2019 Los Angeles Clippers Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Los Angeles Clippers averaged 272 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Lou Williams to Montrezl Harrell, with 126 assists on 672 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Lou Williams to Montrezl Harrell67212615028452.8%
Kawhi Leonard to Ivica Zubac26349528958.4%
Kawhi Leonard to Montrezl Harrell21845528759.8%
Patrick Beverley to Paul George379447317142.7%
Lou Williams to JaMychal Green278434311039.1%
Lou Williams to Kawhi Leonard436439621145.5%
Patrick Beverley to Kawhi Leonard573399822543.6%
Paul George to Ivica Zubac19938387054.3%
Kawhi Leonard to Landry Shamet20135368045.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Paul George256334912439.5%
Paul George to Montrezl Harrell15831387451.4%
Kawhi Leonard to Patrick Beverley34529369537.9%
Montrezl Harrell to Lou Williams822288923038.7%
Paul George to Kawhi Leonard293275413739.4%
Paul George to Patrick Beverley21624274955.1%
Lou Williams to Ivica Zubac13523233959.0%
Lou Williams to Paul George21023368542.4%
Ivica Zubac to Kawhi Leonard428225013636.8%
Patrick Beverley to Ivica Zubac33120204148.8%
Landry Shamet to Montrezl Harrell14920265151.0%
Lou Williams to Landry Shamet21020216233.9%
Patrick Beverley to Landry Shamet14418205337.7%
Kawhi Leonard to Lou Williams26418339833.7%
Lou Williams to Patrick Patterson7618183354.5%
Patrick Beverley to Montrezl Harrell18117265944.1%
Kawhi Leonard to Maurice Harkless9617184639.1%
Lou Williams to Maurice Harkless9416194245.2%
Ivica Zubac to Paul George31116379937.4%
Kawhi Leonard to Patrick Patterson6815153938.5%
Jerome Robinson to Montrezl Harrell14115306050.0%
Lou Williams to Rodney McGruder8815153938.5%
Lou Williams to Patrick Beverley16615184143.9%
Kawhi Leonard to JaMychal Green8914143836.8%
Montrezl Harrell to JaMychal Green9513133537.1%
Patrick Beverley to Lou Williams25512277436.5%
Montrezl Harrell to Paul George16512256637.9%
Reggie Jackson to JaMychal Green5912131968.4%
Landry Shamet to Kawhi Leonard19112308834.1%
Patrick Beverley to Maurice Harkless7411132259.1%
Paul George to Landry Shamet7011122548.0%
Paul George to Maurice Harkless6611132259.1%
Paul George to Lou Williams17911245841.4%
JaMychal Green to Montrezl Harrell9111183748.6%
JaMychal Green to Lou Williams541114514231.7%
Montrezl Harrell to Maurice Harkless3811121770.6%
Kawhi Leonard to Marcus Morris Sr.8411144332.6%
Patrick Beverley to Patrick Patterson7010102835.7%
Montrezl Harrell to Kawhi Leonard25410359337.6%
Landry Shamet to Ivica Zubac11310102147.6%
Landry Shamet to JaMychal Green6210101855.6%
Ivica Zubac to Landry Shamet14110143441.2%
Maurice Harkless to Kawhi Leonard1039184242.9%
Reggie Jackson to Marcus Morris Sr.329112250.0%
Landry Shamet to Patrick Patterson46991850.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Rodney McGruder73882040.0%
Reggie Jackson to Landry Shamet61882532.0%
Jerome Robinson to Lou Williams1348153542.9%
Landry Shamet to Patrick Beverley948122254.5%
Lou Williams to Jerome Robinson82882828.6%
Ivica Zubac to Marcus Morris Sr.528122352.2%
Ivica Zubac to Lou Williams2438256240.3%
Paul George to JaMychal Green42781942.1%
Paul George to Marcus Morris Sr.517103132.3%
Maurice Harkless to Landry Shamet69782236.4%
Maurice Harkless to Ivica Zubac41771258.3%
Terance Mann to Patrick Patterson45781942.1%
Rodney McGruder to Lou Williams1727226235.5%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Ivica Zubac2377977.8%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Kawhi Leonard947203852.6%
Patrick Patterson to Kawhi Leonard707183060.0%
Landry Shamet to Lou Williams2287317640.8%
Paul George to Patrick Patterson32662030.0%
JaMychal Green to Kawhi Leonard1366164634.8%
Maurice Harkless to Montrezl Harrell63691656.3%
Montrezl Harrell to Patrick Beverley149691656.3%
Reggie Jackson to Ivica Zubac54661250.0%
Reggie Jackson to Kawhi Leonard88692536.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Reggie Jackson60661931.6%
Terance Mann to Johnathan Motley2367887.5%
Terance Mann to Paul George416101855.6%
Rodney McGruder to JaMychal Green58671936.8%
Patrick Patterson to Landry Shamet4667977.8%
Patrick Patterson to Lou Williams1346244355.8%
Patrick Beverley to Marcus Morris Sr.46561931.6%
JaMychal Green to Landry Shamet765102245.5%
JaMychal Green to Paul George885112937.9%
Maurice Harkless to Paul George1135195236.5%
Montrezl Harrell to Landry Shamet120562524.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Patrick Patterson20551145.5%
Terance Mann to Amir Coffey25571546.7%
Terance Mann to JaMychal Green48551435.7%
Rodney McGruder to Montrezl Harrell775122548.0%
Jerome Robinson to Patrick Patterson21551145.5%
Landry Shamet to Maurice Harkless30571163.6%
Landry Shamet to Paul George725122842.9%
Lou Williams to Reggie Jackson41571450.0%
Lou Williams to Marcus Morris Sr.34551338.5%
Amir Coffey to Rodney McGruder1345683.3%
Paul George to Derrick Walton Jr.1844580.0%
Paul George to Rodney McGruder18441136.4%
JaMychal Green to Reggie Jackson964112055.0%
Maurice Harkless to JaMychal Green1444757.1%
Terance Mann to Jerome Robinson47471936.8%
Terance Mann to Rodney McGruder30441233.3%
Johnathan Motley to Amir Coffey1144580.0%
Jerome Robinson to Rodney McGruder32441040.0%
Jerome Robinson to JaMychal Green51441723.5%
Landry Shamet to Reggie Jackson36461060.0%
Landry Shamet to Marcus Morris Sr.1545862.5%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Mfiondu Kabengele1844850.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Montrezl Harrell73472133.3%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Paul George42471450.0%
Ivica Zubac to Jerome Robinson33441136.4%
Ivica Zubac to Maurice Harkless6345955.6%
Patrick Beverley to JaMychal Green4633650.0%
Amir Coffey to JaMychal Green2534757.1%
Maurice Harkless to Rodney McGruder1633742.9%
Maurice Harkless to Lou Williams1853124327.9%
Montrezl Harrell to Jerome Robinson90352025.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Reggie Jackson75361060.0%
Reggie Jackson to Montrezl Harrell58341233.3%
Reggie Jackson to Patrick Patterson2633742.9%
Reggie Jackson to Lou Williams59361735.3%
Terance Mann to Mfiondu Kabengele30351145.5%
Terance Mann to Montrezl Harrell45381361.5%
Terance Mann to Lou Williams54361346.2%
Rodney McGruder to Kawhi Leonard28351145.5%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Paul George553143243.8%
Patrick Patterson to Ivica Zubac1633475.0%
Patrick Patterson to Rodney McGruder3133837.5%
Patrick Patterson to Paul George37361735.3%
Patrick Patterson to Patrick Beverley112341233.3%
Jerome Robinson to Ivica Zubac2933475.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Jerome Robinson3234850.0%
Lou Williams to Terance Mann41341040.0%
Ivica Zubac to Patrick Beverley5243144332.6%
Patrick Beverley to Jerome Robinson1723650.0%
Amir Coffey to Mfiondu Kabengele522450.0%
JaMychal Green to Rodney McGruder83221414.3%
JaMychal Green to Marcus Morris Sr.1022450.0%
Maurice Harkless to Patrick Beverley183252123.8%
Reggie Jackson to Paul George49261250.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Terance Mann10222100.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Derrick Walton Jr.18222100.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Rodney McGruder1623837.5%
Terance Mann to Joakim Noah3322540.0%
Rodney McGruder to Maurice Harkless1122366.7%
Rodney McGruder to Patrick Beverley2022540.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Montrezl Harrell622450.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Lou Williams53251145.5%
Joakim Noah to Terance Mann4124757.1%
Joakim Noah to Rodney McGruder1023742.9%
Joakim Noah to Patrick Patterson822450.0%
Patrick Patterson to Terance Mann57241330.8%
Patrick Patterson to Derrick Walton Jr.3522366.7%
Patrick Patterson to Montrezl Harrell28251050.0%
Jerome Robinson to Landry Shamet1322728.6%
Landry Shamet to Rodney McGruder2022922.2%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Patrick Patterson1022540.0%
Ivica Zubac to Rodney McGruder1222540.0%
Ivica Zubac to Patrick Patterson3022540.0%
Patrick Beverley to Rodney McGruder1811616.7%
Amir Coffey to Terance Mann1811333.3%
Amir Coffey to Landry Shamet1212540.0%
Amir Coffey to Johnathan Motley311250.0%
Amir Coffey to Patrick Patterson1111520.0%
Amir Coffey to Joakim Noah511250.0%
Paul George to Terance Mann2612366.7%
Paul George to Jerome Robinson1411425.0%
Paul George to Reggie Jackson4012825.0%
JaMychal Green to Amir Coffey3412633.3%
JaMychal Green to Derrick Walton Jr.1411425.0%
JaMychal Green to Patrick Patterson1612450.0%
Maurice Harkless to Terance Mann3711616.7%
Maurice Harkless to Patrick Patterson911333.3%
Montrezl Harrell to Marcus Morris Sr.1311520.0%
Reggie Jackson to Rodney McGruder1412633.3%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Amir Coffey512366.7%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Maurice Harkless1111100.0%
Terance Mann to Landry Shamet2211616.7%
Terance Mann to Ivica Zubac5211520.0%
Terance Mann to Reggie Jackson1311333.3%
Terance Mann to Kawhi Leonard1912633.3%
Terance Mann to Marcus Morris Sr.1111100.0%
Rodney McGruder to Mfiondu Kabengele1111100.0%
Rodney McGruder to Terance Mann2412366.7%
Rodney McGruder to Amir Coffey1811714.3%
Rodney McGruder to Landry Shamet36111010.0%
Rodney McGruder to Jerome Robinson3211333.3%
Rodney McGruder to Derrick Walton Jr.2611425.0%
Rodney McGruder to Ivica Zubac1012366.7%
Rodney McGruder to Reggie Jackson2211250.0%
Rodney McGruder to Patrick Patterson3211911.1%
Rodney McGruder to Paul George25161540.0%
Rodney McGruder to Joakim Noah3111100.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Landry Shamet1611520.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Reggie Jackson37141040.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Patrick Patterson2111100.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Patrick Beverley5413742.9%
Johnathan Motley to Mfiondu Kabengele311250.0%
Johnathan Motley to Landry Shamet611250.0%
Johnathan Motley to Jerome Robinson6111100.0%
Johnathan Motley to Rodney McGruder511333.3%
Joakim Noah to JaMychal Green2111100.0%
Patrick Patterson to Amir Coffey1712450.0%
Patrick Patterson to JaMychal Green1411616.7%
Patrick Patterson to Maurice Harkless1111250.0%
Patrick Patterson to Reggie Jackson3113933.3%
Jerome Robinson to Derrick Walton Jr.2711425.0%
Jerome Robinson to Kawhi Leonard1113475.0%
Jerome Robinson to Paul George1812633.3%
Landry Shamet to Terance Mann2112450.0%
Landry Shamet to Amir Coffey5122100.0%
Landry Shamet to Jerome Robinson1311250.0%
Landry Shamet to Johnathan Motley311250.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Landry Shamet1412540.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Ivica Zubac1411250.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Rodney McGruder1211425.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Maurice Harkless1311520.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Lou Williams2212728.6%
Ivica Zubac to Terance Mann5212366.7%
Ivica Zubac to Reggie Jackson88141233.3%
Patrick Beverley to Terance Mann90030.0%
Patrick Beverley to Derrick Walton Jr.50010.0%
Patrick Beverley to Reggie Jackson30010.0%
Patrick Beverley to Joakim Noah10000.0%
Amir Coffey to Jerome Robinson3011100.0%
Amir Coffey to Ivica Zubac10000.0%
Amir Coffey to Montrezl Harrell160040.0%
Amir Coffey to Reggie Jackson80000.0%
Amir Coffey to Kawhi Leonard10000.0%
Amir Coffey to Paul George10000.0%
Amir Coffey to Lou Williams701250.0%
Paul George to Joakim Noah10000.0%
JaMychal Green to Terance Mann5702450.0%
JaMychal Green to Jerome Robinson97041233.3%
JaMychal Green to Johnathan Motley10000.0%
JaMychal Green to Ivica Zubac40000.0%
JaMychal Green to Maurice Harkless2501714.3%
JaMychal Green to Patrick Beverley96041136.4%
JaMychal Green to Joakim Noah10000.0%
Maurice Harkless to Jerome Robinson2301333.3%
Maurice Harkless to Derrick Walton Jr.230000.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Terance Mann4402728.6%
Montrezl Harrell to Amir Coffey120000.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Derrick Walton Jr.5001250.0%
Reggie Jackson to Terance Mann50000.0%
Reggie Jackson to Amir Coffey60010.0%
Reggie Jackson to Patrick Beverley10000.0%
Reggie Jackson to Joakim Noah70010.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Terance Mann2301250.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Landry Shamet10000.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Jerome Robinson2402728.6%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Derrick Walton Jr.160000.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Johnathan Motley10000.0%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Rodney McGruder402366.7%
Mfiondu Kabengele to Patrick Patterson20010.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Amir Coffey30000.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Jerome Robinson60030.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Joakim Noah20000.0%
Terance Mann to Derrick Walton Jr.170020.0%
Terance Mann to Maurice Harkless190040.0%
Terance Mann to Patrick Beverley80020.0%
Rodney McGruder to Johnathan Motley20000.0%
Rodney McGruder to Marcus Morris Sr.1011100.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Terance Mann30010.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Rodney McGruder10000.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to JaMychal Green40010.0%
Johnathan Motley to Terance Mann220010.0%
Johnathan Motley to Derrick Walton Jr.50000.0%
Johnathan Motley to Patrick Patterson20010.0%
Joakim Noah to Amir Coffey100030.0%
Joakim Noah to Landry Shamet40030.0%
Joakim Noah to Reggie Jackson12011100.0%
Joakim Noah to Kawhi Leonard501333.3%
Joakim Noah to Marcus Morris Sr.10000.0%
Joakim Noah to Paul George20000.0%
Joakim Noah to Patrick Beverley50010.0%
Joakim Noah to Lou Williams10000.0%
Patrick Patterson to Mfiondu Kabengele30000.0%
Patrick Patterson to Jerome Robinson290050.0%
Patrick Patterson to Marcus Morris Sr.30010.0%
Patrick Patterson to Joakim Noah10000.0%
Jerome Robinson to Mfiondu Kabengele160040.0%
Jerome Robinson to Terance Mann320010.0%
Jerome Robinson to Johnathan Motley70000.0%
Jerome Robinson to Maurice Harkless40010.0%
Jerome Robinson to Patrick Beverley120000.0%
Landry Shamet to Mfiondu Kabengele10000.0%
Landry Shamet to Derrick Walton Jr.1901250.0%
Landry Shamet to Joakim Noah40010.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Terance Mann1201250.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Johnathan Motley7011100.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to JaMychal Green110040.0%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Kawhi Leonard25051241.7%
Derrick Walton Jr. to Patrick Beverley5011100.0%
Lou Williams to Amir Coffey1001425.0%
Lou Williams to Derrick Walton Jr.1302450.0%
Lou Williams to Joakim Noah10000.0%
Ivica Zubac to Mfiondu Kabengele20020.0%
Ivica Zubac to Amir Coffey30000.0%
Ivica Zubac to Derrick Walton Jr.240030.0%
Ivica Zubac to Buddy Hield10000.0%
Ivica Zubac to Montrezl Harrell10000.0%
Ivica Zubac to JaMychal Green110050.0%