2020 Washington Wizards Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Washington Wizards averaged 272 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Russell Westbrook to Bradley Beal, with 139 assists on 1180 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Russell Westbrook to Bradley Beal118013923551945.3%
Russell Westbrook to Rui Hachimura58412114030046.7%
Russell Westbrook to Davis Bertans376869020843.3%
Russell Westbrook to Robin Lopez3897710416662.7%
Russell Westbrook to Alex Len266676812355.3%
Russell Westbrook to Deni Avdija244485211844.1%
Bradley Beal to Rui Hachimura238425010249.0%
Russell Westbrook to Daniel Gafford11942436665.2%
Russell Westbrook to Raul Neto294425513640.4%
Raul Neto to Bradley Beal413387015744.6%
Bradley Beal to Robin Lopez20232447360.3%
Bradley Beal to Russell Westbrook614317417442.5%
Russell Westbrook to Garrison Mathews16031328438.1%
Bradley Beal to Raul Neto24930407652.6%
Ish Smith to Davis Bertans18830308834.1%
Bradley Beal to Alex Len17529326152.5%
Russell Westbrook to Moritz Wagner14129296445.3%
Ish Smith to Bradley Beal285246111553.0%
Russell Westbrook to Ish Smith20524357745.5%
Robin Lopez to Bradley Beal21423407454.1%
Bradley Beal to Davis Bertans12821225837.9%
Rui Hachimura to Bradley Beal239215410153.5%
Raul Neto to Rui Hachimura12919276045.0%
Ish Smith to Robin Lopez15919284070.0%
Ish Smith to Russell Westbrook33319409940.4%
Russell Westbrook to Chandler Hutchison8318185135.3%
Rui Hachimura to Russell Westbrook979178219841.4%
Alex Len to Bradley Beal18317285550.9%
Raul Neto to Russell Westbrook356174510343.7%
Davis Bertans to Bradley Beal13016336253.2%
Raul Neto to Davis Bertans7916163644.4%
Bradley Beal to Moritz Wagner9815152560.0%
Bradley Beal to Thomas Bryant9514163151.6%
Raul Neto to Robin Lopez15214192867.9%
Ish Smith to Rui Hachimura10714174438.6%
Bradley Beal to Deni Avdija12712134131.7%
Russell Westbrook to Thomas Bryant8812121485.7%
Deni Avdija to Russell Westbrook520114811143.2%
Rui Hachimura to Deni Avdija6211142458.3%
Deni Avdija to Rui Hachimura6910142850.0%
Bradley Beal to Daniel Gafford4510102638.5%
Ish Smith to Daniel Gafford5610111668.8%
Russell Westbrook to Anthony Gill3910112250.0%
Bradley Beal to Garrison Mathews609102441.7%
Raul Neto to Alex Len64991464.3%
Ish Smith to Deni Avdija739112937.9%
Ish Smith to Garrison Mathews53992634.6%
Deni Avdija to Bradley Beal1508225837.9%
Deni Avdija to Robin Lopez478101952.6%
Alex Len to Garrison Mathews42891752.9%
Raul Neto to Deni Avdija918112839.3%
Ish Smith to Troy Brown Jr.41891369.2%
Moritz Wagner to Bradley Beal1068163447.1%
Davis Bertans to Russell Westbrook4387339435.1%
Rui Hachimura to Raul Neto2207113036.7%
Robin Lopez to Rui Hachimura46781844.4%
Robin Lopez to Davis Bertans44771258.3%
Ish Smith to Alex Len54771163.6%
Deni Avdija to Thomas Bryant21681266.7%
Bradley Beal to Ish Smith152682334.8%
Isaac Bonga to Bradley Beal426102245.5%
Thomas Bryant to Bradley Beal996123138.7%
Rui Hachimura to Garrison Mathews31661540.0%
Rui Hachimura to Thomas Bryant18666100.0%
Alex Len to Russell Westbrook4086359437.2%
Jerome Robinson to Bradley Beal38661540.0%
Ish Smith to Moritz Wagner63671070.0%
Ish Smith to Raul Neto66672528.0%
Moritz Wagner to Garrison Mathews46681844.4%
Moritz Wagner to Rui Hachimura2166966.7%
Deni Avdija to Raul Neto2235143145.2%
Bradley Beal to Isaac Bonga3656875.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Raul Neto34551338.5%
Alex Len to Rui Hachimura43551631.3%
Garrison Mathews to Rui Hachimura26561346.2%
Ish Smith to Anthony Gill1955771.4%
Russell Westbrook to Isaac Bonga55572626.9%
Deni Avdija to Alex Len37461540.0%
Bradley Beal to Jerome Robinson39441136.4%
Jordan Bell to Bradley Beal24451241.7%
Davis Bertans to Deni Avdija3145955.6%
Isaac Bonga to Russell Westbrook954142653.8%
Troy Brown Jr. to Deni Avdija31451338.5%
Rui Hachimura to Robin Lopez2144757.1%
Alex Len to Raul Neto90471546.7%
Robin Lopez to Jerome Robinson35441136.4%
Garrison Mathews to Russell Westbrook1704184242.9%
Raul Neto to Garrison Mathews26441136.4%
Raul Neto to Daniel Gafford1744850.0%
Raul Neto to Troy Brown Jr.23461060.0%
Jerome Robinson to Robin Lopez38471070.0%
Jerome Robinson to Russell Westbrook504101662.5%
Moritz Wagner to Deni Avdija1044580.0%
Moritz Wagner to Davis Bertans2044944.4%
Russell Westbrook to Troy Brown Jr.33441526.7%
Deni Avdija to Isaac Bonga1034580.0%
Deni Avdija to Jerome Robinson1333560.0%
Davis Bertans to Rui Hachimura34371258.3%
Davis Bertans to Ish Smith2073143638.9%
Davis Bertans to Robin Lopez41361442.9%
Troy Brown Jr. to Russell Westbrook46361346.2%
Thomas Bryant to Raul Neto5234757.1%
Thomas Bryant to Davis Bertans933560.0%
Daniel Gafford to Chandler Hutchison1333475.0%
Daniel Gafford to Bradley Beal38372035.0%
Anthony Gill to Raul Neto2933650.0%
Anthony Gill to Bradley Beal1837977.8%
Rui Hachimura to Davis Bertans36331816.7%
Robin Lopez to Cassius Winston10333100.0%
Robin Lopez to Deni Avdija64331618.8%
Robin Lopez to Raul Neto1343103132.3%
Robin Lopez to Russell Westbrook3093175729.8%
Garrison Mathews to Raul Neto41381172.7%
Garrison Mathews to Davis Bertans1333837.5%
Garrison Mathews to Ish Smith56381266.7%
Raul Neto to Isaac Bonga1633560.0%
Jerome Robinson to Raul Neto2033560.0%
Russell Westbrook to Jerome Robinson43331717.6%
Deni Avdija to Davis Bertans2322728.6%
Bradley Beal to Troy Brown Jr.2122825.0%
Davis Bertans to Moritz Wagner822450.0%
Davis Bertans to Chandler Hutchison1022540.0%
Davis Bertans to Troy Brown Jr.1822540.0%
Davis Bertans to Alex Len1622366.7%
Isaac Bonga to Daniel Gafford3222100.0%
Isaac Bonga to Davis Bertans5222100.0%
Isaac Bonga to Robin Lopez15233100.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Bradley Beal27231225.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Davis Bertans2222728.6%
Anthony Gill to Garrison Mathews1322450.0%
Rui Hachimura to Troy Brown Jr.2323475.0%
Rui Hachimura to Alex Len23231030.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Daniel Gafford623475.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Rui Hachimura622366.7%
Chandler Hutchison to Ish Smith3424757.1%
Chandler Hutchison to Robin Lopez4222100.0%
Alex Len to Deni Avdija2422728.6%
Alex Len to Davis Bertans2322633.3%
Garrison Mathews to Moritz Wagner11222100.0%
Garrison Mathews to Robin Lopez923475.0%
Raul Neto to Anthony Gill2323837.5%
Raul Neto to Jerome Robinson1922633.3%
Raul Neto to Thomas Bryant3922728.6%
Raul Neto to Ish Smith54241428.6%
Jerome Robinson to Garrison Mathews15222100.0%
Jerome Robinson to Isaac Bonga1822450.0%
Jerome Robinson to Rui Hachimura2424944.4%
Jerome Robinson to Alex Len2324757.1%
Ish Smith to Thomas Bryant2022540.0%
Moritz Wagner to Raul Neto4223560.0%
Russell Westbrook to Cassius Winston1322540.0%
Cassius Winston to Anthony Gill2322366.7%
Cassius Winston to Alex Len1523475.0%
Deni Avdija to Garrison Mathews1511616.7%
Deni Avdija to Ish Smith14013933.3%
Bradley Beal to Anthony Gill1211520.0%
Bradley Beal to Cassius Winston7111100.0%
Bradley Beal to Jordan Bell711333.3%
Jordan Bell to Jerome Robinson1011333.3%
Davis Bertans to Garrison Mathews1011425.0%
Davis Bertans to Jerome Robinson911520.0%
Davis Bertans to Thomas Bryant9111100.0%
Davis Bertans to Raul Neto115141330.8%
Isaac Bonga to Deni Avdija1111250.0%
Isaac Bonga to Garrison Mathews1211425.0%
Isaac Bonga to Rui Hachimura411250.0%
Isaac Bonga to Moritz Wagner811250.0%
Isaac Bonga to Chandler Hutchison1111100.0%
Isaac Bonga to Thomas Bryant5111100.0%
Isaac Bonga to Raul Neto2913742.9%
Troy Brown Jr. to Anthony Gill311250.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Garrison Mathews1411425.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Isaac Bonga1511333.3%
Troy Brown Jr. to Thomas Bryant711333.3%
Thomas Bryant to Isaac Bonga2111100.0%
Thomas Bryant to Rui Hachimura1211425.0%
Thomas Bryant to Troy Brown Jr.711333.3%
Daniel Gafford to Anthony Gill3111100.0%
Daniel Gafford to Rui Hachimura911333.3%
Daniel Gafford to Raul Neto2914944.4%
Daniel Gafford to Davis Bertans1111520.0%
Daniel Gafford to Ish Smith1071142360.9%
Daniel Gafford to Russell Westbrook2011123732.4%
Anthony Gill to Chandler Hutchison911333.3%
Anthony Gill to Robin Lopez512366.7%
Anthony Gill to Russell Westbrook5712922.2%
Rui Hachimura to Moritz Wagner1811520.0%
Rui Hachimura to Chandler Hutchison4111100.0%
Rui Hachimura to Ish Smith152162128.6%
Chandler Hutchison to Anthony Gill511250.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Cassius Winston1411333.3%
Chandler Hutchison to Garrison Mathews5111100.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Raul Neto1815771.4%
Chandler Hutchison to Bradley Beal513475.0%
Alex Len to Jerome Robinson2613560.0%
Alex Len to Ish Smith5912366.7%
Robin Lopez to Garrison Mathews3211616.7%
Robin Lopez to Chandler Hutchison411250.0%
Robin Lopez to Ish Smith127151338.5%
Garrison Mathews to Daniel Gafford5111100.0%
Garrison Mathews to Jerome Robinson811250.0%
Garrison Mathews to Chandler Hutchison311333.3%
Garrison Mathews to Alex Len7111100.0%
Raul Neto to Jordan Bell1211250.0%
Ish Smith to Isaac Bonga2211520.0%
Ish Smith to Chandler Hutchison2311911.1%
Ish Smith to Jordan Bell6111100.0%
Moritz Wagner to Cassius Winston1311250.0%
Moritz Wagner to Russell Westbrook170172330.4%
Russell Westbrook to Jordan Bell911425.0%
Cassius Winston to Garrison Mathews1511616.7%
Cassius Winston to Isaac Bonga1311520.0%
Cassius Winston to Rui Hachimura611425.0%
Cassius Winston to Moritz Wagner6111100.0%
Cassius Winston to Chandler Hutchison711250.0%
Cassius Winston to Jordan Bell1911333.3%
Cassius Winston to Raul Neto2111100.0%
Cassius Winston to Bradley Beal1312450.0%
Deni Avdija to Cassius Winston100030.0%
Deni Avdija to Daniel Gafford201250.0%
Deni Avdija to Moritz Wagner20000.0%
Deni Avdija to Chandler Hutchison50030.0%
Deni Avdija to Troy Brown Jr.2901520.0%
Bradley Beal to Chandler Hutchison20000.0%
Jordan Bell to Anthony Gill20000.0%
Jordan Bell to Cassius Winston18011100.0%
Jordan Bell to Garrison Mathews70010.0%
Jordan Bell to Isaac Bonga20010.0%
Jordan Bell to Raul Neto210030.0%
Jordan Bell to Ish Smith70000.0%
Jordan Bell to Robin Lopez20000.0%
Jordan Bell to Russell Westbrook1601425.0%
Davis Bertans to Anthony Gill20000.0%
Davis Bertans to Daniel Gafford70000.0%
Davis Bertans to Isaac Bonga10000.0%
Isaac Bonga to Anthony Gill70020.0%
Isaac Bonga to Cassius Winston220020.0%
Isaac Bonga to Jerome Robinson210030.0%
Isaac Bonga to Troy Brown Jr.70010.0%
Isaac Bonga to Jordan Bell40000.0%
Isaac Bonga to Anzejs Pasecniks70000.0%
Isaac Bonga to Alex Len1501333.3%
Isaac Bonga to Ish Smith1101250.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Cassius Winston40000.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Rui Hachimura190020.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Moritz Wagner110010.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Jerome Robinson60020.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Alex Len20011100.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Ish Smith520070.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Robin Lopez1501250.0%
Thomas Bryant to Deni Avdija240020.0%
Thomas Bryant to Jerome Robinson40000.0%
Thomas Bryant to Ish Smith2401250.0%
Thomas Bryant to Russell Westbrook118031225.0%
Daniel Gafford to Cassius Winston40010.0%
Daniel Gafford to Deni Avdija50000.0%
Daniel Gafford to Garrison Mathews120030.0%
Daniel Gafford to Isaac Bonga20000.0%
Daniel Gafford to Jerome Robinson40010.0%
Anthony Gill to Cassius Winston3002450.0%
Anthony Gill to Deni Avdija10010.0%
Anthony Gill to Daniel Gafford1011100.0%
Anthony Gill to Isaac Bonga70010.0%
Anthony Gill to Rui Hachimura30010.0%
Anthony Gill to Moritz Wagner20000.0%
Anthony Gill to Jerome Robinson80020.0%
Anthony Gill to Troy Brown Jr.40010.0%
Anthony Gill to Jordan Bell20000.0%
Anthony Gill to Alex Len20000.0%
Anthony Gill to Davis Bertans10000.0%
Anthony Gill to Ish Smith2504850.0%
Rui Hachimura to Cassius Winston50010.0%
Rui Hachimura to Daniel Gafford30000.0%
Rui Hachimura to Isaac Bonga301333.3%
Rui Hachimura to Jerome Robinson230060.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Deni Avdija701250.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Isaac Bonga10010.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Jerome Robinson40010.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Jordan Bell10010.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Alex Len10000.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Davis Bertans50000.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Russell Westbrook1070103033.3%
Alex Len to Anthony Gill40020.0%
Alex Len to Cassius Winston13011100.0%
Alex Len to Isaac Bonga100000.0%
Alex Len to Chandler Hutchison40010.0%
Alex Len to Troy Brown Jr.1901520.0%
Robin Lopez to Anthony Gill20000.0%
Robin Lopez to Isaac Bonga180050.0%
Robin Lopez to Troy Brown Jr.200010.0%
Garrison Mathews to Anthony Gill80010.0%
Garrison Mathews to Cassius Winston2502633.3%
Garrison Mathews to Deni Avdija100020.0%
Garrison Mathews to Isaac Bonga180040.0%
Garrison Mathews to Troy Brown Jr.140030.0%
Garrison Mathews to Jordan Bell30000.0%
Garrison Mathews to Anzejs Pasecniks10000.0%
Garrison Mathews to Bradley Beal54072330.4%
Raul Neto to Cassius Winston30000.0%
Raul Neto to Moritz Wagner330030.0%
Raul Neto to Chandler Hutchison80000.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Anthony Gill10000.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Garrison Mathews20010.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Isaac Bonga40000.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Jerome Robinson80000.0%
Jerome Robinson to Anthony Gill20000.0%
Jerome Robinson to Cassius Winston60010.0%
Jerome Robinson to Deni Avdija130020.0%
Jerome Robinson to Daniel Gafford10000.0%
Jerome Robinson to Moritz Wagner30000.0%
Jerome Robinson to Chandler Hutchison30000.0%
Jerome Robinson to Troy Brown Jr.110030.0%
Jerome Robinson to Jordan Bell50000.0%
Jerome Robinson to Anzejs Pasecniks60010.0%
Jerome Robinson to Davis Bertans90040.0%
Jerome Robinson to Ish Smith1901425.0%
Ish Smith to Cassius Winston10000.0%
Ish Smith to Jerome Robinson2201520.0%
Moritz Wagner to Anthony Gill10000.0%
Moritz Wagner to Isaac Bonga90000.0%
Moritz Wagner to Jerome Robinson40000.0%
Moritz Wagner to Troy Brown Jr.180030.0%
Moritz Wagner to Ish Smith7902540.0%
Cassius Winston to Deni Avdija40030.0%
Cassius Winston to Daniel Gafford40000.0%
Cassius Winston to Jerome Robinson1102366.7%
Cassius Winston to Troy Brown Jr.701250.0%
Cassius Winston to Davis Bertans20020.0%
Cassius Winston to Robin Lopez140010.0%
Cassius Winston to Russell Westbrook140030.0%