2019 Indiana Pacers Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Indiana Pacers averaged 297 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Malcolm Brogdon to T.J. Warren, with 114 assists on 643 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Malcolm Brogdon to T.J. Warren64311415029251.4%
Malcolm Brogdon to Domantas Sabonis7638410121048.1%
T.J. McConnell to Doug McDermott386747518141.4%
Domantas Sabonis to Doug McDermott342748016548.5%
T.J. McConnell to Justin Holiday418737719639.3%
Domantas Sabonis to T.J. Warren408678117147.4%
T.J. McConnell to Domantas Sabonis609647715549.7%
Aaron Holiday to T.J. Warren290577214350.3%
Malcolm Brogdon to Myles Turner421565917533.7%
Aaron Holiday to Myles Turner19038469150.5%
T.J. McConnell to T.J. Warren239325411845.8%
Doug McDermott to Domantas Sabonis27532428450.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Malcolm Brogdon1152329422841.2%
Domantas Sabonis to Justin Holiday18032336848.5%
Malcolm Brogdon to Jeremy Lamb415305413839.1%
Aaron Holiday to Domantas Sabonis383293810934.9%
Justin Holiday to Doug McDermott7926264656.5%
T.J. McConnell to Myles Turner15926276939.1%
T.J. Warren to Myles Turner21926348241.5%
Malcolm Brogdon to Justin Holiday13925265250.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Aaron Holiday560254412634.9%
T.J. Warren to Domantas Sabonis34025377152.1%
Jeremy Lamb to T.J. Warren14124285947.5%
Victor Oladipo to Domantas Sabonis13424294367.4%
Aaron Holiday to Justin Holiday14523236237.1%
Domantas Sabonis to Myles Turner15523255545.5%
Jeremy Lamb to Domantas Sabonis33522357050.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Myles Turner13821225341.5%
Domantas Sabonis to Jeremy Lamb309214211337.2%
Myles Turner to T.J. Warren14921366852.9%
Malcolm Brogdon to Doug McDermott7620203655.6%
Aaron Holiday to Doug McDermott10919194245.2%
T.J. McConnell to Aaron Holiday21419307341.1%
T.J. McConnell to Edmond Sumner10319213953.8%
Aaron Holiday to Jeremy Lamb16518305752.6%
Malcolm Brogdon to Aaron Holiday18817214447.7%
Malcolm Brogdon to Victor Oladipo18417286642.4%
T.J. McConnell to Goga Bitadze12115154731.9%
Domantas Sabonis to Victor Oladipo14813164535.6%
Edmond Sumner to Doug McDermott3013131586.7%
Aaron Holiday to Goga Bitadze6612122352.2%
Justin Holiday to T.J. Warren8012174637.0%
T.J. McConnell to T.J. Leaf4812132065.0%
Domantas Sabonis to T.J. McConnell833126711160.4%
T.J. Warren to Aaron Holiday22911194839.6%
Justin Holiday to Myles Turner7310102638.5%
Doug McDermott to T.J. McConnell30810265448.1%
Myles Turner to Aaron Holiday35310256737.3%
Aaron Holiday to T.J. McConnell1749173351.5%
Justin Holiday to Aaron Holiday2279246040.0%
Edmond Sumner to Justin Holiday29991850.0%
Myles Turner to Domantas Sabonis899112152.4%
Myles Turner to Jeremy Lamb1319214843.8%
T.J. Warren to Malcolm Brogdon4289419742.3%
T.J. Warren to Jeremy Lamb1709214942.9%
Malcolm Brogdon to JaKarr Sampson45882040.0%
Justin Holiday to Domantas Sabonis1548103132.3%
Jeremy Lamb to Malcolm Brogdon4168267932.9%
T.J. McConnell to JaKarr Sampson59891947.4%
Doug McDermott to Goga Bitadze66881266.7%
Domantas Sabonis to JaKarr Sampson35881553.3%
Myles Turner to Malcolm Brogdon6048429942.4%
Aaron Holiday to Edmond Sumner36771643.8%
T.J. McConnell to Jeremy Lamb1067143737.8%
Doug McDermott to T.J. Warren25771450.0%
Edmond Sumner to JaKarr Sampson30781457.1%
Myles Turner to Justin Holiday90771838.9%
Goga Bitadze to Doug McDermott47671258.3%
Aaron Holiday to Malcolm Brogdon1956184341.9%
Justin Holiday to Goga Bitadze3866966.7%
Justin Holiday to T.J. McConnell4836245940.7%
Jeremy Lamb to Aaron Holiday1496153740.5%
Victor Oladipo to Malcolm Brogdon1176122646.2%
Victor Oladipo to Myles Turner65682433.3%
Goga Bitadze to T.J. Warren30561060.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to Edmond Sumner47551435.7%
Justin Holiday to Jeremy Lamb44571546.7%
Jeremy Lamb to Justin Holiday2655862.5%
Doug McDermott to Aaron Holiday1185132650.0%
Victor Oladipo to T.J. Warren475102050.0%
JaKarr Sampson to T.J. Warren22571163.6%
Edmond Sumner to Goga Bitadze26551241.7%
Edmond Sumner to Domantas Sabonis515112347.8%
Edmond Sumner to Myles Turner27561540.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Doug McDermott23441136.4%
Doug McDermott to Justin Holiday59451631.3%
Edmond Sumner to T.J. McConnell63481361.5%
T.J. Warren to JaKarr Sampson2044666.7%
Goga Bitadze to JaKarr Sampson1333650.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to Goga Bitadze53341233.3%
Justin Holiday to T.J. Leaf1434850.0%
Justin Holiday to Malcolm Brogdon2893236435.9%
Alize Johnson to JaKarr Sampson733475.0%
T.J. McConnell to Alize Johnson1233475.0%
Doug McDermott to T.J. Leaf2133650.0%
Victor Oladipo to Goga Bitadze1933837.5%
Victor Oladipo to Aaron Holiday65361735.3%
Victor Oladipo to JaKarr Sampson1033560.0%
Victor Oladipo to Justin Holiday1433650.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Aaron Holiday58351435.7%
JaKarr Sampson to Edmond Sumner2334850.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Malcolm Brogdon883102050.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Justin Holiday3233742.9%
Edmond Sumner to Alize Johnson633650.0%
Edmond Sumner to Aaron Holiday3234580.0%
Myles Turner to Doug McDermott2133742.9%
T.J. Warren to T.J. McConnell125381553.3%
T.J. Warren to Doug McDermott1833650.0%
T.J. Warren to Justin Holiday54331816.7%
Goga Bitadze to Aaron Holiday113282532.0%
Goga Bitadze to Malcolm Brogdon982101855.6%
Goga Bitadze to T.J. McConnell2272162955.2%
Aaron Holiday to Alize Johnson1122450.0%
Aaron Holiday to JaKarr Sampson2623650.0%
Aaron Holiday to Victor Oladipo1002123732.4%
Justin Holiday to JaKarr Sampson2022450.0%
Justin Holiday to Victor Oladipo40261735.3%
Alize Johnson to T.J. McConnell4324666.7%
Jeremy Lamb to T.J. McConnell104251827.8%
Jeremy Lamb to JaKarr Sampson922450.0%
T.J. Leaf to Aaron Holiday36231030.0%
T.J. Leaf to Doug McDermott1922825.0%
Doug McDermott to Edmond Sumner30241233.3%
Doug McDermott to Myles Turner34231225.0%
Doug McDermott to JaKarr Sampson13233100.0%
Naz Mitrou-Long to Goga Bitadze1122450.0%
Naz Mitrou-Long to Brian Bowen II322366.7%
Naz Mitrou-Long to Myles Turner822366.7%
Domantas Sabonis to Edmond Sumner61221711.8%
Myles Turner to JaKarr Sampson8222100.0%
Myles Turner to Victor Oladipo792102934.5%
T.J. Warren to Goga Bitadze1722540.0%
T.J. Warren to Victor Oladipo45251729.4%
Goga Bitadze to Naz Mitrou-Long12111100.0%
Goga Bitadze to Domantas Sabonis5111100.0%
Goga Bitadze to Justin Holiday3712922.2%
Malcolm Brogdon to Alize Johnson911333.3%
Malcolm Brogdon to T.J. Leaf1111714.3%
Malcolm Brogdon to T.J. McConnell5711714.3%
Aaron Holiday to Naz Mitrou-Long411333.3%
Aaron Holiday to T.J. Leaf25121216.7%
Justin Holiday to Edmond Sumner29121118.2%
Alize Johnson to Goga Bitadze411250.0%
Alize Johnson to Malcolm Brogdon1712450.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Goga Bitadze2711333.3%
Jeremy Lamb to T.J. Leaf3111100.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Victor Oladipo1712728.6%
T.J. Leaf to Goga Bitadze411250.0%
T.J. Leaf to Malcolm Brogdon3412633.3%
T.J. Leaf to T.J. McConnell107171546.7%
T.J. Leaf to T.J. Warren811250.0%
T.J. Leaf to Victor Oladipo211250.0%
T.J. McConnell to Malcolm Brogdon67141921.1%
T.J. McConnell to Victor Oladipo36141428.6%
Doug McDermott to Naz Mitrou-Long1211250.0%
Doug McDermott to Malcolm Brogdon81161735.3%
Doug McDermott to Victor Oladipo611333.3%
Doug McDermott to Jeremy Lamb1613650.0%
Naz Mitrou-Long to T.J. Warren1411812.5%
Naz Mitrou-Long to Doug McDermott1011616.7%
Victor Oladipo to T.J. McConnell2512366.7%
Victor Oladipo to Doug McDermott611250.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Goga Bitadze4111100.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Domantas Sabonis911333.3%
JaKarr Sampson to Doug McDermott1811425.0%
Edmond Sumner to T.J. Warren1111616.7%
T.J. Warren to Edmond Sumner1212450.0%
T.J. Warren to T.J. Leaf1011425.0%
Goga Bitadze to Alize Johnson40010.0%
Goga Bitadze to Brian Bowen II10000.0%
Goga Bitadze to Edmond Sumner2801616.7%
Goga Bitadze to T.J. Leaf90010.0%
Goga Bitadze to Victor Oladipo130000.0%
Goga Bitadze to Jeremy Lamb2501714.3%
Brian Bowen II to Goga Bitadze30010.0%
Brian Bowen II to Aaron Holiday70000.0%
Brian Bowen II to Naz Mitrou-Long3011100.0%
Brian Bowen II to Domantas Sabonis10000.0%
Brian Bowen II to T.J. McConnell10000.0%
Brian Bowen II to Victor Oladipo301250.0%
Aaron Holiday to Brian Bowen II40020.0%
Justin Holiday to Alize Johnson40020.0%
Justin Holiday to Naz Mitrou-Long5011100.0%
Alize Johnson to Aaron Holiday160010.0%
Alize Johnson to Brian Bowen II10010.0%
Alize Johnson to Naz Mitrou-Long90020.0%
Alize Johnson to Edmond Sumner1602450.0%
Alize Johnson to T.J. Leaf201250.0%
Alize Johnson to Doug McDermott40010.0%
Alize Johnson to Victor Oladipo602450.0%
Alize Johnson to Justin Holiday20000.0%
T.J. Leaf to Alize Johnson40010.0%
T.J. Leaf to Brian Bowen II1011100.0%
T.J. Leaf to Naz Mitrou-Long130010.0%
T.J. Leaf to Edmond Sumner601250.0%
T.J. Leaf to Myles Turner20000.0%
T.J. Leaf to JaKarr Sampson30000.0%
T.J. Leaf to Justin Holiday150020.0%
T.J. Leaf to Jeremy Lamb30010.0%
Doug McDermott to Alize Johnson40010.0%
Naz Mitrou-Long to Alize Johnson501333.3%
Naz Mitrou-Long to Aaron Holiday1102366.7%
Naz Mitrou-Long to T.J. Leaf80020.0%
Naz Mitrou-Long to Domantas Sabonis802366.7%
Naz Mitrou-Long to JaKarr Sampson30000.0%
Naz Mitrou-Long to Justin Holiday20010.0%
Victor Oladipo to Edmond Sumner301250.0%
Victor Oladipo to T.J. Leaf20020.0%
Victor Oladipo to Jeremy Lamb90020.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Goga Bitadze60010.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Brian Bowen II30010.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Naz Mitrou-Long801250.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Alize Johnson20000.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Naz Mitrou-Long50010.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Myles Turner1011100.0%
JaKarr Sampson to T.J. McConnell10504944.4%
JaKarr Sampson to Victor Oladipo1002540.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Jeremy Lamb60010.0%
Edmond Sumner to Naz Mitrou-Long10000.0%
Edmond Sumner to T.J. Leaf40040.0%
Edmond Sumner to Malcolm Brogdon3102366.7%
Edmond Sumner to Victor Oladipo30010.0%
Myles Turner to Brian Bowen II10000.0%
Myles Turner to Naz Mitrou-Long150020.0%
Myles Turner to Edmond Sumner2401616.7%
Myles Turner to T.J. Leaf30000.0%
Myles Turner to T.J. McConnell217061735.3%
T.J. Warren to Naz Mitrou-Long80010.0%