2020 Cleveland Cavaliers Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Cleveland Cavaliers averaged 304 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Darius Garland to Jarrett Allen, with 73 assists on 363 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Darius Garland to Jarrett Allen363737713557.0%
Darius Garland to Collin Sexton605569317852.2%
Collin Sexton to Jarrett Allen26645489451.1%
Darius Garland to Isaac Okoro387414810545.7%
Collin Sexton to Isaac Okoro30836429444.7%
Cedi Osman to Collin Sexton31827409044.4%
Isaac Okoro to Darius Garland424263810835.2%
Darius Garland to Larry Nance Jr.24225276640.9%
Darius Garland to Andre Drummond19324316547.7%
Collin Sexton to Dean Wade24023246238.7%
Collin Sexton to Darius Garland526234711740.2%
Darius Garland to Cedi Osman25921237032.9%
Cedi Osman to Dean Wade10021214348.8%
Collin Sexton to Kevin Love20721225143.1%
Jarrett Allen to Isaac Okoro15320285650.0%
Darius Garland to Dean Wade16620204643.5%
Isaac Okoro to Collin Sexton357204710445.2%
Damyean Dotson to Cedi Osman14518214843.8%
Kevin Love to Collin Sexton27718388942.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to Collin Sexton31018419045.6%
Isaac Okoro to Cedi Osman18418235939.0%
Cedi Osman to Darius Garland25918276144.3%
Collin Sexton to Andre Drummond19418266440.6%
Matthew Dellavedova to Collin Sexton7417193063.3%
Darius Garland to Kevin Love23117236336.5%
Larry Nance Jr. to Darius Garland32717357347.9%
Isaac Okoro to Jarrett Allen17217194344.2%
Cedi Osman to Jarrett Allen13616203164.5%
Dean Wade to Collin Sexton36716318237.8%
Damyean Dotson to Collin Sexton17015245444.4%
Larry Nance Jr. to Cedi Osman15215164833.3%
Cedi Osman to Isaac Okoro18515216035.0%
Cedi Osman to Andre Drummond11615224647.8%
Collin Sexton to Taurean Prince10715174141.5%
Collin Sexton to Larry Nance Jr.19715164238.1%
Jarrett Allen to Cedi Osman19214236038.3%
Andre Drummond to Collin Sexton25314376160.7%
Isaac Okoro to Dean Wade11314152951.7%
Collin Sexton to JaVale McGee8514183158.1%
Larry Nance Jr. to Andre Drummond5413172763.0%
Isaac Okoro to Larry Nance Jr.8013152560.0%
Jarrett Allen to Darius Garland614124710445.2%
Jarrett Allen to Collin Sexton564124412934.1%
Darius Garland to Taurean Prince14212184738.3%
Darius Garland to JaVale McGee7312192576.0%
Cedi Osman to Larry Nance Jr.12512133438.2%
Taurean Prince to Darius Garland16612264459.1%
Collin Sexton to Cedi Osman32012146322.2%
Damyean Dotson to Andre Drummond8811153050.0%
Kevin Love to Darius Garland24611216233.9%
JaVale McGee to Cedi Osman11411143243.8%
Cedi Osman to JaVale McGee8811143243.8%
Matthew Dellavedova to Isaiah Hartenstein7310111957.9%
Andre Drummond to Larry Nance Jr.9210112152.4%
Taurean Prince to Cedi Osman4010102245.5%
Andre Drummond to Cedi Osman979122744.4%
Cedi Osman to Damyean Dotson1469173351.5%
Collin Sexton to Dylan Windler1039132454.2%
Collin Sexton to Damyean Dotson1319124030.0%
Dean Wade to Darius Garland3069276243.5%
Jarrett Allen to Dylan Windler35891464.3%
Matthew Dellavedova to Taurean Prince698122842.9%
Matthew Dellavedova to Kevin Love68892931.0%
Damyean Dotson to Larry Nance Jr.848101758.8%
Andre Drummond to Isaac Okoro668112347.8%
Andre Drummond to Darius Garland2718234452.3%
Larry Nance Jr. to Isaac Okoro1188113828.9%
Cedi Osman to Kevin Love70881844.4%
Damyean Dotson to Dean Wade807102934.5%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Darius Garland857142263.6%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Collin Sexton977102540.0%
Kevin Love to Cedi Osman72772330.4%
Larry Nance Jr. to Damyean Dotson1107123237.5%
Taurean Prince to Jarrett Allen45771258.3%
Damyean Dotson to Lamar Stevens33671643.8%
Damyean Dotson to JaVale McGee856102638.5%
Darius Garland to Dylan Windler68661735.3%
Darius Garland to Damyean Dotson86671643.8%
Darius Garland to Isaiah Hartenstein55691369.2%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Taurean Prince28671258.3%
Kevin Love to Isaac Okoro81693327.3%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jarrett Allen31671163.6%
Isaac Okoro to Taurean Prince54681844.4%
Taurean Prince to Collin Sexton1416163842.1%
Taurean Prince to Isaiah Hartenstein2866785.7%
Collin Sexton to Isaiah Hartenstein52661735.3%
Lamar Stevens to Cedi Osman51671546.7%
Dylan Windler to Collin Sexton1216132748.1%
Damyean Dotson to Jarrett Allen50571163.6%
Darius Garland to Lamar Stevens41551241.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to JaVale McGee26551145.5%
Isaac Okoro to Damyean Dotson875102147.6%
Taurean Prince to Damyean Dotson2255771.4%
Dean Wade to Isaac Okoro132583721.6%
Dean Wade to Damyean Dotson112582040.0%
Dean Wade to Isaiah Hartenstein2656875.0%
Dean Wade to Cedi Osman111572231.8%
Matthew Dellavedova to Isaac Okoro26441040.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Dean Wade32441040.0%
Damyean Dotson to Kevin Love4144944.4%
Andre Drummond to Taurean Prince40451050.0%
Dante Exum to Cedi Osman27441233.3%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Isaac Okoro25451145.5%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Kevin Love2044757.1%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Damyean Dotson4046966.7%
Kevin Love to Dean Wade35441233.3%
JaVale McGee to Dylan Windler40471643.8%
JaVale McGee to Damyean Dotson121462227.3%
Larry Nance Jr. to Kevin Love13455100.0%
Taurean Prince to Isaac Okoro40441822.2%
Taurean Prince to Andre Drummond32451145.5%
Taurean Prince to Kevin Love2244850.0%
Collin Sexton to Lamar Stevens47461833.3%
Collin Sexton to Mfiondu Kabengele22441233.3%
Brodric Thomas to Collin Sexton70482334.8%
Dean Wade to Jarrett Allen56441233.3%
Dean Wade to JaVale McGee25461154.5%
Dean Wade to Kevin Love37441136.4%
Dylan Windler to Damyean Dotson5044850.0%
Dylan Windler to JaVale McGee48471546.7%
Jarrett Allen to Dean Wade4233933.3%
Jarrett Allen to Damyean Dotson80331520.0%
Jarrett Allen to Larry Nance Jr.3634580.0%
Quinn Cook to Dean Wade3333742.9%
Matthew Dellavedova to Cedi Osman2534944.4%
Damyean Dotson to Isaac Okoro101383026.7%
Damyean Dotson to Dylan Windler43331323.1%
Andre Drummond to Damyean Dotson118392240.9%
Andre Drummond to JaVale McGee633475.0%
Darius Garland to Mfiondu Kabengele933475.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Cedi Osman1333475.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Isaac Okoro2134944.4%
Kevin Love to Brodric Thomas2033650.0%
Kevin Love to Isaiah Hartenstein2633837.5%
Kevin Love to Taurean Prince2234757.1%
Kevin Love to Andre Drummond1633837.5%
JaVale McGee to Isaac Okoro1933475.0%
JaVale McGee to Larry Nance Jr.2733475.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Dean Wade2633650.0%
Isaac Okoro to Andre Drummond81352520.0%
Isaac Okoro to Kevin Love76392733.3%
Cedi Osman to Brodric Thomas1733560.0%
Cedi Osman to Lamar Stevens35371546.7%
Cedi Osman to Dylan Windler3233933.3%
Cedi Osman to Taurean Prince35331816.7%
Taurean Prince to Larry Nance Jr.1733650.0%
Taurean Prince to JaVale McGee1434757.1%
Lamar Stevens to Dylan Windler1633560.0%
Lamar Stevens to Collin Sexton95361735.3%
Lamar Stevens to Damyean Dotson48341233.3%
Brodric Thomas to Lamar Stevens1633650.0%
Brodric Thomas to Dean Wade51341330.8%
Dean Wade to Brodric Thomas52351241.7%
Dean Wade to Lamar Stevens2033560.0%
Dylan Windler to Lamar Stevens2534944.4%
Dylan Windler to Dean Wade2533650.0%
Dylan Windler to Taurean Prince26331030.0%
Jarrett Allen to Brodric Thomas2722825.0%
Jarrett Allen to Lamar Stevens1722633.3%
Jarrett Allen to Taurean Prince52231520.0%
Jarrett Allen to Quinn Cook2324757.1%
Quinn Cook to Brodric Thomas622366.7%
Quinn Cook to Dylan Windler11222100.0%
Quinn Cook to Damyean Dotson1622450.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Larry Nance Jr.3622633.3%
Damyean Dotson to Jeremiah Martin822366.7%
Andre Drummond to Jarrett Allen7222100.0%
Dante Exum to Collin Sexton53281650.0%
Dante Exum to Andre Drummond1824580.0%
Dante Exum to JaVale McGee1322450.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Thon Maker3222100.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Lamar Stevens822450.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Dean Wade1722540.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Larry Nance Jr.1122450.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Matthew Dellavedova129251435.7%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Collin Sexton3723933.3%
Kevin Love to Damyean Dotson4722825.0%
Kevin Love to Jarrett Allen3922728.6%
Thon Maker to Lamar Stevens5222100.0%
Jeremiah Martin to Mfiondu Kabengele2222450.0%
JaVale McGee to Lamar Stevens1922825.0%
JaVale McGee to Collin Sexton151292931.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Isaiah Hartenstein1223475.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Dante Exum3522450.0%
Cedi Osman to Mfiondu Kabengele2022450.0%
Cedi Osman to Isaiah Hartenstein922450.0%
Cedi Osman to Yogi Ferrell15233100.0%
Taurean Prince to Lamar Stevens822540.0%
Collin Sexton to Brodric Thomas54241233.3%
Collin Sexton to Dante Exum2422728.6%
Lamar Stevens to Darius Garland71281361.5%
Lamar Stevens to Jarrett Allen8222100.0%
Lamar Stevens to JaVale McGee1624850.0%
Brodric Thomas to Mfiondu Kabengele22221020.0%
Brodric Thomas to Darius Garland2822540.0%
Brodric Thomas to Jarrett Allen2522633.3%
Brodric Thomas to Larry Nance Jr.722366.7%
Brodric Thomas to Anderson Varejao1122450.0%
Dean Wade to Yogi Ferrell10222100.0%
Dean Wade to Taurean Prince25221020.0%
Dean Wade to Larry Nance Jr.2322540.0%
Dean Wade to Quinn Cook3727887.5%
Dean Wade to Andre Drummond9255100.0%
Dylan Windler to Isaac Okoro2222633.3%
Dylan Windler to Darius Garland84291850.0%
Dylan Windler to Cedi Osman53262128.6%
Dylan Windler to Larry Nance Jr.1123560.0%
Jarrett Allen to Mfiondu Kabengele4111100.0%
Jarrett Allen to Matthew Dellavedova22111100.0%
Quinn Cook to Lamar Stevens811333.3%
Quinn Cook to Isaac Okoro411250.0%
Quinn Cook to Jarrett Allen911250.0%
Quinn Cook to JaVale McGee1713475.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Darius Garland3312633.3%
Matthew Dellavedova to Jarrett Allen13122100.0%
Damyean Dotson to Brodric Thomas34121216.7%
Damyean Dotson to Mfiondu Kabengele30121020.0%
Damyean Dotson to Darius Garland82141428.6%
Andre Drummond to Lamar Stevens1513560.0%
Andre Drummond to Dylan Windler2111100.0%
Andre Drummond to Dante Exum2311333.3%
Dante Exum to Marques Bolden3111100.0%
Dante Exum to Darius Garland2812540.0%
Dante Exum to Damyean Dotson5111100.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Lamar Stevens811250.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Isaac Okoro11111100.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Damyean Dotson9111100.0%
Darius Garland to Quinn Cook611250.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Brodric Thomas1111616.7%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Damyean Dotson911250.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Brodric Thomas3811911.1%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Jeremiah Martin3312728.6%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Taurean Prince512366.7%
Kevin Love to Matthew Dellavedova5711425.0%
Thon Maker to Isaac Okoro711250.0%
Thon Maker to Collin Sexton1312450.0%
Jeremiah Martin to Brodric Thomas1511333.3%
Jeremiah Martin to Dean Wade1412366.7%
JaVale McGee to Dean Wade2212366.7%
JaVale McGee to Darius Garland105151631.3%
JaVale McGee to Dante Exum2012366.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to Lamar Stevens811250.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Dylan Windler1111250.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Yogi Ferrell1211425.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Taurean Prince3212728.6%
Larry Nance Jr. to Thon Maker5111100.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Matthew Dellavedova41111010.0%
Isaac Okoro to Brodric Thomas2911812.5%
Isaac Okoro to Lamar Stevens1811250.0%
Isaac Okoro to Dylan Windler2312825.0%
Cedi Osman to Quinn Cook2011520.0%
Cedi Osman to Dante Exum1611250.0%
Cedi Osman to Anderson Varejao1111100.0%
Taurean Prince to Dean Wade1311616.7%
Taurean Prince to Matthew Dellavedova4411333.3%
Collin Sexton to Thon Maker711250.0%
Collin Sexton to Matthew Dellavedova4411714.3%
Lamar Stevens to Dean Wade2011520.0%
Lamar Stevens to Taurean Prince511250.0%
Lamar Stevens to Larry Nance Jr.1211425.0%
Lamar Stevens to Kevin Love2111100.0%
Brodric Thomas to Isaac Okoro3113837.5%
Brodric Thomas to Jeremiah Martin1211425.0%
Brodric Thomas to Damyean Dotson3712825.0%
Brodric Thomas to Isaiah Hartenstein2711714.3%
Brodric Thomas to Kevin Love1711425.0%
Anderson Varejao to Brodric Thomas1213475.0%
Anderson Varejao to Collin Sexton811425.0%
Anderson Varejao to Damyean Dotson811250.0%
Dean Wade to Dylan Windler2611911.1%
Dylan Windler to Brodric Thomas311333.3%
Dylan Windler to Jarrett Allen59141040.0%
Dylan Windler to Andre Drummond8133100.0%
Jarrett Allen to Jeremiah Martin120020.0%
Jarrett Allen to Andre Drummond20010.0%
Jarrett Allen to JaVale McGee10010.0%
Jarrett Allen to Kevin Love3101119.1%
Marques Bolden to Lamar Stevens1101616.7%
Marques Bolden to Isaac Okoro20000.0%
Marques Bolden to Dean Wade40010.0%
Marques Bolden to Collin Sexton20000.0%
Marques Bolden to Damyean Dotson50010.0%
Marques Bolden to Yogi Ferrell30000.0%
Marques Bolden to Thon Maker201250.0%
Marques Bolden to Cedi Osman10000.0%
Marques Bolden to Dante Exum30010.0%
Quinn Cook to Darius Garland110010.0%
Quinn Cook to Collin Sexton120030.0%
Quinn Cook to Cedi Osman210040.0%
Quinn Cook to Larry Nance Jr.80030.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Brodric Thomas10000.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Lamar Stevens60010.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Mfiondu Kabengele30010.0%
Damyean Dotson to Marques Bolden20000.0%
Damyean Dotson to Isaiah Hartenstein70010.0%
Damyean Dotson to Yogi Ferrell80020.0%
Damyean Dotson to Taurean Prince26031030.0%
Damyean Dotson to Thon Maker40000.0%
Damyean Dotson to Quinn Cook130020.0%
Damyean Dotson to Dante Exum40000.0%
Damyean Dotson to Anderson Varejao50020.0%
Andre Drummond to Dean Wade5011100.0%
Andre Drummond to Yogi Ferrell40010.0%
Andre Drummond to Thon Maker20010.0%
Andre Drummond to Kevin Love601333.3%
Dante Exum to Lamar Stevens10000.0%
Dante Exum to Dean Wade50000.0%
Dante Exum to Thon Maker601250.0%
Dante Exum to Larry Nance Jr.110020.0%
Dante Exum to Kevin Love601333.3%
Yogi Ferrell to Dean Wade70010.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Marques Bolden20010.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Cedi Osman160020.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Larry Nance Jr.60020.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Andre Drummond10000.0%
Yogi Ferrell to JaVale McGee50000.0%
Darius Garland to Brodric Thomas210050.0%
Darius Garland to Thon Maker6011100.0%
Darius Garland to Dante Exum250020.0%
Darius Garland to Matthew Dellavedova2501520.0%
Darius Garland to Anderson Varejao10000.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Lamar Stevens3011100.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Dean Wade60000.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Darius Garland1201250.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Cedi Osman2701425.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Matthew Dellavedova60000.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Kevin Love601333.3%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Anderson Varejao10010.0%
Kevin Love to Lamar Stevens10000.0%
Kevin Love to Jeremiah Martin10000.0%
Kevin Love to Dylan Windler20000.0%
Kevin Love to Mfiondu Kabengele60010.0%
Kevin Love to Larry Nance Jr.1301250.0%
Kevin Love to Dante Exum20000.0%
Thon Maker to Dean Wade40000.0%
Thon Maker to Marques Bolden50000.0%
Thon Maker to Darius Garland60010.0%
Thon Maker to Damyean Dotson80000.0%
Thon Maker to Cedi Osman80010.0%
Thon Maker to Larry Nance Jr.40000.0%
Thon Maker to Dante Exum60000.0%
Thon Maker to Andre Drummond20010.0%
Thon Maker to JaVale McGee10000.0%
Jeremiah Martin to Isaac Okoro80020.0%
Jeremiah Martin to Collin Sexton50010.0%
Jeremiah Martin to Damyean Dotson120020.0%
Jeremiah Martin to Jarrett Allen80000.0%
Jeremiah Martin to Cedi Osman8011100.0%
Jeremiah Martin to Kevin Love10000.0%
Jeremiah Martin to Anderson Varejao60020.0%
JaVale McGee to Yogi Ferrell90010.0%
JaVale McGee to Taurean Prince70010.0%
JaVale McGee to Thon Maker10000.0%
JaVale McGee to Quinn Cook1801333.3%
JaVale McGee to Andre Drummond601333.3%
Larry Nance Jr. to Brodric Thomas1501616.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to Quinn Cook13011100.0%
Isaac Okoro to Jeremiah Martin50020.0%
Isaac Okoro to Marques Bolden30000.0%
Isaac Okoro to Mfiondu Kabengele70030.0%
Isaac Okoro to Isaiah Hartenstein150030.0%
Isaac Okoro to Yogi Ferrell6011100.0%
Isaac Okoro to Thon Maker601250.0%
Isaac Okoro to Quinn Cook70010.0%
Isaac Okoro to Matthew Dellavedova220020.0%
Isaac Okoro to JaVale McGee180070.0%
Isaac Okoro to Anderson Varejao601333.3%
Cedi Osman to Jeremiah Martin5011100.0%
Cedi Osman to Marques Bolden20000.0%
Cedi Osman to Thon Maker30000.0%
Cedi Osman to Matthew Dellavedova2001520.0%
Taurean Prince to Brodric Thomas10000.0%
Taurean Prince to Dylan Windler190020.0%
Taurean Prince to Mfiondu Kabengele20010.0%
Collin Sexton to Jeremiah Martin90030.0%
Collin Sexton to Marques Bolden10000.0%
Collin Sexton to Quinn Cook50020.0%
Collin Sexton to Anderson Varejao20010.0%
Lamar Stevens to Brodric Thomas190030.0%
Lamar Stevens to Isaac Okoro2601250.0%
Lamar Stevens to Marques Bolden30000.0%
Lamar Stevens to Mfiondu Kabengele20000.0%
Lamar Stevens to Isaiah Hartenstein60000.0%
Lamar Stevens to Yogi Ferrell190040.0%
Lamar Stevens to Thon Maker50010.0%
Lamar Stevens to Quinn Cook190030.0%
Lamar Stevens to Dante Exum10000.0%
Lamar Stevens to Matthew Dellavedova130000.0%
Lamar Stevens to Andre Drummond1101250.0%
Brodric Thomas to Dylan Windler10000.0%
Brodric Thomas to Taurean Prince20020.0%
Brodric Thomas to Cedi Osman1701616.7%
Brodric Thomas to Quinn Cook60000.0%
Brodric Thomas to Matthew Dellavedova40000.0%
Anderson Varejao to Isaac Okoro901333.3%
Anderson Varejao to Dean Wade10000.0%
Anderson Varejao to Jeremiah Martin1501520.0%
Anderson Varejao to Mfiondu Kabengele20020.0%
Anderson Varejao to Cedi Osman40000.0%
Dean Wade to Jeremiah Martin140040.0%
Dean Wade to Marques Bolden40010.0%
Dean Wade to Mfiondu Kabengele60010.0%
Dean Wade to Thon Maker30000.0%
Dean Wade to Dante Exum60020.0%
Dean Wade to Matthew Dellavedova670030.0%
Dean Wade to Danny Green10000.0%
Dean Wade to Anderson Varejao20000.0%
Dylan Windler to Quinn Cook1601425.0%
Dylan Windler to Kevin Love20010.0%