2015 Atlanta Hawks Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Atlanta Hawks averaged 325 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Jeff Teague to Al Horford, with 167 assists on 1152 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Jeff Teague to Al Horford115216718437549.1%
Jeff Teague to Paul Millsap11669113336236.7%
Dennis Schroder to Al Horford721839619948.2%
Dennis Schroder to Paul Millsap606738720542.4%
Jeff Teague to Kyle Korver532727918742.2%
Kent Bazemore to Paul Millsap473587313653.7%
Dennis Schroder to Mike Scott365555711450.0%
Paul Millsap to Kyle Korver384525412343.9%
Jeff Teague to Kent Bazemore450515815437.7%
Paul Millsap to Kent Bazemore576466014242.3%
Al Horford to Kyle Korver372454911443.0%
Paul Millsap to Al Horford290455010846.3%
Al Horford to Paul Millsap320445412343.9%
Kent Bazemore to Al Horford41343489650.0%
Paul Millsap to Jeff Teague12073710126238.5%
Al Horford to Kent Bazemore533364814533.1%
Dennis Schroder to Kyle Korver26435388942.7%
Kyle Korver to Paul Millsap29033429444.7%
Al Horford to Thabo Sefolosha28332387153.5%
Al Horford to Dennis Schroder779296516938.5%
Al Horford to Jeff Teague12242810724344.0%
Kyle Korver to Al Horford32527358541.2%
Dennis Schroder to Kent Bazemore23227369139.6%
Kyle Korver to Kent Bazemore20225346552.3%
Paul Millsap to Thabo Sefolosha35025286543.1%
Paul Millsap to Dennis Schroder583244912738.6%
Mike Scott to Al Horford8824263868.4%
Thabo Sefolosha to Paul Millsap32222359935.4%
Al Horford to Mike Scott10121215438.9%
Kent Bazemore to Kyle Korver14620204346.5%
Dennis Schroder to Thabo Sefolosha26420245940.7%
Jeff Teague to Thabo Sefolosha22020264755.3%
Dennis Schroder to Tim Hardaway Jr.17719247332.9%
Kent Bazemore to Jeff Teague861185015332.7%
Al Horford to Tim Hardaway Jr.13718194344.2%
Jeff Teague to Mike Scott15317185532.7%
Kyle Korver to Jeff Teague495144710345.6%
Thabo Sefolosha to Dennis Schroder51314349336.6%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Dennis Schroder21912245642.9%
Shelvin Mack to Mike Scott8412142556.0%
Dennis Schroder to Mike Muscala15412122941.4%
Thabo Sefolosha to Al Horford22812195335.8%
Mike Scott to Tim Hardaway Jr.11311142556.0%
Thabo Sefolosha to Mike Scott12411122646.2%
Jeff Teague to Mike Muscala10211112642.3%
Jeff Teague to Tiago Splitter9911123336.4%
Kyle Korver to Mike Scott7810122352.2%
Thabo Sefolosha to Kent Bazemore9410132846.4%
Jeff Teague to Tim Hardaway Jr.5410102147.6%
Mike Muscala to Paul Millsap489102147.6%
Dennis Schroder to Tiago Splitter1159102343.5%
Kent Bazemore to Dennis Schroder3598266540.0%
Al Horford to Tiago Splitter22881080.0%
Kyle Korver to Thabo Sefolosha95892240.9%
Paul Millsap to Tiago Splitter658102737.0%
Mike Scott to Jeff Teague1878214447.7%
Mike Scott to Thabo Sefolosha118881747.1%
Jeff Teague to Kris Humphries71891947.4%
Kent Bazemore to Tiago Splitter51781650.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Mike Scott77792536.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Al Horford90782433.3%
Kyle Korver to Dennis Schroder1917163842.1%
Kyle Korver to Tiago Splitter407101566.7%
Shelvin Mack to Mike Muscala72781361.5%
Lamar Patterson to Al Horford50781553.3%
Thabo Sefolosha to Jeff Teague4287327542.7%
Paul Millsap to Tim Hardaway Jr.70672231.8%
Paul Millsap to Kris Humphries35662128.6%
Lamar Patterson to Paul Millsap43671450.0%
Dennis Schroder to Lamar Patterson80661637.5%
Dennis Schroder to Kris Humphries85682236.4%
Mike Scott to Shelvin Mack89681747.1%
Thabo Sefolosha to Kyle Korver82691752.9%
Tiago Splitter to Al Horford2166966.7%
Kent Bazemore to Thabo Sefolosha64551241.7%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Mike Muscala44551145.5%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Paul Millsap53551435.7%
Kirk Hinrich to Tim Hardaway Jr.2255771.4%
Kirk Hinrich to Kris Humphries2355771.4%
Kyle Korver to Tim Hardaway Jr.25551145.5%
Shelvin Mack to Al Horford44561250.0%
Mike Muscala to Thabo Sefolosha86561637.5%
Mike Scott to Mike Muscala1955683.3%
Mike Scott to Dennis Schroder4405348739.1%
Thabo Sefolosha to Tim Hardaway Jr.66561931.6%
Thabo Sefolosha to Tiago Splitter54561154.5%
Thabo Sefolosha to Kris Humphries46551050.0%
Tiago Splitter to Dennis Schroder1745122842.9%
Tiago Splitter to Thabo Sefolosha64571741.2%
Kent Bazemore to Mike Scott65451729.4%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Kris Humphries32441136.4%
Justin Holiday to Mike Scott1544580.0%
Kris Humphries to Thabo Sefolosha6845862.5%
Kyle Korver to Mike Muscala3844757.1%
Paul Millsap to Mike Muscala44451145.5%
Lamar Patterson to Dennis Schroder1494143441.2%
Lamar Patterson to Mike Scott1944944.4%
Dennis Schroder to Justin Holiday35441136.4%
Tiago Splitter to Kent Bazemore58481457.1%
Tiago Splitter to Kyle Korver2844850.0%
Kent Bazemore to Tim Hardaway Jr.29331030.0%
Al Horford to Lamar Patterson52351241.7%
Al Horford to Justin Holiday31331323.1%
Kris Humphries to Tim Hardaway Jr.46361154.5%
Kyle Korver to Justin Holiday1133650.0%
Kyle Korver to Kris Humphries1533650.0%
Shelvin Mack to Kyle Korver1733560.0%
Paul Millsap to Justin Holiday1733742.9%
Paul Millsap to Mike Scott2133837.5%
Mike Muscala to Tim Hardaway Jr.3834850.0%
Mike Muscala to Mike Scott2534757.1%
Mike Muscala to Jeff Teague1653113135.5%
Lamar Patterson to Mike Muscala2633933.3%
Lamar Patterson to Justin Holiday1233560.0%
Lamar Patterson to Thabo Sefolosha15333100.0%
Mike Scott to Kent Bazemore95362623.1%
Mike Scott to Kyle Korver62341040.0%
Thabo Sefolosha to Mike Muscala5733837.5%
Jeff Teague to Dennis Schroder56331127.3%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Kent Bazemore1222366.7%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Jeff Teague60231030.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Thabo Sefolosha6422922.2%
Justin Holiday to Mike Muscala1922366.7%
Al Horford to Mike Muscala1322366.7%
Kris Humphries to Kyle Korver1822450.0%
Kyle Korver to Lamar Patterson2122633.3%
Kyle Korver to Shelvin Mack1823560.0%
Shelvin Mack to Edy Tavares1922450.0%
Paul Millsap to Lamar Patterson4123933.3%
Mike Muscala to Kent Bazemore67261540.0%
Mike Muscala to Shelvin Mack1032132259.1%
Mike Muscala to Kris Humphries7222100.0%
Mike Muscala to Kyle Korver3022728.6%
Lamar Patterson to Kent Bazemore1122450.0%
Lamar Patterson to Tiago Splitter1123560.0%
Lamar Patterson to Kyle Korver1522450.0%
Dennis Schroder to Jeff Teague67271741.2%
Tiago Splitter to Jeff Teague154252718.5%
Tiago Splitter to Paul Millsap51261154.5%
Jeff Teague to Lamar Patterson3222728.6%
Jeff Teague to Justin Holiday1522728.6%
Kent Bazemore to Edy Tavares4111100.0%
Kent Bazemore to Lamar Patterson12111100.0%
Kent Bazemore to Mike Muscala3611520.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Shelvin Mack2512450.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Tiago Splitter611333.3%
Kirk Hinrich to Edy Tavares3111100.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Mike Muscala911333.3%
Kirk Hinrich to Mike Scott911333.3%
Kirk Hinrich to Kyle Korver4111100.0%
Justin Holiday to Lamar Patterson611333.3%
Justin Holiday to Kent Bazemore4111100.0%
Justin Holiday to Tiago Splitter811250.0%
Justin Holiday to Paul Millsap1011333.3%
Justin Holiday to Kyle Korver8111100.0%
Al Horford to Shelvin Mack3711714.3%
Kris Humphries to Mike Muscala411250.0%
Kris Humphries to Mike Scott11111100.0%
Kris Humphries to Jeff Teague1091102835.7%
Kris Humphries to Al Horford5111100.0%
Shelvin Mack to Lamar Patterson3011812.5%
Shelvin Mack to Tim Hardaway Jr.1612633.3%
Shelvin Mack to Justin Holiday2311616.7%
Shelvin Mack to Kent Bazemore6111100.0%
Shelvin Mack to Tiago Splitter1411333.3%
Shelvin Mack to Paul Millsap3811812.5%
Shelvin Mack to Thabo Sefolosha2911520.0%
Mike Muscala to Lamar Patterson3812633.3%
Mike Muscala to Dennis Schroder1801102441.7%
Mike Muscala to Justin Holiday2411250.0%
Lamar Patterson to Edy Tavares511250.0%
Lamar Patterson to Jeff Teague3513650.0%
Dennis Schroder to Shelvin Mack3111100.0%
Dennis Schroder to Kirk Hinrich1511250.0%
Mike Scott to Lamar Patterson3411520.0%
Mike Scott to Justin Holiday32111010.0%
Thabo Sefolosha to Edy Tavares411250.0%
Thabo Sefolosha to Lamar Patterson1611250.0%
Tiago Splitter to Tim Hardaway Jr.611333.3%
Tiago Splitter to Mike Muscala1111100.0%
Tiago Splitter to Mike Scott611250.0%
Edy Tavares to Tim Hardaway Jr.8111100.0%
Edy Tavares to Mike Scott5111100.0%
Edy Tavares to Shelvin Mack1512540.0%
Edy Tavares to Kirk Hinrich3111100.0%
Jeff Teague to Edy Tavares711333.3%
Kent Bazemore to Justin Holiday30000.0%
Kent Bazemore to Kent Bazemore30000.0%
Kent Bazemore to Shelvin Mack120000.0%
Kent Bazemore to Kris Humphries200030.0%
Kent Bazemore to Kirk Hinrich40000.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Edy Tavares30000.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Lamar Patterson90030.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Tim Hardaway Jr.10000.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Justin Holiday80030.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Kyle Korver180010.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Kirk Hinrich100010.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Dennis Schroder160060.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Kent Bazemore40010.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Jeff Teague10000.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Al Horford60010.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Paul Millsap150030.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Thabo Sefolosha110000.0%
Justin Holiday to Edy Tavares10000.0%
Justin Holiday to Tim Hardaway Jr.110010.0%
Justin Holiday to Dennis Schroder4302633.3%
Justin Holiday to Shelvin Mack400070.0%
Justin Holiday to Jeff Teague270020.0%
Justin Holiday to Al Horford160020.0%
Justin Holiday to Thabo Sefolosha110010.0%
Al Horford to Kris Humphries20010.0%
Al Horford to Kirk Hinrich20010.0%
Kris Humphries to Dennis Schroder111081942.1%
Kris Humphries to Kent Bazemore2903650.0%
Kris Humphries to Paul Millsap2801714.3%
Kris Humphries to Kirk Hinrich240020.0%
Kyle Korver to Edy Tavares10000.0%
Kyle Korver to Kirk Hinrich60010.0%
Shelvin Mack to Dennis Schroder10000.0%
Shelvin Mack to Jeff Teague10000.0%
Paul Millsap to Edy Tavares30020.0%
Paul Millsap to Shelvin Mack2901520.0%
Paul Millsap to Kirk Hinrich150020.0%
Mike Muscala to Edy Tavares20010.0%
Mike Muscala to Tiago Splitter10000.0%
Mike Muscala to Al Horford110020.0%
Mike Muscala to Kirk Hinrich120000.0%
Lamar Patterson to Tim Hardaway Jr.70000.0%
Lamar Patterson to Shelvin Mack43021020.0%
Dennis Schroder to Edy Tavares50000.0%
Mike Scott to Edy Tavares10000.0%
Mike Scott to Paul Millsap2001425.0%
Mike Scott to Kris Humphries50020.0%
Mike Scott to Kirk Hinrich170010.0%
Thabo Sefolosha to Justin Holiday1401250.0%
Thabo Sefolosha to Shelvin Mack27044100.0%
Thabo Sefolosha to Thabo Sefolosha10000.0%
Thabo Sefolosha to Kirk Hinrich100000.0%
Tiago Splitter to Lamar Patterson150040.0%
Tiago Splitter to Justin Holiday50010.0%
Tiago Splitter to Shelvin Mack140010.0%
Edy Tavares to Lamar Patterson30000.0%
Edy Tavares to Mike Muscala2011100.0%
Edy Tavares to Dennis Schroder80020.0%
Edy Tavares to Justin Holiday1011100.0%
Edy Tavares to Kent Bazemore50000.0%
Edy Tavares to Jeff Teague110010.0%
Edy Tavares to Paul Millsap50010.0%
Edy Tavares to Thabo Sefolosha40000.0%
Edy Tavares to Kyle Korver10000.0%
Jeff Teague to Shelvin Mack20010.0%