2022 Atlanta Hawks Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Atlanta Hawks averaged 251 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Trae Young to Clint Capela, with 152 assists on 376 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Trae Young to Clint Capela37615216022471.4%
Trae Young to John Collins53413314227252.2%
Trae Young to De'Andre Hunter51411714130446.4%
Dejounte Murray to John Collins5189110224142.3%
Trae Young to Dejounte Murray8718215436142.7%
Trae Young to Onyeka Okongwu241717311265.2%
Trae Young to Bogdan Bogdanovic410688019241.7%
Dejounte Murray to De'Andre Hunter471669625837.2%
Dejounte Murray to Trae Young8485112228143.4%
Dejounte Murray to Bogdan Bogdanovic420467216144.7%
Dejounte Murray to Clint Capela26146488457.1%
Dejounte Murray to Onyeka Okongwu28745508856.8%
Trae Young to AJ Griffin209415111743.6%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Onyeka Okongwu13036376160.7%
Dejounte Murray to AJ Griffin281355613641.2%
De'Andre Hunter to Dejounte Murray446286213147.3%
Trae Young to Jalen Johnson12825255644.6%
John Collins to De'Andre Hunter13922306744.8%
Dejounte Murray to Jalen Johnson14622266639.4%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to John Collins9220245048.0%
Trae Young to Saddiq Bey8620224351.2%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to AJ Griffin8619194542.2%
Aaron Holiday to AJ Griffin9719224845.8%
De'Andre Hunter to John Collins16519247432.4%
Dejounte Murray to Saddiq Bey14319286940.6%
Jalen Johnson to Onyeka Okongwu7017173450.0%
John Collins to Trae Young968168623336.9%
De'Andre Hunter to Clint Capela8816162759.3%
Jalen Johnson to AJ Griffin6816173450.0%
John Collins to Dejounte Murray687156516240.1%
John Collins to Clint Capela6215162466.7%
Dejounte Murray to Justin Holiday8315163644.4%
AJ Griffin to Jalen Johnson5714152268.2%
Onyeka Okongwu to AJ Griffin9914194047.5%
Onyeka Okongwu to De'Andre Hunter8414193850.0%
Saddiq Bey to Onyeka Okongwu3313131872.2%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Jalen Johnson6113132356.5%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Clint Capela6013131968.4%
Clint Capela to Dejounte Murray496135411547.0%
Aaron Holiday to Jalen Johnson6813153938.5%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Saddiq Bey3512121963.2%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Dejounte Murray38212409940.4%
Clint Capela to Trae Young845127822734.4%
AJ Griffin to Onyeka Okongwu6712122744.4%
Onyeka Okongwu to Dejounte Murray455124710246.1%
Onyeka Okongwu to Bogdan Bogdanovic17012226036.7%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to De'Andre Hunter7611154037.5%
Trae Young to Aaron Holiday10211194146.3%
Clint Capela to De'Andre Hunter10210214348.8%
Aaron Holiday to Onyeka Okongwu11110123138.7%
Aaron Holiday to John Collins4510102050.0%
De'Andre Hunter to Trae Young534106016137.3%
AJ Griffin to John Collins429121580.0%
AJ Griffin to Dejounte Murray2349337544.0%
Jalen Johnson to Trae Young34594111834.7%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Trae Young38584813435.8%
Clint Capela to John Collins868112544.0%
Trent Forrest to Bogdan Bogdanovic488112055.0%
AJ Griffin to Bogdan Bogdanovic508111861.1%
Jalen Johnson to Clint Capela22881361.5%
Trae Young to Frank Kaminsky27881457.1%
Trae Young to Justin Holiday47882040.0%
Clint Capela to Bogdan Bogdanovic61791947.4%
John Collins to Bogdan Bogdanovic1037122646.2%
Aaron Holiday to Justin Holiday51772330.4%
Jalen Johnson to Dejounte Murray3067316746.3%
Saddiq Bey to Bogdan Bogdanovic43681844.4%
Trent Forrest to Onyeka Okongwu37661154.5%
Aaron Holiday to Frank Kaminsky73671353.8%
Justin Holiday to Onyeka Okongwu41671546.7%
Jalen Johnson to Saddiq Bey21671353.8%
Jalen Johnson to Bogdan Bogdanovic77683423.5%
Dejounte Murray to Aaron Holiday112683225.0%
Onyeka Okongwu to Jalen Johnson696102835.7%
Onyeka Okongwu to Saddiq Bey42661540.0%
John Collins to AJ Griffin34571643.8%
Trent Forrest to AJ Griffin40581942.1%
Trent Forrest to Jalen Johnson40571450.0%
AJ Griffin to Trae Young2115205635.7%
AJ Griffin to Aaron Holiday78591275.0%
Aaron Holiday to De'Andre Hunter465102934.5%
Aaron Holiday to Trae Young1415174537.8%
Aaron Holiday to Dejounte Murray1435185135.3%
De'Andre Hunter to AJ Griffin27551145.5%
De'Andre Hunter to Onyeka Okongwu56551435.7%
Frank Kaminsky to AJ Griffin26551145.5%
Onyeka Okongwu to Trae Young46654811741.0%
Onyeka Okongwu to Aaron Holiday1395132748.1%
Aaron Holiday to Vit Krejci2544757.1%
Justin Holiday to Jalen Johnson1645955.6%
De'Andre Hunter to Saddiq Bey23441136.4%
De'Andre Hunter to Bogdan Bogdanovic63451729.4%
Onyeka Okongwu to Justin Holiday37441330.8%
Saddiq Bey to Dejounte Murray1463153938.5%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Aaron Holiday59341330.8%
Clint Capela to AJ Griffin32361346.2%
Trent Forrest to De'Andre Hunter25351338.5%
Trent Forrest to Justin Holiday933475.0%
Justin Holiday to Trae Young743102540.0%
Justin Holiday to Aaron Holiday60341136.4%
Jalen Johnson to Frank Kaminsky1233475.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Tyrese Martin1433650.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Jalen Johnson1534944.4%
Frank Kaminsky to Aaron Holiday71371643.8%
Vit Krejci to Onyeka Okongwu7333100.0%
Vit Krejci to Aaron Holiday3233742.9%
Dejounte Murray to Jarrett Culver2033933.3%
Trae Young to Jarrett Culver20341040.0%
Saddiq Bey to AJ Griffin1622922.2%
Saddiq Bey to De'Andre Hunter17221020.0%
Saddiq Bey to Trae Young1202123930.8%
Saddiq Bey to Clint Capela1923742.9%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Trent Forrest3423742.9%
Clint Capela to Jalen Johnson1022366.7%
Clint Capela to Saddiq Bey1924850.0%
John Collins to Onyeka Okongwu35221216.7%
Jarrett Culver to Jalen Johnson422366.7%
Trent Forrest to Vit Krejci1322540.0%
Trent Forrest to Bruno Fernando422366.7%
Trent Forrest to Frank Kaminsky3422366.7%
AJ Griffin to Saddiq Bey1423837.5%
AJ Griffin to Garrison Mathews722633.3%
AJ Griffin to Clint Capela2222540.0%
Aaron Holiday to Saddiq Bey20241330.8%
Aaron Holiday to Garrison Mathews1922728.6%
Justin Holiday to John Collins723650.0%
Justin Holiday to Dejounte Murray672121963.2%
Justin Holiday to Frank Kaminsky11222100.0%
Jalen Johnson to De'Andre Hunter23241330.8%
Jalen Johnson to Aaron Holiday133261735.3%
Jalen Johnson to Bruno Fernando4222100.0%
Jalen Johnson to Justin Holiday1623742.9%
Frank Kaminsky to Vit Krejci2222540.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Justin Holiday1922728.6%
Vit Krejci to Bruno Fernando1022450.0%
Vit Krejci to Bogdan Bogdanovic722366.7%
Vit Krejci to Justin Holiday523560.0%
Onyeka Okongwu to John Collins53231520.0%
Trae Young to Trent Forrest3024757.1%
Saddiq Bey to Jalen Johnson1412450.0%
Saddiq Bey to Garrison Mathews411250.0%
Saddiq Bey to Bruno Fernando1111100.0%
Saddiq Bey to John Collins1311616.7%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Frank Kaminsky611250.0%
Clint Capela to Jarrett Culver6111100.0%
John Collins to Trent Forrest10111100.0%
John Collins to Saddiq Bey1011520.0%
John Collins to Aaron Holiday5511616.7%
Jarrett Culver to De'Andre Hunter2111100.0%
Jarrett Culver to Dejounte Murray3515955.6%
Jarrett Culver to Clint Capela511250.0%
Bruno Fernando to AJ Griffin2111100.0%
Trent Forrest to Tyrese Martin1212450.0%
Trent Forrest to Clint Capela711250.0%
AJ Griffin to Vit Krejci8111100.0%
AJ Griffin to Trent Forrest3513650.0%
AJ Griffin to De'Andre Hunter29131520.0%
AJ Griffin to Frank Kaminsky2111425.0%
AJ Griffin to Justin Holiday1111425.0%
Aaron Holiday to Tyrese Martin1211520.0%
Aaron Holiday to Bogdan Bogdanovic61152025.0%
Justin Holiday to Trent Forrest1712366.7%
Justin Holiday to Bogdan Bogdanovic1413742.9%
Justin Holiday to Clint Capela1311333.3%
De'Andre Hunter to Trent Forrest1712450.0%
De'Andre Hunter to Aaron Holiday4811714.3%
De'Andre Hunter to Justin Holiday511333.3%
Jalen Johnson to Garrison Mathews2111100.0%
Jalen Johnson to John Collins611250.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Trent Forrest3111425.0%
Frank Kaminsky to De'Andre Hunter311333.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Bogdan Bogdanovic22141040.0%
Vit Krejci to Donovan Williams1111100.0%
Vit Krejci to Tyrese Martin611333.3%
Vit Krejci to AJ Griffin812366.7%
Vit Krejci to Garrison Mathews711333.3%
Vit Krejci to Dejounte Murray311250.0%
Tyrese Martin to Garrison Mathews211250.0%
Tyrese Martin to Bruno Fernando311250.0%
Garrison Mathews to Tyrese Martin311250.0%
Garrison Mathews to Onyeka Okongwu411250.0%
Garrison Mathews to Trae Young712366.7%
Dejounte Murray to Trent Forrest1611250.0%
Dejounte Murray to Garrison Mathews1111100.0%
Dejounte Murray to Frank Kaminsky19111100.0%
Onyeka Okongwu to Garrison Mathews712450.0%
Saddiq Bey to Aaron Holiday1802450.0%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Vit Krejci100030.0%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Garrison Mathews10010.0%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Jarrett Culver601250.0%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Justin Holiday30000.0%
Clint Capela to Trent Forrest90010.0%
Clint Capela to Onyeka Okongwu10010.0%
Clint Capela to Aaron Holiday4602633.3%
Clint Capela to Justin Holiday100010.0%
John Collins to Jalen Johnson401250.0%
John Collins to Justin Holiday60010.0%
Jarrett Culver to Tyrese Martin20010.0%
Jarrett Culver to AJ Griffin60020.0%
Jarrett Culver to Vit Krejci901425.0%
Jarrett Culver to Trent Forrest6011100.0%
Jarrett Culver to Onyeka Okongwu40000.0%
Jarrett Culver to Trae Young3801714.3%
Jarrett Culver to Aaron Holiday190020.0%
Jarrett Culver to Frank Kaminsky50010.0%
Jarrett Culver to Bogdan Bogdanovic601333.3%
Jarrett Culver to Justin Holiday20010.0%
Bruno Fernando to Donovan Williams10000.0%
Bruno Fernando to Tyrese Martin40000.0%
Bruno Fernando to Jalen Johnson10000.0%
Bruno Fernando to Vit Krejci401250.0%
Bruno Fernando to Trent Forrest80020.0%
Bruno Fernando to Saddiq Bey10000.0%
Bruno Fernando to Garrison Mathews30030.0%
Bruno Fernando to Trae Young20000.0%
Bruno Fernando to Aaron Holiday140010.0%
Trent Forrest to Garrison Mathews1101250.0%
Trent Forrest to Jarrett Culver40020.0%
Trent Forrest to Trae Young54041526.7%
Trent Forrest to Aaron Holiday1501250.0%
Trent Forrest to John Collins80030.0%
Trent Forrest to Dejounte Murray2202540.0%
AJ Griffin to Tyrese Martin10010.0%
AJ Griffin to Jarrett Culver60000.0%
AJ Griffin to Bruno Fernando10000.0%
Aaron Holiday to Donovan Williams201250.0%
Aaron Holiday to Trent Forrest150010.0%
Aaron Holiday to Jarrett Culver9022100.0%
Aaron Holiday to Bruno Fernando60020.0%
Aaron Holiday to Clint Capela2601714.3%
Justin Holiday to AJ Griffin70030.0%
Justin Holiday to Vit Krejci401250.0%
Justin Holiday to Jarrett Culver20010.0%
De'Andre Hunter to Jalen Johnson100040.0%
De'Andre Hunter to Frank Kaminsky30000.0%
Jalen Johnson to Vit Krejci100010.0%
Jalen Johnson to Trent Forrest4501425.0%
Jalen Johnson to Jarrett Culver20000.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Jarrett Culver50010.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Trae Young39031421.4%
Frank Kaminsky to John Collins1011100.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Dejounte Murray200020.0%
Vit Krejci to Jalen Johnson801520.0%
Vit Krejci to Trent Forrest200040.0%
Vit Krejci to Saddiq Bey10010.0%
Vit Krejci to Jarrett Culver901616.7%
Vit Krejci to De'Andre Hunter10000.0%
Vit Krejci to Trae Young120040.0%
Vit Krejci to Frank Kaminsky160010.0%
Tyrese Martin to Donovan Williams10010.0%
Tyrese Martin to AJ Griffin2011100.0%
Tyrese Martin to Jalen Johnson501250.0%
Tyrese Martin to Vit Krejci100010.0%
Tyrese Martin to Trent Forrest1301250.0%
Tyrese Martin to Onyeka Okongwu10000.0%
Tyrese Martin to Jarrett Culver30020.0%
Tyrese Martin to Aaron Holiday120020.0%
Tyrese Martin to Frank Kaminsky70010.0%
Tyrese Martin to Justin Holiday10000.0%
Garrison Mathews to AJ Griffin301250.0%
Garrison Mathews to Jalen Johnson10000.0%
Garrison Mathews to Vit Krejci50000.0%
Garrison Mathews to Trent Forrest60000.0%
Garrison Mathews to Saddiq Bey3022100.0%
Garrison Mathews to Aaron Holiday18011100.0%
Garrison Mathews to Bruno Fernando30030.0%
Garrison Mathews to Dejounte Murray1011100.0%
Garrison Mathews to Bogdan Bogdanovic20010.0%
Dejounte Murray to Vit Krejci50020.0%
Onyeka Okongwu to Tyrese Martin20010.0%
Onyeka Okongwu to Vit Krejci60010.0%
Onyeka Okongwu to Trent Forrest4003650.0%
Onyeka Okongwu to Jarrett Culver40010.0%
Donovan Williams to Vit Krejci10000.0%
Donovan Williams to Aaron Holiday10000.0%
Trae Young to Vit Krejci70000.0%
Trae Young to Garrison Mathews30010.0%
Trae Young to Andre Drummond10000.0%