2020 Los Angeles Clippers Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Los Angeles Clippers averaged 281 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Paul George to Ivica Zubac, with 49 assists on 242 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Paul George to Ivica Zubac24249538066.3%
Paul George to Kawhi Leonard419447914454.9%
Kawhi Leonard to Paul George322415612046.7%
Paul George to Serge Ibaka20039427357.5%
Kawhi Leonard to Reggie Jackson26538509851.0%
Lou Williams to Ivica Zubac21536365367.9%
Paul George to Nicolas Batum24134367051.4%
Reggie Jackson to Paul George462346915444.8%
Reggie Jackson to Marcus Morris Sr.259334810147.5%
Paul George to Marcus Morris Sr.235325110946.8%
Reggie Jackson to Luke Kennard14632366159.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Nicolas Batum26731337742.9%
Kawhi Leonard to Marcus Morris Sr.17830397452.7%
Kawhi Leonard to Ivica Zubac13629294465.9%
Lou Williams to Marcus Morris Sr.16528317342.5%
Reggie Jackson to Kawhi Leonard385265612245.9%
Kawhi Leonard to Serge Ibaka12225254753.2%
Nicolas Batum to Kawhi Leonard318245411447.4%
Nicolas Batum to Paul George338235410949.5%
Kawhi Leonard to Patrick Beverley17221225242.3%
Rajon Rondo to Paul George15521327145.1%
Nicolas Batum to Serge Ibaka12819204940.8%
Paul George to Reggie Jackson33218317441.9%
Ivica Zubac to Marcus Morris Sr.11518214250.0%
Patrick Beverley to Kawhi Leonard27917418946.1%
Ivica Zubac to Paul George35917429146.2%
Nicolas Batum to Terance Mann14516223759.5%
Kawhi Leonard to Luke Kennard9216183748.6%
Kawhi Leonard to Lou Williams12616214447.7%
Terance Mann to Ivica Zubac15516182962.1%
Terance Mann to Nicolas Batum10716163151.6%
Rajon Rondo to Nicolas Batum10816163644.4%
Reggie Jackson to Ivica Zubac22715173253.1%
Reggie Jackson to Serge Ibaka15215193850.0%
Paul George to Patrick Beverley18514144233.3%
Serge Ibaka to Paul George26514315655.4%
Luke Kennard to Terance Mann11614203852.6%
Luke Kennard to Ivica Zubac7514142360.9%
Kawhi Leonard to Terance Mann9114183060.0%
Lou Williams to Reggie Jackson11114173154.8%
Nicolas Batum to Reggie Jackson30213214645.7%
Patrick Beverley to Nicolas Batum16913142751.9%
Patrick Beverley to Serge Ibaka14513163644.4%
Reggie Jackson to Nicolas Batum22013133933.3%
Ivica Zubac to Lou Williams402133610335.0%
Luke Kennard to Marcus Morris Sr.6212173056.7%
Terance Mann to Luke Kennard12512204346.5%
Lou Williams to Kawhi Leonard15812346155.7%
Paul George to Lou Williams15011184738.3%
Serge Ibaka to Nicolas Batum11411112544.0%
Luke Kennard to Nicolas Batum9411112152.4%
Terance Mann to Reggie Jackson16911154632.6%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Ivica Zubac6511131968.4%
Lou Williams to Nicolas Batum9011112445.8%
Lou Williams to Serge Ibaka6911122450.0%
Amir Coffey to Luke Kennard4310121963.2%
Paul George to Terance Mann7710102343.5%
Paul George to Luke Kennard8210112544.0%
Paul George to Patrick Patterson5110102050.0%
Serge Ibaka to Luke Kennard6910132161.9%
Serge Ibaka to Kawhi Leonard17510316647.0%
Terance Mann to Kawhi Leonard12110234650.0%
Terance Mann to Marcus Morris Sr.10710154334.9%
Rajon Rondo to Marcus Morris Sr.7410153345.5%
Rajon Rondo to DeMarcus Cousins8410152755.6%
Ivica Zubac to Terance Mann16610142850.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Kawhi Leonard1999317342.5%
Rajon Rondo to Luke Kennard589102147.6%
Lou Williams to Paul George1769306446.9%
Ivica Zubac to Luke Kennard1139163842.1%
Nicolas Batum to Luke Kennard1138122646.2%
Nicolas Batum to Marcus Morris Sr.728122450.0%
Nicolas Batum to Patrick Beverley2108113333.3%
Reggie Jackson to Terance Mann1288123435.3%
Reggie Jackson to Patrick Patterson58881650.0%
Luke Kennard to Reggie Jackson1528133537.1%
Luke Kennard to Patrick Patterson49882138.1%
Luke Kennard to Paul George1008183650.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Luke Kennard64891656.3%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Reggie Jackson2378194839.6%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Paul George2438307938.0%
Rajon Rondo to Terance Mann47881844.4%
Rajon Rondo to Ivica Zubac2488988.9%
Nicolas Batum to Ivica Zubac30781457.1%
Patrick Beverley to Marcus Morris Sr.52771643.8%
Patrick Beverley to Lou Williams58791947.4%
Serge Ibaka to Patrick Beverley1897142360.9%
Serge Ibaka to Lou Williams977112740.7%
Reggie Jackson to Lou Williams1397134032.5%
Terance Mann to Amir Coffey72772231.8%
Terance Mann to Patrick Patterson51791560.0%
Rajon Rondo to Kawhi Leonard597122548.0%
Lou Williams to Terance Mann807122157.1%
Lou Williams to Luke Kennard62771936.8%
Ivica Zubac to Reggie Jackson4477295750.9%
Nicolas Batum to Lou Williams1276142850.0%
Serge Ibaka to Reggie Jackson1926213855.3%
Luke Kennard to Kawhi Leonard1096233959.0%
Luke Kennard to Serge Ibaka68661735.3%
Kawhi Leonard to Patrick Patterson21661250.0%
Ivica Zubac to Kawhi Leonard1866164634.8%
Nicolas Batum to DeMarcus Cousins2958988.9%
Nicolas Batum to Rajon Rondo133591560.0%
Patrick Beverley to Paul George2415226235.5%
Paul George to Rajon Rondo89581172.7%
Reggie Jackson to Amir Coffey40561154.5%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Terance Mann95582334.8%
Patrick Patterson to Paul George685101952.6%
Patrick Patterson to Nicolas Batum2655862.5%
Rajon Rondo to Patrick Patterson47551729.4%
Amir Coffey to Reggie Jackson41481844.4%
Yogi Ferrell to Patrick Patterson9455100.0%
Serge Ibaka to Marcus Morris Sr.19461060.0%
Luke Kennard to Amir Coffey35441330.8%
Terance Mann to Lou Williams1214113630.6%
Rajon Rondo to Patrick Beverley1544757.1%
Lou Williams to Amir Coffey1944757.1%
Lou Williams to Patrick Beverley2744757.1%
Ivica Zubac to Nicolas Batum51441428.6%
Patrick Beverley to Ivica Zubac5535771.4%
Patrick Beverley to Reggie Jackson5233837.5%
DeMarcus Cousins to Paul George2036785.7%
Reggie Jackson to DeMarcus Cousins1533650.0%
Luke Kennard to Patrick Beverley3835955.6%
Terance Mann to Mfiondu Kabengele41331421.4%
Terance Mann to Paul George94393625.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Nicolas Batum4433837.5%
Daniel Oturu to Amir Coffey22341040.0%
Patrick Patterson to Amir Coffey3634944.4%
Patrick Patterson to Kawhi Leonard2733933.3%
Rajon Rondo to Reggie Jackson68362227.3%
Rajon Rondo to Serge Ibaka1533560.0%
Ivica Zubac to Amir Coffey3333650.0%
Ivica Zubac to Patrick Beverley11633837.5%
Nicolas Batum to Patrick Patterson27221216.7%
Patrick Beverley to DeMarcus Cousins11222100.0%
Amir Coffey to Daniel Oturu1223742.9%
Amir Coffey to Mfiondu Kabengele1523933.3%
Amir Coffey to Patrick Patterson24221118.2%
DeMarcus Cousins to Daniel Oturu422450.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Terance Mann2322450.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Luke Kennard34231225.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Reggie Jackson1622366.7%
DeMarcus Cousins to Nicolas Batum29231127.3%
Yogi Ferrell to Terance Mann923475.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Luke Kennard2022922.2%
Yogi Ferrell to DeMarcus Cousins2222540.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Nicolas Batum1122450.0%
Paul George to Amir Coffey522366.7%
Paul George to DeMarcus Cousins2122633.3%
Reggie Jackson to Mfiondu Kabengele2222633.3%
Reggie Jackson to Rajon Rondo7222728.6%
Luke Kennard to DeMarcus Cousins33241136.4%
Luke Kennard to Rajon Rondo64261154.5%
Luke Kennard to Lou Williams902112544.0%
Terance Mann to Serge Ibaka3922728.6%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Patrick Patterson922450.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Serge Ibaka1922540.0%
Daniel Oturu to Luke Kennard2323933.3%
Patrick Patterson to Terance Mann79261346.2%
Patrick Patterson to Reggie Jackson86262128.6%
Nicolas Batum to Jay Scrubb3111100.0%
Patrick Beverley to Luke Kennard3611616.7%
Patrick Beverley to Rajon Rondo1912450.0%
Amir Coffey to Terance Mann67141921.1%
Amir Coffey to Ivica Zubac2611520.0%
Amir Coffey to Lou Williams1712450.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Amir Coffey26121118.2%
DeMarcus Cousins to Kawhi Leonard812366.7%
DeMarcus Cousins to Patrick Patterson911333.3%
Yogi Ferrell to Daniel Oturu713560.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Amir Coffey8111100.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Marcus Morris Sr.3111100.0%
Serge Ibaka to Jay Scrubb2111100.0%
Serge Ibaka to Terance Mann3213650.0%
Serge Ibaka to Patrick Patterson2111100.0%
Reggie Jackson to Patrick Beverley4012825.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Daniel Oturu5122100.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Terance Mann4113837.5%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Amir Coffey1312366.7%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Reggie Jackson3311333.3%
Luke Kennard to Malik Fitts3111100.0%
Luke Kennard to Jay Scrubb511250.0%
Luke Kennard to Daniel Oturu811333.3%
Kawhi Leonard to DeMarcus Cousins811333.3%
Kawhi Leonard to Rajon Rondo3612540.0%
Terance Mann to Daniel Oturu4212825.0%
Terance Mann to Yogi Ferrell1111333.3%
Terance Mann to DeMarcus Cousins1911250.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Patrick Beverley6412728.6%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Lou Williams1571163743.2%
Daniel Oturu to Yogi Ferrell1111333.3%
Daniel Oturu to Patrick Patterson2111100.0%
Patrick Patterson to Jay Scrubb4111100.0%
Patrick Patterson to Luke Kennard4511128.3%
Patrick Patterson to Serge Ibaka3111100.0%
Patrick Patterson to Lou Williams3912540.0%
Rajon Rondo to Jay Scrubb1711425.0%
Jay Scrubb to Patrick Patterson411250.0%
Ivica Zubac to Rajon Rondo7111520.0%
Nicolas Batum to Mfiondu Kabengele10000.0%
Nicolas Batum to Amir Coffey2101520.0%
Nicolas Batum to Yogi Ferrell1902450.0%
Patrick Beverley to Daniel Oturu10010.0%
Patrick Beverley to Terance Mann140010.0%
Patrick Beverley to Yogi Ferrell30000.0%
Patrick Beverley to Patrick Patterson70010.0%
Amir Coffey to Malik Fitts20010.0%
Amir Coffey to Yogi Ferrell30000.0%
Amir Coffey to Kawhi Leonard3011100.0%
Amir Coffey to Marcus Morris Sr.1703742.9%
Amir Coffey to Paul George10000.0%
Amir Coffey to DeMarcus Cousins2505955.6%
Amir Coffey to Nicolas Batum90000.0%
Amir Coffey to Serge Ibaka30000.0%
Amir Coffey to Rajon Rondo1301250.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Malik Fitts30000.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Jay Scrubb50020.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Yogi Ferrell200050.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Marcus Morris Sr.40010.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Patrick Beverley120010.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Rajon Rondo9404944.4%
Yogi Ferrell to Jay Scrubb90050.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Ivica Zubac20010.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Patrick Beverley20000.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Serge Ibaka301250.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Rajon Rondo3011100.0%
Malik Fitts to Terance Mann30000.0%
Malik Fitts to Amir Coffey30000.0%
Malik Fitts to Luke Kennard50010.0%
Malik Fitts to DeMarcus Cousins10000.0%
Paul George to Denzel Valentine10000.0%
Serge Ibaka to Daniel Oturu20020.0%
Serge Ibaka to Amir Coffey20000.0%
Serge Ibaka to Yogi Ferrell3011100.0%
Serge Ibaka to Rajon Rondo90000.0%
Reggie Jackson to Daniel Oturu100010.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Luke Kennard1702366.7%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Marcus Morris Sr.30000.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Patrick Patterson10010.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Nicolas Batum10000.0%
Luke Kennard to Mfiondu Kabengele110020.0%
Luke Kennard to Yogi Ferrell1101250.0%
Terance Mann to Malik Fitts40010.0%
Terance Mann to Jay Scrubb20010.0%
Terance Mann to Patrick Beverley160030.0%
Terance Mann to Rajon Rondo4701616.7%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Daniel Oturu10000.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Mfiondu Kabengele2011100.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Amir Coffey90020.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to DeMarcus Cousins20000.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Rajon Rondo65061060.0%
Daniel Oturu to Jay Scrubb501425.0%
Daniel Oturu to Mfiondu Kabengele30010.0%
Daniel Oturu to Terance Mann4001333.3%
Daniel Oturu to Goga Bitadze10000.0%
Daniel Oturu to Reggie Jackson110000.0%
Daniel Oturu to DeMarcus Cousins2011100.0%
Daniel Oturu to Patrick Beverley30000.0%
Daniel Oturu to Rajon Rondo1011100.0%
Patrick Patterson to Daniel Oturu20010.0%
Patrick Patterson to Ivica Zubac701425.0%
Patrick Patterson to Yogi Ferrell2301333.3%
Patrick Patterson to Marcus Morris Sr.60010.0%
Patrick Patterson to DeMarcus Cousins601250.0%
Patrick Patterson to Patrick Beverley90000.0%
Patrick Patterson to Rajon Rondo49031030.0%
Rajon Rondo to Daniel Oturu20010.0%
Rajon Rondo to Amir Coffey70010.0%
Rajon Rondo to Yogi Ferrell50010.0%
Jay Scrubb to Daniel Oturu50010.0%
Jay Scrubb to Terance Mann30000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Luke Kennard60000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Ivica Zubac3011100.0%
Jay Scrubb to Yogi Ferrell130050.0%
Jay Scrubb to Marcus Morris Sr.10010.0%
Jay Scrubb to DeMarcus Cousins30000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Nicolas Batum30000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Serge Ibaka20000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Rajon Rondo160030.0%
Lou Williams to Patrick Patterson310050.0%
Ivica Zubac to Mfiondu Kabengele10000.0%
Ivica Zubac to Yogi Ferrell60000.0%
Ivica Zubac to Patrick Patterson60020.0%