2019 New Orleans Pelicans Team Passing Stats

The 2019 New Orleans Pelicans averaged 319 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Jrue Holiday to JJ Redick, with 75 assists on 407 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Jrue Holiday to JJ Redick407758016548.5%
Lonzo Ball to Brandon Ingram9107411730039.0%
Lonzo Ball to Zion Williamson294656914647.3%
Jrue Holiday to Brandon Ingram6316310924544.5%
Lonzo Ball to JJ Redick409536014441.7%
Lonzo Ball to Jrue Holiday615458118743.3%
Jrue Holiday to Derrick Favors24444467065.7%
Jrue Holiday to Zion Williamson17340448253.7%
Brandon Ingram to Lonzo Ball697404412036.7%
Jrue Holiday to Lonzo Ball563395011643.1%
Lonzo Ball to Josh Hart369384111336.3%
Lonzo Ball to Derrick Favors41038397750.6%
Brandon Ingram to Jrue Holiday534376215340.5%
Brandon Ingram to Derrick Favors19833365862.1%
Lonzo Ball to E'Twaun Moore276324410741.1%
Jrue Holiday to Josh Hart26630318934.8%
Brandon Ingram to JJ Redick21130348241.5%
Jrue Holiday to Jaxson Hayes17227275450.0%
Lonzo Ball to Jaxson Hayes19626265250.0%
Brandon Ingram to Josh Hart17026296743.3%
Lonzo Ball to Nicolo Melli28725265646.4%
Brandon Ingram to Jaxson Hayes10125264459.1%
Jrue Holiday to E'Twaun Moore21723278332.5%
Brandon Ingram to Zion Williamson7322234353.5%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Jaxson Hayes12621213461.8%
Jaxson Hayes to JJ Redick13220225837.9%
Jrue Holiday to Nicolo Melli23120226434.4%
JJ Redick to Brandon Ingram21119419642.7%
JJ Redick to Lonzo Ball23118215637.5%
Derrick Favors to Brandon Ingram290174110439.4%
Josh Hart to JJ Redick10217184045.0%
Derrick Favors to JJ Redick14416184837.5%
E'Twaun Moore to Nicolo Melli12716194047.5%
JJ Redick to Jrue Holiday288154010338.8%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Frank Jackson12114234254.8%
Derrick Favors to Jrue Holiday469144310341.7%
Jrue Holiday to Kenrich Williams18014144233.3%
Jrue Holiday to Jahlil Okafor9814193357.6%
Nicolo Melli to Frank Jackson14014184936.7%
JJ Redick to Jaxson Hayes10314143145.2%
Brandon Ingram to E'Twaun Moore8213173647.2%
Nicolo Melli to Josh Hart10113153839.5%
JJ Redick to Derrick Favors9413132259.1%
Lonzo Ball to Jahlil Okafor13612163743.2%
Josh Hart to Lonzo Ball49212256141.0%
Josh Hart to Brandon Ingram22012338538.8%
Josh Hart to E'Twaun Moore11112244553.3%
Nicolo Melli to Jrue Holiday31012357447.3%
Nicolo Melli to JJ Redick8412143836.8%
Zion Williamson to Lonzo Ball21112143243.8%
Derrick Favors to Lonzo Ball59411297439.2%
Josh Hart to Jrue Holiday34611338240.2%
JJ Redick to Nicolo Melli6911112445.8%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Josh Hart10710122941.4%
Brandon Ingram to Frank Jackson6810112740.7%
Jahlil Okafor to Brandon Ingram8310183354.5%
Kenrich Williams to Brandon Ingram8510143540.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Brandon Ingram1289214447.7%
Jaxson Hayes to Jrue Holiday2609296246.8%
Jrue Holiday to Frank Jackson829103528.6%
Brandon Ingram to Jahlil Okafor729121963.2%
Frank Jackson to JJ Redick55992045.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Lonzo Ball1499103033.3%
Zion Williamson to Brandon Ingram629122157.1%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Nicolo Melli138882630.8%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to E'Twaun Moore948142653.8%
Lonzo Ball to Nickeil Alexander-Walker608102147.6%
Lonzo Ball to Frank Jackson1208123831.6%
Josh Hart to Nicolo Melli1318122744.4%
Josh Hart to Nickeil Alexander-Walker1198143737.8%
Josh Hart to Jaxson Hayes70881361.5%
E'Twaun Moore to Jaxson Hayes53881266.7%
E'Twaun Moore to Brandon Ingram858163348.5%
E'Twaun Moore to Derrick Favors53881080.0%
JJ Redick to Josh Hart76882532.0%
Kenrich Williams to Josh Hart50891850.0%
Kenrich Williams to Frank Jackson658102638.5%
Josh Hart to Zion Williamson407112347.8%
Frank Jackson to Nicolo Melli857112445.8%
Frank Jackson to Jaxson Hayes57771450.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Josh Hart807102835.7%
E'Twaun Moore to Jrue Holiday1487255347.2%
Jahlil Okafor to JJ Redick53781942.1%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Brandon Ingram896113036.7%
Derrick Favors to Josh Hart996112250.0%
Derrick Favors to E'Twaun Moore61692142.9%
Josh Hart to Frank Jackson79662524.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Nickeil Alexander-Walker1556153050.0%
Frank Jackson to Nickeil Alexander-Walker1236113729.7%
Nicolo Melli to Nickeil Alexander-Walker1606102540.0%
Nicolo Melli to Zion Williamson19661060.0%
Nicolo Melli to Lonzo Ball3466143836.8%
Jahlil Okafor to Jrue Holiday1556132552.0%
Kenrich Williams to Jrue Holiday3246266838.2%
Zion Williamson to Nicolo Melli24661060.0%
Lonzo Ball to Kenrich Williams60551729.4%
Frank Jackson to Zion Williamson19561154.5%
Frank Jackson to Kenrich Williams4355955.6%
Frank Jackson to Josh Hart74552222.7%
E'Twaun Moore to Jahlil Okafor46561346.2%
Jahlil Okafor to Lonzo Ball152592931.0%
JJ Redick to Zion Williamson28562030.0%
Kenrich Williams to Nickeil Alexander-Walker124562623.1%
Zion Williamson to Jrue Holiday1215112152.4%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Kenrich Williams73451435.7%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Lonzo Ball76451338.5%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to JJ Redick3645955.6%
Derrick Favors to Kenrich Williams36471258.3%
Jaxson Hayes to Josh Hart77451729.4%
Jrue Holiday to Nickeil Alexander-Walker67481942.1%
Brandon Ingram to Nickeil Alexander-Walker64471936.8%
Frank Jackson to Lonzo Ball104472231.8%
Nicolo Melli to E'Twaun Moore1114102934.5%
E'Twaun Moore to JJ Redick4944944.4%
JJ Redick to Jahlil Okafor2046875.0%
JJ Redick to E'Twaun Moore3245771.4%
Kenrich Williams to Nicolo Melli3944757.1%
Kenrich Williams to JJ Redick62472133.3%
Zion Williamson to Josh Hart39441040.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Jahlil Okafor57371353.8%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Derrick Favors4133650.0%
Josh Hart to Jahlil Okafor4134850.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Frank Jackson1033112347.8%
Jaxson Hayes to Lonzo Ball237372330.4%
Brandon Ingram to Nicolo Melli104342714.8%
Brandon Ingram to Kenrich Williams61331323.1%
Frank Jackson to Derrick Favors2933475.0%
Nicolo Melli to Brandon Ingram1133123831.6%
Jahlil Okafor to Josh Hart38341822.2%
Jahlil Okafor to E'Twaun Moore44351729.4%
JJ Redick to Kenrich Williams48331323.1%
Kenrich Williams to Jaxson Hayes2733560.0%
Kenrich Williams to Lonzo Ball97342020.0%
Kenrich Williams to Jahlil Okafor23351050.0%
Zion Williamson to E'Twaun Moore1834757.1%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Jrue Holiday73251926.3%
Derrick Favors to Zion Williamson2023933.3%
Frank Jackson to Sindarius Thornwell6222100.0%
Frank Jackson to Brandon Ingram72262326.1%
Frank Jackson to E'Twaun Moore41261637.5%
Frank Jackson to Jrue Holiday75292142.9%
Nicolo Melli to Jahlil Okafor1424757.1%
E'Twaun Moore to Kenrich Williams2422825.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Frank Jackson35231127.3%
Jahlil Okafor to Nickeil Alexander-Walker79231421.4%
Jahlil Okafor to Frank Jackson53251926.3%
Sindarius Thornwell to Frank Jackson1123475.0%
Kenrich Williams to E'Twaun Moore3822633.3%
Kenrich Williams to Derrick Favors3022450.0%
Zion Williamson to Frank Jackson1722366.7%
Zion Williamson to Derrick Favors1522633.3%
Zion Williamson to JJ Redick1922825.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Zylan Cheatham611250.0%
Lonzo Ball to Zylan Cheatham4111100.0%
Zylan Cheatham to Jaxson Hayes1111100.0%
Zylan Cheatham to Josh Hart211250.0%
Zylan Cheatham to Lonzo Ball611250.0%
Derrick Favors to Nicolo Melli1311250.0%
Derrick Favors to Frank Jackson40141330.8%
Josh Gray to Nickeil Alexander-Walker711333.3%
Josh Gray to Jaxson Hayes6111100.0%
Josh Hart to Kenrich Williams3811714.3%
Josh Hart to Derrick Favors4713837.5%
Jaxson Hayes to Zion Williamson2111100.0%
Jaxson Hayes to E'Twaun Moore52131323.1%
Jrue Holiday to Zylan Cheatham211250.0%
Frank Jackson to Jahlil Okafor4513560.0%
Nicolo Melli to Derrick Favors711250.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Nickeil Alexander-Walker62111010.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Zion Williamson2813837.5%
JJ Redick to Nickeil Alexander-Walker2512633.3%
JJ Redick to Frank Jackson2312825.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Jahlil Okafor1413475.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to E'Twaun Moore1111100.0%
Kenrich Williams to Sindarius Thornwell812450.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Zion Williamson20000.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Sindarius Thornwell1001333.3%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Josh Gray50000.0%
Lonzo Ball to Sindarius Thornwell20000.0%
Zylan Cheatham to Nickeil Alexander-Walker260040.0%
Zylan Cheatham to Kenrich Williams30000.0%
Zylan Cheatham to Sindarius Thornwell40010.0%
Zylan Cheatham to Frank Jackson60010.0%
Zylan Cheatham to Josh Gray3011100.0%
Zylan Cheatham to E'Twaun Moore10000.0%
Zylan Cheatham to Jrue Holiday30010.0%
Derrick Favors to Nickeil Alexander-Walker4702825.0%
Josh Gray to Nicolo Melli30010.0%
Josh Gray to Zylan Cheatham30010.0%
Josh Gray to Kenrich Williams30010.0%
Josh Gray to E'Twaun Moore40010.0%
Josh Gray to Jrue Holiday901250.0%
Josh Hart to Zylan Cheatham30000.0%
Josh Hart to Sindarius Thornwell30010.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Nicolo Melli130020.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Kenrich Williams130000.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Sindarius Thornwell10000.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Josh Gray50000.0%
Jrue Holiday to Josh Gray110000.0%
Frank Jackson to Zylan Cheatham30000.0%
Nicolo Melli to Jaxson Hayes80020.0%
Nicolo Melli to Zylan Cheatham20000.0%
Nicolo Melli to Kenrich Williams250020.0%
Nicolo Melli to Sindarius Thornwell30000.0%
Nicolo Melli to Josh Gray60000.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Josh Gray30010.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Nicolo Melli100010.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Kenrich Williams240010.0%
Jahlil Okafor to Sindarius Thornwell8011100.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Nickeil Alexander-Walker60020.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Zylan Cheatham40000.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Kenrich Williams80010.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Josh Hart10010.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Lonzo Ball10000.0%
Kenrich Williams to Zylan Cheatham50000.0%
Kenrich Williams to Josh Gray60000.0%
Zion Williamson to Nickeil Alexander-Walker40000.0%
Zion Williamson to Jaxson Hayes10000.0%