2020 Minnesota Timberwolves Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Minnesota Timberwolves averaged 296 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Ricky Rubio to Karl-Anthony Towns, with 110 assists on 912 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Ricky Rubio to Karl-Anthony Towns91211013931943.6%
Ricky Rubio to Anthony Edwards7396511628141.3%
Anthony Edwards to Karl-Anthony Towns443547617443.7%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Anthony Edwards520549422641.6%
Ricky Rubio to Malik Beasley315526314045.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Naz Reid22544499054.4%
Jordan McLaughlin to Naz Reid341394910447.1%
Ricky Rubio to Naz Reid26038438948.3%
D'Angelo Russell to Malik Beasley22238499352.7%
D'Angelo Russell to Karl-Anthony Towns327354710743.9%
Ricky Rubio to Jarred Vanderbilt20531315655.4%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Ricky Rubio633304312135.5%
Anthony Edwards to Ricky Rubio542294211237.5%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jaden McDaniels18329296246.8%
Anthony Edwards to Naz Reid16927357844.9%
Ricky Rubio to Jaden McDaniels16427296048.3%
D'Angelo Russell to Anthony Edwards272274512037.5%
Jordan McLaughlin to Anthony Edwards253264510841.7%
Ricky Rubio to Jake Layman11325265349.1%
Karl-Anthony Towns to D'Angelo Russell28125459248.9%
Ricky Rubio to Juancho Hernangomez9523234353.5%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Malik Beasley9922264953.1%
Jordan McLaughlin to Karl-Anthony Towns18821276045.0%
Ricky Rubio to Josh Okogie13920205536.4%
Ricky Rubio to D'Angelo Russell26820369338.7%
Anthony Edwards to Malik Beasley13619246536.9%
Anthony Edwards to D'Angelo Russell28019357944.3%
D'Angelo Russell to Juancho Hernangomez14819206033.3%
Anthony Edwards to Jaden McDaniels14518205337.7%
Jordan McLaughlin to Jaylen Nowell14018195534.5%
D'Angelo Russell to Ricky Rubio19218204148.8%
D'Angelo Russell to Jaden McDaniels7316183452.9%
Malik Beasley to Naz Reid10115173548.6%
Ricky Rubio to Jaylen Nowell10515214348.8%
Jordan McLaughlin to Jake Layman6714142850.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Malik Beasley14814155228.8%
Jordan McLaughlin to D'Angelo Russell14914214843.8%
Malik Beasley to Karl-Anthony Towns10613153246.9%
Anthony Edwards to Jarred Vanderbilt7913132161.9%
Anthony Edwards to Josh Okogie9913133141.9%
Jaden McDaniels to Anthony Edwards20513216631.8%
Jordan McLaughlin to Jaden McDaniels14313164833.3%
Jaylen Nowell to Naz Reid12913214744.7%
Jaylen Nowell to Karl-Anthony Towns9513153542.9%
Naz Reid to Malik Beasley10813163348.5%
D'Angelo Russell to Jordan McLaughlin11813131872.2%
D'Angelo Russell to Jarred Vanderbilt8313152560.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jarred Vanderbilt6513142070.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Juancho Hernangomez5313132259.1%
Malik Beasley to Anthony Edwards9311173647.2%
Jaden McDaniels to Karl-Anthony Towns10811153839.5%
Jordan McLaughlin to Jarred Vanderbilt7711111764.7%
Jordan McLaughlin to Juancho Hernangomez11511124129.3%
Josh Okogie to Karl-Anthony Towns8911123237.5%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Malik Beasley6911113432.4%
Jaden McDaniels to Naz Reid4210102050.0%
Naz Reid to Jaylen Nowell14910195038.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jaylen Nowell8110132944.8%
Jaden McDaniels to Ricky Rubio5239184639.1%
Josh Okogie to Anthony Edwards1079144332.6%
Josh Okogie to Malik Beasley629102737.0%
Naz Reid to Anthony Edwards2299308236.6%
Jarred Vanderbilt to D'Angelo Russell2009204346.5%
Malik Beasley to Jarred Vanderbilt50881553.3%
Anthony Edwards to Juancho Hernangomez64892832.1%
Josh Okogie to Naz Reid868102540.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Josh Okogie998113333.3%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Jaden McDaniels35891752.9%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Anthony Edwards1708256141.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Naz Reid318101566.7%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Jaylen Nowell488122450.0%
Malik Beasley to Juancho Hernangomez34771838.9%
Jaylen Nowell to Juancho Hernangomez48771546.7%
Josh Okogie to Jaden McDaniels45792437.5%
Naz Reid to D'Angelo Russell2927287636.8%
Ricky Rubio to Jarrett Culver45781457.1%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jake Layman49771643.8%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Jake Layman29791369.2%
Malik Beasley to Jarrett Culver30671258.3%
Malik Beasley to D'Angelo Russell1916244751.1%
Malik Beasley to Ricky Rubio2276123138.7%
Anthony Edwards to Jaylen Nowell716122842.9%
Jake Layman to Karl-Anthony Towns456101758.8%
Jaden McDaniels to Juancho Hernangomez1866966.7%
Jordan McLaughlin to Josh Okogie62661637.5%
Jaylen Nowell to Jaden McDaniels51662128.6%
D'Angelo Russell to Jarrett Culver60692240.9%
D'Angelo Russell to Josh Okogie106672725.9%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jordan McLaughlin115661833.3%
Malik Beasley to Josh Okogie52561442.9%
Ed Davis to Anthony Edwards72572924.1%
Ed Davis to Jarrett Culver44571163.6%
Juancho Hernangomez to Naz Reid46581747.1%
Jake Layman to Anthony Edwards61572231.8%
Jake Layman to Jordan McLaughlin71571450.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Malik Beasley50561637.5%
Naz Reid to Jaden McDaniels58561442.9%
Naz Reid to Jordan McLaughlin3405133240.6%
Naz Reid to Juancho Hernangomez67573420.6%
Naz Reid to Jake Layman34551338.5%
Malik Beasley to Jordan McLaughlin86441233.3%
Jarrett Culver to Jordan McLaughlin50471163.6%
Jarrett Culver to D'Angelo Russell97492931.0%
Ed Davis to Malik Beasley61461735.3%
Juancho Hernangomez to Anthony Edwards85482433.3%
Juancho Hernangomez to Josh Okogie2845862.5%
Juancho Hernangomez to Malik Beasley50481361.5%
Jake Layman to Ricky Rubio131451729.4%
Jaden McDaniels to Jordan McLaughlin328492240.9%
Jordan McLaughlin to Jarrett Culver50452321.7%
Jaylen Nowell to Jordan McLaughlin104462227.3%
Josh Okogie to Jaylen Nowell46481650.0%
Josh Okogie to Jarred Vanderbilt2644757.1%
Naz Reid to Josh Okogie53452222.7%
D'Angelo Russell to Jake Layman2744944.4%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Ricky Rubio4614144332.6%
Malik Beasley to Jaylen Nowell1833742.9%
Malik Beasley to Ed Davis4333837.5%
Jarrett Culver to Jaden McDaniels8333100.0%
Jarrett Culver to Jake Layman1633650.0%
Jarrett Culver to Malik Beasley37331520.0%
Ed Davis to Juancho Hernangomez1633560.0%
Ed Davis to D'Angelo Russell1403153740.5%
Anthony Edwards to Jordan McLaughlin170362326.1%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jaylen Nowell883101855.6%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jarred Vanderbilt1134580.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Karl-Anthony Towns3133837.5%
Juancho Hernangomez to D'Angelo Russell2013173943.6%
Jake Layman to Jarrett Culver1933837.5%
Jaden McDaniels to Jaylen Nowell993102540.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Jake Layman1933650.0%
Jaden McDaniels to D'Angelo Russell1853123534.3%
Jaylen Nowell to Anthony Edwards773173450.0%
Jaylen Nowell to Josh Okogie45331127.3%
Jaylen Nowell to Jake Layman3034944.4%
Jaylen Nowell to Malik Beasley1333560.0%
Jaylen Nowell to Ricky Rubio66361346.2%
Josh Okogie to D'Angelo Russell109352123.8%
Josh Okogie to Ricky Rubio124351729.4%
Naz Reid to Jarrett Culver42331127.3%
Naz Reid to Jarred Vanderbilt2033742.9%
Naz Reid to Ricky Rubio276392634.6%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jarrett Culver23341136.4%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Josh Okogie2433933.3%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Juancho Hernangomez2134757.1%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Karl-Anthony Towns39341136.4%
Jarrett Culver to Naz Reid43221118.2%
Jarrett Culver to Juancho Hernangomez2124850.0%
Jarrett Culver to Karl-Anthony Towns1823650.0%
Ed Davis to Jordan McLaughlin83241040.0%
Anthony Edwards to Jarrett Culver2722728.6%
Anthony Edwards to Jake Layman42221216.7%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jarrett Culver3925955.6%
Jaylen Nowell to Jarrett Culver1623933.3%
Jaylen Nowell to Jarred Vanderbilt2722633.3%
Josh Okogie to Jordan McLaughlin58251050.0%
Josh Okogie to Juancho Hernangomez2122540.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Naz Reid32241428.6%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Jarrett Culver1322366.7%
Malik Beasley to Jaden McDaniels3612728.6%
Jarrett Culver to Ed Davis2211520.0%
Jarrett Culver to Ricky Rubio7212922.2%
Ed Davis to Jaden McDaniels12111100.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jaden McDaniels1512450.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jordan McLaughlin168131520.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jake Layman1111250.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Ricky Rubio16013933.3%
Jake Layman to Naz Reid1911425.0%
Jake Layman to Juancho Hernangomez1111425.0%
Jake Layman to Malik Beasley1411425.0%
Jake Layman to D'Angelo Russell3812450.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Jarrett Culver1311425.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Jarred Vanderbilt2112366.7%
Jaden McDaniels to Josh Okogie3613560.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Ed Davis5711333.3%
Jordan McLaughlin to Ricky Rubio1411250.0%
Josh Okogie to Jake Layman911520.0%
Naz Reid to Karl-Anthony Towns1614580.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Jaylen Nowell1611616.7%
D'Angelo Russell to Ed Davis7211425.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Jordan McLaughlin154131225.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Ed Davis1111100.0%
Malik Beasley to Jake Layman100010.0%
Jarrett Culver to Anthony Edwards27031421.4%
Jarrett Culver to Jaylen Nowell110020.0%
Jarrett Culver to Jarred Vanderbilt80000.0%
Jarrett Culver to Josh Okogie20010.0%
Ed Davis to Jaylen Nowell1701520.0%
Ed Davis to Josh Okogie100030.0%
Ed Davis to Jake Layman1601333.3%
Ed Davis to Ricky Rubio3901250.0%
Anthony Edwards to Ed Davis3701250.0%
Ashton Hagans to Jaden McDaniels10000.0%
Ashton Hagans to Anthony Edwards10000.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Ed Davis60000.0%
Jake Layman to Ashton Hagans10000.0%
Jake Layman to Jaden McDaniels150010.0%
Jake Layman to Jaylen Nowell2901911.1%
Jake Layman to Jarred Vanderbilt120020.0%
Jake Layman to Josh Okogie50010.0%
Jake Layman to Ed Davis110010.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Ashton Hagans20000.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Ed Davis70010.0%
Jaylen Nowell to D'Angelo Russell1901714.3%
Jaylen Nowell to Ed Davis60000.0%
Josh Okogie to Jarrett Culver40020.0%
Josh Okogie to Ed Davis8011100.0%
Ricky Rubio to Jordan McLaughlin100010.0%
Ricky Rubio to Ed Davis310000.0%