2019 Utah Jazz Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Utah Jazz averaged 297 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Joe Ingles to Rudy Gobert, with 96 assists on 506 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Joe Ingles to Rudy Gobert506969919650.5%
Donovan Mitchell to Bojan Bogdanovic493668520741.1%
Joe Ingles to Bojan Bogdanovic406648119541.5%
Joe Ingles to Donovan Mitchell6855611225444.1%
Donovan Mitchell to Rudy Gobert40350549556.8%
Mike Conley to Rudy Gobert37948499253.3%
Royce O'Neale to Bojan Bogdanovic345477115346.4%
Donovan Mitchell to Royce O'Neale45942449645.8%
Mike Conley to Bojan Bogdanovic381415214436.1%
Donovan Mitchell to Joe Ingles588385112640.5%
Royce O'Neale to Rudy Gobert18936374877.1%
Mike Conley to Donovan Mitchell428356317136.8%
Royce O'Neale to Donovan Mitchell8313210925842.2%
Rudy Gobert to Bojan Bogdanovic337315513740.1%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Rudy Gobert29130315853.4%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Royce O'Neale21027275945.8%
Joe Ingles to Royce O'Neale34527297439.2%
Joe Ingles to Mike Conley380274911443.0%
Joe Ingles to Jordan Clarkson17625459746.4%
Donovan Mitchell to Georges Niang12525255050.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Donovan Mitchell344235914241.5%
Rudy Gobert to Donovan Mitchell8982310024241.3%
Joe Ingles to Tony Bradley9122223661.1%
Donovan Mitchell to Jordan Clarkson17222348440.5%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Georges Niang17322265844.8%
Royce O'Neale to Mike Conley672225613641.2%
Mike Conley to Tony Bradley8120212680.8%
Mike Conley to Royce O'Neale36620205437.0%
Mike Conley to Joe Ingles34320295552.7%
Joe Ingles to Georges Niang12020245543.6%
Donovan Mitchell to Mike Conley29620338538.8%
Royce O'Neale to Joe Ingles41718368144.4%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Jeff Green11917184639.1%
Rudy Gobert to Joe Ingles58216459746.4%
Joe Ingles to Emmanuel Mudiay23316266142.6%
Donovan Mitchell to Tony Bradley7115163151.6%
Joe Ingles to Jeff Green10913204940.8%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Bojan Bogdanovic14613226434.4%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Mike Conley24412236535.4%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Joe Ingles23712194344.2%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Jordan Clarkson9912214942.9%
Jordan Clarkson to Georges Niang6911143342.4%
Rudy Gobert to Royce O'Neale32511112152.4%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Rudy Gobert18311122157.1%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Joe Ingles20810133834.2%
Jordan Clarkson to Rudy Gobert9510102245.5%
Jordan Clarkson to Bojan Bogdanovic6610113630.6%
Mike Conley to Jordan Clarkson11710225738.6%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Donovan Mitchell16610307440.5%
Georges Niang to Jordan Clarkson9910244652.2%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Royce O'Neale123992142.9%
Rudy Gobert to Mike Conley5828329135.2%
Royce O'Neale to Jordan Clarkson1258214447.7%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Georges Niang22771450.0%
Tony Bradley to Georges Niang63792142.9%
Jordan Clarkson to Royce O'Neale61771450.0%
Mike Conley to Georges Niang78773122.6%
Royce O'Neale to Emmanuel Mudiay1767163447.1%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Jordan Clarkson566102540.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Jeff Green26661346.2%
Tony Bradley to Jordan Clarkson1006194641.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Tony Bradley2666875.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Jeff Green63663218.8%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Tony Bradley57661154.5%
Georges Niang to Rudy Gobert2167887.5%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Emmanuel Mudiay865112544.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Donovan Mitchell1505164040.0%
Mike Conley to Jeff Green49551729.4%
Rudy Gobert to Jordan Clarkson1315184936.7%
Jeff Green to Emmanuel Mudiay945111764.7%
Georges Niang to Emmanuel Mudiay2325144431.8%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Tony Bradley8444100.0%
Tony Bradley to Joe Ingles1304112250.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Emmanuel Mudiay74472035.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Joe Ingles87482532.0%
Dante Exum to Tony Bradley1244666.7%
Rudy Gobert to Emmanuel Mudiay2914163250.0%
Jeff Green to Donovan Mitchell994163053.3%
Jeff Green to Bojan Bogdanovic32461060.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Emmanuel Mudiay1054163941.0%
Georges Niang to Tony Bradley4045862.5%
Georges Niang to Royce O'Neale2644757.1%
Georges Niang to Joe Ingles166482532.0%
Royce O'Neale to Jeff Green30441625.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Miye Oni2033650.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Mike Conley903112250.0%
Ed Davis to Georges Niang2634944.4%
Ed Davis to Jordan Clarkson2134850.0%
Ed Davis to Jeff Green30341040.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Ed Davis3933650.0%
Georges Niang to Donovan Mitchell2013226136.1%
Tony Bradley to Donovan Mitchell1262143243.8%
Jordan Clarkson to Miye Oni722450.0%
Ed Davis to Joe Ingles7924944.4%
Rudy Gobert to Georges Niang4223933.3%
Rudy Gobert to Jeff Green2522633.3%
Jeff Green to Joe Ingles75231030.0%
Jeff Green to Rudy Gobert2622366.7%
Joe Ingles to Juwan Morgan822366.7%
Joe Ingles to Ed Davis46221118.2%
Juwan Morgan to Rayjon Tucker1023475.0%
Juwan Morgan to Jarrell Brantley522366.7%
Georges Niang to Jarrell Brantley10222100.0%
Royce O'Neale to Dante Exum4222100.0%
Nigel Williams-Goss to Tony Bradley1123560.0%
Nigel Williams-Goss to Georges Niang1722366.7%
Justin Wright-Foreman to Rayjon Tucker1823650.0%
Tony Bradley to Miye Oni711333.3%
Tony Bradley to Justin Wright-Foreman311250.0%
Tony Bradley to Bojan Bogdanovic1614757.1%
Tony Bradley to Mike Conley99182630.8%
Jarrell Brantley to Juwan Morgan9111100.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Rayjon Tucker1311250.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Justin Wright-Foreman1712540.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Nigel Williams-Goss11111100.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Tony Bradley4111100.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Georges Niang911425.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Emmanuel Mudiay1611616.7%
Jarrell Brantley to Dante Exum1111100.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Ed Davis2111100.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Juwan Morgan311250.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Rayjon Tucker811250.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Ed Davis811250.0%
Mike Conley to Juwan Morgan1311333.3%
Mike Conley to Rayjon Tucker311250.0%
Ed Davis to Donovan Mitchell971143145.2%
Ed Davis to Emmanuel Mudiay114131127.3%
Dante Exum to Donovan Mitchell1012633.3%
Dante Exum to Georges Niang411333.3%
Dante Exum to Jeff Green611520.0%
Jeff Green to Royce O'Neale2012450.0%
Jeff Green to Ed Davis9111100.0%
Jeff Green to Mike Conley56131421.4%
Stanton Kidd to Emmanuel Mudiay4111100.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Rayjon Tucker811425.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Miye Oni411250.0%
Juwan Morgan to Miye Oni511333.3%
Juwan Morgan to Jordan Clarkson1313650.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Rayjon Tucker2213933.3%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Miye Oni1711333.3%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Nigel Williams-Goss311250.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Dante Exum1212450.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Ed Davis5111250.0%
Georges Niang to Juwan Morgan911250.0%
Georges Niang to Rayjon Tucker25121020.0%
Georges Niang to Miye Oni1611333.3%
Georges Niang to Justin Wright-Foreman3111100.0%
Georges Niang to Bojan Bogdanovic25111010.0%
Georges Niang to Ed Davis1311250.0%
Royce O'Neale to Juwan Morgan1111100.0%
Royce O'Neale to Jarrell Brantley7111100.0%
Royce O'Neale to Tony Bradley14122100.0%
Royce O'Neale to Ed Davis1311333.3%
Miye Oni to Juwan Morgan8111100.0%
Miye Oni to Donovan Mitchell511250.0%
Miye Oni to Georges Niang1212450.0%
Miye Oni to Ed Davis8111100.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Juwan Morgan411333.3%
Rayjon Tucker to Nigel Williams-Goss911250.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Tony Bradley712366.7%
Rayjon Tucker to Georges Niang1413560.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Emmanuel Mudiay2615955.6%
Nigel Williams-Goss to Rayjon Tucker1211520.0%
Justin Wright-Foreman to Juwan Morgan8111100.0%
Justin Wright-Foreman to Jarrell Brantley2111520.0%
Justin Wright-Foreman to Miye Oni611250.0%
Justin Wright-Foreman to Nigel Williams-Goss411250.0%
Justin Wright-Foreman to Tony Bradley2111100.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Dante Exum20000.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Ed Davis60000.0%
Tony Bradley to Juwan Morgan50010.0%
Tony Bradley to Stanton Kidd40010.0%
Tony Bradley to Rayjon Tucker80010.0%
Tony Bradley to Jarrell Brantley60010.0%
Tony Bradley to Nigel Williams-Goss120010.0%
Tony Bradley to Royce O'Neale31011100.0%
Tony Bradley to Emmanuel Mudiay121051338.5%
Tony Bradley to Dante Exum90000.0%
Tony Bradley to Jeff Green20000.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Stanton Kidd10010.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Donovan Mitchell30000.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Royce O'Neale60020.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Joe Ingles30010.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Jordan Clarkson10000.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Rudy Gobert20010.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Mike Conley30000.0%
Mike Conley to Jarrell Brantley20000.0%
Mike Conley to Emmanuel Mudiay6011100.0%
Mike Conley to Dante Exum10000.0%
Mike Conley to Ed Davis120030.0%
Ed Davis to Rayjon Tucker501250.0%
Ed Davis to Miye Oni2011100.0%
Ed Davis to Justin Wright-Foreman30000.0%
Ed Davis to Royce O'Neale230030.0%
Ed Davis to Dante Exum140010.0%
Ed Davis to Bojan Bogdanovic1101333.3%
Ed Davis to Mike Conley270070.0%
Dante Exum to Juwan Morgan10000.0%
Dante Exum to Jarrell Brantley10000.0%
Dante Exum to Miye Oni30000.0%
Dante Exum to Nigel Williams-Goss10010.0%
Dante Exum to Royce O'Neale20000.0%
Dante Exum to Emmanuel Mudiay130000.0%
Dante Exum to Joe Ingles100020.0%
Dante Exum to Rudy Gobert40000.0%
Dante Exum to Bojan Bogdanovic20000.0%
Dante Exum to Ed Davis110000.0%
Dante Exum to Mike Conley10000.0%
Rudy Gobert to Dante Exum701250.0%
Jeff Green to Tony Bradley40010.0%
Jeff Green to Georges Niang11011100.0%
Jeff Green to Dante Exum701250.0%
Joe Ingles to Jarrell Brantley10000.0%
Joe Ingles to Miye Oni10000.0%
Joe Ingles to Dante Exum130040.0%
Stanton Kidd to Nigel Williams-Goss40000.0%
Stanton Kidd to Tony Bradley10000.0%
Stanton Kidd to Georges Niang40010.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Jarrell Brantley10010.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Dante Exum30000.0%
Juwan Morgan to Justin Wright-Foreman701333.3%
Juwan Morgan to Nigel Williams-Goss50010.0%
Juwan Morgan to Tony Bradley70000.0%
Juwan Morgan to Donovan Mitchell401250.0%
Juwan Morgan to Georges Niang1101425.0%
Juwan Morgan to Royce O'Neale10000.0%
Juwan Morgan to Emmanuel Mudiay2001425.0%
Juwan Morgan to Joe Ingles1401250.0%
Juwan Morgan to Dante Exum3011100.0%
Juwan Morgan to Mike Conley120000.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Juwan Morgan1501250.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Stanton Kidd30000.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Jarrell Brantley200040.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Justin Wright-Foreman70020.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Mike Conley60020.0%
Georges Niang to Stanton Kidd30010.0%
Georges Niang to Nigel Williams-Goss220040.0%
Georges Niang to Dante Exum1001333.3%
Georges Niang to Jeff Green90060.0%
Georges Niang to Mike Conley145041822.2%
Royce O'Neale to Rayjon Tucker10000.0%
Royce O'Neale to Miye Oni20000.0%
Royce O'Neale to Georges Niang190050.0%
Miye Oni to Rayjon Tucker1301333.3%
Miye Oni to Jarrell Brantley1001425.0%
Miye Oni to Justin Wright-Foreman70020.0%
Miye Oni to Nigel Williams-Goss401250.0%
Miye Oni to Tony Bradley50000.0%
Miye Oni to Royce O'Neale20010.0%
Miye Oni to Emmanuel Mudiay140040.0%
Miye Oni to Joe Ingles30000.0%
Miye Oni to Dante Exum20010.0%
Miye Oni to Jordan Clarkson60030.0%
Miye Oni to Mike Conley20010.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Jarrell Brantley2101250.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Miye Oni130040.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Justin Wright-Foreman2202366.7%
Rayjon Tucker to Donovan Mitchell601250.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Royce O'Neale20010.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Joe Ingles40030.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Jordan Clarkson60020.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Rudy Gobert10000.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Bojan Bogdanovic10000.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Ed Davis30010.0%
Rayjon Tucker to Mike Conley20000.0%
Nigel Williams-Goss to Juwan Morgan20000.0%
Nigel Williams-Goss to Stanton Kidd30000.0%
Nigel Williams-Goss to Jarrell Brantley100030.0%
Nigel Williams-Goss to Miye Oni30000.0%
Nigel Williams-Goss to Justin Wright-Foreman60030.0%
Nigel Williams-Goss to Emmanuel Mudiay20010.0%
Nigel Williams-Goss to Dante Exum30000.0%
Justin Wright-Foreman to Georges Niang20020.0%
Justin Wright-Foreman to Emmanuel Mudiay6011100.0%