2015 Miami Heat Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Miami Heat averaged 298 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Dwyane Wade to Hassan Whiteside, with 92 assists on 282 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Dwyane Wade to Hassan Whiteside282929716459.1%
Goran Dragic to Luol Deng7988410325141.0%
Goran Dragic to Hassan Whiteside351647916747.3%
Goran Dragic to Chris Bosh743638119940.7%
Goran Dragic to Dwyane Wade11256116136644.0%
Dwyane Wade to Luol Deng374596516040.6%
Dwyane Wade to Chris Bosh423566516838.7%
Beno Udrih to Chris Bosh307375912248.4%
Goran Dragic to Gerald Green217354310541.0%
Dwyane Wade to Goran Dragic657346413547.4%
Goran Dragic to Amar'e Stoudemire17432397055.7%
Luol Deng to Goran Dragic1305298518645.7%
Tyler Johnson to Chris Bosh283294510443.3%
Goran Dragic to Justise Winslow39023289629.2%
Chris Bosh to Hassan Whiteside6422283873.7%
Luol Deng to Hassan Whiteside11522326152.5%
Chris Bosh to Gerald Green18621338339.8%
Dwyane Wade to Amar'e Stoudemire9720223956.4%
Chris Bosh to Luol Deng17219245543.6%
Dwyane Wade to Justise Winslow15019225044.0%
Goran Dragic to Josh Richardson17418214447.7%
Dwyane Wade to Josh Richardson13518193455.9%
Justise Winslow to Hassan Whiteside10218234452.3%
Goran Dragic to Joe Johnson28517357149.3%
Joe Johnson to Hassan Whiteside6817213953.8%
Chris Bosh to Tyler Johnson25316295156.9%
Luol Deng to Chris Bosh13616193850.0%
Chris Bosh to Goran Dragic721153610235.3%
Luol Deng to Dwyane Wade489155615835.4%
Josh Richardson to Luol Deng17115184143.9%
Dwyane Wade to Gerald Green9915195236.5%
Justise Winslow to Luol Deng13815174537.8%
Josh McRoberts to Justise Winslow11214183650.0%
Josh Richardson to Justise Winslow24914164139.0%
Justise Winslow to Gerald Green13814185930.5%
Chris Bosh to Dwyane Wade380134312335.0%
Luol Deng to Justise Winslow13913163151.6%
Joe Johnson to Luol Deng9213194542.2%
Joe Johnson to Dwyane Wade16913328040.0%
Josh McRoberts to Gerald Green7613144431.8%
Justise Winslow to Josh Richardson34313235442.6%
Justise Winslow to Chris Bosh13813296147.5%
Luol Deng to Josh Richardson23412173745.9%
Gerald Green to Chris Bosh11712185036.0%
Joe Johnson to Amar'e Stoudemire6011122646.2%
Josh McRoberts to Goran Dragic21011254456.8%
Beno Udrih to Gerald Green13211184837.5%
Justise Winslow to Tyler Johnson21811163447.1%
Justise Winslow to Goran Dragic60611409741.2%
Goran Dragic to Josh McRoberts17010153740.5%
Dwyane Wade to Tyler Johnson10810122254.5%
Dwyane Wade to Joe Johnson15510204940.8%
Justise Winslow to Dwyane Wade286104011235.7%
Luol Deng to Gerald Green739153839.5%
Luol Deng to Amar'e Stoudemire429101952.6%
Gerald Green to Justise Winslow1039102245.5%
Tyler Johnson to Gerald Green849113135.5%
Josh McRoberts to Chris Bosh729143935.9%
Beno Udrih to Luol Deng1449134231.0%
Chris Bosh to Beno Udrih2808132846.4%
Joe Johnson to Goran Dragic1968154235.7%
Tyler Johnson to Dwyane Wade1828275350.9%
Josh Richardson to Hassan Whiteside1058113234.4%
Luol Deng to Joe Johnson987142653.8%
Gerald Green to Hassan Whiteside427132356.5%
Joe Johnson to Josh Richardson95791850.0%
Tyler Johnson to Hassan Whiteside52771353.8%
Josh McRoberts to Hassan Whiteside33781747.1%
Josh McRoberts to Luol Deng29791464.3%
Josh Richardson to Joe Johnson1557284660.9%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Dwyane Wade1227164634.8%
Beno Udrih to Justise Winslow120772626.9%
Hassan Whiteside to Goran Dragic5737347545.3%
Hassan Whiteside to Luol Deng997112055.0%
Joe Johnson to Justise Winslow61672133.3%
Tyler Johnson to Justise Winslow178692931.0%
Josh McRoberts to Tyler Johnson125692142.9%
Josh Richardson to Goran Dragic2076205139.2%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Goran Dragic1936234551.1%
Beno Udrih to Hassan Whiteside46681553.3%
Hassan Whiteside to Gerald Green73692634.6%
Chris Bosh to Justise Winslow112582729.6%
Chris Bosh to Amar'e Stoudemire23551145.5%
Mario Chalmers to Chris Bosh42551827.8%
Goran Dragic to Tyler Johnson70581942.1%
Gerald Green to Dwyane Wade1025143836.8%
Udonis Haslem to Gerald Green32591560.0%
Tyler Johnson to Josh McRoberts121561540.0%
Josh McRoberts to Josh Richardson90571353.8%
Josh McRoberts to Dwyane Wade865163743.2%
Josh Richardson to Udonis Haslem43551338.5%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Gerald Green29571741.2%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Luol Deng39561154.5%
Beno Udrih to Dwyane Wade1705214645.7%
Mario Chalmers to Justise Winslow38461540.0%
Mario Chalmers to Josh McRoberts3644944.4%
Luol Deng to Beno Udrih165491947.4%
Gerald Green to Goran Dragic2274123633.3%
Gerald Green to Luol Deng55472330.4%
Joe Johnson to Gerald Green17441330.8%
Josh Richardson to Gerald Green60462920.7%
Josh Richardson to Dwyane Wade1984215736.8%
Josh Richardson to Chris Bosh60492733.3%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Tyler Johnson3744850.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Justise Winslow92471741.2%
Hassan Whiteside to Dwyane Wade2644267037.1%
Justise Winslow to Amar'e Stoudemire34451241.7%
Luol Deng to Tyler Johnson142351631.3%
Gerald Green to Beno Udrih114361250.0%
Gerald Green to Amar'e Stoudemire26361154.5%
Tyler Johnson to Luol Deng76331717.6%
Tyler Johnson to Amar'e Stoudemire3534850.0%
Beno Udrih to Tyler Johnson77361346.2%
Beno Udrih to Josh McRoberts68331323.1%
Beno Udrih to Udonis Haslem3234757.1%
Dwyane Wade to Udonis Haslem2034757.1%
Hassan Whiteside to Chris Bosh3933837.5%
Justise Winslow to Josh McRoberts99371741.2%
Justise Winslow to Beno Udrih194382334.8%
Chris Bosh to Josh McRoberts4222450.0%
Mario Chalmers to Tyler Johnson3022540.0%
Mario Chalmers to Luol Deng722450.0%
Goran Dragic to Udonis Haslem4422728.6%
Gerald Green to Josh Richardson58221118.2%
Gerald Green to Josh McRoberts3423933.3%
Gerald Green to Udonis Haslem1722633.3%
Udonis Haslem to Tyler Johnson5722450.0%
Udonis Haslem to Beno Udrih5023650.0%
Tyler Johnson to Josh Richardson56231030.0%
Tyler Johnson to Jarnell Stokes2222100.0%
Tyler Johnson to Goran Dragic102251338.5%
Josh McRoberts to Beno Udrih78271353.8%
Josh McRoberts to Udonis Haslem522450.0%
Josh Richardson to Tyler Johnson62241330.8%
Josh Richardson to Beno Udrih1323560.0%
Beno Udrih to Goran Dragic2423560.0%
Dwyane Wade to Josh McRoberts41231421.4%
Dwyane Wade to Beno Udrih83231421.4%
Hassan Whiteside to Josh McRoberts3522540.0%
Justise Winslow to Mario Chalmers4023837.5%
Chris Andersen to Tyler Johnson1211333.3%
Chris Andersen to Udonis Haslem2111100.0%
Chris Andersen to Dwyane Wade5111100.0%
Mario Chalmers to Goran Dragic611250.0%
Mario Chalmers to Gerald Green1211616.7%
Luol Deng to Josh McRoberts2912450.0%
Goran Dragic to Mario Chalmers6111100.0%
Goran Dragic to Beno Udrih1811250.0%
James Ennis III to Hassan Whiteside211250.0%
Gerald Green to Tyler Johnson82151050.0%
Gerald Green to Joe Johnson711250.0%
Udonis Haslem to Justise Winslow2515771.4%
Udonis Haslem to Goran Dragic4613933.3%
Udonis Haslem to Josh McRoberts811250.0%
Udonis Haslem to Luol Deng1011333.3%
Joe Johnson to Josh McRoberts1411520.0%
Joe Johnson to Udonis Haslem1111100.0%
Tyler Johnson to Udonis Haslem4211714.3%
Josh Richardson to Josh McRoberts98141526.7%
Josh Richardson to Amar'e Stoudemire2212450.0%
Josh Richardson to Chris Andersen5111100.0%
Jarnell Stokes to Gerald Green1111100.0%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Justise Winslow2711520.0%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Beno Udrih74131225.0%
Beno Udrih to Josh Richardson1211425.0%
Beno Udrih to Amar'e Stoudemire4711812.5%
Beno Udrih to Chris Andersen5111100.0%
Briante Weber to Josh Richardson1111100.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Josh Richardson124151926.3%
Hassan Whiteside to Tyler Johnson100131127.3%
Hassan Whiteside to Joe Johnson48161346.2%
Justise Winslow to Joe Johnson80182236.4%
Chris Andersen to Josh Richardson20000.0%
Chris Andersen to Justise Winslow20000.0%
Chris Andersen to Goran Dragic40000.0%
Chris Andersen to Mario Chalmers20000.0%
Chris Andersen to Beno Udrih40000.0%
Chris Andersen to Luol Deng10000.0%
Chris Andersen to Chris Bosh10000.0%
Chris Bosh to Josh Richardson47031421.4%
Chris Bosh to Mario Chalmers5202728.6%
Chris Bosh to Udonis Haslem50010.0%
Chris Bosh to Chris Bosh10000.0%
Chris Bosh to Chris Andersen301250.0%
Mario Chalmers to James Ennis III10000.0%
Mario Chalmers to Hassan Whiteside3011100.0%
Mario Chalmers to Dwyane Wade901333.3%
Mario Chalmers to Amar'e Stoudemire50010.0%
Mario Chalmers to Chris Andersen10000.0%
Luol Deng to Mario Chalmers120020.0%
Luol Deng to Luol Deng20000.0%
Luol Deng to Udonis Haslem60030.0%
Luol Deng to Chris Andersen10000.0%
Goran Dragic to James Ennis III10000.0%
Goran Dragic to Chris Andersen50000.0%
James Ennis III to Justise Winslow10000.0%
James Ennis III to Goran Dragic1011100.0%
Gerald Green to Jarnell Stokes20000.0%
Gerald Green to Mario Chalmers170010.0%
Udonis Haslem to Briante Weber10000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Josh Richardson550050.0%
Udonis Haslem to Hassan Whiteside10000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Mario Chalmers10000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Dwyane Wade27031030.0%
Udonis Haslem to Chris Bosh90040.0%
Udonis Haslem to Joe Johnson2022100.0%
Joe Johnson to Joe Johnson20000.0%
Tyler Johnson to James Ennis III10000.0%
Tyler Johnson to Mario Chalmers220040.0%
Tyler Johnson to Beno Udrih6701714.3%
Tyler Johnson to Chris Andersen80050.0%
Josh McRoberts to Briante Weber5011100.0%
Josh McRoberts to Jarnell Stokes10000.0%
Josh McRoberts to Mario Chalmers4101616.7%
Josh McRoberts to Amar'e Stoudemire20000.0%
Josh McRoberts to Joe Johnson3101812.5%
Josh Richardson to Jarnell Stokes30010.0%
Josh Richardson to James Ennis III10000.0%
Jarnell Stokes to Josh Richardson10010.0%
Jarnell Stokes to Justise Winslow30000.0%
Jarnell Stokes to Tyler Johnson20010.0%
Jarnell Stokes to Josh McRoberts10010.0%
Jarnell Stokes to Beno Udrih5011100.0%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Josh Richardson3001520.0%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Mario Chalmers601250.0%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Josh McRoberts50000.0%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Chris Bosh12011100.0%
Amar'e Stoudemire to Joe Johnson3801520.0%
Beno Udrih to Jarnell Stokes301250.0%
Beno Udrih to Beno Udrih10000.0%
Dwyane Wade to Mario Chalmers10000.0%
Dwyane Wade to Carl Landry10000.0%
Dwyane Wade to Dwyane Wade20000.0%
Briante Weber to Josh McRoberts20000.0%
Briante Weber to Gerald Green201250.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Lavoy Allen10000.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Mario Chalmers80000.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Beno Udrih93041040.0%
Justise Winslow to Justise Winslow20000.0%
Justise Winslow to Jarnell Stokes10010.0%
Justise Winslow to Udonis Haslem230040.0%
Justise Winslow to Chris Andersen20010.0%