2017 Atlanta Hawks Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Atlanta Hawks averaged 329 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Dennis Schroder to Taurean Prince, with 79 assists on 719 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Dennis Schroder to Taurean Prince7197910027536.4%
Dennis Schroder to Kent Bazemore786628722738.3%
Dennis Schroder to Dewayne Dedmon427555611947.1%
Dennis Schroder to John Collins39253589461.7%
Dennis Schroder to Ersan Ilyasova475495013437.3%
Kent Bazemore to Ersan Ilyasova25240428350.6%
Taurean Prince to Dewayne Dedmon20039427357.5%
Kent Bazemore to John Collins18134386360.3%
Kent Bazemore to Dennis Schroder851318519144.5%
Isaiah Taylor to Taurean Prince299314511638.8%
Kent Bazemore to Taurean Prince253304210340.8%
Kent Bazemore to Dewayne Dedmon17830315457.4%
Isaiah Taylor to Tyler Dorsey20026388743.7%
Malcolm Delaney to John Collins24925286245.2%
Taurean Prince to John Collins19325305851.7%
Isaiah Taylor to John Collins24925276442.2%
Malcolm Delaney to Marco Belinelli20724288632.6%
Dennis Schroder to Miles Plumlee25123244060.0%
Dennis Schroder to Marco Belinelli33822237431.1%
Taurean Prince to Dennis Schroder828218419443.3%
Taurean Prince to Kent Bazemore23521296544.6%
Taurean Prince to Ersan Ilyasova14021224944.9%
Marco Belinelli to John Collins20720203852.6%
John Collins to Taurean Prince31520275846.6%
John Collins to Marco Belinelli18020235740.4%
Malcolm Delaney to Dewayne Dedmon14618194344.2%
Ersan Ilyasova to Kent Bazemore29218256737.3%
Isaiah Taylor to Mike Muscala13517174637.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Marco Belinelli17817246139.3%
Dewayne Dedmon to Taurean Prince28716235740.4%
Dewayne Dedmon to Marco Belinelli9816172665.4%
Malcolm Delaney to Mike Muscala15416163348.5%
Taurean Prince to Mike Muscala9616173253.1%
Dennis Schroder to Luke Babbitt12416173844.7%
Isaiah Taylor to Malcolm Delaney16616224944.9%
Malcolm Delaney to Ersan Ilyasova7815152365.2%
Isaiah Taylor to Dewayne Dedmon12615183847.4%
Kent Bazemore to Miles Plumlee9714143243.8%
Dewayne Dedmon to Dennis Schroder621146312849.2%
John Collins to Dewayne Dedmon6113132454.2%
Malcolm Delaney to Taurean Prince15413236634.8%
Tyler Dorsey to John Collins11613153148.4%
Taurean Prince to Isaiah Taylor21413204940.8%
Dennis Schroder to Mike Muscala14413133735.1%
Kent Bazemore to Marco Belinelli9612143638.9%
Ersan Ilyasova to Taurean Prince21812194443.2%
Josh Magette to Mike Muscala5812132748.1%
Taurean Prince to Marco Belinelli11612153542.9%
Dennis Schroder to Tyler Dorsey10612154037.5%
Marco Belinelli to Dennis Schroder334114010239.2%
Marco Belinelli to Luke Babbitt6111132454.2%
Dewayne Dedmon to John Collins5811132552.0%
Marco Belinelli to Malcolm Delaney15710133339.4%
Marco Belinelli to Ersan Ilyasova7810122352.2%
Malcolm Delaney to Kent Bazemore14310174934.7%
Tyler Dorsey to Mike Muscala10510102638.5%
Miles Plumlee to Dennis Schroder30710297339.7%
Taurean Prince to Damion Lee6610113333.3%
Marco Belinelli to Dewayne Dedmon1029112445.8%
Mike Muscala to Tyler Dorsey1409153938.5%
Taurean Prince to Miles Plumlee769102050.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Andrew White III41992339.1%
Isaiah Taylor to Tyler Cavanaugh72991752.9%
Isaiah Taylor to Kent Bazemore1329113729.7%
Isaiah Taylor to Luke Babbitt105992339.1%
Kent Bazemore to Tyler Cavanaugh33881266.7%
Marco Belinelli to Taurean Prince878123138.7%
Dewayne Dedmon to Kent Bazemore1758133933.3%
Malcolm Delaney to Tyler Dorsey76892339.1%
Malcolm Delaney to Dennis Schroder1648205437.0%
Tyler Dorsey to Damion Lee22881080.0%
Josh Magette to Tyler Dorsey868123435.3%
Mike Muscala to Kent Bazemore858112347.8%
Miles Plumlee to Kent Bazemore1358102441.7%
Isaiah Taylor to Miles Plumlee75892142.9%
Kent Bazemore to Luke Babbitt52781650.0%
Marco Belinelli to Kent Bazemore887133240.6%
John Collins to Tyler Dorsey115781747.1%
John Collins to Dennis Schroder6677379937.4%
John Collins to Kent Bazemore2077144233.3%
Tyler Dorsey to Dewayne Dedmon65771936.8%
Tyler Dorsey to Miles Plumlee64771643.8%
Taurean Prince to Tyler Cavanaugh43781650.0%
Dennis Schroder to Tyler Cavanaugh106771936.8%
Kent Bazemore to Mike Muscala64681650.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to John Collins53661250.0%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Marco Belinelli616112250.0%
John Collins to Isaiah Taylor4926296346.0%
Malcolm Delaney to Isaiah Taylor128682532.0%
Damion Lee to John Collins66661442.9%
Josh Magette to Taurean Prince606102245.5%
Miles Plumlee to Ersan Ilyasova56671643.8%
Dennis Schroder to DeAndre' Bembry54661442.9%
Dennis Schroder to Malcolm Delaney1356102245.5%
Isaiah Taylor to Damion Lee70681844.4%
Marco Belinelli to Mike Muscala33561154.5%
DeAndre' Bembry to Damion Lee2156785.7%
DeAndre' Bembry to Marco Belinelli52562030.0%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Kent Bazemore3355862.5%
John Collins to Mike Muscala40561637.5%
Malcolm Delaney to Miles Plumlee4155683.3%
Tyler Dorsey to Taurean Prince875124129.3%
Tyler Dorsey to Dennis Schroder1065103231.3%
Damion Lee to Taurean Prince665112642.3%
Damion Lee to Mike Muscala36551145.5%
Damion Lee to Dewayne Dedmon49551631.3%
Josh Magette to Marco Belinelli2556966.7%
Mike Muscala to Damion Lee59582334.8%
Mike Muscala to Taurean Prince1455143540.0%
Mike Muscala to Marco Belinelli40561540.0%
Miles Plumlee to Taurean Prince106592339.1%
Taurean Prince to Malcolm Delaney155582729.6%
Isaiah Taylor to DeAndre' Bembry90592832.1%
Luke Babbitt to John Collins12444100.0%
Luke Babbitt to Taurean Prince56491369.2%
Luke Babbitt to Marco Belinelli71471353.8%
Kent Bazemore to Isaiah Taylor115481942.1%
Marco Belinelli to Tyler Cavanaugh57441330.8%
DeAndre' Bembry to Tyler Cavanaugh2144944.4%
DeAndre' Bembry to Taurean Prince41461637.5%
John Collins to Damion Lee60461442.9%
Dewayne Dedmon to Tyler Dorsey86492339.1%
Dewayne Dedmon to Mike Muscala18444100.0%
Malcolm Delaney to Tyler Cavanaugh43441428.6%
Tyler Dorsey to Kent Bazemore27441040.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Dennis Schroder69744411637.9%
Josh Magette to Andrew White III1244757.1%
Josh Magette to Tyler Cavanaugh30441233.3%
Josh Magette to Miles Plumlee3044666.7%
Taurean Prince to DeAndre' Bembry3044757.1%
Dennis Schroder to Damion Lee2244944.4%
Kent Bazemore to DeAndre' Bembry2233933.3%
Marco Belinelli to Isaiah Taylor130332213.6%
Marco Belinelli to DeAndre' Bembry3233933.3%
DeAndre' Bembry to Isaiah Taylor80361833.3%
DeAndre' Bembry to Mike Muscala32331225.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Dewayne Dedmon2135862.5%
DeAndre' Bembry to Ersan Ilyasova20331030.0%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Malcolm Delaney51341040.0%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Ersan Ilyasova1333475.0%
John Collins to Tyler Cavanaugh8333100.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Isaiah Taylor2083123040.0%
Malcolm Delaney to Luke Babbitt55351241.7%
Tyler Dorsey to Andrew White III1633650.0%
Tyler Dorsey to Malcolm Delaney85392536.0%
Tyler Dorsey to Luke Babbitt1533560.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to John Collins1433650.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Miles Plumlee24331030.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Marco Belinelli67331030.0%
Josh Magette to Dewayne Dedmon2333650.0%
Mike Muscala to John Collins3234850.0%
Mike Muscala to Isaiah Taylor2143152853.6%
Mike Muscala to Dewayne Dedmon2033650.0%
Mike Muscala to Dennis Schroder2033143540.0%
Taurean Prince to Tyler Dorsey67372429.2%
Taurean Prince to Luke Babbitt2134666.7%
Dennis Schroder to Isaiah Taylor3833837.5%
Isaiah Taylor to Ersan Ilyasova32331225.0%
Andrew White III to Tyler Dorsey1834757.1%
Luke Babbitt to Malcolm Delaney5723837.5%
Luke Babbitt to Mike Muscala422366.7%
Luke Babbitt to Dennis Schroder1812153444.1%
Kent Bazemore to Tyler Dorsey33231225.0%
Marco Belinelli to Miles Plumlee3622728.6%
DeAndre' Bembry to Andrew White III722540.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Tyler Dorsey29231127.3%
DeAndre' Bembry to Malcolm Delaney2622540.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Dennis Schroder56231421.4%
DeAndre' Bembry to Miles Plumlee2522450.0%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Dennis Schroder1492132846.4%
John Collins to Ersan Ilyasova1622540.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Malcolm Delaney193232015.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Ersan Ilyasova2122633.3%
Malcolm Delaney to Jaylen Morris622366.7%
Malcolm Delaney to Andrew White III2222100.0%
Tyler Dorsey to Jaylen Morris622366.7%
Tyler Dorsey to Tyler Cavanaugh2322922.2%
Tyler Dorsey to Josh Magette6224666.7%
Tyler Dorsey to Marco Belinelli1022633.3%
Ersan Ilyasova to Tyler Dorsey1822825.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Malcolm Delaney105221020.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Dewayne Dedmon13222100.0%
Damion Lee to Tyler Dorsey33251631.3%
Damion Lee to Isaiah Taylor83272626.9%
Josh Magette to Jaylen Morris322366.7%
Josh Magette to John Collins2422366.7%
Mike Muscala to Luke Babbitt922366.7%
Miles Plumlee to Isaiah Taylor1572132846.4%
Miles Plumlee to Damion Lee1822450.0%
Miles Plumlee to DeAndre' Bembry4024580.0%
Miles Plumlee to Malcolm Delaney5126785.7%
Miles Plumlee to Dewayne Dedmon522366.7%
Taurean Prince to Josh Magette4124666.7%
Andrew White III to John Collins1022366.7%
Luke Babbitt to Tyler Cavanaugh4111100.0%
Luke Babbitt to Tyler Dorsey1912540.0%
Luke Babbitt to DeAndre' Bembry4311520.0%
Luke Babbitt to Dewayne Dedmon4111100.0%
Luke Babbitt to Kent Bazemore58141233.3%
Luke Babbitt to Miles Plumlee511250.0%
Kent Bazemore to Jaylen Morris4111100.0%
Kent Bazemore to Malcolm Delaney139141625.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Kent Bazemore1711520.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Luke Babbitt3012633.3%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Andrew White III811333.3%
Tyler Cavanaugh to John Collins911333.3%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Isaiah Taylor125161931.6%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Taurean Prince69171643.8%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Josh Magette4911333.3%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Dewayne Dedmon3111100.0%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Luke Babbitt712450.0%
John Collins to Jaylen Morris6111100.0%
John Collins to Andrew White III711520.0%
John Collins to Malcolm Delaney338172825.0%
John Collins to Miles Plumlee2111100.0%
John Collins to Luke Babbitt1611714.3%
Dewayne Dedmon to Jaylen Morris811250.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Andrew White III1011333.3%
Dewayne Dedmon to Tyler Cavanaugh2111100.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Damion Lee59121118.2%
Dewayne Dedmon to Luke Babbitt2014757.1%
Malcolm Delaney to DeAndre' Bembry2611520.0%
Tyler Dorsey to Antonius Cleveland8111100.0%
Tyler Dorsey to Isaiah Taylor1451123534.3%
Tyler Dorsey to Ersan Ilyasova911333.3%
Ersan Ilyasova to Isaiah Taylor6011616.7%
Ersan Ilyasova to Luke Babbitt711250.0%
Damion Lee to DeAndre' Bembry1813650.0%
Damion Lee to Josh Magette1011333.3%
Damion Lee to Dennis Schroder3111520.0%
Damion Lee to Miles Plumlee13111100.0%
Josh Magette to Isaiah Taylor911425.0%
Josh Magette to DeAndre' Bembry2312633.3%
Josh Magette to Malcolm Delaney1111425.0%
Josh Magette to Luke Babbitt711250.0%
Josh Magette to Ersan Ilyasova711425.0%
Jaylen Morris to Tyler Dorsey1011520.0%
Jaylen Morris to Malcolm Delaney411250.0%
Jaylen Morris to Josh Magette3111100.0%
Jaylen Morris to Dewayne Dedmon311250.0%
Jaylen Morris to Kent Bazemore6111100.0%
Jaylen Morris to Miles Plumlee2111100.0%
Mike Muscala to Malcolm Delaney168141428.6%
Mike Muscala to Josh Magette6012728.6%
Mike Muscala to Ersan Ilyasova1211520.0%
Miles Plumlee to Tyler Cavanaugh4111100.0%
Miles Plumlee to Tyler Dorsey5111128.3%
Miles Plumlee to Luke Babbitt10122100.0%
Miles Plumlee to Marco Belinelli20141040.0%
Taurean Prince to Andrew White III911425.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Antonius Cleveland311250.0%
Andrew White III to Tyler Cavanaugh7111100.0%
Luke Babbitt to Isaiah Taylor162041723.5%
Luke Babbitt to Josh Magette80000.0%
Luke Babbitt to Ersan Ilyasova50030.0%
Kent Bazemore to Andrew White III30010.0%
Kent Bazemore to Josh Magette90010.0%
Marco Belinelli to Tyler Dorsey50020.0%
Marco Belinelli to Josh Magette1901425.0%
DeAndre' Bembry to Josh Magette13011100.0%
Nicolas Brussino to Tyler Dorsey10010.0%
Nicolas Brussino to John Collins20010.0%
Nicolas Brussino to Isaiah Taylor20000.0%
Nicolas Brussino to Josh Magette10000.0%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Tyler Dorsey3301520.0%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Damion Lee130020.0%
Tyler Cavanaugh to DeAndre' Bembry2701520.0%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Mike Muscala60030.0%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Miles Plumlee601333.3%
Tyler Cavanaugh to Jeremy Evans20000.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Tyler Dorsey30020.0%
Antonius Cleveland to John Collins20000.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Isaiah Taylor401250.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Damion Lee20000.0%
Antonius Cleveland to DeAndre' Bembry20000.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Josh Magette10000.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Dewayne Dedmon1011100.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Miles Plumlee20000.0%
John Collins to Nicolas Brussino10000.0%
John Collins to DeAndre' Bembry6502633.3%
John Collins to Josh Magette520030.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to DeAndre' Bembry3602450.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Josh Magette360000.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Miles Plumlee10000.0%
Malcolm Delaney to Josh Magette50000.0%
Tyler Dorsey to Nicolas Brussino10010.0%
Tyler Dorsey to DeAndre' Bembry1901425.0%
Tyler Dorsey to Jeremy Evans10000.0%
Jeremy Evans to Andrew White III20000.0%
Jeremy Evans to Tyler Cavanaugh10010.0%
Jeremy Evans to Tyler Dorsey3011100.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Tyler Cavanaugh50020.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to DeAndre' Bembry1901520.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Josh Magette100020.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Mike Muscala60010.0%
Damion Lee to Andrew White III90050.0%
Damion Lee to Antonius Cleveland20000.0%
Damion Lee to Tyler Cavanaugh90000.0%
Josh Magette to Antonius Cleveland40020.0%
Josh Magette to Nicolas Brussino20010.0%
Josh Magette to Damion Lee90040.0%
Josh Magette to Dennis Schroder401250.0%
Josh Magette to Kent Bazemore501250.0%
Jaylen Morris to John Collins30010.0%
Jaylen Morris to Isaiah Taylor2102540.0%
Jaylen Morris to Taurean Prince301250.0%
Jaylen Morris to Mike Muscala401250.0%
Jaylen Morris to Dennis Schroder702366.7%
Mike Muscala to Jaylen Morris701333.3%
Mike Muscala to Andrew White III120000.0%
Mike Muscala to Antonius Cleveland601250.0%
Mike Muscala to Tyler Cavanaugh30000.0%
Mike Muscala to DeAndre' Bembry340020.0%
Mike Muscala to Miles Plumlee90000.0%
Miles Plumlee to Jaylen Morris60020.0%
Miles Plumlee to Andrew White III110020.0%
Miles Plumlee to John Collins20000.0%
Miles Plumlee to Josh Magette600050.0%
Miles Plumlee to Mike Muscala100000.0%
Miles Plumlee to Jeremy Evans10000.0%
Dennis Schroder to Jaylen Morris40020.0%
Dennis Schroder to Andrew White III130010.0%
Dennis Schroder to Josh Magette40000.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Jaylen Morris150050.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Nicolas Brussino10000.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Josh Magette60010.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Dennis Schroder40041136.4%
Andrew White III to Isaiah Taylor3702728.6%
Andrew White III to Damion Lee60010.0%
Andrew White III to DeAndre' Bembry10000.0%
Andrew White III to Taurean Prince60020.0%
Andrew White III to Josh Magette140020.0%
Andrew White III to Mike Muscala150040.0%
Andrew White III to Dewayne Dedmon60020.0%
Andrew White III to Dennis Schroder180070.0%
Andrew White III to Kent Bazemore10000.0%
Andrew White III to Miles Plumlee90000.0%
Andrew White III to Jeremy Evans10000.0%