2022 Toronto Raptors Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Toronto Raptors average 292 passes per game. The current leading assist duo is Fred VanVleet to Scottie Barnes, with 97 assists on 961 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Fred VanVleet to Scottie Barnes9619714430247.7%
Fred VanVleet to Pascal Siakam12779418246838.9%
Pascal Siakam to Gary Trent Jr.444738821840.4%
Scottie Barnes to O.G. Anunoby538719021541.9%
Pascal Siakam to Scottie Barnes789718919944.7%
Fred VanVleet to O.G. Anunoby540708420840.4%
Scottie Barnes to Gary Trent Jr.483698919645.4%
Pascal Siakam to O.G. Anunoby396688016947.3%
Pascal Siakam to Fred VanVleet12496711729539.7%
Fred VanVleet to Gary Trent Jr.440638321339.0%
Scottie Barnes to Pascal Siakam8475310524443.0%
Fred VanVleet to Jakob Poeltl23750538264.6%
Scottie Barnes to Precious Achiuwa25436438252.4%
Scottie Barnes to Fred VanVleet916357319936.7%
Pascal Siakam to Chris Boucher11034366555.4%
Fred VanVleet to Precious Achiuwa20332358043.8%
Fred VanVleet to Chris Boucher15531327542.7%
Scottie Barnes to Chris Boucher16830328836.4%
Pascal Siakam to Jakob Poeltl15828295255.8%
Scottie Barnes to Jakob Poeltl13725254259.5%
Gary Trent Jr. to Pascal Siakam327234912539.2%
O.G. Anunoby to Pascal Siakam32822439445.7%
O.G. Anunoby to Scottie Barnes410214111037.3%
Pascal Siakam to Precious Achiuwa17820226334.9%
Gary Trent Jr. to Scottie Barnes28720348440.5%
O.G. Anunoby to Fred VanVleet532194311836.4%
Jakob Poeltl to O.G. Anunoby7918213461.8%
Gary Trent Jr. to O.G. Anunoby11516194641.3%
Thaddeus Young to Chris Boucher4415173351.5%
O.G. Anunoby to Gary Trent Jr.15214246437.5%
Fred VanVleet to Christian Koloko10314142850.0%
Fred VanVleet to Thaddeus Young17814184540.0%
Malachi Flynn to Chris Boucher7113132552.0%
Pascal Siakam to Thaddeus Young8713162564.0%
Jakob Poeltl to Pascal Siakam21512216035.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Precious Achiuwa10312143935.9%
Thaddeus Young to Pascal Siakam15612245742.1%
Scottie Barnes to Christian Koloko9411112544.0%
Scottie Barnes to Malachi Flynn17911184341.9%
Scottie Barnes to Thaddeus Young16911153050.0%
Chris Boucher to Gary Trent Jr.7411133240.6%
Malachi Flynn to Scottie Barnes15311154632.6%
Pascal Siakam to Malachi Flynn14611123237.5%
Thaddeus Young to O.G. Anunoby8511133141.9%
Precious Achiuwa to Chris Boucher4310102050.0%
O.G. Anunoby to Chris Boucher7510113630.6%
Gary Trent Jr. to Fred VanVleet28910267037.1%
O.G. Anunoby to Precious Achiuwa749112544.0%
O.G. Anunoby to Thaddeus Young90891656.3%
Pascal Siakam to Christian Koloko72882040.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Chris Boucher54882927.6%
Fred VanVleet to Khem Birch29881361.5%
Precious Achiuwa to Scottie Barnes2397154930.6%
Precious Achiuwa to Fred VanVleet3397327343.8%
Precious Achiuwa to Pascal Siakam2097275945.8%
O.G. Anunoby to Christian Koloko45771546.7%
Dalano Banton to Gary Trent Jr.39772231.8%
Malachi Flynn to O.G. Anunoby80792536.0%
Christian Koloko to Fred VanVleet1847165330.2%
Jakob Poeltl to Scottie Barnes1757123534.3%
Jakob Poeltl to Fred VanVleet3787266440.6%
Pascal Siakam to Juancho Hernangomez57771838.9%
Thaddeus Young to Malachi Flynn141781650.0%
Thaddeus Young to Juancho Hernangomez19781080.0%
Precious Achiuwa to Gary Trent Jr.1176184738.3%
Precious Achiuwa to O.G. Anunoby626102441.7%
Scottie Barnes to Dalano Banton41671353.8%
Malachi Flynn to Precious Achiuwa696102540.0%
Malachi Flynn to Juancho Hernangomez58661540.0%
Malachi Flynn to Pascal Siakam1576215240.4%
Christian Koloko to Pascal Siakam1266193850.0%
Pascal Siakam to Dalano Banton47661346.2%
Fred VanVleet to Malachi Flynn55662128.6%
Fred VanVleet to Juancho Hernangomez59662128.6%
Thaddeus Young to Dalano Banton63671643.8%
Thaddeus Young to Gary Trent Jr.776153050.0%
O.G. Anunoby to Jakob Poeltl64581747.1%
Dalano Banton to Chris Boucher30551338.5%
Chris Boucher to Precious Achiuwa52581457.1%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Chris Boucher33551631.3%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to O.G. Anunoby53582138.1%
Juancho Hernangomez to O.G. Anunoby40591656.3%
Gary Trent Jr. to Malachi Flynn74552520.0%
Thaddeus Young to Scottie Barnes2295103231.3%
O.G. Anunoby to Jeff Dowtin Jr.3045862.5%
O.G. Anunoby to Juancho Hernangomez3244757.1%
Dalano Banton to Scottie Barnes55481172.7%
Dalano Banton to Malachi Flynn59471643.8%
Dalano Banton to O.G. Anunoby38461442.9%
Scottie Barnes to Juancho Hernangomez89452321.7%
Scottie Barnes to Otto Porter Jr.4044850.0%
Will Barton to O.G. Anunoby1745862.5%
Will Barton to Pascal Siakam50461735.3%
Chris Boucher to Thaddeus Young2944666.7%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Pascal Siakam48491560.0%
Malachi Flynn to Thaddeus Young101491656.3%
Juancho Hernangomez to Malachi Flynn67461154.5%
Juancho Hernangomez to Chris Boucher2045955.6%
Christian Koloko to Chris Boucher1044666.7%
Jakob Poeltl to Gary Trent Jr.37471741.2%
Pascal Siakam to Will Barton57441723.5%
O.G. Anunoby to Dalano Banton37331225.0%
Dalano Banton to Ron Harper Jr.1133650.0%
Will Barton to Chris Boucher2034757.1%
Chris Boucher to O.G. Anunoby55341526.7%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Thaddeus Young1434580.0%
Malachi Flynn to Dalano Banton40341428.6%
Malachi Flynn to Gary Trent Jr.1153124129.3%
Juancho Hernangomez to Dalano Banton3135771.4%
Juancho Hernangomez to Precious Achiuwa835771.4%
Juancho Hernangomez to Pascal Siakam723122646.2%
Christian Koloko to Dalano Banton3334757.1%
Christian Koloko to Malachi Flynn75361346.2%
Otto Porter Jr. to O.G. Anunoby1833742.9%
Pascal Siakam to Khem Birch1833560.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Thaddeus Young71341330.8%
Fred VanVleet to Dalano Banton1634757.1%
Fred VanVleet to Will Barton26341136.4%
Precious Achiuwa to Dalano Banton4522728.6%
Precious Achiuwa to Otto Porter Jr.9222100.0%
Precious Achiuwa to Will Barton3122633.3%
O.G. Anunoby to Malachi Flynn65241233.3%
O.G. Anunoby to Will Barton1722450.0%
Dalano Banton to Juancho Hernangomez1622540.0%
Dalano Banton to Otto Porter Jr.1322450.0%
Dalano Banton to Will Barton1222450.0%
Scottie Barnes to Jeff Dowtin Jr.4222450.0%
Scottie Barnes to Will Barton5423560.0%
Will Barton to Precious Achiuwa2923560.0%
Khem Birch to Chris Boucher522366.7%
Khem Birch to Pascal Siakam33251145.5%
Chris Boucher to Christian Koloko822366.7%
Chris Boucher to Fred VanVleet2602135922.0%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Christian Koloko2122540.0%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Scottie Barnes5224850.0%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Precious Achiuwa3122922.2%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Fred VanVleet1526785.7%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Khem Birch5222100.0%
Malachi Flynn to Ron Harper Jr.1222450.0%
Malachi Flynn to Christian Koloko6622922.2%
Malachi Flynn to Fred VanVleet79252123.8%
Malachi Flynn to Jakob Poeltl1722366.7%
Ron Harper Jr. to Precious Achiuwa3222100.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Gary Trent Jr.18251145.5%
Christian Koloko to Scottie Barnes98291947.4%
Christian Koloko to Gary Trent Jr.40251435.7%
Christian Koloko to O.G. Anunoby32251241.7%
Jakob Poeltl to Precious Achiuwa1122450.0%
Jakob Poeltl to Chris Boucher822366.7%
Jakob Poeltl to Will Barton1922450.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Fred VanVleet22231030.0%
Pascal Siakam to Joe Wieskamp3222100.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Christian Koloko2522825.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Khem Birch1822366.7%
Thaddeus Young to Precious Achiuwa1322633.3%
Thaddeus Young to Fred VanVleet2932236833.8%
Precious Achiuwa to Thaddeus Young1012366.7%
O.G. Anunoby to Khem Birch15111100.0%
Dalano Banton to Christian Koloko2211425.0%
Dalano Banton to Justin Champagnie4111100.0%
Dalano Banton to Pascal Siakam44171450.0%
Scottie Barnes to Joe Wieskamp911250.0%
Scottie Barnes to Khem Birch2811425.0%
Will Barton to Scottie Barnes4413560.0%
Will Barton to Gary Trent Jr.37151435.7%
Will Barton to Fred VanVleet35171546.7%
Will Barton to Jakob Poeltl1111333.3%
Khem Birch to Dalano Banton711250.0%
Khem Birch to Gary Trent Jr.1412540.0%
Khem Birch to Fred VanVleet43151145.5%
Chris Boucher to Scottie Barnes2091143540.0%
Chris Boucher to Jeff Dowtin Jr.5012540.0%
Chris Boucher to Pascal Siakam1721224746.8%
Justin Champagnie to Malachi Flynn6111100.0%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Justin Champagnie1111100.0%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Malachi Flynn26131030.0%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Juancho Hernangomez811333.3%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Will Barton912450.0%
Malachi Flynn to Jeff Dowtin Jr.2912728.6%
Malachi Flynn to Khem Birch8111100.0%
Malachi Flynn to Otto Porter Jr.1212450.0%
Ron Harper Jr. to Christian Koloko511250.0%
Ron Harper Jr. to Will Barton3122100.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Fred VanVleet1601164139.0%
Christian Koloko to Jeff Dowtin Jr.18111100.0%
Christian Koloko to Will Barton811333.3%
Jakob Poeltl to Malachi Flynn2811616.7%
Otto Porter Jr. to Precious Achiuwa1312450.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Juancho Hernangomez6111100.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Thaddeus Young10111100.0%
Pascal Siakam to Jeff Dowtin Jr.4511714.3%
Gary Trent Jr. to Jeff Dowtin Jr.1712450.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Jakob Poeltl2012633.3%
Gary Trent Jr. to Will Barton1911616.7%
Fred VanVleet to Jeff Dowtin Jr.8111100.0%
Fred VanVleet to Otto Porter Jr.911520.0%
Joe Wieskamp to Ron Harper Jr.2111100.0%
Joe Wieskamp to Christian Koloko1111100.0%
Joe Wieskamp to Scottie Barnes511250.0%
Thaddeus Young to Jeff Dowtin Jr.1411333.3%
Thaddeus Young to Otto Porter Jr.11111100.0%
Precious Achiuwa to Ron Harper Jr.30000.0%
Precious Achiuwa to Christian Koloko60000.0%
Precious Achiuwa to Joe Wieskamp20010.0%
Precious Achiuwa to Jeff Dowtin Jr.3902540.0%
Precious Achiuwa to Malachi Flynn6601520.0%
Precious Achiuwa to Juancho Hernangomez70010.0%
Precious Achiuwa to Jakob Poeltl10010.0%
Precious Achiuwa to Khem Birch10000.0%
O.G. Anunoby to Joe Wieskamp20010.0%
O.G. Anunoby to Otto Porter Jr.100010.0%
Dalano Banton to Joe Wieskamp70010.0%
Dalano Banton to Jeff Dowtin Jr.40010.0%
Dalano Banton to Precious Achiuwa330030.0%
Dalano Banton to Fred VanVleet2401520.0%
Dalano Banton to Jakob Poeltl30000.0%
Dalano Banton to Khem Birch30000.0%
Dalano Banton to Thaddeus Young400050.0%
Will Barton to Ron Harper Jr.40010.0%
Will Barton to Christian Koloko50010.0%
Will Barton to Dalano Banton100020.0%
Will Barton to Jeff Dowtin Jr.60010.0%
Will Barton to Malachi Flynn601333.3%
Will Barton to Thaddeus Young30000.0%
Khem Birch to Ron Harper Jr.10000.0%
Khem Birch to Scottie Barnes3303933.3%
Khem Birch to Jeff Dowtin Jr.30010.0%
Khem Birch to Malachi Flynn120030.0%
Khem Birch to Precious Achiuwa10000.0%
Khem Birch to O.G. Anunoby1401425.0%
Khem Birch to Juancho Hernangomez1011100.0%
Khem Birch to Otto Porter Jr.10000.0%
Chris Boucher to Ron Harper Jr.20010.0%
Chris Boucher to Dalano Banton4001714.3%
Chris Boucher to Joe Wieskamp10010.0%
Chris Boucher to Malachi Flynn11101812.5%
Chris Boucher to Juancho Hernangomez90010.0%
Chris Boucher to Jakob Poeltl60000.0%
Chris Boucher to Khem Birch10010.0%
Chris Boucher to Otto Porter Jr.60020.0%
Chris Boucher to Will Barton310050.0%
Justin Champagnie to Dalano Banton40010.0%
Justin Champagnie to Jeff Dowtin Jr.10000.0%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Ron Harper Jr.50010.0%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Dalano Banton70020.0%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Joe Wieskamp40020.0%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Gary Trent Jr.2003837.5%
Jeff Dowtin Jr. to Jakob Poeltl130000.0%
Malachi Flynn to Joe Wieskamp70020.0%
Malachi Flynn to Justin Champagnie10000.0%
Malachi Flynn to Will Barton10000.0%
Ron Harper Jr. to Dalano Banton1001250.0%
Ron Harper Jr. to Joe Wieskamp30020.0%
Ron Harper Jr. to Jeff Dowtin Jr.5022100.0%
Ron Harper Jr. to Malachi Flynn120040.0%
Ron Harper Jr. to Chris Boucher10010.0%
Ron Harper Jr. to Juancho Hernangomez10000.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Ron Harper Jr.20000.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Christian Koloko120030.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Scottie Barnes95021315.4%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jeff Dowtin Jr.1801250.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Khem Birch10000.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Otto Porter Jr.10000.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Thaddeus Young210020.0%
Christian Koloko to Ron Harper Jr.3011100.0%
Christian Koloko to Precious Achiuwa100020.0%
Christian Koloko to Juancho Hernangomez80000.0%
Christian Koloko to Otto Porter Jr.10000.0%
Christian Koloko to Thaddeus Young30010.0%
Jakob Poeltl to Dalano Banton50000.0%
Jakob Poeltl to Jeff Dowtin Jr.150010.0%
Jakob Poeltl to Thaddeus Young20000.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Christian Koloko30000.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Dalano Banton1801250.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Scottie Barnes4002922.2%
Otto Porter Jr. to Malachi Flynn110020.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Gary Trent Jr.80040.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Chris Boucher80020.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Pascal Siakam5011100.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Khem Birch10000.0%
Pascal Siakam to Otto Porter Jr.20010.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Dalano Banton120020.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Juancho Hernangomez70010.0%
Gary Trent Jr. to Otto Porter Jr.60000.0%
Joe Wieskamp to Dalano Banton40010.0%
Joe Wieskamp to Jeff Dowtin Jr.10000.0%
Joe Wieskamp to Malachi Flynn501333.3%
Joe Wieskamp to Precious Achiuwa50010.0%
Joe Wieskamp to Chris Boucher10010.0%
Joe Wieskamp to Pascal Siakam6011100.0%
Joe Wieskamp to Will Barton10010.0%
Thaddeus Young to Christian Koloko30010.0%
Thaddeus Young to Joe Wieskamp10000.0%
Thaddeus Young to Will Barton60000.0%