%
Kyle Lowry to Stanley Johnson129562326.1%
Norman Powell to Stanley Johnson3855862.5%
Fred VanVleet to Paul Watson24571258.3%
Yuta Watanabe to Freddie Gillespie1255862.5%
Yuta Watanabe to Kyle Lowry1095111957.9%
Aron Baynes to Pascal Siakam884122450.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Freddie Gillespie60451338.5%
DeAndre' Bembry to Malachi Flynn1364143540.0%
Khem Birch to Pascal Siakam89482729.6%
Chris Boucher to OG Anunoby46471546.7%
Chris Boucher to DeAndre' Bembry139451145.5%
Freddie Gillespie to Yuta Watanabe2544944.4%
Stanley Johnson to Freddie Gillespie23441040.0%
Stanley Johnson to Malachi Flynn1714103627.8%
Stanley Johnson to Fred VanVleet1934114524.4%
Stanley Johnson to DeAndre' Bembry118452222.7%
Pascal Siakam to Yuta Watanabe41451338.5%
Pascal Siakam to Paul Watson1145683.3%
Gary Trent Jr. to OG Anunoby23471258.3%
Yuta Watanabe to Pascal Siakam704142556.0%
Paul Watson to Gary Trent Jr.5455100.0%
OG Anunoby to Malachi Flynn116392634.6%
OG Anunoby to Yuta Watanabe1333560.0%
Khem Birch to Yuta Watanabe2234666.7%
Khem Birch to Fred VanVleet106342020.0%
Chris Boucher to Yuta Watanabe3933837.5%
Chris Boucher to Gary Trent Jr.49371838.9%
Terence Davis to Stanley Johnson19333100.0%
Terence Davis to Kyle Lowry105382040.0%
Malachi Flynn to Jalen Harris39361637.5%
Malachi Flynn to Kyle Lowry51361346.2%
Kyle Lowry to Paul Watson38331225.0%
Norman Powell to Yuta Watanabe1833650.0%
Norman Powell to Terence Davis32361637.5%
Pascal Siakam to Matt Thomas1733837.5%
Gary Trent Jr. to Fred VanVleet46351145.5%
Fred VanVleet to Rodney Hood1533650.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Jalen Harris1333650.0%
Yuta Watanabe to OG Anunoby22351050.0%
Paul Watson to Kyle Lowry55341233.3%
OG Anunoby to Freddie Gillespie6222100.0%
Aron Baynes to Malachi Flynn75261931.6%
Aron Baynes to Terence Davis4123742.9%
Aron Baynes to Chris Boucher1022366.7%
DeAndre' Bembry to Matt Thomas1722450.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Paul Watson3724850.0%
Khem Birch to Freddie Gillespie822366.7%
Khem Birch to Jalen Harris1123475.0%
Khem Birch to Gary Trent Jr.27231421.4%
Khem Birch to DeAndre' Bembry3922540.0%
Chris Boucher to Matt Thomas2322728.6%
Chris Boucher to Terence Davis63261442.9%
Chris Boucher to Paul Watson1923475.0%
Terence Davis to Matt Thomas10233100.0%
Terence Davis to Fred VanVleet802112152.4%
Terence Davis to Pascal Siakam49251435.7%
Henry Ellenson to Paul Watson822366.7%
Malachi Flynn to Terence Davis2523650.0%
Malachi Flynn to Aron Baynes4322728.6%
Jalen Harris to Yuta Watanabe922366.7%
Jalen Harris to Pascal Siakam4222100.0%
Jalen Harris to DeAndre' Bembry3322728.6%
Rodney Hood to Freddie Gillespie522366.7%
Stanley Johnson to Terence Davis42231030.0%
Stanley Johnson to Gary Trent Jr.22231127.3%
Kyle Lowry to Malachi Flynn61241625.0%
Kyle Lowry to Gary Trent Jr.26241136.4%
Kyle Lowry to Alex Len1322450.0%
Patrick McCaw to Fred VanVleet1522540.0%
Patrick McCaw to Norman Powell3222100.0%
Norman Powell to DeAndre' Bembry3323742.9%
Norman Powell to Aron Baynes42231323.1%
Pascal Siakam to Freddie Gillespie1822450.0%
Pascal Siakam to Rodney Hood2423933.3%
Matt Thomas to Terence Davis722540.0%
Matt Thomas to Pascal Siakam17231030.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Malachi Flynn51251631.3%
Gary Trent Jr. to DeAndre' Bembry2224580.0%
Fred VanVleet to Malachi Flynn89252222.7%
Fred VanVleet to Alex Len822366.7%
Yuta Watanabe to Gary Trent Jr.21251241.7%
Yuta Watanabe to Paul Watson1122540.0%
Yuta Watanabe to DeAndre' Bembry7924580.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Stanley Johnson49241040.0%
Paul Watson to Yuta Watanabe1122540.0%
Paul Watson to Norman Powell1924944.4%
OG Anunoby to Jalen Harris1111100.0%
OG Anunoby to Matt Thomas5111100.0%
OG Anunoby to Stanley Johnson3011333.3%
Aron Baynes to Jalen Harris511250.0%
Aron Baynes to Matt Thomas1211520.0%
Aron Baynes to Gary Trent Jr.12122100.0%
Aron Baynes to DeAndre' Bembry6114944.4%
Aron Baynes to Stanley Johnson52141040.0%
Aron Baynes to Rodney Hood1111100.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Gary Trent Jr.30141233.3%
DeAndre' Bembry to Henry Ellenson7111100.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Rodney Hood1511250.0%
Khem Birch to Chris Boucher1111520.0%
Khem Birch to Stanley Johnson4611128.3%
Khem Birch to Rodney Hood1311425.0%
Chris Boucher to Stanley Johnson5613837.5%
Chris Boucher to Khem Birch1112366.7%
Terence Davis to Malachi Flynn2011333.3%
Terence Davis to Paul Watson811250.0%
Terence Davis to OG Anunoby2111425.0%
Terence Davis to Aron Baynes3011425.0%
Henry Ellenson to Jalen Harris4111100.0%
Henry Ellenson to Terence Davis3111100.0%
Henry Ellenson to DeAndre' Bembry12122100.0%
Malachi Flynn to Matt Thomas811425.0%
Malachi Flynn to Norman Powell2412922.2%
Malachi Flynn to Rodney Hood41131520.0%
Freddie Gillespie to Chris Boucher611333.3%
Freddie Gillespie to Fred VanVleet2612450.0%
Freddie Gillespie to DeAndre' Bembry6013742.9%
Freddie Gillespie to Stanley Johnson37131127.3%
Freddie Gillespie to Aron Baynes311250.0%
Freddie Gillespie to Kyle Lowry2011250.0%
Jalen Harris to Malachi Flynn1613742.9%
Jalen Harris to Matt Thomas3111100.0%
Jalen Harris to Gary Trent Jr.511333.3%
Jalen Harris to Chris Boucher7111100.0%
Jalen Harris to Henry Ellenson611250.0%
Jalen Harris to Aron Baynes2111100.0%
Rodney Hood to Malachi Flynn63171936.8%
Rodney Hood to DeAndre' Bembry2911714.3%
Rodney Hood to Stanley Johnson1511425.0%
Rodney Hood to Aron Baynes411333.3%
Stanley Johnson to Jalen Harris2313933.3%
Stanley Johnson to Matt Thomas1111333.3%
Stanley Johnson to Paul Watson911333.3%
Stanley Johnson to Rodney Hood1811425.0%
Alex Len to OG Anunoby1111100.0%
Alex Len to Fred VanVleet2011616.7%
Alex Len to Kyle Lowry2613837.5%
Kyle Lowry to Freddie Gillespie1811714.3%
Kyle Lowry to Jalen Harris2111100.0%
Kyle Lowry to Henry Ellenson1211425.0%
Norman Powell to Matt Thomas1111250.0%
Norman Powell to Paul Watson1011333.3%
Norman Powell to Alex Len611250.0%
Matt Thomas to Chris Boucher2211911.1%
Matt Thomas to OG Anunoby311250.0%
Matt Thomas to Norman Powell1611616.7%
Matt Thomas to Aron Baynes1011250.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Freddie Gillespie711250.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Pascal Siakam71182630.8%
Fred VanVleet to Freddie Gillespie1411425.0%
Fred VanVleet to Jalen Harris4111100.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Terence Davis2612540.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Fred VanVleet75151729.4%
Yuta Watanabe to Norman Powell2013560.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Khem Birch2111425.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Rodney Hood1712633.3%
Yuta Watanabe to Aron Baynes1311425.0%
Paul Watson to Malachi Flynn2711250.0%
Paul Watson to Matt Thomas911250.0%
Paul Watson to Chris Boucher1311425.0%
Paul Watson to OG Anunoby211250.0%
Paul Watson to Pascal Siakam711250.0%
Paul Watson to DeAndre' Bembry35122100.0%
Paul Watson to Stanley Johnson1611616.7%
OG Anunoby to Terence Davis3301714.3%
OG Anunoby to Paul Watson10000.0%
OG Anunoby to Patrick McCaw30000.0%
OG Anunoby to Rodney Hood20010.0%
OG Anunoby to Alex Len80000.0%
Aron Baynes to Freddie Gillespie20000.0%
Aron Baynes to Yuta Watanabe110020.0%
Aron Baynes to Paul Watson110020.0%
Aron Baynes to Patrick McCaw10000.0%
Aron Baynes to Khem Birch10000.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Patrick McCaw50000.0%
Khem Birch to Paul Watson90040.0%
Khem Birch to Aron Baynes20020.0%
Khem Birch to Kyle Lowry110041625.0%
Chris Boucher to Freddie Gillespie80030.0%
Chris Boucher to Jalen Harris50000.0%
Chris Boucher to Patrick McCaw50000.0%
Chris Boucher to Henry Ellenson20010.0%
Chris Boucher to Rodney Hood2011100.0%
Chris Boucher to Aron Baynes50000.0%
Terence Davis to Yuta Watanabe140030.0%
Terence Davis to Henry Ellenson10010.0%
Terence Davis to Alex Len10000.0%
Henry Ellenson to Matt Thomas80040.0%
Henry Ellenson to Yuta Watanabe10010.0%
Henry Ellenson to Chris Boucher10000.0%
Henry Ellenson to Norman Powell7011100.0%
Henry Ellenson to Kyle Lowry60010.0%
Malachi Flynn to Patrick McCaw10000.0%
Freddie Gillespie to Jalen Harris1702450.0%
Freddie Gillespie to Malachi Flynn104061540.0%
Freddie Gillespie to Gary Trent Jr.902450.0%
Freddie Gillespie to OG Anunoby1001250.0%
Freddie Gillespie to Pascal Siakam2401425.0%
Freddie Gillespie to Khem Birch70020.0%
Freddie Gillespie to Rodney Hood1701616.7%
Jalen Harris to Freddie Gillespie100020.0%
Jalen Harris to Paul Watson30020.0%
Jalen Harris to OG Anunoby10000.0%
Jalen Harris to Fred VanVleet4011100.0%
Jalen Harris to Stanley Johnson801425.0%
Jalen Harris to Rodney Hood501250.0%
Jalen Harris to Kyle Lowry40020.0%
Rodney Hood to Jalen Harris40030.0%
Rodney Hood to Yuta Watanabe110030.0%
Rodney Hood to Gary Trent Jr.60030.0%
Rodney Hood to Paul Watson10010.0%
Rodney Hood to Chris Boucher50020.0%
Rodney Hood to OG Anunoby1002540.0%
Rodney Hood to Fred VanVleet1201333.3%
Rodney Hood to Pascal Siakam28041233.3%
Rodney Hood to Khem Birch60000.0%
Rodney Hood to Kyle Lowry100020.0%
Stanley Johnson to Patrick McCaw30010.0%
Alex Len to Malachi Flynn30020.0%
Alex Len to Matt Thomas10000.0%
Alex Len to Terence Davis20010.0%
Alex Len to Pascal Siakam801333.3%
Alex Len to Norman Powell50010.0%
Kyle Lowry to Patrick McCaw10000.0%
Kyle Lowry to Rodney Hood801425.0%
Patrick McCaw to Malachi Flynn10000.0%
Patrick McCaw to Chris Boucher60000.0%
Patrick McCaw to OG Anunoby20020.0%
Patrick McCaw to Pascal Siakam3011100.0%
Patrick McCaw to DeAndre' Bembry30000.0%
Patrick McCaw to Stanley Johnson20010.0%
Patrick McCaw to Kyle Lowry30000.0%
Norman Powell to Malachi Flynn1601250.0%
Norman Powell to Patrick McCaw10000.0%
Norman Powell to Henry Ellenson60040.0%
Pascal Siakam to Jalen Harris70030.0%
Pascal Siakam to Patrick McCaw10000.0%
Pascal Siakam to Alex Len40010.0%
Matt Thomas to Jalen Harris50010.0%
Matt Thomas to Malachi Flynn70020.0%
Matt Thomas to Yuta Watanabe50000.0%
Matt Thomas to Paul Watson70030.0%
Matt Thomas to Fred VanVleet230030.0%
Matt Thomas to DeAndre' Bembry2201520.0%
Matt Thomas to Henry Ellenson60010.0%
Matt Thomas to Stanley Johnson120010.0%
Matt Thomas to Kyle Lowry2503650.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Jalen Harris20000.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Yuta Watanabe1701333.3%
Gary Trent Jr. to Paul Watson10010.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Stanley Johnson110040.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Khem Birch110020.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Rodney Hood60010.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Aron Baynes90010.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Kyle Lowry150030.0%
Fred VanVleet to Matt Thomas180050.0%
Fred VanVleet to Patrick McCaw60000.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Malachi Flynn1150102540.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Matt Thomas701250.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Alex Len10000.0%
Paul Watson to Jalen Harris30010.0%
Paul Watson to Terence Davis100020.0%
Paul Watson to Fred VanVleet3202633.3%
Paul Watson to Henry Ellenson20000.0%
Paul Watson to Khem Birch30010.0%
Paul Watson to Rodney Hood20000.0%
Paul Watson to Aron Baynes60010.0%