2020 New York Knicks Team Passing Stats

The 2020 New York Knicks averaged 277 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Julius Randle to Reggie Bullock, with 116 assists on 662 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Julius Randle to Reggie Bullock66211611929240.8%
Julius Randle to RJ Barrett68811315432847.0%
RJ Barrett to Julius Randle8436812025247.6%
Elfrid Payton to Julius Randle8635511127141.0%
Elfrid Payton to Reggie Bullock346495110548.6%
Julius Randle to Alec Burks324435814938.9%
Elfrid Payton to RJ Barrett705428420740.6%
Julius Randle to Elfrid Payton978397820538.0%
Reggie Bullock to Julius Randle558377918442.9%
Derrick Rose to Julius Randle428376617537.7%
RJ Barrett to Mitchell Robinson9327294072.5%
Julius Randle to Immanuel Quickley398274411239.3%
Alec Burks to Julius Randle331264510742.1%
Julius Randle to Derrick Rose425254711142.3%
RJ Barrett to Elfrid Payton29624359536.8%
Derrick Rose to RJ Barrett23824369836.7%
Immanuel Quickley to Julius Randle376234410940.4%
RJ Barrett to Nerlens Noel9222223759.5%
Reggie Bullock to RJ Barrett21622439644.8%
Julius Randle to Nerlens Noel18122223956.4%
Elfrid Payton to Mitchell Robinson10921213167.7%
RJ Barrett to Reggie Bullock15219194443.2%
Elfrid Payton to Nerlens Noel14317193652.8%
Derrick Rose to Taj Gibson11317183060.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Obi Toppin15416225639.3%
Derrick Rose to Obi Toppin7516173351.5%
Derrick Rose to Reggie Bullock12616173253.1%
Immanuel Quickley to Alec Burks22415307639.5%
RJ Barrett to Alec Burks10014203852.6%
Alec Burks to Obi Toppin11114223956.4%
Immanuel Quickley to Derrick Rose18314305653.6%
Derrick Rose to Immanuel Quickley22314317541.3%
Immanuel Quickley to Nerlens Noel8813132259.1%
Alec Burks to Immanuel Quickley21512277834.6%
RJ Barrett to Taj Gibson5711152560.0%
Alec Burks to Nerlens Noel4711121392.3%
Obi Toppin to Immanuel Quickley28811277735.1%
RJ Barrett to Immanuel Quickley11110153542.9%
Alec Burks to Derrick Rose13210204050.0%
Taj Gibson to Alec Burks9310152657.7%
Immanuel Quickley to RJ Barrett17910195236.5%
Julius Randle to Mitchell Robinson7810111384.6%
Austin Rivers to Julius Randle10510164040.0%
Reggie Bullock to Elfrid Payton4119319333.3%
Nerlens Noel to Julius Randle2358255942.4%
Nerlens Noel to Reggie Bullock113891752.9%
Immanuel Quickley to Kevin Knox II69892634.6%
Immanuel Quickley to Reggie Bullock65891464.3%
Julius Randle to Kevin Knox II55891947.4%
Julius Randle to Frank Ntilikina87881650.0%
Austin Rivers to Kevin Knox II48882138.1%
Reggie Bullock to Alec Burks76792437.5%
Alec Burks to RJ Barrett1197164040.0%
Alec Burks to Taj Gibson60792339.1%
Nerlens Noel to Elfrid Payton4247337544.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Austin Rivers987133537.1%
Julius Randle to Austin Rivers1147102245.5%
Derrick Rose to Nerlens Noel50781266.7%
Derrick Rose to Alec Burks1817124526.7%
RJ Barrett to Obi Toppin29671070.0%
RJ Barrett to Derrick Rose1146142458.3%
Alec Burks to Kevin Knox II19661154.5%
Taj Gibson to Obi Toppin3666875.0%
Taj Gibson to Derrick Rose2636305554.5%
Frank Ntilikina to Julius Randle786102245.5%
Elfrid Payton to Kevin Knox II31671450.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Taj Gibson61671163.6%
Julius Randle to Taj Gibson46661346.2%
Austin Rivers to RJ Barrett54682236.4%
Obi Toppin to Alec Burks1016173844.7%
RJ Barrett to Austin Rivers37561346.2%
Reggie Bullock to Mitchell Robinson5755683.3%
Reggie Bullock to Nerlens Noel51551241.7%
Reggie Bullock to Derrick Rose1805174736.2%
Nerlens Noel to Alec Burks705102050.0%
Austin Rivers to Immanuel Quickley885102737.0%
Austin Rivers to Obi Toppin29561154.5%
Mitchell Robinson to Julius Randle1095162759.3%
Reggie Bullock to Taj Gibson26455100.0%
Alec Burks to Frank Ntilikina38441040.0%
Alec Burks to Elfrid Payton764121675.0%
Taj Gibson to Immanuel Quickley1664154037.5%
Taj Gibson to Reggie Bullock3744757.1%
Nerlens Noel to Obi Toppin31455100.0%
Nerlens Noel to RJ Barrett1454184440.9%
Nerlens Noel to Derrick Rose1954132454.2%
Frank Ntilikina to Reggie Bullock30441136.4%
Elfrid Payton to Alec Burks954102343.5%
Elfrid Payton to Taj Gibson28441040.0%
Derrick Rose to Frank Ntilikina20441040.0%
Obi Toppin to RJ Barrett40472133.3%
Alec Burks to Reggie Bullock56331030.0%
Taj Gibson to RJ Barrett51381747.1%
Kevin Knox II to Obi Toppin28341136.4%
Nerlens Noel to Immanuel Quickley2243164734.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Mitchell Robinson2533475.0%
Austin Rivers to Elfrid Payton63351729.4%
Obi Toppin to Taj Gibson1935683.3%
RJ Barrett to Kevin Knox II29221216.7%
Reggie Bullock to Immanuel Quickley112292733.3%
Taj Gibson to Elfrid Payton84261346.2%
Kevin Knox II to Immanuel Quickley802112250.0%
Kevin Knox II to RJ Barrett31261637.5%
Kevin Knox II to Julius Randle3424666.7%
Kevin Knox II to Elfrid Payton41291275.0%
Kevin Knox II to Nerlens Noel16222100.0%
Kevin Knox II to Austin Rivers4623933.3%
Nerlens Noel to Kevin Knox II1022366.7%
Frank Ntilikina to Immanuel Quickley2522728.6%
Frank Ntilikina to Kevin Knox II1122450.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Taj Gibson1423475.0%
Elfrid Payton to Austin Rivers57241136.4%
Immanuel Quickley to Frank Ntilikina1522540.0%
Austin Rivers to Alec Burks1922633.3%
Mitchell Robinson to Immanuel Quickley66251050.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Elfrid Payton3712223464.7%
Mitchell Robinson to Reggie Bullock5322450.0%
Derrick Rose to Kevin Knox II1122540.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Kevin Knox II1222450.0%
Obi Toppin to Kevin Knox II1622825.0%
Obi Toppin to Derrick Rose2072175232.7%
RJ Barrett to Frank Ntilikina1912728.6%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Nerlens Noel211250.0%
Reggie Bullock to Obi Toppin1511520.0%
Reggie Bullock to Kevin Knox II1411425.0%
Reggie Bullock to Frank Ntilikina4112922.2%
Reggie Bullock to Austin Rivers2314580.0%
Alec Burks to Mitchell Robinson14122100.0%
Alec Burks to Austin Rivers2412922.2%
Taj Gibson to Julius Randle99152222.7%
Jared Harper to Kevin Knox II411425.0%
Kevin Knox II to Mitchell Robinson15111100.0%
Kevin Knox II to Frank Ntilikina1511333.3%
Kevin Knox II to Norvel Pelle311250.0%
Kevin Knox II to Reggie Bullock1511714.3%
Nerlens Noel to Austin Rivers4416785.7%
Frank Ntilikina to Obi Toppin2311520.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Alec Burks52151631.3%
Frank Ntilikina to Derrick Rose1512540.0%
Elfrid Payton to Obi Toppin1311520.0%
Norvel Pelle to Derrick Rose18122100.0%
Theo Pinson to Kevin Knox II811250.0%
Austin Rivers to Reggie Bullock2211520.0%
Austin Rivers to Nerlens Noel1911333.3%
Austin Rivers to Taj Gibson511250.0%
Mitchell Robinson to RJ Barrett119152222.7%
Mitchell Robinson to Kevin Knox II4111100.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Austin Rivers3515955.6%
Mitchell Robinson to Alec Burks40121020.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Derrick Rose7111100.0%
Derrick Rose to Norvel Pelle5111100.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Alec Burks511250.0%
Obi Toppin to Frank Ntilikina3011520.0%
RJ Barrett to Jared Harper10000.0%
RJ Barrett to Theo Pinson20010.0%
RJ Barrett to Dennis Smith Jr.20010.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to RJ Barrett20010.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Jared Harper30010.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Theo Pinson30000.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Frank Ntilikina10000.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Dennis Smith Jr.10000.0%
Reggie Bullock to Theo Pinson10000.0%
Reggie Bullock to Dennis Smith Jr.20000.0%
Alec Burks to Dennis Smith Jr.30000.0%
Alec Burks to Norvel Pelle201250.0%
Taj Gibson to Theo Pinson20000.0%
Taj Gibson to Mitchell Robinson1011100.0%
Taj Gibson to Kevin Knox II10010.0%
Taj Gibson to Frank Ntilikina2602633.3%
Taj Gibson to Austin Rivers60010.0%
Jared Harper to Obi Toppin30030.0%
Jared Harper to Ignas Brazdeikis10000.0%
Jared Harper to RJ Barrett30000.0%
Jared Harper to Theo Pinson10000.0%
Jared Harper to Mitchell Robinson20000.0%
Jared Harper to Julius Randle10000.0%
Jared Harper to Norvel Pelle30010.0%
Kevin Knox II to Jared Harper50010.0%
Kevin Knox II to Theo Pinson50020.0%
Kevin Knox II to Dennis Smith Jr.1201250.0%
Kevin Knox II to Alec Burks2101333.3%
Kevin Knox II to Taj Gibson20020.0%
Kevin Knox II to Derrick Rose2602633.3%
Nerlens Noel to Theo Pinson20000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Frank Ntilikina3702540.0%
Nerlens Noel to Dennis Smith Jr.1401250.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Ignas Brazdeikis10000.0%
Frank Ntilikina to RJ Barrett48031225.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Jared Harper10000.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Mitchell Robinson100000.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Dennis Smith Jr.10000.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Elfrid Payton30000.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Norvel Pelle10000.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Nerlens Noel130020.0%
Elfrid Payton to Immanuel Quickley1402540.0%
Elfrid Payton to Frank Ntilikina40010.0%
Elfrid Payton to Derrick Rose100020.0%
Norvel Pelle to Immanuel Quickley20000.0%
Norvel Pelle to Obi Toppin20000.0%
Norvel Pelle to RJ Barrett30000.0%
Norvel Pelle to Jared Harper50010.0%
Norvel Pelle to Theo Pinson20000.0%
Norvel Pelle to Kevin Knox II30010.0%
Norvel Pelle to Julius Randle3011100.0%
Norvel Pelle to Reggie Bullock20000.0%
Norvel Pelle to Alec Burks10000.0%
Theo Pinson to Immanuel Quickley30000.0%
Theo Pinson to Obi Toppin30000.0%
Theo Pinson to Ignas Brazdeikis20000.0%
Theo Pinson to RJ Barrett2011100.0%
Theo Pinson to Jared Harper50010.0%
Theo Pinson to Frank Ntilikina20000.0%
Theo Pinson to Dennis Smith Jr.100030.0%
Theo Pinson to Norvel Pelle10000.0%
Theo Pinson to Austin Rivers10000.0%
Theo Pinson to Alec Burks10000.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Theo Pinson2011100.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Elfrid Payton130020.0%
Julius Randle to Obi Toppin40010.0%
Julius Randle to Theo Pinson20010.0%
Julius Randle to Dennis Smith Jr.20020.0%
Julius Randle to Norvel Pelle10000.0%
Austin Rivers to Theo Pinson20000.0%
Austin Rivers to Mitchell Robinson130000.0%
Austin Rivers to Dennis Smith Jr.30000.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Obi Toppin50000.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Jared Harper30000.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Theo Pinson10000.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Frank Ntilikina1701250.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Dennis Smith Jr.50000.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Taj Gibson10000.0%
Derrick Rose to Mitchell Robinson10000.0%
Derrick Rose to Elfrid Payton30010.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Obi Toppin20000.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Ignas Brazdeikis20000.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to RJ Barrett50030.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Theo Pinson70010.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Mitchell Robinson20000.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Frank Ntilikina30010.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Julius Randle30000.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Reggie Bullock20010.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Nerlens Noel60020.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Austin Rivers10000.0%
Obi Toppin to Ignas Brazdeikis20000.0%
Obi Toppin to Jared Harper20000.0%
Obi Toppin to Theo Pinson80030.0%
Obi Toppin to Mitchell Robinson50020.0%
Obi Toppin to Dennis Smith Jr.20000.0%
Obi Toppin to Julius Randle1501250.0%
Obi Toppin to Elfrid Payton180010.0%
Obi Toppin to Norvel Pelle3011100.0%
Obi Toppin to Reggie Bullock130010.0%
Obi Toppin to Nerlens Noel110020.0%
Obi Toppin to Austin Rivers4303837.5%