2019 Atlanta Hawks Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Atlanta Hawks averaged 272 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Trae Young to John Collins, with 119 assists on 461 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Trae Young to John Collins46111912421557.7%
Trae Young to De'Andre Hunter5259111025742.8%
Trae Young to Kevin Huerter501709820148.8%
Kevin Huerter to John Collins269616711657.8%
Trae Young to Damian Jones19656578964.0%
Trae Young to Jabari Parker283505712844.5%
Trae Young to Cam Reddish278404413333.1%
Trae Young to Alex Len20938398744.8%
Trae Young to Bruno Fernando14329305653.6%
Kevin Huerter to De'Andre Hunter233253210331.1%
Jeff Teague to John Collins11524264755.3%
Kevin Huerter to Trae Young338235112740.2%
DeAndre' Bembry to Jabari Parker12021255545.5%
Kevin Huerter to Cam Reddish14219206530.8%
Cam Reddish to John Collins11819224548.9%
De'Andre Hunter to John Collins13418204841.7%
Trae Young to DeAndre' Bembry14518235541.8%
Trae Young to Vince Carter19918257732.5%
De'Andre Hunter to Kevin Huerter16215235740.4%
Trae Young to Dewayne Dedmon6315153641.7%
De'Andre Hunter to Cam Reddish10914184639.1%
De'Andre Hunter to Trae Young545149218848.9%
John Collins to Kevin Huerter25613185731.6%
Brandon Goodwin to John Collins7913152560.0%
Kevin Huerter to Alex Len9613152755.6%
Jabari Parker to Trae Young579136314344.1%
Cam Reddish to De'Andre Hunter9113164535.6%
Cam Reddish to Kevin Huerter9813173943.6%
Jeff Teague to Cam Reddish7713194245.2%
John Collins to De'Andre Hunter13712154235.7%
Kevin Huerter to Vince Carter9512144134.1%
Jabari Parker to De'Andre Hunter7612142751.9%
Cam Reddish to Jabari Parker6411153345.5%
Jeff Teague to Vince Carter8611143638.9%
DeAndre' Bembry to Damian Jones5610111861.1%
Brandon Goodwin to Cam Reddish5510183354.5%
Kevin Huerter to Bruno Fernando8810102245.5%
De'Andre Hunter to Jabari Parker7410133043.3%
Alex Len to Trae Young395102811025.5%
John Collins to Trae Young92397520736.2%
Kevin Huerter to Jabari Parker699123336.4%
De'Andre Hunter to Vince Carter399101758.8%
Damian Jones to Trae Young3359369338.7%
Jabari Parker to DeAndre' Bembry1469121963.2%
Jeff Teague to De'Andre Hunter589142751.9%
Jeff Teague to Brandon Goodwin649122941.4%
DeAndre' Bembry to Alex Len59881650.0%
Vince Carter to Alex Len36881361.5%
Bruno Fernando to Trae Young2628266937.7%
Kevin Huerter to DeAndre' Bembry46881844.4%
Evan Turner to Allen Crabbe31881457.1%
Vince Carter to De'Andre Hunter497112445.8%
Bruno Fernando to De'Andre Hunter69792240.9%
Kevin Huerter to Damian Jones52771353.8%
De'Andre Hunter to DeAndre' Bembry63781942.1%
Damian Jones to Cam Reddish49791850.0%
Alex Len to Kevin Huerter1297103429.4%
Cam Reddish to Trae Young3017319034.4%
Cam Reddish to Alex Len58781553.3%
Jeff Teague to Kevin Huerter897123040.0%
Trae Young to Allen Crabbe70782729.6%
DeAndre' Bembry to De'Andre Hunter846123633.3%
DeAndre' Bembry to Trae Young1836246139.3%
Vince Carter to Cam Reddish686102737.0%
Vince Carter to Kevin Huerter102682729.6%
John Collins to Bruno Fernando2967977.8%
Bruno Fernando to Kevin Huerter1106133339.4%
Bruno Fernando to Jabari Parker26671163.6%
Kevin Huerter to Dewayne Dedmon32661154.5%
De'Andre Hunter to Damian Jones46661346.2%
Damian Jones to Jabari Parker566101758.8%
Jabari Parker to Alex Len46671546.7%
Jeff Teague to Treveon Graham49661637.5%
DeAndre' Bembry to Cam Reddish66572725.9%
Vince Carter to Trae Young2645267037.1%
John Collins to Cam Reddish1205103429.4%
Allen Crabbe to Jabari Parker32581457.1%
Allen Crabbe to Alex Len2455771.4%
Bruno Fernando to DeAndre' Bembry65561154.5%
Kevin Huerter to Brandon Goodwin59562030.0%
De'Andre Hunter to Bruno Fernando60562030.0%
De'Andre Hunter to Alex Len67551827.8%
Damian Jones to Kevin Huerter67561931.6%
Alex Len to Cam Reddish81592931.0%
Alex Len to Allen Crabbe34551533.3%
Jabari Parker to Kevin Huerter78571838.9%
Jeff Teague to Bruno Fernando58551926.3%
Evan Turner to DeAndre' Bembry52551050.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Bruno Fernando74441428.6%
DeAndre' Bembry to Allen Crabbe36441428.6%
DeAndre' Bembry to Vince Carter71452917.2%
John Collins to Brandon Goodwin139492339.1%
Allen Crabbe to De'Andre Hunter20441136.4%
Brandon Goodwin to Alex Len36461442.9%
Treveon Graham to Cam Reddish1944757.1%
Kevin Huerter to Allen Crabbe28441136.4%
De'Andre Hunter to Allen Crabbe19441040.0%
Alex Len to De'Andre Hunter69482828.6%
Jabari Parker to Damian Jones3244580.0%
Jeff Teague to Trae Young51492437.5%
Jeff Teague to Damian Jones35441040.0%
Evan Turner to Jabari Parker35441428.6%
Evan Turner to Alex Len21451241.7%
Tyrone Wallace to Jabari Parker1646875.0%
Trae Young to Jeff Teague51471258.3%
DeAndre' Bembry to Kevin Huerter67351926.3%
DeAndre' Bembry to John Collins32351241.7%
DeAndre' Bembry to Tyrone Wallace2033933.3%
Vince Carter to Brandon Goodwin91362227.3%
John Collins to Alex Len2333560.0%
John Collins to Vince Carter3534666.7%
Allen Crabbe to Trae Young80382236.4%
Allen Crabbe to John Collins933560.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Cam Reddish1633650.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to John Collins2033650.0%
Bruno Fernando to Allen Crabbe2233742.9%
Bruno Fernando to Vince Carter2534944.4%
Brandon Goodwin to De'Andre Hunter53351631.3%
Brandon Goodwin to Kevin Huerter84362722.2%
Brandon Goodwin to Bruno Fernando3833742.9%
Brandon Goodwin to Damian Jones2933475.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Treveon Graham32331127.3%
Kevin Huerter to Treveon Graham2233837.5%
Kevin Huerter to Jeff Teague61381844.4%
Alex Len to John Collins2535862.5%
Alex Len to Jabari Parker36371258.3%
Alex Len to Vince Carter2433742.9%
Cam Reddish to Bruno Fernando3733475.0%
Cam Reddish to Damian Jones2633560.0%
Cam Reddish to Vince Carter42362030.0%
Jeff Teague to Dewayne Dedmon25331127.3%
Trae Young to Treveon Graham2033933.3%
Vince Carter to Bruno Fernando2022540.0%
Vince Carter to John Collins26241233.3%
Vince Carter to DeAndre' Bembry57221020.0%
Vince Carter to Damian Jones1022366.7%
John Collins to DeAndre' Bembry5325771.4%
John Collins to Damian Jones21222100.0%
John Collins to Jeff Teague151241428.6%
Allen Crabbe to DeAndre' Bembry2722728.6%
Bruno Fernando to Cam Reddish73282236.4%
Bruno Fernando to Brandon Goodwin7622366.7%
Bruno Fernando to Treveon Graham1522633.3%
Brandon Goodwin to Charlie Brown Jr.922540.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Allen Crabbe44251338.5%
Brandon Goodwin to Vince Carter62242218.2%
Treveon Graham to Kevin Huerter1825771.4%
Treveon Graham to Bruno Fernando10233100.0%
Treveon Graham to John Collins1522540.0%
Kevin Huerter to Evan Turner822366.7%
Damian Jones to De'Andre Hunter47251926.3%
Damian Jones to John Collins2024757.1%
Jabari Parker to Cam Reddish88232114.3%
Jabari Parker to Evan Turner4923650.0%
Cam Reddish to Treveon Graham2022633.3%
Cam Reddish to Allen Crabbe1522540.0%
Jeff Teague to Alex Len1022450.0%
Evan Turner to De'Andre Hunter32231030.0%
Evan Turner to Cam Reddish22231030.0%
Evan Turner to John Collins1122366.7%
Evan Turner to Damian Jones1622450.0%
Evan Turner to Chandler Parsons1822728.6%
Evan Turner to Vince Carter40251435.7%
Tyrone Wallace to De'Andre Hunter1622728.6%
Tyrone Wallace to Alex Len1924944.4%
Trae Young to Evan Turner18222100.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Charlie Brown Jr.411333.3%
DeAndre' Bembry to Brandon Goodwin39151050.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Chandler Parsons911250.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Jeff Teague1212366.7%
Charlie Brown Jr. to DeAndre' Bembry811250.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Vince Carter1111100.0%
Vince Carter to Treveon Graham1511333.3%
Vince Carter to Allen Crabbe2211911.1%
Vince Carter to Jeff Teague123152123.8%
Allen Crabbe to Charlie Brown Jr.3111100.0%
Allen Crabbe to Cam Reddish1811812.5%
Allen Crabbe to Brandon Goodwin40161833.3%
Allen Crabbe to Bruno Fernando2312540.0%
Allen Crabbe to Evan Turner2712633.3%
Allen Crabbe to Vince Carter2311714.3%
Dewayne Dedmon to Jeff Teague3513742.9%
Bruno Fernando to John Collins2811911.1%
Bruno Fernando to Tyrone Wallace2411425.0%
Bruno Fernando to Alex Len811250.0%
Bruno Fernando to Evan Turner54141233.3%
Bruno Fernando to Jeff Teague90141040.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Trae Young29141428.6%
Brandon Goodwin to DeAndre' Bembry50121118.2%
Brandon Goodwin to Jeff Teague79182236.4%
Treveon Graham to Brandon Goodwin5312922.2%
Treveon Graham to Trae Young47151631.3%
Treveon Graham to Dewayne Dedmon4111100.0%
Treveon Graham to Jeff Teague76161833.3%
Treveon Graham to Vince Carter1412540.0%
Kevin Huerter to Tyrone Wallace5111100.0%
De'Andre Hunter to Brandon Goodwin4615862.5%
De'Andre Hunter to Treveon Graham6111100.0%
De'Andre Hunter to Dewayne Dedmon1712825.0%
De'Andre Hunter to Jeff Teague4814944.4%
Damian Jones to Bruno Fernando2111100.0%
Damian Jones to DeAndre' Bembry54141040.0%
Damian Jones to Allen Crabbe1211520.0%
Damian Jones to Jeff Teague64131323.1%
Alex Len to DeAndre' Bembry7711911.1%
Alex Len to Evan Turner4313560.0%
Jabari Parker to Brandon Goodwin8111100.0%
Jabari Parker to Bruno Fernando1611333.3%
Jabari Parker to John Collins511250.0%
Jabari Parker to Tyrone Wallace2412540.0%
Jabari Parker to Allen Crabbe1911520.0%
Chandler Parsons to Trae Young1011250.0%
Chandler Parsons to Allen Crabbe711250.0%
Chandler Parsons to Alex Len4111100.0%
Cam Reddish to Brandon Goodwin33131030.0%
Cam Reddish to Tyrone Wallace811250.0%
Cam Reddish to DeAndre' Bembry41141136.4%
Cam Reddish to Dewayne Dedmon7111100.0%
Jeff Teague to Charlie Brown Jr.1111100.0%
Jeff Teague to DeAndre' Bembry911333.3%
Jeff Teague to Evan Turner511333.3%
Evan Turner to Trae Young42141526.7%
Evan Turner to Kevin Huerter1511425.0%
Evan Turner to Bruno Fernando2811250.0%
Evan Turner to Tyrone Wallace1712450.0%
Evan Turner to Jeff Teague911425.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Charlie Brown Jr.3111100.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Damian Jones811333.3%
Tyrone Wallace to Vince Carter1612450.0%
Paul Watson to Kevin Huerter1111100.0%
Paul Watson to John Collins3111100.0%
Paul Watson to DeAndre' Bembry211250.0%
Trae Young to Chandler Parsons1111250.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Paul Watson40020.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Treveon Graham4011100.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Evan Turner5100100.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Cam Reddish2011100.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Brandon Goodwin3011100.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Kevin Huerter30010.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Bruno Fernando20010.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to John Collins20000.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Tyrone Wallace60010.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Damian Jones1011100.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Treveon Graham10000.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Allen Crabbe10000.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Alex Len50000.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Jeff Teague20010.0%
Vince Carter to Charlie Brown Jr.10010.0%
Vince Carter to Tyrone Wallace180020.0%
Vince Carter to Jabari Parker60030.0%
Vince Carter to Dewayne Dedmon30000.0%
Vince Carter to Evan Turner4002825.0%
John Collins to Charlie Brown Jr.20000.0%
John Collins to Tyrone Wallace10011100.0%
John Collins to Treveon Graham100000.0%
John Collins to Jabari Parker40010.0%
John Collins to Dewayne Dedmon210040.0%
John Collins to Allen Crabbe50020.0%
John Collins to Chandler Parsons10000.0%
John Collins to Evan Turner230010.0%
Allen Crabbe to Kevin Huerter3202922.2%
Allen Crabbe to Tyrone Wallace40010.0%
Allen Crabbe to Damian Jones100030.0%
Allen Crabbe to Chandler Parsons40020.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to De'Andre Hunter140010.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Brandon Goodwin50000.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Trae Young1340154632.6%
Dewayne Dedmon to Kevin Huerter2701425.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Treveon Graham20010.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Vince Carter30000.0%
Bruno Fernando to Charlie Brown Jr.50010.0%
Bruno Fernando to Damian Jones10000.0%
Bruno Fernando to Chandler Parsons60020.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Paul Watson20010.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Jabari Parker30010.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Dewayne Dedmon50010.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Chandler Parsons20010.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Evan Turner30000.0%
Treveon Graham to Charlie Brown Jr.30010.0%
Treveon Graham to De'Andre Hunter20000.0%
Treveon Graham to DeAndre' Bembry20000.0%
Treveon Graham to Damian Jones30000.0%
Treveon Graham to Evan Turner10000.0%
Kevin Huerter to Charlie Brown Jr.30000.0%
Kevin Huerter to Paul Watson30010.0%
Kevin Huerter to Chandler Parsons20010.0%
De'Andre Hunter to Tyrone Wallace901425.0%
De'Andre Hunter to Evan Turner2102540.0%
Damian Jones to Charlie Brown Jr.20010.0%
Damian Jones to Brandon Goodwin60021414.3%
Damian Jones to Paul Watson20010.0%
Damian Jones to Tyrone Wallace1101333.3%
Damian Jones to Treveon Graham80010.0%
Damian Jones to Evan Turner1702366.7%
Damian Jones to Vince Carter220010.0%
Alex Len to Charlie Brown Jr.20010.0%
Alex Len to Brandon Goodwin6504757.1%
Alex Len to Bruno Fernando50000.0%
Alex Len to Tyrone Wallace120030.0%
Alex Len to Damian Jones20000.0%
Alex Len to Chandler Parsons30000.0%
Alex Len to Jeff Teague90010.0%
Jabari Parker to Vince Carter70010.0%
Chandler Parsons to De'Andre Hunter20000.0%
Chandler Parsons to Cam Reddish20010.0%
Chandler Parsons to Brandon Goodwin10000.0%
Chandler Parsons to Bruno Fernando70010.0%
Chandler Parsons to John Collins10000.0%
Chandler Parsons to Tyrone Wallace70020.0%
Chandler Parsons to DeAndre' Bembry100010.0%
Chandler Parsons to Evan Turner100000.0%
Cam Reddish to Charlie Brown Jr.40010.0%
Cam Reddish to Paul Watson10010.0%
Cam Reddish to Chandler Parsons20000.0%
Cam Reddish to Evan Turner170030.0%
Cam Reddish to Jeff Teague41031030.0%
Evan Turner to Brandon Goodwin40000.0%
Evan Turner to Treveon Graham10010.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Cam Reddish1401714.3%
Tyrone Wallace to Trae Young4011100.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Kevin Huerter602366.7%
Tyrone Wallace to Bruno Fernando190010.0%
Tyrone Wallace to John Collins70010.0%
Tyrone Wallace to DeAndre' Bembry360050.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Allen Crabbe30010.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Chandler Parsons20000.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Evan Turner50010.0%
Paul Watson to Charlie Brown Jr.20020.0%
Paul Watson to Trae Young10010.0%
Paul Watson to Damian Jones10000.0%
Trae Young to Brandon Goodwin1501250.0%
Trae Young to Paul Watson10010.0%
Trae Young to Tyrone Wallace60030.0%