2021 Miami Heat Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Miami Heat averaged 296 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Kyle Lowry to Bam Adebayo, with 65 assists on 751 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Kyle Lowry to Bam Adebayo751659722243.7%
Jimmy Butler to Duncan Robinson383646614445.8%
Kyle Lowry to Duncan Robinson472545716534.5%
Bam Adebayo to Duncan Robinson383535713741.6%
Kyle Lowry to Jimmy Butler679539523440.6%
Kyle Lowry to Tyler Herro591498020139.8%
Jimmy Butler to Bam Adebayo434476614844.6%
Kyle Lowry to Max Strus284474911343.4%
Kyle Lowry to P.J. Tucker33947489152.7%
Tyler Herro to Bam Adebayo305445410352.4%
Kyle Lowry to Dewayne Dedmon22344457758.4%
Jimmy Butler to P.J. Tucker28341438948.3%
Gabe Vincent to Max Strus26539429942.4%
Jimmy Butler to Tyler Herro391386616240.7%
Duncan Robinson to Bam Adebayo27133439246.7%
Tyler Herro to Caleb Martin17231377748.1%
Tyler Herro to Max Strus19930317143.7%
Bam Adebayo to Jimmy Butler426295412343.9%
Kyle Lowry to Caleb Martin18229347943.0%
P.J. Tucker to Duncan Robinson17528306248.4%
P.J. Tucker to Tyler Herro27327429146.2%
Bam Adebayo to Tyler Herro318264811143.2%
Kyle Lowry to Omer Yurtseven11026264755.3%
Kyle Lowry to Gabe Vincent26625308336.1%
Duncan Robinson to P.J. Tucker18025256141.0%
Gabe Vincent to Bam Adebayo30425387650.0%
Gabe Vincent to Tyler Herro384245714539.3%
Jimmy Butler to Dewayne Dedmon9423254555.6%
Tyler Herro to Jimmy Butler484235114734.7%
Gabe Vincent to Omer Yurtseven10523234650.0%
Jimmy Butler to Max Strus15722235244.2%
Jimmy Butler to Kyle Lowry39022308734.5%
Tyler Herro to Dewayne Dedmon15322265151.0%
Gabe Vincent to Caleb Martin15221234254.8%
Bam Adebayo to P.J. Tucker12920213953.8%
Jimmy Butler to Gabe Vincent22720255347.2%
Tyler Herro to Duncan Robinson20320217328.8%
Tyler Herro to Kyle Lowry51420348042.5%
Gabe Vincent to Duncan Robinson18320215538.2%
Bam Adebayo to Kyle Lowry68519408944.9%
P.J. Tucker to Max Strus7919194146.3%
P.J. Tucker to Jimmy Butler31918378444.0%
Tyler Herro to P.J. Tucker16817174141.5%
Caleb Martin to Max Strus8617183946.2%
Gabe Vincent to Kyle Lowry28017245147.1%
Bam Adebayo to Max Strus16615176327.0%
Duncan Robinson to Kyle Lowry39915276740.3%
P.J. Tucker to Gabe Vincent19215224450.0%
P.J. Tucker to Kyle Lowry57615357447.3%
Tyler Herro to Gabe Vincent30414215935.6%
Bam Adebayo to Gabe Vincent28313155030.0%
Jimmy Butler to Caleb Martin11913144531.1%
Kyle Lowry to Markieff Morris6513203066.7%
Omer Yurtseven to Max Strus6813142653.8%
Dewayne Dedmon to Duncan Robinson8512133438.2%
Tyler Herro to Omer Yurtseven6712131968.4%
Max Strus to Tyler Herro24912306446.9%
Gabe Vincent to P.J. Tucker13512133537.1%
Dewayne Dedmon to Tyler Herro28811368641.9%
Tyler Herro to Markieff Morris6611132846.4%
Duncan Robinson to Gabe Vincent19411194542.2%
Duncan Robinson to Jimmy Butler31011299032.2%
Max Strus to Gabe Vincent36311245543.6%
Max Strus to P.J. Tucker7511122744.4%
Bam Adebayo to Caleb Martin6910133141.9%
Jimmy Butler to Omer Yurtseven4510101952.6%
Caleb Martin to Tyler Herro23110226732.8%
Markieff Morris to Tyler Herro7210142850.0%
Max Strus to Caleb Martin9810143342.4%
P.J. Tucker to Bam Adebayo13110183748.6%
Gabe Vincent to Dewayne Dedmon11210112937.9%
Caleb Martin to Gabe Vincent1799133339.4%
Max Strus to Bam Adebayo1099132748.1%
Max Strus to Dewayne Dedmon57991947.4%
Omer Yurtseven to Tyler Herro1179162955.2%
Kyle Lowry to KZ Okpala55892437.5%
Duncan Robinson to Max Strus33881650.0%
Gabe Vincent to Jimmy Butler3138267037.1%
Max Strus to Kyle Lowry3057173450.0%
Omer Yurtseven to Duncan Robinson43781844.4%
Dewayne Dedmon to Gabe Vincent2376154037.5%
Tyler Herro to Kyle Guy37661154.5%
Tyler Herro to KZ Okpala3167977.8%
Caleb Martin to Jimmy Butler926142751.9%
Duncan Robinson to Omer Yurtseven38671353.8%
Max Strus to Omer Yurtseven41661540.0%
Max Strus to Jimmy Butler1616153938.5%
P.J. Tucker to Caleb Martin2066966.7%
Dewayne Dedmon to Max Strus52581457.1%
Dewayne Dedmon to Kyle Lowry3615133735.1%
Victor Oladipo to Max Strus2555683.3%
Victor Oladipo to Bam Adebayo1955771.4%
Duncan Robinson to Tyler Herro2215276045.0%
Duncan Robinson to Caleb Martin38571450.0%
P.J. Tucker to Dewayne Dedmon31551050.0%
Jimmy Butler to Markieff Morris39471838.9%
Dewayne Dedmon to P.J. Tucker2944757.1%
Kyle Guy to Omer Yurtseven2145955.6%
Caleb Martin to Bam Adebayo61482040.0%
Caleb Martin to Kyle Lowry1914103132.3%
Markieff Morris to Jimmy Butler2745955.6%
KZ Okpala to Max Strus2444944.4%
Victor Oladipo to Tyler Herro53461735.3%
Victor Oladipo to Caleb Martin1444580.0%
Omer Yurtseven to Caleb Martin32461442.9%
Omer Yurtseven to Kyle Lowry1764112937.9%
Kyle Guy to Tyler Herro36351241.7%
Kyle Guy to Caleb Martin37341040.0%
Tyler Herro to Victor Oladipo50371450.0%
Kyle Lowry to Chris Silva1233650.0%
Kyle Lowry to Haywood Highsmith1033742.9%
Kyle Lowry to Victor Oladipo38361154.5%
Caleb Martin to Omer Yurtseven37341040.0%
Caleb Martin to Duncan Robinson2933933.3%
Caleb Martin to P.J. Tucker3133650.0%
Markieff Morris to Bam Adebayo2235955.6%
Victor Oladipo to Duncan Robinson1233560.0%
Duncan Robinson to Dewayne Dedmon66331323.1%
Chris Silva to Tyler Herro30351241.7%
Max Strus to KZ Okpala2534666.7%
P.J. Tucker to Omer Yurtseven2133837.5%
Omer Yurtseven to Kyle Guy2434580.0%
Omer Yurtseven to Gabe Vincent141381942.1%
Bam Adebayo to Victor Oladipo1924757.1%
Bam Adebayo to Markieff Morris21241040.0%
Jimmy Butler to Kyle Guy1023475.0%
Jimmy Butler to KZ Okpala1022450.0%
Jimmy Butler to Haywood Highsmith1022540.0%
Jimmy Butler to Udonis Haslem5222100.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Caleb Martin32251338.5%
Dewayne Dedmon to Jimmy Butler1412142948.3%
Marcus Garrett to Omer Yurtseven1022450.0%
Marcus Garrett to KZ Okpala9222100.0%
Kyle Guy to Gabe Vincent2024757.1%
Udonis Haslem to Caleb Martin5233100.0%
Tyler Herro to Haywood Highsmith822366.7%
Tyler Herro to Udonis Haslem1022450.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Omer Yurtseven9222100.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Mychal Mulder822450.0%
Kyle Lowry to Nik Stauskas1022540.0%
Markieff Morris to Caleb Martin922450.0%
Markieff Morris to Kyle Lowry5622540.0%
KZ Okpala to Duncan Robinson1422633.3%
KZ Okpala to Dewayne Dedmon422366.7%
KZ Okpala to Kyle Lowry5522728.6%
Victor Oladipo to Mychal Mulder1022366.7%
Victor Oladipo to Dewayne Dedmon1022633.3%
Duncan Robinson to KZ Okpala9222100.0%
Duncan Robinson to Haywood Highsmith722633.3%
Max Strus to Kyle Guy2922540.0%
Max Strus to Victor Oladipo3023560.0%
Max Strus to Markieff Morris2022825.0%
Gabe Vincent to KZ Okpala41221118.2%
Gabe Vincent to Haywood Highsmith1422366.7%
Omer Yurtseven to P.J. Tucker2222540.0%
Bam Adebayo to Haywood Highsmith411250.0%
Jimmy Butler to Chris Silva5111100.0%
Marcus Garrett to Tyler Herro1113560.0%
Marcus Garrett to Gabe Vincent3914757.1%
Marcus Garrett to Udonis Haslem211250.0%
Kyle Guy to Chris Silva1211425.0%
Kyle Guy to Duncan Robinson1012540.0%
Kyle Guy to Bam Adebayo1411333.3%
Kyle Guy to Nik Stauskas611250.0%
Kyle Guy to Kyle Lowry1712540.0%
Udonis Haslem to Javonte Smart2111100.0%
Udonis Haslem to Duncan Robinson711333.3%
Tyler Herro to Marcus Garrett1111520.0%
Tyler Herro to Chris Silva1311333.3%
Haywood Highsmith to Gabe Vincent1911520.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Udonis Haslem311250.0%
Kyle Lowry to Marcus Garrett711250.0%
Kyle Lowry to Kyle Guy21141040.0%
Kyle Lowry to Udonis Haslem411250.0%
Caleb Martin to Marcus Garrett2111100.0%
Caleb Martin to Dewayne Dedmon3012728.6%
Caleb Martin to Udonis Haslem411250.0%
Markieff Morris to Duncan Robinson1211520.0%
Markieff Morris to P.J. Tucker5111100.0%
Mychal Mulder to Haywood Highsmith511250.0%
Mychal Mulder to Gabe Vincent2111100.0%
KZ Okpala to Omer Yurtseven811425.0%
KZ Okpala to Tyler Herro38151435.7%
KZ Okpala to Gabe Vincent5412922.2%
KZ Okpala to Caleb Martin1312540.0%
Victor Oladipo to Omer Yurtseven1811714.3%
Victor Oladipo to Haywood Highsmith1011333.3%
Duncan Robinson to Javonte Smart2111100.0%
Duncan Robinson to Victor Oladipo2214850.0%
Chris Silva to Kyle Guy1311333.3%
Chris Silva to Max Strus6122100.0%
Chris Silva to Duncan Robinson2111100.0%
Chris Silva to Udonis Haslem1111100.0%
Javonte Smart to Haywood Highsmith1011425.0%
Javonte Smart to Caleb Martin2111100.0%
Nik Stauskas to Caleb Martin2111100.0%
Max Strus to Duncan Robinson3012540.0%
Max Strus to Udonis Haslem2111100.0%
P.J. Tucker to Kyle Guy1213650.0%
P.J. Tucker to Markieff Morris511333.3%
Gabe Vincent to Javonte Smart6111100.0%
Gabe Vincent to Kyle Guy2111520.0%
Gabe Vincent to Markieff Morris29141040.0%
Gabe Vincent to Udonis Haslem2112728.6%
Omer Yurtseven to Javonte Smart1011425.0%
Omer Yurtseven to Victor Oladipo2013475.0%
Omer Yurtseven to Jimmy Butler70151631.3%
Bam Adebayo to Omer Yurtseven10000.0%
Bam Adebayo to Kyle Guy80030.0%
Bam Adebayo to Bobby Portis10000.0%
Bam Adebayo to Dewayne Dedmon10010.0%
Jimmy Butler to Marcus Garrett30010.0%
Jimmy Butler to Victor Oladipo1201520.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Kyle Guy70010.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to KZ Okpala60010.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Bam Adebayo10000.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Victor Oladipo110010.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Markieff Morris80010.0%
Marcus Garrett to Max Strus60000.0%
Marcus Garrett to Duncan Robinson3011100.0%
Marcus Garrett to Caleb Martin50010.0%
Marcus Garrett to Dewayne Dedmon20000.0%
Marcus Garrett to Jimmy Butler20010.0%
Marcus Garrett to P.J. Tucker50010.0%
Marcus Garrett to Kyle Lowry120020.0%
Kyle Guy to Javonte Smart30000.0%
Kyle Guy to Max Strus190050.0%
Kyle Guy to Haywood Highsmith50000.0%
Kyle Guy to Dewayne Dedmon40010.0%
Kyle Guy to Jimmy Butler1903650.0%
Kyle Guy to P.J. Tucker90020.0%
Kyle Guy to Udonis Haslem50010.0%
Udonis Haslem to Marcus Garrett10000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Omer Yurtseven20000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Kyle Guy30020.0%
Udonis Haslem to Tyler Herro8011100.0%
Udonis Haslem to Max Strus60020.0%
Udonis Haslem to Haywood Highsmith30010.0%
Udonis Haslem to Gabe Vincent220020.0%
Udonis Haslem to Mychal Mulder10010.0%
Udonis Haslem to Victor Oladipo50000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Jimmy Butler50000.0%
Udonis Haslem to Kyle Lowry7022100.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Javonte Smart90020.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Chris Silva10000.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Kyle Guy110020.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Tyler Herro1801520.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Max Strus40020.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Duncan Robinson30020.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Caleb Martin20010.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Bam Adebayo10000.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Nik Stauskas10010.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Victor Oladipo2404850.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Dewayne Dedmon10000.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Jimmy Butler7011100.0%
Haywood Highsmith to Kyle Lowry160040.0%
Caleb Martin to Javonte Smart10000.0%
Caleb Martin to Kyle Guy260010.0%
Caleb Martin to KZ Okpala60010.0%
Caleb Martin to Haywood Highsmith30010.0%
Caleb Martin to Nik Stauskas10000.0%
Caleb Martin to Victor Oladipo110010.0%
Caleb Martin to Markieff Morris1401425.0%
Markieff Morris to Omer Yurtseven10010.0%
Markieff Morris to Max Strus170040.0%
Markieff Morris to Gabe Vincent160010.0%
Markieff Morris to Victor Oladipo60020.0%
Markieff Morris to Dewayne Dedmon602450.0%
Mychal Mulder to Javonte Smart20020.0%
Mychal Mulder to Omer Yurtseven60020.0%
Mychal Mulder to Duncan Robinson10010.0%
Mychal Mulder to Caleb Martin10010.0%
Mychal Mulder to Victor Oladipo902366.7%
KZ Okpala to Marcus Garrett9022100.0%
KZ Okpala to Jimmy Butler30000.0%
KZ Okpala to P.J. Tucker90010.0%
Victor Oladipo to Javonte Smart1403560.0%
Victor Oladipo to Gabe Vincent30010.0%
Victor Oladipo to Jimmy Butler100020.0%
Victor Oladipo to Markieff Morris20000.0%
Victor Oladipo to P.J. Tucker30000.0%
Victor Oladipo to Kyle Lowry290030.0%
Victor Oladipo to Udonis Haslem20010.0%
Duncan Robinson to Marcus Garrett30010.0%
Duncan Robinson to Chris Silva20000.0%
Duncan Robinson to Kyle Guy140030.0%
Duncan Robinson to Mychal Mulder10000.0%
Duncan Robinson to Markieff Morris120010.0%
Duncan Robinson to Udonis Haslem30000.0%
Chris Silva to Haywood Highsmith10000.0%
Chris Silva to Gabe Vincent140010.0%
Chris Silva to Caleb Martin30010.0%
Chris Silva to Bam Adebayo10000.0%
Chris Silva to Nik Stauskas10000.0%
Chris Silva to Jimmy Butler80020.0%
Chris Silva to P.J. Tucker10000.0%
Chris Silva to Kyle Lowry300040.0%
Javonte Smart to Omer Yurtseven80050.0%
Javonte Smart to Kyle Guy10010.0%
Javonte Smart to Max Strus20000.0%
Javonte Smart to Gabe Vincent30000.0%
Javonte Smart to Mychal Mulder20000.0%
Javonte Smart to Victor Oladipo110020.0%
Javonte Smart to Udonis Haslem301333.3%
Nik Stauskas to Omer Yurtseven10000.0%
Nik Stauskas to Kyle Guy8011100.0%
Nik Stauskas to Haywood Highsmith10000.0%
Nik Stauskas to Kyle Lowry70010.0%
Max Strus to Javonte Smart20000.0%
Max Strus to Marcus Garrett120010.0%
Max Strus to Chris Silva30000.0%
Max Strus to Haywood Highsmith80030.0%
P.J. Tucker to Marcus Garrett30020.0%
P.J. Tucker to Chris Silva20000.0%
P.J. Tucker to KZ Okpala80040.0%
P.J. Tucker to Haywood Highsmith10000.0%
P.J. Tucker to Victor Oladipo70010.0%
Gabe Vincent to Marcus Garrett160040.0%
Gabe Vincent to Chris Silva10000.0%
Gabe Vincent to Mychal Mulder20010.0%
Gabe Vincent to Victor Oladipo50010.0%
Omer Yurtseven to Marcus Garrett20010.0%
Omer Yurtseven to KZ Okpala40010.0%
Omer Yurtseven to Haywood Highsmith50010.0%
Omer Yurtseven to Mychal Mulder60020.0%
Omer Yurtseven to Bam Adebayo50020.0%
Omer Yurtseven to Nik Stauskas30010.0%
Omer Yurtseven to Udonis Haslem40010.0%