2019 Boston Celtics Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Boston Celtics averaged 283 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Marcus Smart to Jayson Tatum, with 65 assists on 540 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Marcus Smart to Jayson Tatum5406510123742.6%
Kemba Walker to Jaylen Brown421557616945.0%
Jayson Tatum to Jaylen Brown227536012050.0%
Kemba Walker to Jayson Tatum504487918442.9%
Gordon Hayward to Daniel Theis27347477959.5%
Marcus Smart to Gordon Hayward369475711748.7%
Kemba Walker to Daniel Theis27947478356.6%
Marcus Smart to Daniel Theis28344468256.1%
Gordon Hayward to Jayson Tatum295436313945.3%
Marcus Smart to Jaylen Brown320416014142.6%
Kemba Walker to Gordon Hayward471305012739.4%
Gordon Hayward to Jaylen Brown197283510234.3%
Jayson Tatum to Daniel Theis31528295949.2%
Jayson Tatum to Gordon Hayward26628418647.7%
Kemba Walker to Marcus Smart494274011734.2%
Brad Wanamaker to Jayson Tatum411276516938.5%
Brad Wanamaker to Jaylen Brown20927449546.3%
Marcus Smart to Kemba Walker419265313040.8%
Daniel Theis to Gordon Hayward26326419642.7%
Daniel Theis to Jayson Tatum305255613541.5%
Jayson Tatum to Kemba Walker762236815843.0%
Daniel Theis to Jaylen Brown22023409940.4%
Jayson Tatum to Marcus Smart45721349535.8%
Brad Wanamaker to Gordon Hayward25720379041.1%
Jaylen Brown to Daniel Theis21219193948.7%
Jaylen Brown to Kemba Walker363194410442.3%
Gordon Hayward to Marcus Smart364193310631.1%
Marcus Smart to Enes Kanter13619284957.1%
Brad Wanamaker to Marcus Smart29919277237.5%
Gordon Hayward to Kemba Walker453185112640.5%
Gordon Hayward to Enes Kanter8218213070.0%
Jayson Tatum to Brad Wanamaker39018246437.5%
Daniel Theis to Kemba Walker482174614032.9%
Jaylen Brown to Jayson Tatum17516289031.1%
Jaylen Brown to Gordon Hayward13616254259.5%
Jaylen Brown to Marcus Smart27815257433.8%
Daniel Theis to Marcus Smart34715318636.0%
Marcus Smart to Robert Williams III5514141687.5%
Brad Wanamaker to Grant Williams17514174240.5%
Kemba Walker to Enes Kanter8313142948.3%
Brad Wanamaker to Javonte Green8013132356.5%
Grant Williams to Jayson Tatum11513297041.4%
Kemba Walker to Grant Williams13012153542.9%
Brad Wanamaker to Enes Kanter16112204346.5%
Enes Kanter to Jayson Tatum15811357050.0%
Kemba Walker to Robert Williams III3911111764.7%
Brad Wanamaker to Kemba Walker13011225143.1%
Jaylen Brown to Enes Kanter9810142458.3%
Gordon Hayward to Semi Ojeleye4810102147.6%
Kemba Walker to Semi Ojeleye9410122548.0%
Grant Williams to Jaylen Brown6310173253.1%
Gordon Hayward to Brad Wanamaker1769122842.9%
Marcus Smart to Brad Wanamaker1919114325.6%
Jayson Tatum to Semi Ojeleye569102638.5%
Grant Williams to Gordon Hayward839123138.7%
Gordon Hayward to Grant Williams768102540.0%
Enes Kanter to Marcus Smart1538163941.0%
Enes Kanter to Gordon Hayward868143046.7%
Marcus Smart to Semi Ojeleye71892536.0%
Enes Kanter to Brad Wanamaker1617153938.5%
Jayson Tatum to Enes Kanter127792536.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Carsen Edwards1027143243.8%
Brad Wanamaker to Daniel Theis102772035.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Semi Ojeleye114771936.8%
Grant Williams to Brad Wanamaker2167143046.7%
Jaylen Brown to Grant Williams54661735.3%
Jaylen Brown to Brad Wanamaker1736103132.3%
Carsen Edwards to Brad Wanamaker97662030.0%
Gordon Hayward to Robert Williams III29661060.0%
Enes Kanter to Jaylen Brown1106164238.1%
Enes Kanter to Kemba Walker1196133438.2%
Semi Ojeleye to Jaylen Brown486112740.7%
Marcus Smart to Grant Williams109661931.6%
Semi Ojeleye to Brad Wanamaker2685102638.5%
Semi Ojeleye to Enes Kanter575101952.6%
Jayson Tatum to Javonte Green2255955.6%
Kemba Walker to Brad Wanamaker120551729.4%
Brad Wanamaker to Robert Williams III4256966.7%
Robert Williams III to Semi Ojeleye1556966.7%
Robert Williams III to Brad Wanamaker715111764.7%
Robert Williams III to Gordon Hayward255101190.9%
Grant Williams to Carsen Edwards39571546.7%
Grant Williams to Marcus Smart1395113432.4%
Grant Williams to Kemba Walker1895255248.1%
Grant Williams to Enes Kanter40561060.0%
Javonte Green to Vincent Poirier1644666.7%
Javonte Green to Grant Williams1844757.1%
Javonte Green to Brad Wanamaker106491850.0%
Marcus Smart to Romeo Langford1144666.7%
Jayson Tatum to Robert Williams III5944666.7%
Daniel Theis to Brad Wanamaker117482334.8%
Brad Wanamaker to Tacko Fall944757.1%
Carsen Edwards to Jayson Tatum36381361.5%
Carsen Edwards to Jaylen Brown1433560.0%
Javonte Green to Gordon Hayward1334757.1%
Enes Kanter to Javonte Green30351145.5%
Enes Kanter to Grant Williams3133560.0%
Romeo Langford to Semi Ojeleye1334757.1%
Semi Ojeleye to Robert Williams III13333100.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Jayson Tatum58362227.3%
Semi Ojeleye to Kemba Walker2263165131.4%
Vincent Poirier to Kemba Walker10344100.0%
Marcus Smart to Javonte Green28331225.0%
Kemba Walker to Javonte Green2833650.0%
Tremont Waters to Javonte Green2234757.1%
Tremont Waters to Semi Ojeleye2433650.0%
Tremont Waters to Jayson Tatum24361442.9%
Tremont Waters to Gordon Hayward1533742.9%
Robert Williams III to Javonte Green15355100.0%
Jaylen Brown to Javonte Green1523560.0%
Jaylen Brown to Vincent Poirier6222100.0%
Jaylen Brown to Robert Williams III3224666.7%
Jaylen Brown to Carsen Edwards1222540.0%
Jaylen Brown to Semi Ojeleye24221414.3%
Carsen Edwards to Javonte Green2222728.6%
Carsen Edwards to Semi Ojeleye1622540.0%
Carsen Edwards to Enes Kanter1222366.7%
Carsen Edwards to Gordon Hayward922540.0%
Javonte Green to Tacko Fall722366.7%
Javonte Green to Semi Ojeleye1322633.3%
Gordon Hayward to Vincent Poirier11222100.0%
Gordon Hayward to Carsen Edwards822633.3%
Enes Kanter to Semi Ojeleye36231323.1%
Romeo Langford to Javonte Green1023475.0%
Romeo Langford to Daniel Theis822366.7%
Semi Ojeleye to Javonte Green1823837.5%
Semi Ojeleye to Grant Williams3023933.3%
Semi Ojeleye to Romeo Langford1422450.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Daniel Theis3322366.7%
Vincent Poirier to Romeo Langford824580.0%
Marcus Smart to Carsen Edwards26221216.7%
Jayson Tatum to Grant Williams81221711.8%
Jayson Tatum to Carsen Edwards35221118.2%
Kemba Walker to Romeo Langford1622633.3%
Brad Wanamaker to Vincent Poirier1822728.6%
Brad Wanamaker to Romeo Langford53251729.4%
Tremont Waters to Enes Kanter1524580.0%
Robert Williams III to Jayson Tatum622123040.0%
Robert Williams III to Jaylen Brown31241233.3%
Robert Williams III to Marcus Smart59271353.8%
Robert Williams III to Kemba Walker62251631.3%
Grant Williams to Robert Williams III1622366.7%
Grant Williams to Daniel Theis3222633.3%
Grant Williams to Semi Ojeleye1923742.9%
Jaylen Brown to Romeo Langford711520.0%
Carsen Edwards to Robert Williams III811250.0%
Carsen Edwards to Daniel Theis9111100.0%
Carsen Edwards to Marcus Smart1712366.7%
Carsen Edwards to Kemba Walker3611812.5%
Tacko Fall to Brad Wanamaker8111100.0%
Javonte Green to Robert Williams III1211250.0%
Javonte Green to Carsen Edwards2511425.0%
Javonte Green to Daniel Theis1411333.3%
Javonte Green to Jayson Tatum24121020.0%
Javonte Green to Marcus Smart3613933.3%
Javonte Green to Kemba Walker57181457.1%
Javonte Green to Enes Kanter3112633.3%
Gordon Hayward to Javonte Green1211520.0%
Gordon Hayward to Romeo Langford1911714.3%
Enes Kanter to Tremont Waters1411250.0%
Enes Kanter to Carsen Edwards2211520.0%
Romeo Langford to Grant Williams1411333.3%
Romeo Langford to Tremont Waters612366.7%
Romeo Langford to Tacko Fall1111100.0%
Romeo Langford to Robert Williams III811250.0%
Romeo Langford to Jaylen Brown912450.0%
Romeo Langford to Kemba Walker2412825.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Tacko Fall2111100.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Carsen Edwards2712728.6%
Semi Ojeleye to Marcus Smart152151533.3%
Semi Ojeleye to Gordon Hayward3515955.6%
Vincent Poirier to Jaylen Brown1011333.3%
Vincent Poirier to Brad Wanamaker37121118.2%
Vincent Poirier to Gordon Hayward1212540.0%
Jayson Tatum to Tremont Waters2412728.6%
Daniel Theis to Javonte Green611250.0%
Daniel Theis to Semi Ojeleye1511425.0%
Kemba Walker to Vincent Poirier611250.0%
Kemba Walker to Carsen Edwards3312922.2%
Tremont Waters to Grant Williams10111100.0%
Tremont Waters to Robert Williams III211250.0%
Robert Williams III to Grant Williams2111250.0%
Robert Williams III to Romeo Langford211250.0%
Robert Williams III to Carsen Edwards1611250.0%
Grant Williams to Vincent Poirier8111100.0%
Grant Williams to Romeo Langford1011333.3%
Grant Williams to Tacko Fall3122100.0%
Jaylen Brown to Tremont Waters40010.0%
Carsen Edwards to Vincent Poirier1701425.0%
Carsen Edwards to Grant Williams4101812.5%
Carsen Edwards to Tremont Waters701250.0%
Carsen Edwards to Romeo Langford10010.0%
Carsen Edwards to Tacko Fall10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Javonte Green10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Grant Williams40000.0%
Tacko Fall to Romeo Langford10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Carsen Edwards30020.0%
Tacko Fall to Semi Ojeleye10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Jaylen Brown10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Marcus Smart10010.0%
Tacko Fall to Kemba Walker10000.0%
Javonte Green to Tremont Waters2001425.0%
Javonte Green to Romeo Langford110050.0%
Javonte Green to Jaylen Brown1302366.7%
Gordon Hayward to Tremont Waters200040.0%
Enes Kanter to Romeo Langford1001250.0%
Romeo Langford to Vincent Poirier50000.0%
Romeo Langford to Carsen Edwards20010.0%
Romeo Langford to Jayson Tatum1701616.7%
Romeo Langford to Marcus Smart1602633.3%
Romeo Langford to Brad Wanamaker340020.0%
Romeo Langford to Enes Kanter2201425.0%
Romeo Langford to Gordon Hayward1003475.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Vincent Poirier70030.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Tremont Waters55021118.2%
Vincent Poirier to Javonte Green1302540.0%
Vincent Poirier to Grant Williams80030.0%
Vincent Poirier to Tremont Waters40010.0%
Vincent Poirier to Carsen Edwards2101616.7%
Vincent Poirier to Semi Ojeleye60030.0%
Vincent Poirier to Jayson Tatum10000.0%
Vincent Poirier to Marcus Smart1001250.0%
Marcus Smart to Vincent Poirier110020.0%
Marcus Smart to Tremont Waters8022100.0%
Marcus Smart to Tacko Fall10000.0%
Jayson Tatum to Vincent Poirier70010.0%
Jayson Tatum to Romeo Langford150070.0%
Daniel Theis to Grant Williams150010.0%
Daniel Theis to Tremont Waters70030.0%
Daniel Theis to Romeo Langford50010.0%
Daniel Theis to Carsen Edwards1101425.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Tremont Waters1302450.0%
Tremont Waters to Vincent Poirier30010.0%
Tremont Waters to Romeo Langford130040.0%
Tremont Waters to Carsen Edwards70020.0%
Tremont Waters to Daniel Theis50000.0%
Tremont Waters to Jaylen Brown5011100.0%
Tremont Waters to Marcus Smart100020.0%
Tremont Waters to Brad Wanamaker100000.0%
Robert Williams III to Tremont Waters30000.0%
Robert Williams III to Enes Kanter10000.0%
Grant Williams to Javonte Green210090.0%
Grant Williams to Tremont Waters170030.0%