2017 Miami Heat Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Miami Heat averaged 305 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Goran Dragic to Hassan Whiteside, with 60 assists on 364 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Goran Dragic to Hassan Whiteside364607917046.5%
Goran Dragic to Josh Richardson704598518147.0%
James Johnson to Wayne Ellington237535412642.9%
James Johnson to Tyler Johnson377485612544.8%
James Johnson to Goran Dragic1028488819844.4%
Goran Dragic to James Johnson763479017950.3%
Goran Dragic to Tyler Johnson467384612536.8%
James Johnson to Hassan Whiteside15337417554.7%
Kelly Olynyk to Wayne Ellington237373811832.2%
Goran Dragic to Kelly Olynyk518365012041.7%
Bam Adebayo to Wayne Ellington22435399839.8%
James Johnson to Josh Richardson472354912738.6%
Josh Richardson to Kelly Olynyk430355911949.6%
Josh Richardson to Hassan Whiteside229334910248.0%
Josh Richardson to Wayne Ellington24132348042.5%
Justise Winslow to Kelly Olynyk30932437061.4%
Goran Dragic to Justise Winslow354313810137.6%
Tyler Johnson to Kelly Olynyk31430417951.9%
Tyler Johnson to James Johnson34629408447.6%
Kelly Olynyk to Justise Winslow367294510244.1%
Josh Richardson to James Johnson430285410850.0%
Josh Richardson to Tyler Johnson34527409542.1%
Goran Dragic to Wayne Ellington28226287238.9%
Kelly Olynyk to Josh Richardson530264710843.5%
Kelly Olynyk to Goran Dragic724266415940.3%
Goran Dragic to Bam Adebayo25324286443.8%
Tyler Johnson to Josh Richardson26623327145.1%
Justise Winslow to Goran Dragic695235011443.9%
Bam Adebayo to Josh Richardson25522458652.3%
Kelly Olynyk to Tyler Johnson32622369338.7%
Tyler Johnson to Goran Dragic412215110648.1%
Josh Richardson to Bam Adebayo31021256339.7%
Josh Richardson to Goran Dragic678206013544.4%
Dion Waiters to Josh Richardson17019246040.0%
Goran Dragic to Dion Waiters317184110539.0%
James Johnson to Kelly Olynyk13617194542.2%
Kelly Olynyk to James Johnson16717295552.7%
Hassan Whiteside to Goran Dragic371174311238.4%
Tyler Johnson to Wayne Ellington12716194146.3%
Kelly Olynyk to Dwyane Wade13916275846.6%
Justise Winslow to Bam Adebayo15416183452.9%
Justise Winslow to Wayne Ellington16416205735.1%
Dion Waiters to Tyler Johnson12115184639.1%
Dion Waiters to Kelly Olynyk13615192965.5%
Dion Waiters to Goran Dragic20415224944.9%
Justise Winslow to Tyler Johnson19915226334.9%
Bam Adebayo to Tyler Johnson13214204445.5%
Tyler Johnson to Hassan Whiteside8614174141.5%
Josh Richardson to Justise Winslow22414184837.5%
Wayne Ellington to Bam Adebayo15913154037.5%
James Johnson to Dion Waiters22112246040.0%
Dion Waiters to James Johnson16112194047.5%
Hassan Whiteside to Tyler Johnson13112153345.5%
Bam Adebayo to Kelly Olynyk7211133537.1%
James Johnson to Bam Adebayo8111132944.8%
Tyler Johnson to Bam Adebayo11811163348.5%
Kelly Olynyk to Dion Waiters20011235541.8%
Justise Winslow to Josh Richardson33811226334.9%
Wayne Ellington to Kelly Olynyk21210185433.3%
Dwyane Wade to Justise Winslow11410122842.9%
Dwyane Wade to Wayne Ellington5610122450.0%
Justise Winslow to Hassan Whiteside9010163447.1%
Wayne Ellington to Josh Richardson1999113928.2%
Wayne Ellington to Hassan Whiteside409102245.5%
Tyler Johnson to Justise Winslow1569164535.6%
Dwyane Wade to Josh Richardson969143046.7%
Dwyane Wade to Kelly Olynyk1189123138.7%
Dion Waiters to Wayne Ellington54992339.1%
Hassan Whiteside to Josh Richardson1649173844.7%
Bam Adebayo to Goran Dragic2698286443.8%
Dwyane Wade to Bam Adebayo62891850.0%
Dion Waiters to Bam Adebayo58891752.9%
Justise Winslow to Rodney McGruder578102050.0%
Wayne Ellington to Tyler Johnson1217122548.0%
Wayne Ellington to Goran Dragic2437185234.6%
Dion Waiters to Justise Winslow78781844.4%
Dion Waiters to Hassan Whiteside33781942.1%
Hassan Whiteside to Wayne Ellington45782040.0%
Goran Dragic to Jordan Mickey27671163.6%
Wayne Ellington to James Johnson1736143737.8%
Josh Richardson to Jordan Mickey42671643.8%
Josh Richardson to Dwyane Wade1396195534.5%
Bam Adebayo to Justise Winslow1135122646.2%
Wayne Ellington to Dwyane Wade55551435.7%
Rodney McGruder to Dwyane Wade27591850.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Bam Adebayo58561931.6%
Kelly Olynyk to Hassan Whiteside24561540.0%
Dwyane Wade to Hassan Whiteside39561735.3%
Dwyane Wade to James Johnson74571936.8%
Justise Winslow to Dion Waiters1475153740.5%
Justise Winslow to James Johnson92582236.4%
Wayne Ellington to Justise Winslow117472035.0%
Wayne Ellington to Dion Waiters51461540.0%
James Johnson to Justise Winslow78462030.0%
Tyler Johnson to Dion Waiters1024113531.4%
Rodney McGruder to Justise Winslow49461250.0%
Josh Richardson to Dion Waiters1784164734.0%
Dwyane Wade to Tyler Johnson26441040.0%
Dion Waiters to Jordan Mickey2544850.0%
Goran Dragic to Okaro White2333560.0%
James Johnson to Dwyane Wade76341723.5%
Rodney McGruder to Kelly Olynyk31341136.4%
Jordan Mickey to Wayne Ellington3134850.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Rodney McGruder2933837.5%
Kelly Olynyk to Luke Babbitt6333100.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Bam Adebayo2534850.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Tyler Johnson2934850.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Kelly Olynyk2733742.9%
Hassan Whiteside to James Johnson107361735.3%
Justise Winslow to Dwyane Wade1513143441.2%
Bam Adebayo to James Johnson82292240.9%
Goran Dragic to Rodney McGruder3822633.3%
Goran Dragic to Luke Babbitt3222922.2%
Goran Dragic to Dwyane Wade93283125.8%
Wayne Ellington to Jordan Mickey3122540.0%
James Johnson to Jordan Mickey1122366.7%
James Johnson to Rodney McGruder22233100.0%
Tyler Johnson to Rodney McGruder2022450.0%
Tyler Johnson to Dwyane Wade1822366.7%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Hassan Whiteside1123475.0%
Rodney McGruder to Tyler Johnson2624850.0%
Rodney McGruder to Luke Babbitt522450.0%
Jordan Mickey to Josh Richardson97292045.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Derrick Walton Jr.2522366.7%
Josh Richardson to Rodney McGruder1822540.0%
Dwyane Wade to Goran Dragic5324850.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Jordan Mickey3323933.3%
Hassan Whiteside to Rodney McGruder823560.0%
Justise Winslow to Udonis Haslem1822728.6%
Bam Adebayo to Rodney McGruder1011250.0%
Bam Adebayo to Udonis Haslem211250.0%
Luke Babbitt to Josh Richardson2213475.0%
Luke Babbitt to Justise Winslow2012450.0%
Luke Babbitt to Tyler Johnson1312540.0%
Luke Babbitt to Wayne Ellington2111100.0%
Luke Babbitt to James Johnson812366.7%
Goran Dragic to Derrick Walton Jr.3111100.0%
Goran Dragic to Derrick Jones Jr.25111010.0%
Wayne Ellington to Derrick Jones Jr.711333.3%
Wayne Ellington to Rodney McGruder1113742.9%
Udonis Haslem to Josh Richardson1011333.3%
Udonis Haslem to Jordan Mickey3111100.0%
Udonis Haslem to Tyler Johnson4111100.0%
Udonis Haslem to Rodney McGruder2111100.0%
Udonis Haslem to Wayne Ellington411250.0%
James Johnson to Derrick Walton Jr.7111100.0%
James Johnson to Derrick Jones Jr.1811616.7%
James Johnson to Luke Babbitt811425.0%
Tyler Johnson to Derrick Jones Jr.4111100.0%
Tyler Johnson to Jordan Mickey2613837.5%
Tyler Johnson to Luke Babbitt1811616.7%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Josh Richardson2612633.3%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Jordan Mickey2111100.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Tyler Johnson511250.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Wayne Ellington1011425.0%
Rodney McGruder to Wayne Ellington1411714.3%
Jordan Mickey to Derrick Walton Jr.5512633.3%
Jordan Mickey to Bam Adebayo411250.0%
Jordan Mickey to Tyler Johnson4315955.6%
Jordan Mickey to Goran Dragic8513650.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Derrick Jones Jr.7111100.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Jordan Mickey812366.7%
Josh Richardson to Okaro White811425.0%
Josh Richardson to Luke Babbitt1411425.0%
Dwyane Wade to Rodney McGruder2411714.3%
Dwyane Wade to Luke Babbitt1111100.0%
Dion Waiters to Okaro White911250.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Matt Williams Jr.711425.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Derrick Jones Jr.3111100.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Josh Richardson3811425.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Justise Winslow1411333.3%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Wayne Ellington1811616.7%
Okaro White to Hassan Whiteside3111100.0%
Okaro White to Wayne Ellington1111100.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Derrick Jones Jr.1212922.2%
Hassan Whiteside to Kelly Olynyk1311616.7%
Hassan Whiteside to Dion Waiters66161833.3%
Bam Adebayo to Derrick Walton Jr.210020.0%
Bam Adebayo to Matt Williams Jr.1011100.0%
Bam Adebayo to Jordan Mickey60010.0%
Bam Adebayo to Giannis Antetokounmpo10000.0%
Bam Adebayo to Dion Waiters82062030.0%
Bam Adebayo to Luke Babbitt20020.0%
Bam Adebayo to Dwyane Wade59031225.0%
Luke Babbitt to Derrick Walton Jr.40000.0%
Luke Babbitt to Derrick Jones Jr.401250.0%
Luke Babbitt to Jordan Mickey10000.0%
Luke Babbitt to Rodney McGruder601333.3%
Luke Babbitt to Kelly Olynyk20000.0%
Luke Babbitt to Hassan Whiteside20000.0%
Luke Babbitt to Goran Dragic370050.0%
Luke Babbitt to Udonis Haslem60020.0%
Goran Dragic to Udonis Haslem40000.0%
Wayne Ellington to Derrick Walton Jr.1501250.0%
Wayne Ellington to Okaro White10000.0%
Wayne Ellington to Luke Babbitt60030.0%
Wayne Ellington to Udonis Haslem40010.0%
Udonis Haslem to Derrick Walton Jr.70010.0%
Udonis Haslem to Justise Winslow90020.0%
Udonis Haslem to Dion Waiters10000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Luke Babbitt60020.0%
Udonis Haslem to Goran Dragic40010.0%
Tyler Johnson to Derrick Walton Jr.180040.0%
Tyler Johnson to Okaro White50020.0%
Tyler Johnson to Udonis Haslem40000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Derrick Walton Jr.10000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Bam Adebayo10000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Justise Winslow90020.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Kelly Olynyk40000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Luke Babbitt10000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to James Johnson2201714.3%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Goran Dragic2401425.0%
Rodney McGruder to Bam Adebayo60000.0%
Rodney McGruder to Derrick Jones Jr.10010.0%
Rodney McGruder to Josh Richardson2303560.0%
Rodney McGruder to Hassan Whiteside3011100.0%
Rodney McGruder to James Johnson210060.0%
Rodney McGruder to Goran Dragic50041428.6%
Rodney McGruder to Udonis Haslem30000.0%
Jordan Mickey to Matt Williams Jr.20010.0%
Jordan Mickey to Derrick Jones Jr.10000.0%
Jordan Mickey to Justise Winslow3204757.1%
Jordan Mickey to Rodney McGruder30000.0%
Jordan Mickey to Kelly Olynyk701333.3%
Jordan Mickey to Dion Waiters3605862.5%
Jordan Mickey to Hassan Whiteside10000.0%
Jordan Mickey to Luke Babbitt30000.0%
Jordan Mickey to James Johnson18022100.0%
Jordan Mickey to Udonis Haslem20010.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Reggie Bullock10000.0%
Josh Richardson to Derrick Walton Jr.2701333.3%
Josh Richardson to Derrick Jones Jr.1403475.0%
Josh Richardson to Udonis Haslem60010.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Hassan Whiteside501250.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Luke Babbitt40020.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to James Johnson130010.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Goran Dragic60010.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Udonis Haslem30020.0%
Okaro White to Bam Adebayo10000.0%
Okaro White to Josh Richardson110030.0%
Okaro White to Justise Winslow80010.0%
Okaro White to Tyler Johnson1101250.0%
Okaro White to Kelly Olynyk10000.0%
Okaro White to Dion Waiters140010.0%
Okaro White to Goran Dragic5003837.5%
Hassan Whiteside to Derrick Walton Jr.40000.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Bam Adebayo20000.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Okaro White20000.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Jordan Mickey10010.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Justise Winslow58031618.8%
Hassan Whiteside to Luke Babbitt30000.0%
Hassan Whiteside to Dwyane Wade28031127.3%
Matt Williams Jr. to Derrick Walton Jr.10000.0%
Matt Williams Jr. to Bam Adebayo10000.0%
Matt Williams Jr. to Jordan Mickey20010.0%
Justise Winslow to Derrick Walton Jr.130010.0%
Justise Winslow to Derrick Jones Jr.100050.0%
Justise Winslow to Okaro White40010.0%
Justise Winslow to Jordan Mickey50050.0%
Justise Winslow to Luke Babbitt150070.0%