2020 Charlotte Hornets Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Charlotte Hornets averaged 305 passes per game. The leading assist duo was LaMelo Ball to P.J. Washington, with 58 assists on 422 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
LaMelo Ball to P.J. Washington422586113146.6%
Devonte' Graham to P.J. Washington475576015838.0%
LaMelo Ball to Terry Rozier537567917944.1%
Devonte' Graham to Miles Bridges367556313746.0%
Terry Rozier to P.J. Washington417515913444.0%
Gordon Hayward to Terry Rozier407496815045.3%
LaMelo Ball to Miles Bridges326485110349.5%
Devonte' Graham to Terry Rozier498445615336.6%
LaMelo Ball to Gordon Hayward423435612345.5%
Terry Rozier to Devonte' Graham464364412236.1%
Terry Rozier to Gordon Hayward356364911542.6%
Terry Rozier to Miles Bridges31733509851.0%
LaMelo Ball to Cody Zeller20232346453.1%
P.J. Washington to Terry Rozier532325612345.5%
Devonte' Graham to Gordon Hayward411295111942.9%
P.J. Washington to Gordon Hayward18227366456.3%
Terry Rozier to Cody Zeller19226286046.7%
Bismack Biyombo to Terry Rozier343254310043.0%
Devonte' Graham to Bismack Biyombo23125274560.0%
LaMelo Ball to Bismack Biyombo17724244158.5%
Gordon Hayward to Devonte' Graham45023358242.7%
Cody Zeller to Gordon Hayward11623325360.4%
Miles Bridges to P.J. Washington11422224746.8%
P.J. Washington to Devonte' Graham57422359337.6%
Devonte' Graham to Cody Zeller18521244850.0%
Terry Rozier to LaMelo Ball445213710236.3%
Terry Rozier to Bismack Biyombo23721234353.5%
Gordon Hayward to P.J. Washington19220266540.0%
Gordon Hayward to Bismack Biyombo13220203360.6%
Terry Rozier to Jalen McDaniels16120255743.9%
P.J. Washington to LaMelo Ball52220469747.4%
Miles Bridges to Terry Rozier35319388445.2%
Gordon Hayward to LaMelo Ball38619398048.8%
Miles Bridges to LaMelo Ball41317328239.0%
Miles Bridges to Devonte' Graham42017308336.1%
Miles Bridges to Gordon Hayward12117204841.7%
Devonte' Graham to Jalen McDaniels11616184143.9%
Cody Martin to Terry Rozier18716245444.4%
Bismack Biyombo to Gordon Hayward16415245841.4%
Devonte' Graham to Malik Monk15415205536.4%
Caleb Martin to Terry Rozier12415244257.1%
Brad Wanamaker to Miles Bridges7715193554.3%
LaMelo Ball to Malik Monk17114285947.5%
Gordon Hayward to Miles Bridges11814204050.0%
Gordon Hayward to Cody Zeller8514172568.0%
Terry Rozier to Malik Monk13214174240.5%
Brad Wanamaker to Terry Rozier14314194542.2%
LaMelo Ball to Caleb Martin10313133735.1%
Miles Bridges to Malik Monk12413174537.8%
Cody Martin to Devonte' Graham17113164040.0%
Malik Monk to Terry Rozier16513214843.8%
Brad Wanamaker to Cody Zeller8113132454.2%
P.J. Washington to Malik Monk10113234254.8%
LaMelo Ball to Devonte' Graham25812195236.5%
Devonte' Graham to Caleb Martin9512153246.9%
Cody Martin to Miles Bridges8512153740.5%
Malik Monk to P.J. Washington6612132748.1%
Terry Rozier to Brad Wanamaker12412152951.7%
P.J. Washington to Miles Bridges11912164535.6%
Miles Bridges to Jalen McDaniels7111122842.9%
Miles Bridges to Bismack Biyombo4911112250.0%
Devonte' Graham to LaMelo Ball24611174141.5%
Devonte' Graham to Cody Martin10711132846.4%
Caleb Martin to Miles Bridges6511132356.5%
Cody Martin to P.J. Washington6411112250.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Devonte' Graham20111153641.7%
Malik Monk to Miles Bridges7711122352.2%
Malik Monk to Gordon Hayward5011122450.0%
P.J. Washington to Bismack Biyombo3811111668.8%
Cody Zeller to Terry Rozier23311235641.1%
Bismack Biyombo to LaMelo Ball21410224746.8%
Cody Zeller to LaMelo Ball23410245444.4%
Cody Zeller to Miles Bridges6510112347.8%
Gordon Hayward to Malik Monk789133240.6%
Terry Rozier to Cody Martin1249113630.6%
P.J. Washington to Jalen McDaniels619102147.6%
Miles Bridges to Cody Martin688112055.0%
Caleb Martin to Devonte' Graham114892634.6%
Cody Martin to Cody Zeller33891181.8%
Jalen McDaniels to Miles Bridges628102147.6%
Malik Monk to Jalen McDaniels378121963.2%
Brad Wanamaker to P.J. Washington49892142.9%
Cody Zeller to Devonte' Graham2298153938.5%
Cody Zeller to Malik Monk768112642.3%
LaMelo Ball to Jalen McDaniels887102638.5%
Gordon Hayward to Cody Martin37771450.0%
Caleb Martin to LaMelo Ball1267122744.4%
Malik Monk to Cody Zeller53772035.0%
Terry Rozier to Caleb Martin84793030.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Devonte' Graham2746124129.3%
Bismack Biyombo to Miles Bridges55691656.3%
Bismack Biyombo to Malik Monk676112544.0%
Miles Bridges to Cody Zeller38661250.0%
Cody Martin to Jalen McDaniels34671741.2%
Cody Martin to Gordon Hayward34671546.7%
Malik Monk to LaMelo Ball1696164634.8%
Brad Wanamaker to Jalen McDaniels50661442.9%
Brad Wanamaker to Caleb Martin55662227.3%
Cody Zeller to P.J. Washington67682138.1%
Bismack Biyombo to P.J. Washington76551435.7%
Caleb Martin to Jalen McDaniels44561540.0%
Caleb Martin to Cody Zeller3356966.7%
Jalen McDaniels to P.J. Washington57551729.4%
Jalen McDaniels to Caleb Martin82561735.3%
Jalen McDaniels to Terry Rozier2015113432.4%
Jalen McDaniels to Bismack Biyombo2555683.3%
Malik Monk to Cody Martin29561154.5%
Malik Monk to Devonte' Graham133562821.4%
Terry Rozier to Vernon Carey Jr.19551145.5%
Brad Wanamaker to Devonte' Graham66562030.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Jalen McDaniels38441040.0%
Caleb Martin to Malik Monk50481747.1%
Cody Martin to Malik Monk43461735.3%
P.J. Washington to Cody Martin84441136.4%
P.J. Washington to Caleb Martin60461931.6%
P.J. Washington to Cody Zeller28451241.7%
Bismack Biyombo to Caleb Martin2833650.0%
Miles Bridges to Caleb Martin70371936.8%
Gordon Hayward to Caleb Martin2834944.4%
Caleb Martin to P.J. Washington45341040.0%
Cody Martin to Caleb Martin35361346.2%
Jalen McDaniels to Malik Monk63361637.5%
Jalen McDaniels to Gordon Hayward1333475.0%
Malik Monk to Caleb Martin37341625.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Cody Martin35331030.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Malik Monk1933650.0%
P.J. Washington to Brad Wanamaker79371838.9%
Cody Zeller to Jalen McDaniels2133650.0%
Cody Zeller to Caleb Martin47341330.8%
LaMelo Ball to Cody Martin52241526.7%
LaMelo Ball to Brad Wanamaker1622366.7%
Bismack Biyombo to Cody Martin2225683.3%
Miles Bridges to Vernon Carey Jr.522366.7%
Devonte' Graham to Brad Wanamaker44241040.0%
Gordon Hayward to Jalen McDaniels1322825.0%
Caleb Martin to Cody Martin3524850.0%
Caleb Martin to Brad Wanamaker46221020.0%
Cody Martin to LaMelo Ball93292240.9%
Cody Martin to Brad Wanamaker61221414.3%
Cody Martin to Bismack Biyombo2522450.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Brad Wanamaker94271258.3%
Malik Monk to Bismack Biyombo3522450.0%
Grant Riller to Vernon Carey Jr.1022366.7%
Brad Wanamaker to Bismack Biyombo3122540.0%
Cody Zeller to Brad Wanamaker8422922.2%
LaMelo Ball to Nick Richards1111100.0%
Miles Bridges to Brad Wanamaker7911119.1%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Miles Bridges911425.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Terry Rozier1111333.3%
Nate Darling to Vernon Carey Jr.211250.0%
Caleb Martin to Nate Darling911250.0%
Caleb Martin to Nick Richards911250.0%
Caleb Martin to Vernon Carey Jr.1112450.0%
Caleb Martin to Bismack Biyombo2011425.0%
Caleb Martin to Gordon Hayward2012540.0%
Cody Martin to Grant Riller4111100.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Nate Darling411250.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Nick Richards3111100.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Grant Riller1211250.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Vernon Carey Jr.711333.3%
Jalen McDaniels to LaMelo Ball159192339.1%
Jalen McDaniels to Cody Zeller15111100.0%
Malik Monk to Nick Richards811250.0%
Malik Monk to Vernon Carey Jr.2111100.0%
Malik Monk to Brad Wanamaker1811520.0%
Nick Richards to Grant Riller6122100.0%
Nick Richards to Brad Wanamaker311250.0%
Grant Riller to Caleb Martin1612633.3%
Cody Zeller to Cody Martin33121020.0%
LaMelo Ball to Vernon Carey Jr.30010.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Nate Darling10000.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Brad Wanamaker3502366.7%
Miles Bridges to Nick Richards30000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Nate Darling20000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Nick Richards10000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Grant Riller9033100.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to LaMelo Ball10000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Jalen McDaniels140080.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Cody Martin60020.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Caleb Martin701333.3%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Malik Monk20000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Brad Wanamaker50010.0%
Nate Darling to Grant Riller20000.0%
Nate Darling to Jalen McDaniels30000.0%
Nate Darling to Cody Martin10000.0%
Nate Darling to Caleb Martin90010.0%
Nate Darling to Cody Zeller10000.0%
Nate Darling to Brad Wanamaker30010.0%
Devonte' Graham to Vernon Carey Jr.20000.0%
Gordon Hayward to Brad Wanamaker30000.0%
Caleb Martin to Grant Riller200020.0%
Cody Martin to Nate Darling10000.0%
Cody Martin to Nick Richards80020.0%
Cody Martin to Vernon Carey Jr.100020.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Cody Martin3502633.3%
Malik Monk to Grant Riller30010.0%
Nick Richards to Nate Darling30020.0%
Nick Richards to Vernon Carey Jr.10000.0%
Nick Richards to LaMelo Ball30010.0%
Nick Richards to Jalen McDaniels70000.0%
Nick Richards to P.J. Washington10010.0%
Nick Richards to Cody Martin90010.0%
Nick Richards to Caleb Martin701250.0%
Nick Richards to Miles Bridges20000.0%
Nick Richards to Malik Monk30000.0%
Nick Richards to Terry Rozier1011100.0%
Grant Riller to Nate Darling30010.0%
Grant Riller to Nick Richards50000.0%
Grant Riller to Jalen McDaniels100000.0%
Grant Riller to Cody Martin10000.0%
Grant Riller to Malik Monk20010.0%
Grant Riller to Brad Wanamaker30000.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Nate Darling10000.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Nick Richards10000.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Grant Riller4011100.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Vernon Carey Jr.901520.0%
Brad Wanamaker to LaMelo Ball1804580.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Gordon Hayward601250.0%