2020 Houston Rockets Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Houston Rockets averaged 277 passes per game. The leading assist duo was John Wall to Christian Wood, with 64 assists on 301 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
John Wall to Christian Wood301647213852.2%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Christian Wood289395311745.3%
John Wall to Jae'Sean Tate25133439445.7%
James Harden to Christian Wood14132396956.5%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Kelly Olynyk23629346651.5%
Jae'Sean Tate to Christian Wood12928335066.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Kenyon Martin Jr.9227274264.3%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Jae'Sean Tate17527357347.9%
John Wall to Sterling Brown14226305455.6%
Victor Oladipo to Christian Wood9621223661.1%
Jae'Sean Tate to Kelly Olynyk13421244949.0%
D.J. Augustin to Kelly Olynyk17120245543.6%
John Wall to DeMarcus Cousins13920236038.3%
Eric Gordon to Jae'Sean Tate9018213265.6%
John Wall to Danuel House Jr.15618216134.4%
John Wall to Eric Gordon18218287040.0%
Victor Oladipo to Jae'Sean Tate9216172860.7%
Kelly Olynyk to Christian Wood8616215042.0%
John Wall to Victor Oladipo22016297837.2%
John Wall to Kelly Olynyk10716194047.5%
Kelly Olynyk to Jae'Sean Tate15614204247.6%
Jae'Sean Tate to Sterling Brown10914164040.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Danuel House Jr.9714173745.9%
P.J. Tucker to John Wall28514326053.3%
Victor Oladipo to Danuel House Jr.6313132748.1%
DeMarcus Cousins to Eric Gordon13012203951.3%
Danuel House Jr. to Jae'Sean Tate9512122744.4%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Kenyon Martin Jr.7612133240.6%
Jae'Sean Tate to Kenyon Martin Jr.6612123138.7%
John Wall to Kevin Porter Jr.11912173943.6%
Sterling Brown to David Nwaba4311122157.1%
Eric Gordon to David Nwaba6111122744.4%
James Harden to David Nwaba4611111957.9%
John Wall to P.J. Tucker13511113432.4%
Avery Bradley to Kelly Olynyk7910132356.5%
Eric Gordon to Christian Wood5710112152.4%
Danuel House Jr. to Sterling Brown5210122548.0%
DaQuan Jeffries to Kenyon Martin Jr.3510101855.6%
Victor Oladipo to Eric Gordon9310183650.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Anthony Lamb5910121580.0%
Christian Wood to Kelly Olynyk8010121963.2%
D.J. Augustin to D.J. Wilson529102343.5%
Sterling Brown to Jae'Sean Tate999193455.9%
Sterling Brown to Eric Gordon1099152951.7%
DeMarcus Cousins to Jae'Sean Tate349121580.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Christian Wood689103033.3%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Armoni Brooks61992339.1%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Victor Oladipo579132161.9%
John Wall to Ben McLemore599113135.5%
Christian Wood to John Wall4479309631.3%
James Harden to P.J. Tucker43881361.5%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Armoni Brooks83882532.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Kelly Olynyk778102245.5%
Victor Oladipo to DeMarcus Cousins768102050.0%
Victor Oladipo to John Wall1668205635.7%
Kelly Olynyk to Armoni Brooks798102245.5%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Sterling Brown708102540.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Justin Patton36881457.1%
Jae'Sean Tate to Ben McLemore34881844.4%
Jae'Sean Tate to John Wall3478349336.6%
Jae'Sean Tate to Eric Gordon1038103528.6%
Khyri Thomas to Cameron Oliver2188988.9%
John Wall to David Nwaba48892339.1%
Christian Wood to Jae'Sean Tate1358163842.1%
D.J. Augustin to Jae'Sean Tate717123040.0%
D.J. Augustin to Kenyon Martin Jr.94772825.0%
Armoni Brooks to Anthony Lamb60792045.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to John Wall2647326747.8%
James Harden to Jae'Sean Tate34771546.7%
Danuel House Jr. to P.J. Tucker37771163.6%
Anthony Lamb to Armoni Brooks62781844.4%
Kelly Olynyk to Avery Bradley99782828.6%
Kelly Olynyk to D.J. Augustin1787163842.1%
Kevin Porter Jr. to D.J. Wilson53771936.8%
Jae'Sean Tate to Kevin Porter Jr.1877174934.7%
D.J. Augustin to Sterling Brown46671450.0%
D.J. Augustin to Ben McLemore39661250.0%
Avery Bradley to Kenyon Martin Jr.36661637.5%
Sterling Brown to Ben McLemore36662128.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Ben McLemore26661154.5%
Eric Gordon to Sterling Brown79682138.1%
Eric Gordon to DeMarcus Cousins106692142.9%
James Harden to Eric Gordon586142751.9%
Danuel House Jr. to Kenyon Martin Jr.22661060.0%
Danuel House Jr. to John Wall2256255843.1%
Mason Jones to Kenyon Martin Jr.36661250.0%
Mason Jones to Ben McLemore90672035.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Anthony Lamb46681747.1%
Ben McLemore to Sterling Brown40671450.0%
Kelly Olynyk to D.J. Wilson27661154.5%
Jae'Sean Tate to D.J. Wilson36661442.9%
Jae'Sean Tate to Avery Bradley39661442.9%
Khyri Thomas to Kenyon Martin Jr.1366875.0%
P.J. Tucker to Eric Gordon786132650.0%
John Wall to James Harden1096132259.1%
Christian Wood to Sterling Brown48681553.3%
Sterling Brown to Danuel House Jr.58562227.3%
Sterling Brown to DeMarcus Cousins48571353.8%
Eric Gordon to Danuel House Jr.103572528.0%
James Harden to Sterling Brown1155862.5%
James Harden to Danuel House Jr.2456966.7%
Mason Jones to Jae'Sean Tate83581942.1%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to D.J. Augustin1425102441.7%
Jae'Sean Tate to Armoni Brooks63562722.2%
Jae'Sean Tate to DaQuan Jeffries1855955.6%
Jae'Sean Tate to Khyri Thomas22561154.5%
Jae'Sean Tate to David Nwaba38572133.3%
Jae'Sean Tate to D.J. Augustin78571643.8%
Khyri Thomas to Armoni Brooks29561442.9%
P.J. Tucker to Victor Oladipo975133438.2%
John Wall to Kenyon Martin Jr.2555862.5%
John Wall to D.J. Augustin2856966.7%
Christian Wood to Kevin Porter Jr.2735265745.6%
Christian Wood to Danuel House Jr.62571070.0%
D.J. Augustin to Armoni Brooks3245862.5%
D.J. Augustin to Christian Wood2244850.0%
Avery Bradley to Jae'Sean Tate2544757.1%
Armoni Brooks to Khyri Thomas28451145.5%
Armoni Brooks to D.J. Wilson38451435.7%
Sterling Brown to Victor Oladipo784101952.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Mason Jones60441233.3%
DeMarcus Cousins to Sterling Brown56451729.4%
DeMarcus Cousins to Danuel House Jr.3445862.5%
DeMarcus Cousins to Victor Oladipo1004103132.3%
James Harden to John Wall74441723.5%
Danuel House Jr. to David Nwaba27451145.5%
Mason Jones to DeMarcus Cousins62451338.5%
Anthony Lamb to Kenyon Martin Jr.39451827.8%
Anthony Lamb to Cameron Oliver1244757.1%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Jae'Sean Tate98482729.6%
Ben McLemore to Mason Jones94481361.5%
Victor Oladipo to Kenyon Martin Jr.17441040.0%
Victor Oladipo to P.J. Tucker44441136.4%
Kelly Olynyk to Kevin Porter Jr.2964227031.4%
Kelly Olynyk to DaQuan Jeffries23451145.5%
Jae'Sean Tate to Mason Jones87461442.9%
Jae'Sean Tate to Cameron Oliver2644850.0%
P.J. Tucker to David Nwaba2144757.1%
John Wall to Armoni Brooks1844850.0%
Christian Wood to Kenyon Martin Jr.2144944.4%
Christian Wood to Victor Oladipo1154153641.7%
D.J. Augustin to Avery Bradley26331225.0%
D.J. Augustin to John Wall1734944.4%
Avery Bradley to Sterling Brown833560.0%
Avery Bradley to D.J. Wilson2133837.5%
Avery Bradley to Christian Wood46351533.3%
Armoni Brooks to Kenyon Martin Jr.52331717.6%
Sterling Brown to Mason Jones6634944.4%
Sterling Brown to Justin Patton2133837.5%
Sterling Brown to Christian Wood59361735.3%
Eric Gordon to Victor Oladipo73393030.0%
Eric Gordon to Ben McLemore33331127.3%
Eric Gordon to John Wall1083143441.2%
James Harden to DeMarcus Cousins26341233.3%
DaQuan Jeffries to Armoni Brooks29341040.0%
Mason Jones to Rodions Kurucs2633837.5%
Mason Jones to Sterling Brown64361833.3%
Mason Jones to David Nwaba43341233.3%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Danuel House Jr.32361060.0%
Ben McLemore to Kenyon Martin Jr.1533650.0%
David Nwaba to Jae'Sean Tate37361250.0%
David Nwaba to Kenyon Martin Jr.1334757.1%
David Nwaba to Mason Jones41341330.8%
David Nwaba to Sterling Brown3034757.1%
David Nwaba to Christian Wood3533742.9%
David Nwaba to John Wall663101952.6%
Victor Oladipo to Mason Jones2433650.0%
Victor Oladipo to Sterling Brown38341233.3%
Victor Oladipo to Ben McLemore1833837.5%
Cameron Oliver to Armoni Brooks3135862.5%
Kelly Olynyk to Sterling Brown2035862.5%
Justin Patton to Kevin Porter Jr.42391464.3%
Justin Patton to Victor Oladipo52381942.1%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Danuel House Jr.50331030.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Ben McLemore27341625.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Victor Oladipo109362524.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to DeMarcus Cousins3933837.5%
Khyri Thomas to Jae'Sean Tate1333560.0%
P.J. Tucker to Sterling Brown2034944.4%
D.J. Wilson to Armoni Brooks4334666.7%
D.J. Wilson to Kevin Porter Jr.63371258.3%
Christian Wood to Armoni Brooks2233837.5%
Christian Wood to Avery Bradley4234850.0%
Christian Wood to James Harden1643183847.4%
D.J. Augustin to Anthony Lamb2222825.0%
D.J. Augustin to Khyri Thomas1123650.0%
Armoni Brooks to Jae'Sean Tate56231520.0%
Armoni Brooks to Kelly Olynyk57241428.6%
Armoni Brooks to Avery Bradley2622540.0%
Armoni Brooks to D.J. Augustin2224944.4%
Sterling Brown to Kenyon Martin Jr.2122540.0%
Sterling Brown to John Wall2122155228.8%
Sterling Brown to James Harden2623475.0%
Sterling Brown to P.J. Tucker2422728.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to David Nwaba1922825.0%
James Harden to Ben McLemore422366.7%
Danuel House Jr. to DaQuan Jeffries522366.7%
Danuel House Jr. to Ben McLemore1122633.3%
Danuel House Jr. to Eric Gordon120293327.3%
Mason Jones to Justin Patton2922728.6%
Mason Jones to Christian Wood43261250.0%
Anthony Lamb to D.J. Wilson623475.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Bruno Caboclo2222100.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Victor Oladipo30251050.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Ben McLemore1722825.0%
Ben McLemore to Christian Wood3122728.6%
Ben McLemore to DeMarcus Cousins2822540.0%
Ben McLemore to John Wall47241526.7%
Ben McLemore to Eric Gordon34251435.7%
David Nwaba to Danuel House Jr.2423837.5%
David Nwaba to Ben McLemore1322633.3%
David Nwaba to P.J. Tucker1822540.0%
Victor Oladipo to David Nwaba1922633.3%
Kelly Olynyk to Khyri Thomas1823742.9%
Kelly Olynyk to John Wall1932235244.2%
Justin Patton to Jae'Sean Tate1223650.0%
Justin Patton to Anthony Lamb922540.0%
Justin Patton to Mason Jones2922633.3%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Avery Bradley78241723.5%
Kevin Porter Jr. to John Wall83262227.3%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Eric Gordon622450.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Anthony Lamb22221020.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to P.J. Tucker3122728.6%
Brodric Thomas to Jae'Sean Tate6222100.0%
Brodric Thomas to David Nwaba622450.0%
Khyri Thomas to Anthony Lamb1622450.0%
P.J. Tucker to Jae'Sean Tate38231323.1%
P.J. Tucker to Justin Patton4222100.0%
P.J. Tucker to Christian Wood32251533.3%
P.J. Tucker to Ben McLemore1522728.6%
P.J. Tucker to James Harden1012102050.0%
John Wall to Justin Patton2922922.2%
D.J. Wilson to Anthony Lamb1822728.6%
D.J. Wilson to Kenyon Martin Jr.2323650.0%
D.J. Wilson to Kelly Olynyk2422450.0%
D.J. Wilson to Ben McLemore522366.7%
Christian Wood to D.J. Wilson922450.0%
Christian Wood to Ben McLemore27231225.0%
Christian Wood to D.J. Augustin2923560.0%
Christian Wood to P.J. Tucker3623837.5%
D.J. Augustin to DaQuan Jeffries1412366.7%
D.J. Augustin to Justin Patton211250.0%
D.J. Augustin to Danuel House Jr.1311333.3%
D.J. Augustin to Victor Oladipo611425.0%
Avery Bradley to Armoni Brooks1811333.3%
Avery Bradley to Kevin Porter Jr.92152025.0%
Avery Bradley to Ben McLemore311250.0%
Armoni Brooks to Kevin Porter Jr.50151435.7%
Armoni Brooks to DaQuan Jeffries2613837.5%
Armoni Brooks to Cameron Reynolds1411425.0%
Armoni Brooks to Danuel House Jr.1411425.0%
Sterling Brown to Kevin Porter Jr.91171838.9%
Sterling Brown to Bruno Caboclo811250.0%
Sterling Brown to Kelly Olynyk1411250.0%
Sterling Brown to Avery Bradley4111100.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Kenyon Martin Jr.311250.0%
Eric Gordon to Mason Jones9122100.0%
Eric Gordon to Justin Patton1411333.3%
Eric Gordon to P.J. Tucker4411119.1%
Danuel House Jr. to Armoni Brooks2211333.3%
Danuel House Jr. to Kevin Porter Jr.4815955.6%
Danuel House Jr. to Rodions Kurucs511250.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Ray Spalding1111100.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Khyri Thomas1213475.0%
Danuel House Jr. to D.J. Wilson1111100.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Victor Oladipo58171741.2%
Danuel House Jr. to Kelly Olynyk2111333.3%
Danuel House Jr. to DeMarcus Cousins4411812.5%
DaQuan Jeffries to Khyri Thomas1011520.0%
DaQuan Jeffries to Kelly Olynyk3411520.0%
DaQuan Jeffries to D.J. Augustin1711333.3%
Mason Jones to Ray Spalding311250.0%
Mason Jones to Bruno Caboclo912366.7%
Mason Jones to Victor Oladipo2513650.0%
Mason Jones to Eric Gordon1511333.3%
Mason Jones to P.J. Tucker1711425.0%
Rodions Kurucs to Justin Patton1111100.0%
Rodions Kurucs to Christian Wood611333.3%
Rodions Kurucs to Ben McLemore611250.0%
Rodions Kurucs to DeMarcus Cousins1111100.0%
Anthony Lamb to DaQuan Jeffries1011520.0%
Anthony Lamb to Khyri Thomas2413650.0%
Anthony Lamb to Justin Patton1311425.0%
Anthony Lamb to Kelly Olynyk60121414.3%
Anthony Lamb to Avery Bradley1111333.3%
Anthony Lamb to D.J. Augustin5511812.5%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Mason Jones3912540.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Kevin Porter Jr.1661102835.7%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Cameron Reynolds211250.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Khyri Thomas2011714.3%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Sterling Brown2911714.3%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to D.J. Wilson1611616.7%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to DeMarcus Cousins3111100.0%
Ben McLemore to Brodric Thomas1111100.0%
Ben McLemore to Jae'Sean Tate3012540.0%
Ben McLemore to D.J. Wilson11111100.0%
Ben McLemore to Justin Patton911250.0%
David Nwaba to Victor Oladipo1916875.0%
David Nwaba to DeMarcus Cousins1812633.3%
David Nwaba to Eric Gordon4815955.6%
Cameron Oliver to Anthony Lamb2312450.0%
Cameron Oliver to Khyri Thomas2013560.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Cameron Reynolds3111100.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Cameron Oliver2111100.0%
Justin Patton to Ben McLemore1311714.3%
Justin Patton to John Wall44131127.3%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Anthony Lamb2111616.7%
Kevin Porter Jr. to DaQuan Jeffries811250.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to D.J. Augustin2512633.3%
Cameron Reynolds to Jae'Sean Tate511333.3%
Cameron Reynolds to Kenyon Martin Jr.4111100.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Cameron Reynolds511425.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Bruno Caboclo1112366.7%
Jae'Sean Tate to James Harden60161154.5%
Khyri Thomas to Kelly Olynyk2012366.7%
P.J. Tucker to Mason Jones3013475.0%
P.J. Tucker to Danuel House Jr.3513933.3%
P.J. Tucker to DeMarcus Cousins1811333.3%
John Wall to Mason Jones1311333.3%
John Wall to Avery Bradley1311520.0%
D.J. Wilson to Jae'Sean Tate4012825.0%
D.J. Wilson to DaQuan Jeffries611250.0%
D.J. Wilson to Sterling Brown911333.3%
D.J. Wilson to Justin Patton1111100.0%
D.J. Wilson to Christian Wood1012540.0%
D.J. Wilson to D.J. Augustin82151533.3%
Christian Wood to Mason Jones3513560.0%
Christian Wood to Rodions Kurucs711250.0%
Christian Wood to Eric Gordon57181747.1%
D.J. Augustin to Kevin Porter Jr.2803650.0%
D.J. Augustin to Cameron Reynolds20020.0%
D.J. Augustin to Cameron Oliver30010.0%
Avery Bradley to Anthony Lamb70020.0%
Avery Bradley to DaQuan Jeffries60020.0%
Avery Bradley to Danuel House Jr.20010.0%
Avery Bradley to John Wall2702825.0%
Avery Bradley to D.J. Augustin2403560.0%
Armoni Brooks to Cameron Oliver160050.0%
Armoni Brooks to Christian Wood2001520.0%
Armoni Brooks to John Wall2402922.2%
Sterling Brown to Brodric Thomas801250.0%
Sterling Brown to Anthony Lamb50000.0%
Sterling Brown to Rodions Kurucs70030.0%
Sterling Brown to Ray Spalding10010.0%
Sterling Brown to D.J. Wilson90030.0%
Sterling Brown to D.J. Augustin5500110.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Brodric Thomas60000.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Jae'Sean Tate90000.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Mason Jones140010.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Sterling Brown50010.0%
Bruno Caboclo to David Nwaba30010.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Danuel House Jr.50000.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Ben McLemore20010.0%
Bruno Caboclo to James Harden20000.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Eric Gordon10000.0%
Bruno Caboclo to P.J. Tucker10010.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Kenyon Martin Jr.10000.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Rodions Kurucs30020.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Christian Wood10000.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to James Harden3001520.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to P.J. Tucker160030.0%
Eric Gordon to Anthony Lamb10010.0%
Eric Gordon to Kenyon Martin Jr.20000.0%
Eric Gordon to Kevin Porter Jr.40010.0%
Eric Gordon to James Harden37021020.0%
James Harden to Bruno Caboclo10010.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Brodric Thomas10000.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Anthony Lamb70010.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Mason Jones1901250.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Justin Patton30000.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Bruno Caboclo30010.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Avery Bradley30000.0%
Danuel House Jr. to James Harden3202366.7%
Danuel House Jr. to D.J. Augustin170030.0%
DaQuan Jeffries to Jae'Sean Tate2401520.0%
DaQuan Jeffries to Anthony Lamb130030.0%
DaQuan Jeffries to Kevin Porter Jr.1701425.0%
DaQuan Jeffries to D.J. Wilson801520.0%
DaQuan Jeffries to Danuel House Jr.50020.0%
DaQuan Jeffries to Christian Wood20010.0%
DaQuan Jeffries to Avery Bradley40000.0%
DaQuan Jeffries to John Wall40020.0%
Mason Jones to Anthony Lamb190040.0%
Mason Jones to Kevin Porter Jr.14022100.0%
Mason Jones to Danuel House Jr.200020.0%
Mason Jones to John Wall190070.0%
Rodions Kurucs to Brodric Thomas20010.0%
Rodions Kurucs to Jae'Sean Tate80000.0%
Rodions Kurucs to Kenyon Martin Jr.10010.0%
Rodions Kurucs to Mason Jones320020.0%
Rodions Kurucs to Sterling Brown7011100.0%
Rodions Kurucs to David Nwaba401250.0%
Rodions Kurucs to Danuel House Jr.40020.0%
Rodions Kurucs to Victor Oladipo1011100.0%
Rodions Kurucs to Eric Gordon10000.0%
Rodions Kurucs to P.J. Tucker40010.0%
Anthony Lamb to Jae'Sean Tate4701812.5%
Anthony Lamb to Mason Jones250040.0%
Anthony Lamb to Kevin Porter Jr.38041428.6%
Anthony Lamb to Cameron Reynolds40010.0%
Anthony Lamb to Sterling Brown100020.0%
Anthony Lamb to Danuel House Jr.170020.0%
Anthony Lamb to Christian Wood30010.0%
Anthony Lamb to Victor Oladipo130050.0%
Anthony Lamb to Ben McLemore100020.0%
Anthony Lamb to Eric Gordon1011100.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Brodric Thomas10000.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to DaQuan Jeffries2501714.3%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Cameron Oliver40000.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Justin Patton30000.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to David Nwaba70010.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Christian Wood2401812.5%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Avery Bradley4101714.3%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to John Wall75091752.9%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Eric Gordon50010.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to P.J. Tucker10000.0%
Ben McLemore to Anthony Lamb70020.0%
Ben McLemore to Kevin Porter Jr.2103650.0%
Ben McLemore to Rodions Kurucs20010.0%
Ben McLemore to David Nwaba1001250.0%
Ben McLemore to Danuel House Jr.30010.0%
Ben McLemore to Bruno Caboclo30000.0%
Ben McLemore to Victor Oladipo2803837.5%
Ben McLemore to Avery Bradley20000.0%
Ben McLemore to D.J. Augustin3102540.0%
Ben McLemore to P.J. Tucker110020.0%
David Nwaba to Brodric Thomas20010.0%
David Nwaba to Anthony Lamb40010.0%
David Nwaba to Kevin Porter Jr.601333.3%
David Nwaba to Rodions Kurucs40000.0%
David Nwaba to Ray Spalding10000.0%
David Nwaba to Justin Patton701250.0%
David Nwaba to Bruno Caboclo20010.0%
David Nwaba to James Harden3301119.1%
Victor Oladipo to Anthony Lamb80020.0%
Victor Oladipo to Kevin Porter Jr.4900150.0%
Victor Oladipo to Justin Patton2501616.7%
Victor Oladipo to D.J. Augustin5011100.0%
Cameron Oliver to Jae'Sean Tate2501425.0%
Cameron Oliver to Kenyon Martin Jr.150020.0%
Cameron Oliver to DaQuan Jeffries10000.0%
Cameron Oliver to Cameron Reynolds4011100.0%
Cameron Oliver to Danuel House Jr.10000.0%
Cameron Oliver to Kelly Olynyk10000.0%
Cameron Oliver to D.J. Augustin70000.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Danuel House Jr.2501520.0%
Justin Patton to Kenyon Martin Jr.70010.0%
Justin Patton to Rodions Kurucs20000.0%
Justin Patton to Sterling Brown1701425.0%
Justin Patton to David Nwaba50010.0%
Justin Patton to Danuel House Jr.50020.0%
Justin Patton to D.J. Augustin20000.0%
Justin Patton to Eric Gordon210040.0%
Justin Patton to P.J. Tucker30000.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Mason Jones150050.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to David Nwaba50000.0%
Cameron Reynolds to Anthony Lamb30010.0%
Cameron Reynolds to Armoni Brooks70040.0%
Cameron Reynolds to Cameron Oliver40000.0%
Cameron Reynolds to D.J. Augustin301250.0%
Ray Spalding to Mason Jones100030.0%
Ray Spalding to Sterling Brown10000.0%
Ray Spalding to John Wall4011100.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Brodric Thomas80020.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Rodions Kurucs70020.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Justin Patton130020.0%
Brodric Thomas to Kenyon Martin Jr.10010.0%
Brodric Thomas to Mason Jones30000.0%
Brodric Thomas to Sterling Brown30000.0%
Brodric Thomas to Danuel House Jr.10010.0%
Brodric Thomas to Christian Wood50020.0%
Brodric Thomas to Bruno Caboclo20010.0%
Khyri Thomas to DaQuan Jeffries100030.0%
Khyri Thomas to Danuel House Jr.9011100.0%
Khyri Thomas to D.J. Augustin100010.0%
P.J. Tucker to Rodions Kurucs20000.0%
John Wall to DaQuan Jeffries20010.0%
John Wall to Ray Spalding40010.0%
John Wall to D.J. Wilson90050.0%
D.J. Wilson to Danuel House Jr.40010.0%
D.J. Wilson to Victor Oladipo5022100.0%
D.J. Wilson to Avery Bradley230020.0%
D.J. Wilson to John Wall2403837.5%
Christian Wood to Brodric Thomas50000.0%
Christian Wood to Anthony Lamb501333.3%
Christian Wood to DaQuan Jeffries20010.0%
Christian Wood to David Nwaba190040.0%
Christian Wood to Bruno Caboclo10000.0%
Christian Wood to DeMarcus Cousins10000.0%