2019 Philadelphia 76ers Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Philadelphia 76ers averaged 302 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Ben Simmons to Tobias Harris, with 117 assists on 906 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Ben Simmons to Tobias Harris90611715433645.8%
Ben Simmons to Al Horford793779721146.0%
Al Horford to Tobias Harris5586210224242.1%
Ben Simmons to Furkan Korkmaz378546015638.5%
Tobias Harris to Al Horford443455714339.9%
Ben Simmons to Josh Richardson567436716141.6%
Tobias Harris to Joel Embiid337425913942.4%
Al Horford to Furkan Korkmaz231424310740.2%
Ben Simmons to Joel Embiid446415915039.3%
Tobias Harris to Ben Simmons851366112748.0%
Al Horford to Ben Simmons846346112349.6%
Josh Richardson to Ben Simmons37032448452.4%
Ben Simmons to Matisse Thybulle21731318436.9%
Joel Embiid to Tobias Harris366305613441.8%
Al Horford to Joel Embiid17630418051.3%
Joel Embiid to Josh Richardson363284511439.5%
Al Horford to Josh Richardson327284110638.7%
Josh Richardson to Joel Embiid366285714140.4%
Ben Simmons to James Ennis III17728306645.5%
Joel Embiid to Ben Simmons65324489550.5%
Shake Milton to Tobias Harris20423356058.3%
Josh Richardson to Al Horford32123298932.6%
Joel Embiid to Furkan Korkmaz12321245345.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Al Horford15920275846.6%
Ben Simmons to Mike Scott18520216233.9%
Tobias Harris to Matisse Thybulle11919193850.0%
Tobias Harris to Furkan Korkmaz12318195335.8%
Josh Richardson to Tobias Harris21018398545.9%
Al Horford to Matisse Thybulle10916174438.6%
Al Horford to Shake Milton23015314963.3%
Josh Richardson to Mike Scott11115174240.5%
Matisse Thybulle to Ben Simmons22215253767.6%
Furkan Korkmaz to Ben Simmons24814224647.8%
Shake Milton to Al Horford24214163644.4%
Raul Neto to Mike Scott13314153345.5%
Ben Simmons to Shake Milton12014153641.7%
Tobias Harris to Josh Richardson22913237032.9%
Raul Neto to Furkan Korkmaz12213144233.3%
Raul Neto to Tobias Harris16013245345.3%
Matisse Thybulle to Tobias Harris11213163743.2%
Furkan Korkmaz to Mike Scott5812122842.9%
Shake Milton to Joel Embiid13512235244.2%
Shake Milton to Mike Scott8512122450.0%
Josh Richardson to Furkan Korkmaz7412123040.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Furkan Korkmaz4012121675.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Al Horford12112163644.4%
Shake Milton to Ben Simmons10411142556.0%
Al Horford to Raul Neto12110112055.0%
Al Horford to James Ennis III5110113135.5%
Al Horford to Mike Scott5010123237.5%
Furkan Korkmaz to Tobias Harris11610195335.8%
Shake Milton to Furkan Korkmaz5210102147.6%
Joel Embiid to Matisse Thybulle50992045.0%
Joel Embiid to Mike Scott499102245.5%
James Ennis III to Al Horford519142166.7%
Tobias Harris to Shake Milton2399134727.7%
Tobias Harris to James Ennis III659113036.7%
Tobias Harris to Mike Scott60992733.3%
Mike Scott to Joel Embiid959174141.5%
Mike Scott to Al Horford639111668.8%
Trey Burke to James Ennis III37881650.0%
Joel Embiid to Shake Milton1508122744.4%
Joel Embiid to Al Horford89882040.0%
James Ennis III to Ben Simmons1768142948.3%
Raul Neto to Joel Embiid1878175630.4%
Kyle O'Quinn to Tobias Harris678122842.9%
Mike Scott to Josh Richardson1578173943.6%
Alec Burks to Tobias Harris857112544.0%
Tobias Harris to Raul Neto1697143342.4%
Raul Neto to Al Horford126792634.6%
Kyle O'Quinn to Furkan Korkmaz447102343.5%
Kyle O'Quinn to James Ennis III17771353.8%
Josh Richardson to Glenn Robinson III15771070.0%
Trey Burke to Furkan Korkmaz25661346.2%
Trey Burke to Josh Richardson1026143046.7%
Trey Burke to Joel Embiid886133043.3%
Trey Burke to Kyle O'Quinn38661250.0%
Trey Burke to Mike Scott58661637.5%
Tobias Harris to Glenn Robinson III20661154.5%
Tobias Harris to Alec Burks886133339.4%
Shake Milton to Josh Richardson676101952.6%
Raul Neto to Josh Richardson1196133141.9%
Raul Neto to Kyle O'Quinn84681457.1%
Kyle O'Quinn to Mike Scott2166875.0%
Josh Richardson to Trey Burke55671353.8%
Mike Scott to Furkan Korkmaz74672133.3%
Ben Simmons to Kyle O'Quinn72681457.1%
Matisse Thybulle to Mike Scott41661637.5%
Trey Burke to Ben Simmons32555100.0%
Alec Burks to Furkan Korkmaz47561833.3%
Alec Burks to Joel Embiid41571838.9%
Alec Burks to Mike Scott34551241.7%
Joel Embiid to Trey Burke107592045.0%
Joel Embiid to Alec Burks37561540.0%
James Ennis III to Joel Embiid495122352.2%
James Ennis III to Tobias Harris49572035.0%
Al Horford to Glenn Robinson III2156875.0%
Al Horford to Alec Burks84591947.4%
Furkan Korkmaz to Joel Embiid1335145625.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Raul Neto99591850.0%
Raul Neto to Matisse Thybulle53551145.5%
Raul Neto to Ben Simmons52561250.0%
Raul Neto to Glenn Robinson III1755683.3%
Raul Neto to James Ennis III3355955.6%
Kyle O'Quinn to Matisse Thybulle3155862.5%
Kyle O'Quinn to Shake Milton52561833.3%
Josh Richardson to James Ennis III33551435.7%
Mike Scott to Tobias Harris655102147.6%
Matisse Thybulle to Shake Milton49581266.7%
Matisse Thybulle to Joel Embiid655103033.3%
Alec Burks to Al Horford55451435.7%
Joel Embiid to Raul Neto225492536.0%
Raul Neto to Shake Milton39452123.8%
Mike Scott to Shake Milton131492240.9%
Trey Burke to Shake Milton2134757.1%
Trey Burke to Al Horford3233650.0%
Alec Burks to Shake Milton34341040.0%
James Ennis III to Mike Scott2334757.1%
Tobias Harris to Trey Burke60371070.0%
Al Horford to Trey Burke43351338.5%
Furkan Korkmaz to Shake Milton45351241.7%
Shake Milton to Glenn Robinson III2033933.3%
Shake Milton to Alec Burks34371353.8%
Raul Neto to Trey Burke30351050.0%
Kyle O'Quinn to Josh Richardson57351827.8%
Kyle O'Quinn to Raul Neto108392142.9%
Kyle O'Quinn to Trey Burke54351145.5%
Norvel Pelle to Raul Neto70381361.5%
Josh Richardson to Matisse Thybulle50341428.6%
Josh Richardson to Shake Milton89361250.0%
Josh Richardson to Raul Neto75331127.3%
Josh Richardson to Alec Burks44361250.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Shake Milton3435771.4%
Mike Scott to Raul Neto2153112937.9%
Mike Scott to Kyle O'Quinn1833650.0%
Ben Simmons to Glenn Robinson III933742.9%
Ben Simmons to Norvel Pelle2533560.0%
Ben Simmons to Raul Neto60331030.0%
Ben Simmons to Trey Burke49361540.0%
Trey Burke to Tobias Harris53221513.3%
Alec Burks to Matisse Thybulle2822633.3%
Alec Burks to Josh Richardson3424850.0%
Alec Burks to Glenn Robinson III1723837.5%
Joel Embiid to James Ennis III24221315.4%
James Ennis III to Josh Richardson2823560.0%
James Ennis III to Trey Burke4322540.0%
Tobias Harris to Kyle O'Quinn55231127.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Josh Richardson77261735.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Glenn Robinson III722540.0%
Shake Milton to Matisse Thybulle40231127.3%
Shake Milton to Norvel Pelle1222633.3%
Shake Milton to Trey Burke11222100.0%
Raul Neto to Norvel Pelle5122922.2%
Kyle O'Quinn to Ben Simmons115221513.3%
Josh Richardson to Norvel Pelle622366.7%
Josh Richardson to Kyle O'Quinn3023837.5%
Glenn Robinson III to Joel Embiid1223742.9%
Mike Scott to Ben Simmons324282236.4%
Mike Scott to Glenn Robinson III1722540.0%
Mike Scott to James Ennis III2022540.0%
Ben Simmons to Alec Burks1422540.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Josh Richardson4823933.3%
Matisse Thybulle to Norvel Pelle6222100.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Raul Neto5224666.7%
Matisse Thybulle to James Ennis III1522540.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Kyle O'Quinn2322450.0%
Trey Burke to Matisse Thybulle1411250.0%
Trey Burke to Norvel Pelle13111100.0%
Alec Burks to Ben Simmons411250.0%
Alec Burks to Raul Neto2712450.0%
Alec Burks to Kyle O'Quinn2011250.0%
Joel Embiid to Glenn Robinson III1111520.0%
James Ennis III to Shake Milton511250.0%
James Ennis III to Jonah Bolden2111100.0%
James Ennis III to Furkan Korkmaz1111520.0%
James Ennis III to Norvel Pelle1111100.0%
James Ennis III to Raul Neto4216966.7%
James Ennis III to Kyle O'Quinn1811250.0%
Tobias Harris to Zhaire Smith211250.0%
Tobias Harris to Norvel Pelle711333.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Matisse Thybulle2911616.7%
Furkan Korkmaz to Jonah Bolden2111100.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to James Ennis III1911714.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Trey Burke2711520.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Alec Burks30131030.0%
Shake Milton to James Ennis III411425.0%
Shake Milton to Kyle O'Quinn3711333.3%
Raul Neto to Zhaire Smith411425.0%
Kyle O'Quinn to Glenn Robinson III811333.3%
Kyle O'Quinn to Norvel Pelle211250.0%
Kyle O'Quinn to Alec Burks36141526.7%
Norvel Pelle to Ben Simmons4213560.0%
Norvel Pelle to Josh Richardson1815862.5%
Norvel Pelle to Trey Burke1812540.0%
Norvel Pelle to Tobias Harris30161442.9%
Norvel Pelle to Alec Burks1312633.3%
Glenn Robinson III to Furkan Korkmaz1411425.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Raul Neto3316875.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Tobias Harris1711520.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Alec Burks32131421.4%
Glenn Robinson III to Al Horford1211425.0%
Mike Scott to Matisse Thybulle3311812.5%
Mike Scott to Marial Shayok1111100.0%
Mike Scott to Norvel Pelle211250.0%
Marial Shayok to Norvel Pelle311250.0%
Ben Simmons to Marial Shayok3111100.0%
Zhaire Smith to Furkan Korkmaz1111100.0%
Zhaire Smith to Mike Scott1111100.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Alec Burks2213650.0%
Jonah Bolden to Matisse Thybulle20000.0%
Jonah Bolden to Furkan Korkmaz30000.0%
Jonah Bolden to Ben Simmons50000.0%
Jonah Bolden to Josh Richardson20000.0%
Jonah Bolden to Raul Neto10000.0%
Jonah Bolden to James Ennis III30010.0%
Jonah Bolden to Kyle O'Quinn10000.0%
Jonah Bolden to Tobias Harris10000.0%
Trey Burke to Zhaire Smith20010.0%
Trey Burke to Jonah Bolden20000.0%
Trey Burke to Raul Neto2401714.3%
Alec Burks to Norvel Pelle40000.0%
Joel Embiid to Zhaire Smith30020.0%
James Ennis III to Matisse Thybulle100020.0%
Tobias Harris to Marial Shayok20000.0%
Al Horford to Marial Shayok20020.0%
Al Horford to Kyle O'Quinn10000.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Marial Shayok30010.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Zhaire Smith20000.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Norvel Pelle50000.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Kyle O'Quinn190010.0%
Shake Milton to Zhaire Smith10010.0%
Shake Milton to Raul Neto270060.0%
Raul Neto to Marial Shayok70020.0%
Raul Neto to Jonah Bolden20000.0%
Raul Neto to Alec Burks2001520.0%
Kyle O'Quinn to Marial Shayok50010.0%
Kyle O'Quinn to Zhaire Smith2011100.0%
Norvel Pelle to Matisse Thybulle4011100.0%
Norvel Pelle to Marial Shayok20020.0%
Norvel Pelle to Shake Milton2101425.0%
Norvel Pelle to Furkan Korkmaz1601333.3%
Norvel Pelle to Glenn Robinson III10000.0%
Norvel Pelle to James Ennis III20000.0%
Norvel Pelle to Kyle O'Quinn20000.0%
Norvel Pelle to Mike Scott30000.0%
Josh Richardson to Jonah Bolden10000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Matisse Thybulle40000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Ben Simmons201250.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Josh Richardson1601250.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Norvel Pelle10000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Kyle O'Quinn30000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Mike Scott70010.0%
Mike Scott to Trey Burke107041233.3%
Mike Scott to Alec Burks4905955.6%
Marial Shayok to Matisse Thybulle10010.0%
Marial Shayok to Furkan Korkmaz10000.0%
Marial Shayok to Ben Simmons30000.0%
Marial Shayok to Raul Neto50010.0%
Marial Shayok to Kyle O'Quinn30000.0%
Marial Shayok to Mike Scott10000.0%
Marial Shayok to Tobias Harris20000.0%
Ben Simmons to Zhaire Smith30010.0%
Ben Simmons to Jonah Bolden30010.0%
Zhaire Smith to Shake Milton10000.0%
Zhaire Smith to Ben Simmons30020.0%
Zhaire Smith to Joel Embiid10000.0%
Zhaire Smith to Raul Neto30000.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Marial Shayok30000.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Zhaire Smith10000.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Jonah Bolden20010.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Glenn Robinson III60010.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Trey Burke2101250.0%