2020 Phoenix Suns Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Phoenix Suns averaged 285 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Chris Paul to Deandre Ayton, with 138 assists on 701 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Chris Paul to Deandre Ayton70113815324861.7%
Chris Paul to Devin Booker107611519745942.9%
Chris Paul to Mikal Bridges59010010922548.4%
Chris Paul to Jae Crowder557788019740.6%
Devin Booker to Mikal Bridges349717715549.7%
Devin Booker to Deandre Ayton246667211761.5%
Chris Paul to Cameron Johnson378596016935.5%
Cameron Payne to Devin Booker494428518446.2%
Mikal Bridges to Deandre Ayton19239498657.0%
Devin Booker to Jae Crowder22935368641.9%
Cameron Payne to Cameron Johnson24335377350.7%
Chris Paul to Dario Saric23533389639.6%
Jae Crowder to Devin Booker345316513149.6%
Deandre Ayton to Devin Booker483287716147.8%
Chris Paul to Frank Kaminsky17528337544.0%
Devin Booker to Cameron Johnson14226275450.0%
Cameron Payne to Dario Saric36626348241.5%
Deandre Ayton to Mikal Bridges19025296544.6%
Mikal Bridges to Devin Booker292255311844.9%
Jae Crowder to Deandre Ayton16825356157.4%
Jae Crowder to Mikal Bridges15024274856.3%
Cameron Payne to Mikal Bridges14224244257.1%
Devin Booker to Cameron Payne20921285154.9%
Devin Booker to Chris Paul448205711051.8%
Cameron Payne to Jae Crowder20120215438.9%
Mikal Bridges to Jae Crowder13119194542.2%
Devin Booker to Dario Saric10418184738.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Mikal Bridges6718213265.6%
Chris Paul to Jevon Carter11818184837.5%
Devin Booker to Frank Kaminsky9016184341.9%
Cameron Johnson to Mikal Bridges7315162661.5%
Cameron Payne to Frank Kaminsky16915173351.5%
Mikal Bridges to Cameron Johnson6514142850.0%
Mikal Bridges to Chris Paul676145411646.6%
Chris Paul to Torrey Craig9114184242.9%
Cameron Payne to Torrey Craig9314152755.6%
Deandre Ayton to Jae Crowder16412134231.0%
Mikal Bridges to Frank Kaminsky5311112055.0%
Cameron Johnson to Dario Saric9211133438.2%
Cameron Payne to Langston Galloway5411112839.3%
Dario Saric to Cameron Johnson9211123237.5%
Deandre Ayton to Cameron Johnson7710112642.3%
Mikal Bridges to Dario Saric4410102245.5%
Jae Crowder to Cameron Johnson4410112152.4%
Cameron Johnson to Jevon Carter6410142263.6%
Cameron Payne to Deandre Ayton17110162759.3%
Jevon Carter to Cameron Payne1249162369.6%
Jevon Carter to Langston Galloway269101566.7%
Jevon Carter to Dario Saric56991369.2%
Cameron Johnson to Cameron Payne2869265745.6%
Chris Paul to Langston Galloway659102245.5%
Cameron Payne to Jevon Carter869102540.0%
Deandre Ayton to Chris Paul101489017052.9%
Jae Crowder to Cameron Payne2988214151.2%
Cameron Johnson to Torrey Craig34891947.4%
Cameron Johnson to Devin Booker1178164040.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Devin Booker1298143243.8%
Frank Kaminsky to Langston Galloway46881457.1%
Frank Kaminsky to E'Twaun Moore1058122254.5%
Mikal Bridges to Cameron Payne1967123435.3%
Torrey Craig to Jevon Carter31781361.5%
Cameron Johnson to Deandre Ayton69771838.9%
Frank Kaminsky to Abdel Nader43781942.1%
Frank Kaminsky to Cameron Payne1627142948.3%
Cameron Payne to Abdel Nader29771546.7%
Dario Saric to Chris Paul2827285352.8%
Jevon Carter to Torrey Craig29661346.2%
Jevon Carter to Abdel Nader1666966.7%
Jae Crowder to Frank Kaminsky40661637.5%
Cameron Johnson to Chris Paul3966357844.9%
E'Twaun Moore to Cameron Johnson50661250.0%
Chris Paul to Cameron Payne32681266.7%
Dario Saric to Mikal Bridges43671546.7%
Dario Saric to Torrey Craig29671163.6%
Dario Saric to Devin Booker1906305653.6%
Mikal Bridges to Jevon Carter32551435.7%
Jevon Carter to Jalen Smith21551145.5%
Jevon Carter to Mikal Bridges31551050.0%
Torrey Craig to Cameron Payne1485112642.3%
Torrey Craig to Devin Booker645122842.9%
Torrey Craig to Dario Saric26571070.0%
Jae Crowder to Dario Saric45551145.5%
Jae Crowder to E'Twaun Moore4955771.4%
Jae Crowder to Chris Paul95356614944.3%
Langston Galloway to Mikal Bridges1055683.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Jevon Carter78582040.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Jae Crowder38551241.7%
E'Twaun Moore to Deandre Ayton5956966.7%
Chris Paul to Abdel Nader54571838.9%
Dario Saric to Jevon Carter63561735.3%
Dario Saric to Cameron Payne3335164734.0%
Deandre Ayton to Torrey Craig1844850.0%
Deandre Ayton to Cameron Payne1944112445.8%
Mikal Bridges to Langston Galloway1844944.4%
Jevon Carter to Cameron Johnson54442218.2%
Jevon Carter to Chris Paul1394162369.6%
Langston Galloway to Frank Kaminsky2345955.6%
Cameron Johnson to Jae Crowder43441330.8%
E'Twaun Moore to Mikal Bridges3744757.1%
E'Twaun Moore to Abdel Nader1345771.4%
E'Twaun Moore to Devin Booker434101758.8%
E'Twaun Moore to Frank Kaminsky116451338.5%
E'Twaun Moore to Dario Saric3145955.6%
Abdel Nader to Cameron Johnson1644757.1%
Dario Saric to Abdel Nader1344944.4%
Dario Saric to Jae Crowder44461735.3%
Devin Booker to Torrey Craig42342020.0%
Devin Booker to Abdel Nader1733837.5%
Devin Booker to Langston Galloway1133742.9%
Devin Booker to E'Twaun Moore33331030.0%
Jevon Carter to Devin Booker39361540.0%
Jevon Carter to Frank Kaminsky62341822.2%
Jevon Carter to Jae Crowder2033475.0%
Torrey Craig to Deandre Ayton1833650.0%
Langston Galloway to Cameron Johnson1634850.0%
Langston Galloway to Jevon Carter3034944.4%
Cameron Johnson to Frank Kaminsky32341040.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Jalen Smith1233650.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Torrey Craig1433742.9%
E'Twaun Moore to Langston Galloway28331225.0%
Abdel Nader to Damian Jones533475.0%
Cameron Payne to Jalen Smith34341330.8%
Dario Saric to Deandre Ayton8333100.0%
Dario Saric to Frank Kaminsky5333100.0%
Ty-Shon Alexander to Jevon Carter1322633.3%
Ty-Shon Alexander to Langston Galloway822450.0%
Deandre Ayton to Jevon Carter48241040.0%
Deandre Ayton to Abdel Nader1622633.3%
Devin Booker to Jevon Carter2322728.6%
Jevon Carter to Deandre Ayton4322825.0%
Jevon Carter to Damian Jones1922366.7%
Torrey Craig to Cameron Johnson2022633.3%
Torrey Craig to Langston Galloway622366.7%
Jae Crowder to Jalen Smith2222100.0%
Jae Crowder to Jevon Carter2923560.0%
Langston Galloway to Deandre Ayton1022633.3%
Langston Galloway to Torrey Craig422366.7%
Cameron Johnson to Abdel Nader1924944.4%
Cameron Johnson to Langston Galloway22221118.2%
Damian Jones to Jevon Carter2823475.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Cameron Johnson45221414.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Chris Paul2482224746.8%
E'Twaun Moore to Jalen Smith1022540.0%
Abdel Nader to Deandre Ayton10233100.0%
Abdel Nader to Frank Kaminsky1522366.7%
Abdel Nader to Langston Galloway5222100.0%
Abdel Nader to E'Twaun Moore2823560.0%
Chris Paul to E'Twaun Moore30241233.3%
Dario Saric to E'Twaun Moore2723742.9%
Jalen Smith to E'Twaun Moore2222450.0%
Ty-Shon Alexander to Frank Kaminsky4111100.0%
Ty-Shon Alexander to E'Twaun Moore712366.7%
Deandre Ayton to Frank Kaminsky2111250.0%
Deandre Ayton to Langston Galloway711333.3%
Deandre Ayton to Dario Saric1111333.3%
Mikal Bridges to Jalen Smith1111100.0%
Mikal Bridges to Torrey Craig2913742.9%
Mikal Bridges to Abdel Nader911250.0%
Jevon Carter to E'Twaun Moore3113742.9%
Torrey Craig to Jalen Smith411250.0%
Torrey Craig to Mikal Bridges1611425.0%
Torrey Craig to Frank Kaminsky1411425.0%
Torrey Craig to Chris Paul1921132748.1%
Jae Crowder to Torrey Craig4111100.0%
Jae Crowder to Abdel Nader1211250.0%
Jae Crowder to Langston Galloway7111100.0%
Langston Galloway to Ty-Shon Alexander6111100.0%
Langston Galloway to Abdel Nader1111425.0%
Langston Galloway to Cameron Payne45121118.2%
Langston Galloway to Devin Booker812366.7%
Langston Galloway to Jae Crowder811250.0%
Langston Galloway to E'Twaun Moore3311250.0%
Langston Galloway to Chris Paul5214944.4%
Cameron Johnson to E'Twaun Moore64141040.0%
Damian Jones to Abdel Nader11111100.0%
Damian Jones to Langston Galloway1011520.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Deandre Ayton1812825.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Dario Saric1211616.7%
E'Twaun Moore to Jevon Carter2111714.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Damian Jones25111100.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Jae Crowder3011911.1%
E'Twaun Moore to Chris Paul3513475.0%
Abdel Nader to Jalen Smith411333.3%
Abdel Nader to Mikal Bridges511250.0%
Abdel Nader to Cameron Payne4913742.9%
Abdel Nader to Dario Saric1311250.0%
Chris Paul to Damian Jones10111100.0%
Cameron Payne to E'Twaun Moore1912633.3%
Dario Saric to Damian Jones1111100.0%
Dario Saric to Langston Galloway1713837.5%
Jalen Smith to Mikal Bridges2111100.0%
Jalen Smith to Langston Galloway3122100.0%
Ty-Shon Alexander to Jalen Smith501250.0%
Ty-Shon Alexander to Cameron Johnson10000.0%
Ty-Shon Alexander to Damian Jones20000.0%
Ty-Shon Alexander to Cameron Payne30000.0%
Ty-Shon Alexander to Dario Saric60010.0%
Deandre Ayton to E'Twaun Moore5405862.5%
Devin Booker to Damian Jones10010.0%
Mikal Bridges to Damian Jones20000.0%
Mikal Bridges to E'Twaun Moore250040.0%
Jevon Carter to Ty-Shon Alexander60030.0%
Torrey Craig to Ty-Shon Alexander10010.0%
Torrey Craig to Jae Crowder40030.0%
Torrey Craig to E'Twaun Moore5022100.0%
Jae Crowder to Damian Jones10010.0%
Langston Galloway to Jalen Smith30020.0%
Langston Galloway to Damian Jones40010.0%
Langston Galloway to Dario Saric160050.0%
Cameron Johnson to Ty-Shon Alexander201250.0%
Cameron Johnson to Damian Jones20000.0%
Damian Jones to Ty-Shon Alexander40010.0%
Damian Jones to Jalen Smith20000.0%
Damian Jones to Cameron Johnson60010.0%
Damian Jones to Mikal Bridges40010.0%
Damian Jones to Cameron Payne200020.0%
Damian Jones to Devin Booker70020.0%
Damian Jones to Frank Kaminsky20000.0%
Damian Jones to Dario Saric10010.0%
Damian Jones to Jae Crowder20010.0%
Damian Jones to E'Twaun Moore2402450.0%
Damian Jones to Chris Paul90020.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Ty-Shon Alexander401250.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Ty-Shon Alexander70010.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Torrey Craig50000.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Cameron Payne1901425.0%
Abdel Nader to Jevon Carter130020.0%
Abdel Nader to Devin Booker702450.0%
Abdel Nader to Jae Crowder40010.0%
Abdel Nader to Chris Paul52031225.0%
Chris Paul to Jalen Smith10000.0%
Cameron Payne to Ty-Shon Alexander20010.0%
Cameron Payne to Damian Jones270010.0%
Cameron Payne to Chris Paul4404666.7%
Dario Saric to Ty-Shon Alexander90000.0%
Dario Saric to Jalen Smith10000.0%
Jalen Smith to Ty-Shon Alexander100010.0%
Jalen Smith to Cameron Johnson40000.0%
Jalen Smith to Jevon Carter260030.0%
Jalen Smith to Torrey Craig30000.0%
Jalen Smith to Abdel Nader70010.0%
Jalen Smith to Cameron Payne4805771.4%
Jalen Smith to Devin Booker20000.0%
Jalen Smith to Frank Kaminsky30000.0%
Jalen Smith to Jae Crowder10000.0%
Jalen Smith to Chris Paul40000.0%