2020 Boston Celtics Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Boston Celtics averaged 285 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Marcus Smart to Jaylen Brown, with 83 assists on 461 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Marcus Smart to Jaylen Brown4618310319652.6%
Marcus Smart to Jayson Tatum5796610623145.9%
Jayson Tatum to Jaylen Brown376527918043.9%
Kemba Walker to Jaylen Brown370506815045.3%
Kemba Walker to Daniel Theis20834355959.3%
Jayson Tatum to Kemba Walker615325915039.3%
Jaylen Brown to Jayson Tatum252274410442.3%
Jaylen Brown to Marcus Smart36627318536.5%
Jaylen Brown to Tristan Thompson14327325064.0%
Jayson Tatum to Payton Pritchard32926327642.1%
Kemba Walker to Jayson Tatum510265914939.6%
Jaylen Brown to Daniel Theis14725264953.1%
Marcus Smart to Daniel Theis13825253571.4%
Jayson Tatum to Robert Williams III20624263672.2%
Jayson Tatum to Marcus Smart43224339136.3%
Robert Williams III to Jayson Tatum235234610245.1%
Payton Pritchard to Jaylen Brown24222419145.1%
Jayson Tatum to Daniel Theis19722225738.6%
Jaylen Brown to Robert Williams III10820203066.7%
Payton Pritchard to Robert Williams III15020203066.7%
Marcus Smart to Robert Williams III14019202969.0%
Daniel Theis to Jaylen Brown18019387550.7%
Jayson Tatum to Semi Ojeleye12318195435.2%
Robert Williams III to Jaylen Brown14918235839.7%
Marcus Smart to Kemba Walker32217348440.5%
Jayson Tatum to Grant Williams15717195236.5%
Jayson Tatum to Tristan Thompson23617213953.8%
Tristan Thompson to Jaylen Brown19717367349.3%
Kemba Walker to Robert Williams III10517172181.0%
Kemba Walker to Tristan Thompson16417244454.5%
Jaylen Brown to Kemba Walker27416297837.2%
Jeff Teague to Robert Williams III8216182669.2%
Grant Williams to Jayson Tatum19316287935.4%
Jaylen Brown to Semi Ojeleye5115152755.6%
Payton Pritchard to Grant Williams14615163447.1%
Payton Pritchard to Semi Ojeleye9215153050.0%
Tristan Thompson to Jayson Tatum24115388246.3%
Kemba Walker to Marcus Smart36915257234.7%
Evan Fournier to Jayson Tatum7214163743.2%
Daniel Theis to Jayson Tatum21014369040.0%
Grant Williams to Payton Pritchard25714245048.0%
Jaylen Brown to Payton Pritchard16013174339.5%
Marcus Smart to Evan Fournier8113182962.1%
Jayson Tatum to Evan Fournier6813152951.7%
Jeff Teague to Daniel Theis6913132161.9%
Kemba Walker to Grant Williams10413142850.0%
Tremont Waters to Aaron Nesmith4613142360.9%
Jayson Tatum to Aaron Nesmith7012143540.0%
Jeff Teague to Jaylen Brown13512214546.7%
Robert Williams III to Kemba Walker11812223562.9%
Tristan Thompson to Kemba Walker24811296643.9%
Kemba Walker to Payton Pritchard7511122352.2%
Tremont Waters to Carsen Edwards4711122157.1%
Daniel Theis to Marcus Smart22410174042.5%
Robert Williams III to Marcus Smart13310153542.9%
Marcus Smart to Payton Pritchard959122941.4%
Marcus Smart to Luke Kornet39991090.0%
Evan Fournier to Kemba Walker798142850.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Jayson Tatum1298214546.7%
Marcus Smart to Tristan Thompson1708113333.3%
Jeff Teague to Jayson Tatum1858326847.1%
Kemba Walker to Evan Fournier668112152.4%
Tremont Waters to Jayson Tatum648163151.6%
Grant Williams to Jaylen Brown1038143836.8%
Jaylen Brown to Grant Williams59771838.9%
Evan Fournier to Marcus Smart72781942.1%
Semi Ojeleye to Jaylen Brown707163250.0%
Payton Pritchard to Daniel Theis83772231.8%
Payton Pritchard to Tristan Thompson647101471.4%
Marcus Smart to Grant Williams84771741.2%
Tristan Thompson to Payton Pritchard105781650.0%
Robert Williams III to Payton Pritchard1147112152.4%
Robert Williams III to Evan Fournier28771643.8%
Payton Pritchard to Jayson Tatum36864812239.3%
Daniel Theis to Tristan Thompson28681266.7%
Robert Williams III to Jeff Teague846112055.0%
Carsen Edwards to Aaron Nesmith2155955.6%
Evan Fournier to Payton Pritchard56571546.7%
Luke Kornet to Evan Fournier37551729.4%
Semi Ojeleye to Payton Pritchard181581457.1%
Payton Pritchard to Luke Kornet73551729.4%
Payton Pritchard to Marcus Smart149592832.1%
Jayson Tatum to Javonte Green3755955.6%
Jayson Tatum to Luke Kornet3055862.5%
Jayson Tatum to Jeff Teague1735133339.4%
Daniel Theis to Kemba Walker3215226235.5%
Tristan Thompson to Daniel Theis2255771.4%
Kemba Walker to Aaron Nesmith37551050.0%
Kemba Walker to Semi Ojeleye63561833.3%
Tremont Waters to Grant Williams29551241.7%
Tremont Waters to Semi Ojeleye2255771.4%
Jaylen Brown to Javonte Green2144757.1%
Jaylen Brown to Jeff Teague95472035.0%
Evan Fournier to Grant Williams23451050.0%
Evan Fournier to Robert Williams III18455100.0%
Luke Kornet to Payton Pritchard764101855.6%
Luke Kornet to Jaylen Brown20471070.0%
Jabari Parker to Grant Williams2244850.0%
Payton Pritchard to Jabari Parker1744944.4%
Marcus Smart to Semi Ojeleye55441625.0%
Jeff Teague to Payton Pritchard71451533.3%
Jeff Teague to Marcus Smart95472330.4%
Jeff Teague to Tristan Thompson47451241.7%
Daniel Theis to Robert Williams III6444100.0%
Daniel Theis to Semi Ojeleye2745955.6%
Tristan Thompson to Marcus Smart2074164238.1%
Tristan Thompson to Evan Fournier26441040.0%
Tremont Waters to Tacko Fall1745683.3%
Tremont Waters to Robert Williams III12444100.0%
Grant Williams to Robert Williams III27444100.0%
Grant Williams to Kemba Walker1704123930.8%
Jaylen Brown to Aaron Nesmith1933933.3%
Evan Fournier to Jaylen Brown23341330.8%
Javonte Green to Jayson Tatum53362030.0%
Luke Kornet to Jayson Tatum36361540.0%
Romeo Langford to Grant Williams1033560.0%
Romeo Langford to Jabari Parker1333560.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Payton Pritchard103372035.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Grant Williams25331030.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Semi Ojeleye933650.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Jayson Tatum693123040.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Robert Williams III2233475.0%
Payton Pritchard to Carsen Edwards36361540.0%
Marcus Smart to Aaron Nesmith2333742.9%
Jeff Teague to Kemba Walker39341233.3%
Tremont Waters to Luke Kornet1233475.0%
Robert Williams III to Aaron Nesmith19341136.4%
Grant Williams to Daniel Theis1433475.0%
Grant Williams to Marcus Smart1763102835.7%
Jaylen Brown to Tacko Fall622366.7%
Jaylen Brown to Carsen Edwards5222100.0%
Carsen Edwards to Payton Pritchard3822922.2%
Carsen Edwards to Grant Williams1222450.0%
Carsen Edwards to Jayson Tatum2223933.3%
Tacko Fall to Tremont Waters2223742.9%
Javonte Green to Kemba Walker42261540.0%
Luke Kornet to Aaron Nesmith823475.0%
Romeo Langford to Jayson Tatum1522450.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Tacko Fall1122450.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Luke Kornet9222100.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Jabari Parker722540.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Evan Fournier922366.7%
Semi Ojeleye to Javonte Green2222366.7%
Semi Ojeleye to Daniel Theis2622366.7%
Jabari Parker to Payton Pritchard2922825.0%
Payton Pritchard to Aaron Nesmith73221711.8%
Payton Pritchard to Tacko Fall6222100.0%
Payton Pritchard to Moritz Wagner1522633.3%
Payton Pritchard to Jeff Teague85271163.6%
Marcus Smart to Romeo Langford2122366.7%
Marcus Smart to Carsen Edwards1322450.0%
Marcus Smart to Jabari Parker722366.7%
Marcus Smart to Jeff Teague79251435.7%
Jayson Tatum to Jabari Parker2023560.0%
Jeff Teague to Javonte Green4023933.3%
Jeff Teague to Grant Williams65231225.0%
Jeff Teague to Carsen Edwards1222450.0%
Jeff Teague to Semi Ojeleye38221020.0%
Daniel Theis to Jeff Teague87281747.1%
Tristan Thompson to Grant Williams2522540.0%
Moritz Wagner to Payton Pritchard1922366.7%
Kemba Walker to Javonte Green2422728.6%
Kemba Walker to Romeo Langford1622450.0%
Kemba Walker to Carsen Edwards2122728.6%
Kemba Walker to Luke Kornet2622728.6%
Tremont Waters to Javonte Green1222366.7%
Tremont Waters to Jaylen Brown30241233.3%
Tremont Waters to Jabari Parker1423560.0%
Robert Williams III to Grant Williams46231127.3%
Grant Williams to Aaron Nesmith1622540.0%
Grant Williams to Romeo Langford1623650.0%
Grant Williams to Jabari Parker822366.7%
Grant Williams to Jeff Teague108261540.0%
Jaylen Brown to Tremont Waters2512540.0%
Jaylen Brown to Romeo Langford711520.0%
Jaylen Brown to Evan Fournier1612728.6%
Carsen Edwards to Romeo Langford3111100.0%
Carsen Edwards to Semi Ojeleye5111100.0%
Carsen Edwards to Kemba Walker2512633.3%
Tacko Fall to Aaron Nesmith1311425.0%
Evan Fournier to Aaron Nesmith811425.0%
Evan Fournier to Luke Kornet2311425.0%
Evan Fournier to Semi Ojeleye411333.3%
Evan Fournier to Tristan Thompson2512825.0%
Javonte Green to Payton Pritchard55141040.0%
Javonte Green to Aaron Nesmith511425.0%
Javonte Green to Robert Williams III1311333.3%
Javonte Green to Daniel Theis9111100.0%
Javonte Green to Jaylen Brown29171258.3%
Javonte Green to Tristan Thompson2013560.0%
Javonte Green to Jeff Teague4214944.4%
Luke Kornet to Grant Williams1811425.0%
Luke Kornet to Tremont Waters1912450.0%
Romeo Langford to Payton Pritchard2911812.5%
Romeo Langford to Tacko Fall2111100.0%
Romeo Langford to Robert Williams III4111100.0%
Romeo Langford to Luke Kornet1411333.3%
Romeo Langford to Evan Fournier811250.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Carsen Edwards1813933.3%
Aaron Nesmith to Marcus Smart66141040.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Tristan Thompson1511333.3%
Semi Ojeleye to Aaron Nesmith1111616.7%
Semi Ojeleye to Grant Williams711250.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Tremont Waters4311425.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Romeo Langford411250.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Tacko Fall4122100.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Carsen Edwards812366.7%
Semi Ojeleye to Marcus Smart106131323.1%
Semi Ojeleye to Tristan Thompson22133100.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Jeff Teague93161637.5%
Jabari Parker to Romeo Langford1011250.0%
Jabari Parker to Carsen Edwards1211714.3%
Jabari Parker to Semi Ojeleye3111100.0%
Jabari Parker to Jayson Tatum1311425.0%
Payton Pritchard to Javonte Green3911520.0%
Payton Pritchard to Romeo Langford27121020.0%
Payton Pritchard to Evan Fournier60151435.7%
Marcus Smart to Javonte Green2012450.0%
Marcus Smart to Tacko Fall811250.0%
Jayson Tatum to Tremont Waters58131225.0%
Jayson Tatum to Carsen Edwards1711425.0%
Jeff Teague to Aaron Nesmith1611425.0%
Daniel Theis to Payton Pritchard8714850.0%
Daniel Theis to Grant Williams12111100.0%
Daniel Theis to Carsen Edwards812366.7%
Tristan Thompson to Aaron Nesmith1113560.0%
Tristan Thompson to Carsen Edwards911333.3%
Moritz Wagner to Aaron Nesmith711250.0%
Moritz Wagner to Jayson Tatum913560.0%
Moritz Wagner to Marcus Smart711250.0%
Moritz Wagner to Kemba Walker1611333.3%
Kemba Walker to Moritz Wagner811250.0%
Kemba Walker to Jeff Teague3313650.0%
Tremont Waters to Marcus Smart1111100.0%
Tremont Waters to Evan Fournier1711425.0%
Tremont Waters to Tristan Thompson712450.0%
Robert Williams III to Javonte Green1613475.0%
Robert Williams III to Carsen Edwards1113650.0%
Robert Williams III to Moritz Wagner1111100.0%
Robert Williams III to Semi Ojeleye2611812.5%
Grant Williams to Javonte Green6111100.0%
Grant Williams to Semi Ojeleye1211812.5%
Grant Williams to Evan Fournier2012540.0%
Grant Williams to Tristan Thompson3413560.0%
Jaylen Brown to Moritz Wagner70010.0%
Jaylen Brown to Luke Kornet150030.0%
Jaylen Brown to Jabari Parker20010.0%
Carsen Edwards to Javonte Green40000.0%
Carsen Edwards to Tremont Waters3404666.7%
Carsen Edwards to Tacko Fall5011100.0%
Carsen Edwards to Robert Williams III60010.0%
Carsen Edwards to Moritz Wagner40000.0%
Carsen Edwards to Daniel Theis50000.0%
Carsen Edwards to Luke Kornet30020.0%
Carsen Edwards to Jaylen Brown703475.0%
Carsen Edwards to Jabari Parker60020.0%
Carsen Edwards to Marcus Smart100000.0%
Carsen Edwards to Evan Fournier301250.0%
Carsen Edwards to Tristan Thompson4022100.0%
Carsen Edwards to Jeff Teague1001250.0%
Tacko Fall to Payton Pritchard80020.0%
Tacko Fall to Javonte Green30010.0%
Tacko Fall to Grant Williams10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Romeo Langford10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Carsen Edwards801333.3%
Tacko Fall to Moritz Wagner10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Semi Ojeleye20000.0%
Tacko Fall to Jayson Tatum70010.0%
Tacko Fall to Jaylen Brown80010.0%
Tacko Fall to Jabari Parker1011100.0%
Tacko Fall to Marcus Smart902366.7%
Tacko Fall to Kemba Walker10000.0%
Evan Fournier to Tremont Waters150020.0%
Evan Fournier to Romeo Langford50030.0%
Evan Fournier to Carsen Edwards10010.0%
Evan Fournier to Moritz Wagner20000.0%
Evan Fournier to Jabari Parker30030.0%
Javonte Green to Grant Williams60020.0%
Javonte Green to Tremont Waters2102450.0%
Javonte Green to Tacko Fall401250.0%
Javonte Green to Carsen Edwards1401425.0%
Javonte Green to Semi Ojeleye130040.0%
Javonte Green to Marcus Smart28061060.0%
Luke Kornet to Romeo Langford90030.0%
Luke Kornet to Carsen Edwards40000.0%
Luke Kornet to Semi Ojeleye60020.0%
Luke Kornet to Jabari Parker30010.0%
Luke Kornet to Marcus Smart430090.0%
Luke Kornet to Kemba Walker2802540.0%
Romeo Langford to Aaron Nesmith60010.0%
Romeo Langford to Tremont Waters902540.0%
Romeo Langford to Carsen Edwards3011100.0%
Romeo Langford to Semi Ojeleye20000.0%
Romeo Langford to Jaylen Brown100020.0%
Romeo Langford to Marcus Smart240020.0%
Romeo Langford to Kemba Walker1601520.0%
Romeo Langford to Tristan Thompson140010.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Javonte Green60000.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Tremont Waters67041233.3%
Aaron Nesmith to Romeo Langford60010.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Robert Williams III140020.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Moritz Wagner10000.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Daniel Theis70000.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Jaylen Brown2504944.4%
Aaron Nesmith to Kemba Walker55051145.5%
Aaron Nesmith to Jeff Teague140020.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Luke Kornet40020.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Jabari Parker10000.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Evan Fournier40000.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Kemba Walker1660134330.2%
Jabari Parker to Aaron Nesmith40020.0%
Jabari Parker to Tremont Waters3102540.0%
Jabari Parker to Luke Kornet20000.0%
Jabari Parker to Jaylen Brown2011100.0%
Jabari Parker to Marcus Smart13011100.0%
Jabari Parker to Evan Fournier20010.0%
Jabari Parker to Kemba Walker120010.0%
Jabari Parker to Tristan Thompson10000.0%
Payton Pritchard to Tremont Waters110010.0%
Payton Pritchard to Kemba Walker71041526.7%
Marcus Smart to Tremont Waters20000.0%
Marcus Smart to Moritz Wagner70000.0%
Jayson Tatum to Romeo Langford120040.0%
Jayson Tatum to Tacko Fall40000.0%
Jayson Tatum to Moritz Wagner50010.0%
Jeff Teague to Tremont Waters10010.0%
Jeff Teague to Tacko Fall10010.0%
Daniel Theis to Aaron Nesmith30000.0%
Daniel Theis to Javonte Green80010.0%
Daniel Theis to Tremont Waters70000.0%
Tristan Thompson to Javonte Green801250.0%
Tristan Thompson to Tremont Waters130010.0%
Tristan Thompson to Romeo Langford90000.0%
Tristan Thompson to Semi Ojeleye2101520.0%
Tristan Thompson to Jeff Teague8301185.6%
Moritz Wagner to Grant Williams10000.0%
Moritz Wagner to Tremont Waters60020.0%
Moritz Wagner to Tacko Fall10000.0%
Moritz Wagner to Carsen Edwards50000.0%
Moritz Wagner to Jaylen Brown50010.0%
Moritz Wagner to Evan Fournier40020.0%
Kemba Walker to Tacko Fall20000.0%
Kemba Walker to Jabari Parker70010.0%
Tremont Waters to Payton Pritchard120030.0%
Tremont Waters to Romeo Langford2001616.7%
Tremont Waters to Moritz Wagner50010.0%
Tremont Waters to Daniel Theis20000.0%
Tremont Waters to Jeff Teague10000.0%
Robert Williams III to Tremont Waters150010.0%
Robert Williams III to Romeo Langford60030.0%
Robert Williams III to Daniel Theis50010.0%
Grant Williams to Tremont Waters4302922.2%
Grant Williams to Tacko Fall10000.0%
Grant Williams to Carsen Edwards140070.0%
Grant Williams to Moritz Wagner30010.0%
Grant Williams to Luke Kornet120000.0%