2020 Orlando Magic Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Orlando Magic averaged 270 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Michael Carter-Williams to Nikola Vucevic, with 49 assists on 308 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Michael Carter-Williams to Nikola Vucevic308496011452.6%
Evan Fournier to Nikola Vucevic310485514139.0%
Terrence Ross to Nikola Vucevic220415410153.5%
Aaron Gordon to Nikola Vucevic22837457857.7%
Cole Anthony to Nikola Vucevic337335212242.6%
Nikola Vucevic to Evan Fournier23730469349.5%
Markelle Fultz to Nikola Vucevic12222275251.9%
Nikola Vucevic to Dwayne Bacon24321309332.3%
Cole Anthony to Terrence Ross18020317342.5%
Nikola Vucevic to Terrence Ross15420276740.3%
Aaron Gordon to Terrence Ross14219235442.6%
Nikola Vucevic to James Ennis III9819214151.2%
Dwayne Bacon to Nikola Vucevic19018316845.6%
Cole Anthony to Wendell Carter Jr.14017194344.2%
Cole Anthony to Mo Bamba11317174141.5%
Cole Anthony to Dwayne Bacon16817287736.4%
Michael Carter-Williams to Terrence Ross12316266639.4%
R.J. Hampton to Mo Bamba8316174339.5%
Chuma Okeke to Dwayne Bacon13116234847.9%
Cole Anthony to Gary Harris19815237630.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Aaron Gordon21515195335.8%
Chuma Okeke to Terrence Ross9514225143.1%
Chasson Randle to Nikola Vucevic14214164238.1%
Terrence Ross to Mo Bamba4314141973.7%
Nikola Vucevic to Michael Carter-Williams28914306347.6%
Aaron Gordon to Evan Fournier12613174934.7%
Chuma Okeke to Nikola Vucevic7513163447.1%
Chasson Randle to Terrence Ross13613267037.1%
Cole Anthony to Evan Fournier16312204346.5%
James Ennis III to Nikola Vucevic10612194146.3%
Evan Fournier to Aaron Gordon7512142948.3%
Cole Anthony to Chuma Okeke12111133438.2%
Cole Anthony to Khem Birch7511122450.0%
Markelle Fultz to Aaron Gordon7511132161.9%
Aaron Gordon to Dwayne Bacon8011132748.1%
Chuma Okeke to Wendell Carter Jr.5011112544.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Chuma Okeke9011123435.3%
Michael Carter-Williams to Wendell Carter Jr.7010111861.1%
Nikola Vucevic to Cole Anthony38710316746.3%
Dwayne Bacon to Chuma Okeke1139153641.7%
Khem Birch to Terrence Ross959153246.9%
Michael Carter-Williams to Evan Fournier1099183748.6%
Gary Harris to Wendell Carter Jr.83992832.1%
Chasson Randle to Mo Bamba1209113729.7%
Terrence Ross to Wendell Carter Jr.35992045.0%
Cole Anthony to Moritz Wagner83893426.5%
Dwayne Bacon to Terrence Ross798154037.5%
Mo Bamba to Dwayne Bacon958275152.9%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Chuma Okeke748112642.3%
Michael Carter-Williams to Khem Birch56881266.7%
Evan Fournier to James Ennis III30881361.5%
R.J. Hampton to Ignas Brazdeikis368101855.6%
Chasson Randle to R.J. Hampton1708184936.7%
Nikola Vucevic to Khem Birch42881553.3%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Evan Fournier41791947.4%
Cole Anthony to R.J. Hampton717122842.9%
Dwayne Bacon to Mo Bamba63793327.3%
Khem Birch to Chuma Okeke42771163.6%
Khem Birch to Dwayne Bacon917143441.2%
Khem Birch to Nikola Vucevic397101758.8%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Gary Harris847153444.1%
Gary Clark to Nikola Vucevic45781650.0%
Aaron Gordon to Khem Birch74771643.8%
R.J. Hampton to Moritz Wagner30771546.7%
R.J. Hampton to Dwayne Bacon497112642.3%
Gary Harris to Moritz Wagner28771353.8%
Chuma Okeke to James Ennis III76792437.5%
Chasson Randle to Chuma Okeke1257102737.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Nikola Vucevic39671838.9%
Cole Anthony to Aaron Gordon113691656.3%
Dwayne Bacon to Wendell Carter Jr.57661833.3%
Dwayne Bacon to Chasson Randle91691850.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Gary Harris41672035.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Dwayne Bacon806154434.1%
Michael Carter-Williams to Aaron Gordon496102343.5%
Michael Carter-Williams to James Ennis III52671643.8%
James Ennis III to Wendell Carter Jr.40671450.0%
James Ennis III to Mo Bamba27671546.7%
James Ennis III to Evan Fournier28681553.3%
James Ennis III to Terrence Ross37692142.9%
R.J. Hampton to Donta Hall27661060.0%
R.J. Hampton to Wendell Carter Jr.67671643.8%
R.J. Hampton to Chasson Randle1076113729.7%
Gary Harris to R.J. Hampton1366966.7%
Gary Harris to Cole Anthony996132846.4%
Chuma Okeke to Khem Birch35662030.0%
Chuma Okeke to Gary Harris47681942.1%
Terrence Ross to Aaron Gordon92682236.4%
Terrence Ross to Khem Birch66681747.1%
Sindarius Thornwell to R.J. Hampton22671258.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Gary Clark74662722.2%
Nikola Vucevic to Chasson Randle1426101855.6%
Cole Anthony to James Ennis III78552222.7%
Dwayne Bacon to R.J. Hampton45561735.3%
Mo Bamba to Chuma Okeke42551631.3%
Khem Birch to James Ennis III3255683.3%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Donta Hall1255683.3%
Michael Carter-Williams to Chuma Okeke1135102737.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Mo Bamba51562128.6%
Gary Clark to Dwayne Bacon635122450.0%
James Ennis III to Khem Birch34551241.7%
Aaron Gordon to James Ennis III34571070.0%
Gary Harris to James Ennis III1155771.4%
Chuma Okeke to Chasson Randle2175102638.5%
Chasson Randle to Dwayne Bacon1415166624.2%
Terrence Ross to Gary Clark43551827.8%
Terrence Ross to Michael Carter-Williams71561833.3%
Sindarius Thornwell to Chasson Randle23551145.5%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Michael Carter-Williams173471546.7%
Cole Anthony to Robert Franks2445683.3%
Dwayne Bacon to Khem Birch44441330.8%
Dwayne Bacon to James Ennis III40461735.3%
Jordan Bone to Khem Birch3044944.4%
Michael Carter-Williams to Gary Clark29441330.8%
Michael Carter-Williams to Dwayne Bacon99482729.6%
Michael Carter-Williams to Al-Farouq Aminu66461637.5%
James Ennis III to Cole Anthony1414102540.0%
Evan Fournier to Cole Anthony53471353.8%
Evan Fournier to Gary Clark2344944.4%
Evan Fournier to Terrence Ross1645862.5%
Markelle Fultz to Evan Fournier51461442.9%
Aaron Gordon to Gary Clark54441526.7%
Aaron Gordon to Al-Farouq Aminu31471163.6%
R.J. Hampton to Cole Anthony84492733.3%
Gary Harris to Chuma Okeke37461442.9%
Gary Harris to Dwayne Bacon42442615.4%
Frank Mason to Mo Bamba7455100.0%
Chuma Okeke to R.J. Hampton52471546.7%
Chuma Okeke to Cole Anthony1984133141.9%
Chuma Okeke to Michael Carter-Williams189492832.1%
Chasson Randle to Ignas Brazdeikis60472429.2%
Chasson Randle to James Ennis III36461250.0%
Terrence Ross to Evan Fournier19451145.5%
Dwayne Bacon to Moritz Wagner22351145.5%
Dwayne Bacon to Aaron Gordon60361931.6%
Dwayne Bacon to Evan Fournier19351050.0%
Mo Bamba to R.J. Hampton75382236.4%
Mo Bamba to Cole Anthony1493163644.4%
Mo Bamba to Gary Clark1533650.0%
Mo Bamba to Chasson Randle122372035.0%
Mo Bamba to James Ennis III1734850.0%
Khem Birch to Gary Clark2433560.0%
Khem Birch to Aaron Gordon1173122450.0%
Khem Birch to Michael Carter-Williams97351729.4%
Jordan Bone to Mo Bamba1533650.0%
Jordan Bone to Terrence Ross38331915.8%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Moritz Wagner1033650.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to R.J. Hampton69372231.8%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Cole Anthony2163113531.4%
Gary Clark to Cole Anthony1783122941.4%
Gary Clark to Chuma Okeke1335771.4%
Gary Clark to James Ennis III1433650.0%
Gary Clark to Terrence Ross68372528.0%
James Ennis III to Dwayne Bacon60392437.5%
Evan Fournier to Mo Bamba7333100.0%
Evan Fournier to Khem Birch2833837.5%
Markelle Fultz to Michael Carter-Williams2933650.0%
Donta Hall to Chasson Randle69361154.5%
R.J. Hampton to Devin Cannady1035771.4%
R.J. Hampton to Chuma Okeke433101952.6%
R.J. Hampton to Sindarius Thornwell2633837.5%
R.J. Hampton to Terrence Ross38341330.8%
Gary Harris to Mo Bamba1934757.1%
Frank Mason to Terrence Ross25351338.5%
Chuma Okeke to Gary Clark633475.0%
Chuma Okeke to Evan Fournier26351050.0%
Terrence Ross to Chuma Okeke40331520.0%
Terrence Ross to Dwayne Bacon58382334.8%
Terrence Ross to Al-Farouq Aminu1533650.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Al-Farouq Aminu67341822.2%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Aaron Gordon65231030.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Khem Birch3222100.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to James Ennis III722450.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Terrence Ross1625771.4%
Cole Anthony to Ignas Brazdeikis2223742.9%
Cole Anthony to Michael Carter-Williams36241040.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Ignas Brazdeikis1022366.7%
Dwayne Bacon to Robert Franks1122450.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Gary Clark3822633.3%
Dwayne Bacon to Michael Carter-Williams70252025.0%
Mo Bamba to Moritz Wagner1422450.0%
Khem Birch to Cole Anthony1672103627.8%
Khem Birch to Mo Bamba3222100.0%
Khem Birch to Chasson Randle95231127.3%
Jordan Bone to Dwayne Bacon33261540.0%
Jordan Bone to Nikola Vucevic2722825.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to R.J. Hampton24231127.3%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Chasson Randle113251729.4%
Wendell Carter Jr. to James Ennis III43241428.6%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Otto Porter Jr.822450.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Otto Porter Jr.822366.7%
James Ennis III to R.J. Hampton3025862.5%
James Ennis III to Chuma Okeke45251241.7%
James Ennis III to Gary Clark1622540.0%
James Ennis III to Gary Harris1422450.0%
James Ennis III to Michael Carter-Williams84251145.5%
Evan Fournier to Chuma Okeke2023742.9%
Evan Fournier to Markelle Fultz2622728.6%
Evan Fournier to Al-Farouq Aminu3323650.0%
Aaron Gordon to Cole Anthony152261931.6%
Donta Hall to Ignas Brazdeikis822450.0%
Donta Hall to Dwayne Bacon1324757.1%
Karim Mane to Dwayne Bacon1022366.7%
Frank Mason to Khem Birch1222450.0%
Chuma Okeke to Mo Bamba26231127.3%
Otto Porter Jr. to Mo Bamba922540.0%
Chasson Randle to Khem Birch3622728.6%
Chasson Randle to Evan Fournier62272133.3%
Terrence Ross to R.J. Hampton28231225.0%
Terrence Ross to Cole Anthony76272035.0%
Terrence Ross to James Ennis III2524757.1%
Sindarius Thornwell to Ignas Brazdeikis1022540.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Markelle Fultz1682153740.5%
Moritz Wagner to R.J. Hampton1823560.0%
Moritz Wagner to Chasson Randle72241330.8%
Moritz Wagner to Gary Harris3424944.4%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Chuma Okeke11111100.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Mo Bamba511425.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Frank Mason2111100.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Dwayne Bacon27121414.3%
Cole Anthony to Devin Cannady611425.0%
Cole Anthony to Donta Hall811250.0%
Cole Anthony to Jordan Bone1311333.3%
Dwayne Bacon to Cole Anthony159184517.8%
Dwayne Bacon to Markelle Fultz2011616.7%
Dwayne Bacon to Al-Farouq Aminu911250.0%
Mo Bamba to Ignas Brazdeikis711250.0%
Mo Bamba to Sindarius Thornwell711333.3%
Mo Bamba to Gary Harris1913933.3%
Mo Bamba to Evan Fournier911250.0%
Mo Bamba to Terrence Ross35161250.0%
Khem Birch to Karim Mane1111250.0%
Khem Birch to Frank Mason911250.0%
Khem Birch to Evan Fournier32131323.1%
Jordan Bone to Cole Anthony1013560.0%
Jordan Bone to Chuma Okeke4111100.0%
Jordan Bone to Gary Clark1812366.7%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Mo Bamba611425.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Sindarius Thornwell1011333.3%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Dwayne Bacon1312825.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Gary Harris311250.0%
Devin Cannady to Wendell Carter Jr.1111100.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Donta Hall1111100.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Ignas Brazdeikis311250.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Michael Carter-Williams84151145.5%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Terrence Ross1913742.9%
Michael Carter-Williams to Chasson Randle1111425.0%
Gary Clark to Jordan Bone52133100.0%
Gary Clark to Chasson Randle4713560.0%
Gary Clark to Aaron Gordon135131225.0%
Gary Clark to Khem Birch1712540.0%
Gary Clark to Evan Fournier2412728.6%
James Ennis III to Donta Hall2111100.0%
James Ennis III to Jordan Bone812366.7%
James Ennis III to Aaron Gordon4113742.9%
James Ennis III to Otto Porter Jr.311250.0%
James Ennis III to Al-Farouq Aminu611333.3%
Evan Fournier to Jordan Bone411333.3%
Evan Fournier to Dwayne Bacon1112540.0%
Evan Fournier to Michael Carter-Williams4912728.6%
Robert Franks to R.J. Hampton1212450.0%
Robert Franks to Cole Anthony42171163.6%
Robert Franks to Devin Cannady1413650.0%
Robert Franks to Donta Hall2111100.0%
Robert Franks to Mo Bamba411250.0%
Markelle Fultz to Cole Anthony311250.0%
Markelle Fultz to Dwayne Bacon1812825.0%
Markelle Fultz to Terrence Ross2214944.4%
Aaron Gordon to Jordan Bone2212540.0%
Aaron Gordon to Michael Carter-Williams39121020.0%
Donta Hall to Cole Anthony38121020.0%
Donta Hall to Sindarius Thornwell7111100.0%
Donta Hall to James Ennis III2111100.0%
Donta Hall to Terrence Ross3111100.0%
R.J. Hampton to James Ennis III1912450.0%
Gary Harris to Robert Franks311250.0%
Gary Harris to Michael Carter-Williams1011425.0%
Karim Mane to Mo Bamba2111100.0%
Karim Mane to James Ennis III211250.0%
Frank Mason to Chuma Okeke2211425.0%
Frank Mason to Dwayne Bacon1411520.0%
Frank Mason to Nikola Vucevic1511616.7%
Chuma Okeke to Frank Mason4411616.7%
Chuma Okeke to Aaron Gordon2911714.3%
Otto Porter Jr. to R.J. Hampton911333.3%
Otto Porter Jr. to Wendell Carter Jr.6111100.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Terrence Ross811425.0%
Chasson Randle to Devin Cannady1312450.0%
Chasson Randle to Donta Hall2711333.3%
Chasson Randle to Moritz Wagner29121020.0%
Chasson Randle to Sindarius Thornwell2411616.7%
Chasson Randle to Gary Harris33141625.0%
Chasson Randle to Michael Carter-Williams1712540.0%
Chasson Randle to Al-Farouq Aminu1711333.3%
Terrence Ross to Jordan Bone1812728.6%
Terrence Ross to Chasson Randle4911714.3%
Terrence Ross to Otto Porter Jr.511333.3%
Sindarius Thornwell to Cole Anthony1111100.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Donta Hall911425.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Moritz Wagner911333.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Jordan Bone2911520.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Frank Mason3011520.0%
Moritz Wagner to Cole Anthony1691163644.4%
Moritz Wagner to Donta Hall1111100.0%
Moritz Wagner to Ignas Brazdeikis1111520.0%
Moritz Wagner to Mo Bamba3111100.0%
Moritz Wagner to Sindarius Thornwell911333.3%
Moritz Wagner to Dwayne Bacon24131030.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Cole Anthony40000.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Gary Clark10010.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Chasson Randle670070.0%
Cole Anthony to Karim Mane70030.0%
Cole Anthony to Gary Clark350090.0%
Cole Anthony to Sindarius Thornwell40000.0%
Cole Anthony to Frank Mason40000.0%
Cole Anthony to Markelle Fultz40020.0%
Cole Anthony to Chasson Randle601250.0%
Cole Anthony to Al-Farouq Aminu20000.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Karim Mane30010.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Donta Hall40010.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Jordan Bone2305771.4%
Dwayne Bacon to Frank Mason30000.0%
Dwayne Bacon to Otto Porter Jr.20020.0%
Mo Bamba to Karim Mane20010.0%
Mo Bamba to Devin Cannady40010.0%
Mo Bamba to Jordan Bone150040.0%
Mo Bamba to Robert Franks60000.0%
Mo Bamba to Frank Mason70020.0%
Mo Bamba to Aaron Gordon1101250.0%
Mo Bamba to Khem Birch80010.0%
Mo Bamba to Otto Porter Jr.40020.0%
Mo Bamba to Michael Carter-Williams4901147.1%
Mo Bamba to Al-Farouq Aminu80040.0%
Khem Birch to R.J. Hampton701333.3%
Khem Birch to Jordan Bone4102825.0%
Khem Birch to Markelle Fultz5011100.0%
Khem Birch to Otto Porter Jr.301250.0%
Khem Birch to Al-Farouq Aminu6022100.0%
Jordan Bone to Karim Mane40010.0%
Jordan Bone to Aaron Gordon2601616.7%
Jordan Bone to James Ennis III60010.0%
Jordan Bone to Evan Fournier100010.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Cole Anthony71071643.8%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Wendell Carter Jr.20000.0%
Devin Cannady to Karim Mane2011100.0%
Devin Cannady to R.J. Hampton60000.0%
Devin Cannady to Cole Anthony4022100.0%
Devin Cannady to Donta Hall30000.0%
Devin Cannady to Chuma Okeke20010.0%
Devin Cannady to Robert Franks70030.0%
Devin Cannady to Mo Bamba40020.0%
Devin Cannady to Dwayne Bacon2011100.0%
Devin Cannady to Chasson Randle100010.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Karim Mane10000.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Devin Cannady30020.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Robert Franks10000.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Moritz Wagner90050.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Sindarius Thornwell20020.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Chasson Randle8803933.3%
Michael Carter-Williams to R.J. Hampton40020.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Cole Anthony1601616.7%
Michael Carter-Williams to Markelle Fultz2202922.2%
Michael Carter-Williams to Gary Harris200070.0%
Gary Clark to Karim Mane50010.0%
Gary Clark to Mo Bamba70030.0%
Gary Clark to Frank Mason80000.0%
Gary Clark to Markelle Fultz1901333.3%
Gary Clark to Michael Carter-Williams64031127.3%
Gary Clark to Al-Farouq Aminu20000.0%
James Ennis III to Moritz Wagner20000.0%
James Ennis III to Frank Mason1902366.7%
James Ennis III to Chasson Randle4802728.6%
Evan Fournier to Chasson Randle140020.0%
Robert Franks to Karim Mane10000.0%
Robert Franks to Chuma Okeke20020.0%
Robert Franks to Wendell Carter Jr.10000.0%
Robert Franks to Dwayne Bacon601520.0%
Robert Franks to Chasson Randle5403837.5%
Robert Franks to Gary Harris40010.0%
Robert Franks to James Ennis III20000.0%
Robert Franks to Michael Carter-Williams20000.0%
Markelle Fultz to Chuma Okeke30010.0%
Markelle Fultz to Gary Clark60010.0%
Markelle Fultz to Mo Bamba10000.0%
Markelle Fultz to Khem Birch20010.0%
Aaron Gordon to Chuma Okeke70010.0%
Aaron Gordon to Mo Bamba120020.0%
Aaron Gordon to Markelle Fultz1060112152.4%
Aaron Gordon to Chasson Randle110000.0%
Donta Hall to R.J. Hampton2701128.3%
Donta Hall to Devin Cannady20000.0%
Donta Hall to Chuma Okeke20020.0%
Donta Hall to Robert Franks50030.0%
Donta Hall to Moritz Wagner10000.0%
Donta Hall to Mo Bamba20000.0%
Donta Hall to Gary Harris40000.0%
Donta Hall to Michael Carter-Williams10000.0%
R.J. Hampton to Karim Mane20000.0%
R.J. Hampton to Robert Franks100050.0%
R.J. Hampton to Khem Birch50000.0%
R.J. Hampton to Gary Harris70020.0%
R.J. Hampton to Otto Porter Jr.1201333.3%
R.J. Hampton to Michael Carter-Williams80030.0%
Gary Harris to Donta Hall20000.0%
Gary Harris to Ignas Brazdeikis50020.0%
Gary Harris to Chasson Randle80010.0%
Gary Harris to Terrence Ross40000.0%
Karim Mane to Cole Anthony1001333.3%
Karim Mane to Devin Cannady20020.0%
Karim Mane to Jordan Bone90010.0%
Karim Mane to Chuma Okeke2011100.0%
Karim Mane to Robert Franks20000.0%
Karim Mane to Gary Clark50020.0%
Karim Mane to Markelle Fultz10000.0%
Karim Mane to Chasson Randle3011100.0%
Karim Mane to Khem Birch30020.0%
Karim Mane to Michael Carter-Williams10010.0%
Karim Mane to Nikola Vucevic10010.0%
Frank Mason to Cole Anthony60020.0%
Frank Mason to Gary Clark40000.0%
Frank Mason to James Ennis III80000.0%
Chuma Okeke to Karim Mane20010.0%
Chuma Okeke to Devin Cannady30020.0%
Chuma Okeke to Donta Hall50020.0%
Chuma Okeke to Jordan Bone170010.0%
Chuma Okeke to Markelle Fultz3504757.1%
Chuma Okeke to Otto Porter Jr.30010.0%
Chuma Okeke to Al-Farouq Aminu120040.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Chuma Okeke10000.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Dwayne Bacon4011100.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Chasson Randle130010.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Khem Birch10000.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to James Ennis III20010.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Michael Carter-Williams50000.0%
Chasson Randle to Karim Mane10000.0%
Chasson Randle to Cole Anthony140030.0%
Chasson Randle to Robert Franks1701616.7%
Chasson Randle to Gary Clark220040.0%
Chasson Randle to Wendell Carter Jr.400080.0%
Chasson Randle to Aaron Gordon110010.0%
Chasson Randle to Otto Porter Jr.6011100.0%
Terrence Ross to Donta Hall40000.0%
Terrence Ross to Robert Franks10000.0%
Terrence Ross to Frank Mason201250.0%
Terrence Ross to Markelle Fultz1601333.3%
Terrence Ross to Gary Harris20000.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Wendell Carter Jr.20000.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Mo Bamba20000.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Dwayne Bacon4011100.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Karim Mane20010.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Mo Bamba20010.0%
Moritz Wagner to Wendell Carter Jr.50000.0%
Moritz Wagner to James Ennis III40010.0%