2020 Memphis Grizzlies Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Memphis Grizzlies averaged 283 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Ja Morant to Dillon Brooks, with 102 assists on 572 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Ja Morant to Dillon Brooks57210214229747.8%
Ja Morant to Jonas Valanciunas519799617953.6%
Kyle Anderson to Jonas Valanciunas318516211753.0%
Ja Morant to Brandon Clarke22651559458.5%
Ja Morant to Kyle Anderson595497217940.2%
Tyus Jones to Brandon Clarke273485110548.6%
Ja Morant to Grayson Allen342465312841.4%
Kyle Anderson to Ja Morant719427818941.3%
Ja Morant to Xavier Tillman Sr.20542437656.6%
Kyle Anderson to Dillon Brooks295405314137.6%
Dillon Brooks to Jonas Valanciunas29640599562.1%
Tyus Jones to Desmond Bane23437418250.0%
Ja Morant to Desmond Bane23533368343.4%
Kyle Anderson to Grayson Allen21632357646.1%
De'Anthony Melton to Brandon Clarke11530315655.4%
Grayson Allen to Kyle Anderson17229336154.1%
Tyus Jones to De'Anthony Melton22829399341.9%
Grayson Allen to Jonas Valanciunas14526295156.9%
Tyus Jones to Dillon Brooks21726419543.2%
Jonas Valanciunas to Dillon Brooks402264816529.1%
Dillon Brooks to Kyle Anderson21925287238.9%
Ja Morant to De'Anthony Melton15125295949.2%
Jonas Valanciunas to Kyle Anderson29024347545.3%
Tyus Jones to Jonas Valanciunas21823266043.3%
Desmond Bane to Xavier Tillman Sr.11222243863.2%
Kyle Anderson to Desmond Bane12021234748.9%
Kyle Anderson to Brandon Clarke7621213756.8%
Dillon Brooks to Ja Morant386214010538.1%
Jonas Valanciunas to Ja Morant880217016342.9%
De'Anthony Melton to Desmond Bane9620214250.0%
Tyus Jones to Xavier Tillman Sr.22119204148.8%
Desmond Bane to Ja Morant35417369139.6%
Brandon Clarke to Dillon Brooks13717235939.0%
Ja Morant to Jaren Jackson Jr.8817183847.4%
Tyus Jones to Justise Winslow10816204148.8%
Tyus Jones to Kyle Anderson23416307142.3%
Grayson Allen to Dillon Brooks10815185632.1%
Dillon Brooks to Desmond Bane7515163053.3%
Dillon Brooks to Brandon Clarke8115163348.5%
Desmond Bane to Brandon Clarke8614143737.8%
De'Anthony Melton to Tyus Jones24414235145.1%
Jonas Valanciunas to Desmond Bane13414183946.2%
Desmond Bane to Dillon Brooks11913245147.1%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Desmond Bane14113183946.2%
Jonas Valanciunas to Grayson Allen14813153345.5%
Desmond Bane to Jonas Valanciunas10112152268.2%
Tyus Jones to John Konchar12912123435.3%
De'Anthony Melton to Ja Morant23712256737.3%
Kyle Anderson to Xavier Tillman Sr.6211112445.8%
De'Anthony Melton to Xavier Tillman Sr.9011122744.4%
Desmond Bane to De'Anthony Melton11910183748.6%
Brandon Clarke to Desmond Bane10010123138.7%
Brandon Clarke to Tyus Jones22510204247.6%
Tyus Jones to Gorgui Dieng9910122157.1%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Dillon Brooks13210216432.8%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Kyle Anderson9910152951.7%
Grayson Allen to Desmond Bane45991752.9%
Dillon Brooks to Xavier Tillman Sr.80991656.3%
Brandon Clarke to Xavier Tillman Sr.439101758.8%
Brandon Clarke to Jonas Valanciunas33991275.0%
Tyus Jones to Grayson Allen1229104025.0%
John Konchar to Tyus Jones2029142948.3%
Ja Morant to John Konchar379101758.8%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Brandon Clarke639102147.6%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Ja Morant3369328239.0%
Justise Winslow to Brandon Clarke54992142.9%
Justise Winslow to De'Anthony Melton709112642.3%
Grayson Allen to Ja Morant3838268231.7%
Dillon Brooks to Grayson Allen828112937.9%
Brandon Clarke to Ja Morant3048378344.6%
Brandon Clarke to De'Anthony Melton1368143046.7%
Gorgui Dieng to Desmond Bane52881361.5%
De'Anthony Melton to Jonas Valanciunas858133537.1%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Grayson Allen76882532.0%
Desmond Bane to Kyle Anderson1237103826.3%
Dillon Brooks to Tyus Jones1457132944.8%
Tyus Jones to Killian Tillie51772035.0%
John Konchar to Desmond Bane80772924.1%
John Konchar to Gorgui Dieng43791947.4%
De'Anthony Melton to John Konchar19771070.0%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to De'Anthony Melton1227143145.2%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Tyus Jones3257184738.3%
Kyle Anderson to De'Anthony Melton776102835.7%
Kyle Anderson to Jaren Jackson Jr.20661540.0%
Kyle Anderson to Tyus Jones1986123237.5%
Desmond Bane to Tyus Jones2716123732.4%
Dillon Brooks to Gorgui Dieng3166785.7%
De'Anthony Melton to Gorgui Dieng49681553.3%
Ja Morant to Justise Winslow79673122.6%
Grayson Allen to Xavier Tillman Sr.53571643.8%
Grayson Allen to Tyus Jones111592240.9%
Kyle Anderson to John Konchar28561154.5%
Desmond Bane to Grayson Allen46592045.0%
Dillon Brooks to Jaren Jackson Jr.25561442.9%
Brandon Clarke to Grayson Allen54581457.1%
Brandon Clarke to Kyle Anderson79571936.8%
Tim Frazier to John Konchar1155771.4%
John Konchar to Jonas Valanciunas2756966.7%
De'Anthony Melton to Dillon Brooks67583225.0%
Ja Morant to Gorgui Dieng3455771.4%
Jonas Valanciunas to Tyus Jones3095173745.9%
Justise Winslow to Xavier Tillman Sr.3855955.6%
Justise Winslow to Ja Morant1175143046.7%
Justise Winslow to Dillon Brooks16571070.0%
Justise Winslow to Jonas Valanciunas51571258.3%
Grayson Allen to Brandon Clarke32441040.0%
Grayson Allen to Jaren Jackson Jr.6444100.0%
Desmond Bane to John Konchar60451050.0%
Desmond Bane to Justise Winslow57462128.6%
Dillon Brooks to De'Anthony Melton53471450.0%
Brandon Clarke to John Konchar1944757.1%
Brandon Clarke to Justise Winslow56461250.0%
Tyus Jones to Sean McDermott36441233.3%
Tyus Jones to Jaren Jackson Jr.38441526.7%
John Konchar to Xavier Tillman Sr.3644757.1%
De'Anthony Melton to Grayson Allen28451050.0%
De'Anthony Melton to Justise Winslow61492733.3%
De'Anthony Melton to Kyle Anderson65481844.4%
Jonas Valanciunas to Brandon Clarke52441330.8%
Justise Winslow to Tyus Jones1234133240.6%
Brandon Clarke to Gorgui Dieng1133560.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Brandon Clarke2233560.0%
Gorgui Dieng to De'Anthony Melton6934944.4%
Gorgui Dieng to Tyus Jones102381457.1%
Gorgui Dieng to Kyle Anderson3034850.0%
Tim Frazier to Grayson Allen1333650.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Dillon Brooks34371643.8%
John Konchar to Killian Tillie1233475.0%
John Konchar to Jontay Porter1533837.5%
De'Anthony Melton to Killian Tillie633560.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to John Konchar1633560.0%
Justise Winslow to Kyle Anderson22351050.0%
Grayson Allen to Gorgui Dieng2222633.3%
Kyle Anderson to Gorgui Dieng2222540.0%
Desmond Bane to Killian Tillie1122450.0%
Brandon Clarke to Jaren Jackson Jr.1022540.0%
Gorgui Dieng to John Konchar3222366.7%
Gorgui Dieng to Ja Morant40261250.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Grayson Allen2822450.0%
Tim Frazier to Brandon Clarke1022633.3%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Desmond Bane1122366.7%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Justise Winslow1022366.7%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Jonas Valanciunas8222100.0%
Tyus Jones to Ja Morant52261637.5%
John Konchar to Brandon Clarke2022728.6%
John Konchar to Dillon Brooks27241136.4%
Sean McDermott to John Konchar1222366.7%
De'Anthony Melton to Jaren Jackson Jr.28221612.5%
Killian Tillie to Xavier Tillman Sr.622366.7%
Killian Tillie to Tyus Jones5022825.0%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Justise Winslow6422219.5%
Justise Winslow to John Konchar722450.0%
Justise Winslow to Jontay Porter6222100.0%
Grayson Allen to De'Anthony Melton28131030.0%
Kyle Anderson to Sean McDermott3111100.0%
Kyle Anderson to Justise Winslow2111812.5%
Kyle Anderson to Tim Frazier5111100.0%
Desmond Bane to Sean McDermott811250.0%
Desmond Bane to Gorgui Dieng4711714.3%
Dillon Brooks to Justise Winslow811333.3%
Gorgui Dieng to Xavier Tillman Sr.1011250.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Justise Winslow511333.3%
Tim Frazier to Desmond Bane411250.0%
Tim Frazier to Xavier Tillman Sr.3111100.0%
Tim Frazier to Killian Tillie711425.0%
Tim Frazier to Justise Winslow1311250.0%
Tim Frazier to Kyle Anderson711250.0%
Tim Frazier to Jonas Valanciunas1111333.3%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to John Konchar3111100.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Ja Morant98171936.8%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Tyus Jones31122100.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Kyle Anderson11111100.0%
John Konchar to Sean McDermott1011616.7%
John Konchar to Ja Morant56181942.1%
John Konchar to De'Anthony Melton30141040.0%
John Konchar to Jaren Jackson Jr.411425.0%
John Konchar to Grayson Allen1211425.0%
Sean McDermott to Dillon Brooks612366.7%
Sean McDermott to Gorgui Dieng411250.0%
Ja Morant to Killian Tillie411250.0%
Ja Morant to Tyus Jones3411911.1%
Jontay Porter to Killian Tillie1211616.7%
Killian Tillie to Desmond Bane1913650.0%
Killian Tillie to John Konchar1911520.0%
Killian Tillie to Jontay Porter7111100.0%
Killian Tillie to Dillon Brooks2111100.0%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Gorgui Dieng912366.7%
Jonas Valanciunas to Xavier Tillman Sr.13111100.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to De'Anthony Melton103121216.7%
Jonas Valanciunas to Justise Winslow57131421.4%
Justise Winslow to Desmond Bane4112922.2%
Grayson Allen to Sean McDermott60010.0%
Grayson Allen to John Konchar100050.0%
Grayson Allen to Killian Tillie40030.0%
Grayson Allen to Justise Winslow1201333.3%
Grayson Allen to Tim Frazier70000.0%
Desmond Bane to Jontay Porter60020.0%
Desmond Bane to Jaren Jackson Jr.90040.0%
Desmond Bane to Tim Frazier40010.0%
Dillon Brooks to Sean McDermott40010.0%
Dillon Brooks to John Konchar160040.0%
Dillon Brooks to Killian Tillie10010.0%
Dillon Brooks to Tim Frazier130010.0%
Brandon Clarke to Sean McDermott50000.0%
Brandon Clarke to Tim Frazier80010.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Sean McDermott701250.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Killian Tillie10000.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Dillon Brooks38031127.3%
Gorgui Dieng to Tim Frazier30000.0%
Tim Frazier to Jontay Porter40000.0%
Tim Frazier to De'Anthony Melton110040.0%
Tim Frazier to Dillon Brooks90020.0%
Tim Frazier to Gorgui Dieng20010.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Xavier Tillman Sr.20000.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Brandon Clarke60020.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to De'Anthony Melton310040.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Grayson Allen10010.0%
Tyus Jones to Jontay Porter120020.0%
John Konchar to Justise Winslow80020.0%
John Konchar to Tim Frazier140040.0%
John Konchar to Kyle Anderson4001119.1%
John Konchar to John Wall10000.0%
Sean McDermott to Desmond Bane30010.0%
Sean McDermott to Xavier Tillman Sr.60010.0%
Sean McDermott to Killian Tillie50020.0%
Sean McDermott to Brandon Clarke40010.0%
Sean McDermott to Ja Morant50010.0%
Sean McDermott to Jontay Porter30000.0%
Sean McDermott to De'Anthony Melton1101250.0%
Sean McDermott to Grayson Allen301250.0%
Sean McDermott to Justise Winslow30010.0%
Sean McDermott to Tyus Jones2002450.0%
Sean McDermott to Kyle Anderson1001333.3%
Sean McDermott to Jonas Valanciunas10000.0%
De'Anthony Melton to Sean McDermott40010.0%
De'Anthony Melton to Jontay Porter40000.0%
De'Anthony Melton to De'Anthony Melton10000.0%
De'Anthony Melton to Tim Frazier130010.0%
Ja Morant to Sean McDermott30020.0%
Jontay Porter to Sean McDermott20000.0%
Jontay Porter to Desmond Bane5022100.0%
Jontay Porter to John Konchar140040.0%
Jontay Porter to De'Anthony Melton20000.0%
Jontay Porter to Grayson Allen40010.0%
Jontay Porter to Justise Winslow2011100.0%
Jontay Porter to Tyus Jones13011100.0%
Jontay Porter to Tim Frazier801333.3%
Killian Tillie to Sean McDermott10000.0%
Killian Tillie to Brandon Clarke10010.0%
Killian Tillie to Ja Morant40000.0%
Killian Tillie to De'Anthony Melton7011100.0%
Killian Tillie to Jaren Jackson Jr.10010.0%
Killian Tillie to Grayson Allen10000.0%
Killian Tillie to Justise Winslow6011100.0%
Killian Tillie to Tim Frazier70000.0%
Killian Tillie to Gorgui Dieng10000.0%
Killian Tillie to Jonas Valanciunas20000.0%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Sean McDermott6011100.0%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to John Konchar250000.0%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Killian Tillie120040.0%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Jontay Porter10000.0%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Jaren Jackson Jr.20000.0%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Tim Frazier20000.0%
Xavier Tillman Sr. to Jonas Valanciunas40000.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Sean McDermott20010.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Killian Tillie20010.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Jaren Jackson Jr.50020.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Tim Frazier1701520.0%
Justise Winslow to Sean McDermott20000.0%
Justise Winslow to Killian Tillie70030.0%
Justise Winslow to Jaren Jackson Jr.1301616.7%
Justise Winslow to Grayson Allen120020.0%
Justise Winslow to Tim Frazier130030.0%
Justise Winslow to Gorgui Dieng30000.0%