2020 Philadelphia 76ers Team Passing Stats

The 2020 Philadelphia 76ers averaged 309 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Ben Simmons to Tobias Harris, with 97 assists on 824 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Ben Simmons to Tobias Harris8249714626654.9%
Ben Simmons to Joel Embiid669709422142.5%
Ben Simmons to Seth Curry741688720243.1%
Ben Simmons to Danny Green514656816740.7%
Joel Embiid to Seth Curry347485410352.4%
Tobias Harris to Joel Embiid464468419942.2%
Tobias Harris to Danny Green276434711042.7%
Seth Curry to Joel Embiid447387515648.1%
Shake Milton to Furkan Korkmaz290364411438.6%
Seth Curry to Ben Simmons41134448452.4%
Seth Curry to Tobias Harris339306813351.1%
Tobias Harris to Seth Curry33130418250.0%
Tobias Harris to Ben Simmons884296311554.8%
Ben Simmons to Shake Milton31429489550.5%
Seth Curry to Danny Green15128285749.1%
Joel Embiid to Tobias Harris367285010547.6%
Shake Milton to Matisse Thybulle21824266440.6%
Tyrese Maxey to Shake Milton27923448750.6%
Ben Simmons to Furkan Korkmaz17523306546.2%
Shake Milton to Dwight Howard25121264755.3%
Danny Green to Joel Embiid314205311346.9%
Joel Embiid to Ben Simmons78819488357.8%
Joel Embiid to Danny Green23519245642.9%
Danny Green to Seth Curry19119234650.0%
Shake Milton to Joel Embiid21319316547.7%
Danny Green to Ben Simmons70017388544.7%
Danny Green to Tobias Harris29017397750.6%
Tobias Harris to Dwight Howard6717193063.3%
Dwight Howard to Shake Milton522174811242.9%
Shake Milton to Tyrese Maxey21817235939.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Shake Milton20116306050.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Shake Milton30916388047.5%
Furkan Korkmaz to Dwight Howard9815163053.3%
Joel Embiid to Furkan Korkmaz9814143638.9%
Tyrese Maxey to Joel Embiid13514314568.9%
Shake Milton to Danny Green7514173253.1%
Ben Simmons to Mike Scott9814144035.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Mike Scott11913133438.2%
Shake Milton to Tobias Harris270134510841.7%
Tobias Harris to Furkan Korkmaz10012143441.2%
Dwight Howard to Tyrese Maxey25712264953.1%
Tyrese Maxey to Isaiah Joe11612134827.1%
Shake Milton to Ben Simmons21612225341.5%
Shake Milton to Mike Scott15712133933.3%
Danny Green to Dwight Howard5211111861.1%
Tobias Harris to Tony Bradley3111111478.6%
Tyrese Maxey to Furkan Korkmaz13310124427.3%
Tyrese Maxey to Dwight Howard14510141973.7%
Ben Simmons to Matisse Thybulle9910103627.8%
Tobias Harris to Matisse Thybulle1039103033.3%
Tobias Harris to Shake Milton3019175729.8%
Furkan Korkmaz to Matisse Thybulle47991947.4%
Matisse Thybulle to Ben Simmons1239152657.7%
Tobias Harris to Tyrese Maxey1088112642.3%
Tyrese Maxey to Paul Reed538102050.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Matisse Thybulle76881553.3%
Mike Scott to Shake Milton2618195335.8%
Ben Simmons to Tyrese Maxey1128123732.4%
Ben Simmons to Dwight Howard95881553.3%
Danny Green to Shake Milton1177172470.8%
Danny Green to Furkan Korkmaz35771353.8%
George Hill to Dwight Howard5877977.8%
Tyrese Maxey to Tobias Harris1177143441.2%
Mike Scott to Danny Green40771741.2%
Matisse Thybulle to Furkan Korkmaz707112152.4%
Matisse Thybulle to Joel Embiid837193161.3%
Seth Curry to Shake Milton82681942.1%
Danny Green to Mike Scott43661154.5%
Dwight Howard to Matisse Thybulle63661060.0%
Dwight Howard to George Hill92692045.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Tyrese Maxey1076103132.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Mike Scott54671643.8%
Shake Milton to Isaiah Joe25661250.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Tyrese Maxey1066133043.3%
Seth Curry to Matisse Thybulle52561154.5%
Seth Curry to Furkan Korkmaz37551533.3%
Joel Embiid to Shake Milton160582927.6%
Danny Green to Tyrese Maxey1115132748.1%
George Hill to Tyrese Maxey48551241.7%
Dwight Howard to Furkan Korkmaz915113531.4%
Furkan Korkmaz to Tobias Harris895153246.9%
Shake Milton to Seth Curry865112347.8%
Paul Reed to Isaiah Joe37561250.0%
Mike Scott to Furkan Korkmaz76592832.1%
Matisse Thybulle to Dwight Howard51551435.7%
Tony Bradley to Tobias Harris454101471.4%
Tony Bradley to Danny Green27441040.0%
Joel Embiid to Tyrese Maxey1214112839.3%
Joel Embiid to Mike Scott36441040.0%
Danny Green to Matisse Thybulle2444580.0%
Tobias Harris to Mike Scott44441625.0%
George Hill to Joel Embiid494132065.0%
Isaiah Joe to Dakota Mathias2745771.4%
Furkan Korkmaz to Tony Bradley1145683.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Joel Embiid1044144233.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Seth Curry34461060.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Danny Green26441233.3%
Tyrese Maxey to Ben Simmons8346966.7%
Shake Milton to Tony Bradley2244944.4%
Shake Milton to George Hill73461735.3%
Mike Scott to Tyrese Maxey1594203164.5%
Mike Scott to Dwight Howard2144666.7%
Seth Curry to Mike Scott4433837.5%
Seth Curry to Dwight Howard47331225.0%
Joel Embiid to Matisse Thybulle43331225.0%
Danny Green to Isaiah Joe2233742.9%
Danny Green to Dakota Mathias1534580.0%
George Hill to Shake Milton90372133.3%
George Hill to Mike Scott28331127.3%
Dwight Howard to Ben Simmons2513142653.8%
Dwight Howard to Seth Curry64331030.0%
Dwight Howard to Danny Green56341233.3%
Isaiah Joe to Paul Reed21341136.4%
Isaiah Joe to Tyrese Maxey120392339.1%
Isaiah Joe to Dwight Howard2433650.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Ben Simmons104351533.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to George Hill23341040.0%
Dakota Mathias to Isaiah Joe29331225.0%
Dakota Mathias to Paul Reed1033560.0%
Dakota Mathias to Tony Bradley833560.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Tony Bradley17344100.0%
Shake Milton to Paul Reed1633475.0%
Paul Reed to Tyrese Maxey863122060.0%
Paul Reed to Rayjon Tucker2333560.0%
Mike Scott to Isaiah Joe3333742.9%
Mike Scott to Seth Curry75361540.0%
Ben Simmons to Isaiah Joe2633933.3%
Matisse Thybulle to Tobias Harris973134032.5%
Matisse Thybulle to Danny Green28331225.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Paul Reed16333100.0%
Tony Bradley to Ben Simmons6224850.0%
Tony Bradley to Seth Curry3023837.5%
Seth Curry to Tony Bradley1922366.7%
Joel Embiid to Isaiah Joe722450.0%
Tobias Harris to George Hill5822633.3%
George Hill to Isaiah Joe522366.7%
George Hill to Matisse Thybulle2322825.0%
Dwight Howard to Mike Scott1222540.0%
Dwight Howard to Tobias Harris1182102737.0%
Isaiah Joe to Matisse Thybulle922450.0%
Mason Jones to Tyrese Maxey822366.7%
Dakota Mathias to Tyrese Maxey2724850.0%
Dakota Mathias to Dwight Howard1623475.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Dakota Mathias50231618.8%
Tyrese Maxey to Danny Green83231421.4%
Shake Milton to Anthony Tolliver1022450.0%
Ben Simmons to Tony Bradley3122728.6%
Matisse Thybulle to Tony Bradley8233100.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Seth Curry47241136.4%
Matisse Thybulle to Mike Scott3422450.0%
Tony Bradley to Isaiah Joe811250.0%
Tony Bradley to Paul Reed511250.0%
Tony Bradley to Tyrese Maxey4015955.6%
Tony Bradley to Dakota Mathias1011250.0%
Tony Bradley to Furkan Korkmaz911333.3%
Gary Clark to Paul Reed1111100.0%
Seth Curry to Tyrese Maxey25121020.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Paul Reed3111100.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Dakota Mathias4111100.0%
Tobias Harris to Isaiah Joe411333.3%
George Hill to Ben Simmons2211333.3%
George Hill to Seth Curry2212633.3%
George Hill to Tobias Harris48141526.7%
George Hill to Danny Green2511425.0%
Dwight Howard to Isaiah Joe2812366.7%
Dwight Howard to Paul Reed311250.0%
Dwight Howard to Dakota Mathias2214944.4%
Isaiah Joe to Tony Bradley911250.0%
Isaiah Joe to Joel Embiid1715771.4%
Isaiah Joe to Mike Scott2712728.6%
Isaiah Joe to Danny Green3011520.0%
Isaiah Joe to Anthony Tolliver611333.3%
Mason Jones to Paul Reed2111100.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Isaiah Joe411425.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Paul Reed2111100.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Mason Jones911425.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Terrance Ferguson1511333.3%
Tyrese Maxey to Anthony Tolliver1911425.0%
Shake Milton to Rayjon Tucker4111100.0%
Vincent Poirier to Tyrese Maxey1911250.0%
Vincent Poirier to Dakota Mathias611425.0%
Paul Reed to Mason Jones5122100.0%
Mike Scott to Paul Reed611333.3%
Mike Scott to Rayjon Tucker8111100.0%
Mike Scott to Ben Simmons140171353.8%
Mike Scott to George Hill3112633.3%
Ben Simmons to George Hill1711250.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Paul Reed1111100.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Rayjon Tucker911425.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Furkan Korkmaz3111100.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Mason Jones5111100.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Isaiah Joe1911520.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Tyrese Maxey2413650.0%
Tony Bradley to Vincent Poirier10010.0%
Tony Bradley to Matisse Thybulle70000.0%
Tony Bradley to Shake Milton3002540.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Mason Jones40000.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Isaiah Joe40020.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Paul Reed10000.0%
Ignas Brazdeikis to Rayjon Tucker10000.0%
Gary Clark to Isaiah Joe10000.0%
Gary Clark to Tyrese Maxey301250.0%
Gary Clark to Rayjon Tucker40000.0%
Seth Curry to Isaiah Joe20000.0%
Seth Curry to Dean Wade10000.0%
Seth Curry to George Hill180030.0%
Seth Curry to Anthony Tolliver10000.0%
Joel Embiid to Dakota Mathias50020.0%
Joel Embiid to George Hill2402366.7%
Joel Embiid to Anthony Tolliver10000.0%
Joel Embiid to Dwight Howard10010.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Isaiah Joe50000.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Tyrese Maxey6011100.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Vincent Poirier20000.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Shake Milton10000.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Tony Bradley10000.0%
Danny Green to Paul Reed30020.0%
Danny Green to Tony Bradley1601250.0%
Danny Green to George Hill29011100.0%
Tobias Harris to Paul Reed10010.0%
George Hill to Furkan Korkmaz1401616.7%
George Hill to Anthony Tolliver30010.0%
Dwight Howard to Rayjon Tucker20010.0%
Dwight Howard to Anthony Tolliver20000.0%
Isaiah Joe to Facundo Campazzo10000.0%
Isaiah Joe to Mason Jones60000.0%
Isaiah Joe to Vincent Poirier70010.0%
Isaiah Joe to Rayjon Tucker18033100.0%
Isaiah Joe to Ignas Brazdeikis20010.0%
Isaiah Joe to Shake Milton2901714.3%
Isaiah Joe to Terrance Ferguson60010.0%
Isaiah Joe to Furkan Korkmaz20020.0%
Isaiah Joe to Ben Simmons33022100.0%
Isaiah Joe to Seth Curry60020.0%
Isaiah Joe to Tobias Harris20000.0%
Isaiah Joe to George Hill60000.0%
Mason Jones to Isaiah Joe50020.0%
Mason Jones to Rayjon Tucker80020.0%
Mason Jones to Ignas Brazdeikis20010.0%
Mason Jones to Anthony Tolliver30010.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Vincent Poirier30020.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Rayjon Tucker10000.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Terrance Ferguson10000.0%
Dakota Mathias to Vincent Poirier30000.0%
Dakota Mathias to Matisse Thybulle10010.0%
Dakota Mathias to Shake Milton20000.0%
Dakota Mathias to Terrance Ferguson50020.0%
Dakota Mathias to Ben Simmons10000.0%
Dakota Mathias to Joel Embiid50010.0%
Dakota Mathias to Mike Scott60030.0%
Dakota Mathias to Danny Green120060.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Vincent Poirier110010.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Rayjon Tucker130030.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Gary Clark10000.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Seth Curry280050.0%
Tyrese Maxey to George Hill4404850.0%
Shake Milton to Mason Jones10000.0%
Shake Milton to Dakota Mathias20000.0%
Shake Milton to Vincent Poirier10000.0%
Shake Milton to Terrance Ferguson10000.0%
Vincent Poirier to Isaiah Joe601250.0%
Vincent Poirier to Paul Reed10000.0%
Vincent Poirier to Rayjon Tucker40010.0%
Vincent Poirier to Matisse Thybulle10000.0%
Vincent Poirier to Shake Milton10010.0%
Vincent Poirier to Tony Bradley10000.0%
Vincent Poirier to Terrance Ferguson20010.0%
Vincent Poirier to Furkan Korkmaz10000.0%
Paul Reed to Dakota Mathias20010.0%
Paul Reed to Matisse Thybulle70010.0%
Paul Reed to Ignas Brazdeikis20010.0%
Paul Reed to Gary Clark10010.0%
Paul Reed to Shake Milton210000.0%
Paul Reed to Furkan Korkmaz6011100.0%
Paul Reed to Ben Simmons40000.0%
Paul Reed to Mike Scott701250.0%
Paul Reed to Tobias Harris10000.0%
Paul Reed to Danny Green70010.0%
Paul Reed to Anthony Tolliver80010.0%
Paul Reed to Dwight Howard30010.0%
Mike Scott to Mason Jones20000.0%
Mike Scott to Dakota Mathias40010.0%
Mike Scott to Vincent Poirier10010.0%
Mike Scott to Matisse Thybulle280070.0%
Mike Scott to Joel Embiid3103650.0%
Mike Scott to Tobias Harris39051435.7%
Ben Simmons to Paul Reed40000.0%
Ben Simmons to Dakota Mathias20000.0%
Ben Simmons to Anthony Tolliver20000.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Isaiah Joe80000.0%
Matisse Thybulle to George Hill240010.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Anthony Tolliver40010.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Mason Jones20010.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Isaiah Joe90010.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Paul Reed20020.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Tyrese Maxey2302540.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Matisse Thybulle10000.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Shake Milton140020.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Ben Simmons3011100.0%
Anthony Tolliver to George Hill401250.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Dwight Howard10010.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Vincent Poirier30000.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Ignas Brazdeikis20000.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Gary Clark10000.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Shake Milton10010.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Mike Scott60020.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Anthony Tolliver50030.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Dwight Howard10000.0%