2019 Chicago Bulls Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Chicago Bulls averaged 286 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Tomas Satoransky to Zach LaVine, with 97 assists on 1039 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Tomas Satoransky to Zach LaVine10399717040242.3%
Tomas Satoransky to Lauri Markkanen410616917539.4%
Zach LaVine to Lauri Markkanen295465415534.8%
Kris Dunn to Zach LaVine413437416245.7%
Zach LaVine to Tomas Satoransky684415713741.6%
Tomas Satoransky to Thaddeus Young328414811143.2%
Tomas Satoransky to Wendell Carter Jr.27835418946.1%
Coby White to Thaddeus Young330354911044.5%
Kris Dunn to Thaddeus Young20732357745.5%
Zach LaVine to Thaddeus Young23931388743.7%
Kris Dunn to Lauri Markkanen20729348838.6%
Zach LaVine to Wendell Carter Jr.24729317839.7%
Zach LaVine to Coby White23323318138.3%
Kris Dunn to Coby White275214410243.1%
Lauri Markkanen to Zach LaVine321204711640.5%
Tomas Satoransky to Coby White26320368741.4%
Tomas Satoransky to Kris Dunn28220267534.7%
Zach LaVine to Luke Kornet10119203557.1%
Coby White to Wendell Carter Jr.10419193455.9%
Thaddeus Young to Coby White412193611631.0%
Thaddeus Young to Zach LaVine363195613043.1%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Coby White318183510533.3%
Tomas Satoransky to Luke Kornet13818193948.7%
Coby White to Ryan Arcidiacono26518205139.2%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Thaddeus Young16617225837.9%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Zach LaVine28016308734.5%
Coby White to Zach LaVine24216369438.3%
Kris Dunn to Wendell Carter Jr.11314173745.9%
Tomas Satoransky to Daniel Gafford7814142263.6%
Thaddeus Young to Kris Dunn27814225341.5%
Zach LaVine to Chandler Hutchison5013132356.5%
Zach LaVine to Kris Dunn25313274560.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Tomas Satoransky54513387650.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Shaquille Harrison9013132650.0%
Coby White to Lauri Markkanen11413154632.6%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Chandler Hutchison4812122450.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Tomas Satoransky33812235939.0%
Zach LaVine to Daniel Gafford6512122548.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Denzel Valentine8012173745.9%
Coby White to Denzel Valentine12112144035.0%
Thaddeus Young to Ryan Arcidiacono21112144332.6%
Thaddeus Young to Tomas Satoransky45712266639.4%
Kris Dunn to Tomas Satoransky33311257334.2%
Coby White to Shaquille Harrison9611163545.7%
Luke Kornet to Zach LaVine11210194839.6%
Lauri Markkanen to Kris Dunn20510143145.2%
Coby White to Kris Dunn18010122842.9%
Thaddeus Young to Daniel Gafford3610101758.8%
Denzel Valentine to Coby White1239143540.0%
Coby White to Luke Kornet83992437.5%
Coby White to Otto Porter Jr.539143145.2%
Thaddeus Young to Lauri Markkanen439112152.4%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Lauri Markkanen518102343.5%
Shaquille Harrison to Denzel Valentine478111764.7%
Chandler Hutchison to Luke Kornet27881650.0%
Zach LaVine to Otto Porter Jr.31881844.4%
Lauri Markkanen to Coby White1588184540.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Wendell Carter Jr.678102441.7%
Otto Porter Jr. to Wendell Carter Jr.44881650.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Otto Porter Jr.968153444.1%
Denzel Valentine to Daniel Gafford22881266.7%
Coby White to Daniel Gafford60891560.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Denzel Valentine807164040.0%
Kris Dunn to Luke Kornet68772035.0%
Luke Kornet to Thaddeus Young387101471.4%
Zach LaVine to Ryan Arcidiacono68771643.8%
Zach LaVine to Cristiano Felicio55781553.3%
Tomas Satoransky to Chandler Hutchison66773420.6%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Kris Dunn97682532.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Coby White1596205337.7%
Kris Dunn to Daniel Gafford31671258.3%
Shaquille Harrison to Coby White1326153641.7%
Shaquille Harrison to Thaddeus Young44671353.8%
Chandler Hutchison to Tomas Satoransky100692142.9%
Denzel Valentine to Thaddeus Young716102835.7%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Wendell Carter Jr.41571258.3%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Tomas Satoransky6757977.8%
Kris Dunn to Ryan Arcidiacono92592339.1%
Daniel Gafford to Coby White1055112740.7%
Shaquille Harrison to Lauri Markkanen25551435.7%
Luke Kornet to Chandler Hutchison26571450.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Lauri Markkanen25551435.7%
Tomas Satoransky to Ryan Arcidiacono56571546.7%
Coby White to Chandler Hutchison59572330.4%
Coby White to Tomas Satoransky2215124228.6%
Thaddeus Young to Wendell Carter Jr.32571163.6%
Thaddeus Young to Denzel Valentine69571838.9%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Luke Kornet50442218.2%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Shaquille Harrison43461540.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Zach LaVine1104164436.4%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Lauri Markkanen73472528.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Coby White91442119.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Zach LaVine1064144035.0%
Daniel Gafford to Denzel Valentine18461060.0%
Daniel Gafford to Zach LaVine73492634.6%
Shaquille Harrison to Ryan Arcidiacono4244850.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Tomas Satoransky117492142.9%
Chandler Hutchison to Zach LaVine634102540.0%
Denzel Valentine to Luke Kornet1144666.7%
Coby White to Adam Mokoka2445683.3%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Denzel Valentine38352025.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Kris Dunn149372924.1%
Kris Dunn to Chandler Hutchison28341040.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Ryan Arcidiacono3133650.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Chandler Hutchison1334757.1%
Shaquille Harrison to Wendell Carter Jr.2733650.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Zach LaVine38351435.7%
Chandler Hutchison to Coby White90392536.0%
Luke Kornet to Coby White96392142.9%
Zach LaVine to Shaquille Harrison2434850.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Daniel Gafford10333100.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Shaquille Harrison2934666.7%
Lauri Markkanen to Denzel Valentine2136966.7%
Lauri Markkanen to Otto Porter Jr.26351050.0%
Denzel Valentine to Zach LaVine2135862.5%
Thaddeus Young to Chandler Hutchison53372231.8%
Thaddeus Young to Cristiano Felicio1933650.0%
Thaddeus Young to Otto Porter Jr.2434944.4%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Adam Mokoka1722825.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Daniel Gafford2022450.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Cristiano Felicio15222100.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Shaquille Harrison2523650.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Ryan Arcidiacono63231030.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Thaddeus Young43231225.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Denzel Valentine1524757.1%
Daniel Gafford to Lauri Markkanen722366.7%
Daniel Gafford to Shaquille Harrison2323650.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Daniel Gafford1622366.7%
Shaquille Harrison to Luke Kornet1522366.7%
Chandler Hutchison to Ryan Arcidiacono54241136.4%
Chandler Hutchison to Thaddeus Young26231030.0%
Luke Kornet to Tomas Satoransky121261735.3%
Lauri Markkanen to Ryan Arcidiacono5223837.5%
Otto Porter Jr. to Coby White3522922.2%
Otto Porter Jr. to Luke Kornet722450.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Ryan Arcidiacono2222366.7%
Otto Porter Jr. to Tomas Satoransky6323933.3%
Otto Porter Jr. to Thaddeus Young29231030.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Cristiano Felicio5222825.0%
Denzel Valentine to Chandler Hutchison1524757.1%
Denzel Valentine to Lauri Markkanen21231030.0%
Denzel Valentine to Shaquille Harrison42241428.6%
Denzel Valentine to Ryan Arcidiacono4922540.0%
Denzel Valentine to Tomas Satoransky4922922.2%
Coby White to Cristiano Felicio6622450.0%
Thaddeus Young to Luke Kornet34221118.2%
Thaddeus Young to Shaquille Harrison3422922.2%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Otto Porter Jr.35121414.3%
Kris Dunn to Denzel Valentine27131225.0%
Kris Dunn to Cristiano Felicio1911250.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Kris Dunn25133100.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Tomas Satoransky81131225.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Thaddeus Young3111616.7%
Daniel Gafford to Kris Dunn4211425.0%
Daniel Gafford to Otto Porter Jr.1013475.0%
Daniel Gafford to Tomas Satoransky8715955.6%
Shaquille Harrison to Adam Mokoka811333.3%
Shaquille Harrison to Otto Porter Jr.711333.3%
Chandler Hutchison to Wendell Carter Jr.611250.0%
Luke Kornet to Shaquille Harrison1712540.0%
Luke Kornet to Ryan Arcidiacono4212540.0%
Luke Kornet to Kris Dunn5013742.9%
Luke Kornet to Otto Porter Jr.6133100.0%
Zach LaVine to Adam Mokoka411250.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Chandler Hutchison1211425.0%
Adam Mokoka to Daniel Gafford2111100.0%
Adam Mokoka to Coby White26141136.4%
Adam Mokoka to Shaquille Harrison1614850.0%
Adam Mokoka to Ryan Arcidiacono1114666.7%
Otto Porter Jr. to Adam Mokoka1111100.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Zach LaVine26131030.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Adam Mokoka1211333.3%
Denzel Valentine to Max Strus2111100.0%
Denzel Valentine to Wendell Carter Jr.26121020.0%
Denzel Valentine to Kris Dunn20122100.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Max Strus10010.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Otto Porter Jr.130020.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Chandler Hutchison801333.3%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Brook Lopez10000.0%
Kris Dunn to Shaquille Harrison702366.7%
Kris Dunn to Otto Porter Jr.130040.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Adam Mokoka50010.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Chandler Hutchison70030.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Lauri Markkanen30010.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Shaquille Harrison180060.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Otto Porter Jr.10000.0%
Daniel Gafford to Adam Mokoka20000.0%
Daniel Gafford to Max Strus10000.0%
Daniel Gafford to Chandler Hutchison10000.0%
Daniel Gafford to Ryan Arcidiacono270020.0%
Daniel Gafford to Thaddeus Young3802540.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Max Strus10000.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Kris Dunn100020.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Cristiano Felicio130010.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Daniel Gafford30010.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Lauri Markkanen90050.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Shaquille Harrison17022100.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Denzel Valentine110000.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Kris Dunn3202540.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Cristiano Felicio50000.0%
Luke Kornet to Adam Mokoka10010.0%
Luke Kornet to Lauri Markkanen801425.0%
Luke Kornet to Denzel Valentine2501812.5%
Zach LaVine to Denzel Valentine1201250.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Luke Kornet80040.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Thaddeus Young38021315.4%
Adam Mokoka to Wendell Carter Jr.20010.0%
Adam Mokoka to Denzel Valentine50010.0%
Adam Mokoka to Cristiano Felicio20000.0%
Adam Mokoka to Zach LaVine501250.0%
Adam Mokoka to Otto Porter Jr.20000.0%
Adam Mokoka to Tomas Satoransky50010.0%
Adam Mokoka to Thaddeus Young20010.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Daniel Gafford40010.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Shaquille Harrison70030.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Kris Dunn90010.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Tyler Herro10000.0%
Max Strus to Shaquille Harrison10010.0%
Max Strus to Ryan Arcidiacono30010.0%
Max Strus to Denzel Valentine10000.0%
Denzel Valentine to Adam Mokoka30010.0%
Denzel Valentine to Cristiano Felicio60020.0%
Denzel Valentine to Otto Porter Jr.30020.0%
Thaddeus Young to Adam Mokoka20000.0%
Thaddeus Young to Max Strus10000.0%