2019 Cleveland Cavaliers Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Cleveland Cavaliers averaged 290 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Cedi Osman to Kevin Love, with 59 assists on 439 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Cedi Osman to Kevin Love439598117346.8%
Kevin Love to Collin Sexton7734911628540.7%
Kevin Love to Cedi Osman343406213047.7%
Darius Garland to Kevin Love454394913536.3%
Collin Sexton to Tristan Thompson405395310849.1%
Collin Sexton to Kevin Love469395613641.2%
Matthew Dellavedova to Kevin Love22738459646.9%
Darius Garland to Cedi Osman306384310242.2%
Darius Garland to Collin Sexton477356415142.4%
Darius Garland to Tristan Thompson48134439943.4%
Collin Sexton to Cedi Osman28231368840.9%
Collin Sexton to Larry Nance Jr.28630317143.7%
Kevin Love to Tristan Thompson18829387054.3%
Cedi Osman to Collin Sexton344276012448.4%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Larry Nance Jr.17627305554.5%
Tristan Thompson to Cedi Osman270243910039.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Larry Nance Jr.23023296544.6%
Tristan Thompson to Darius Garland701235914141.8%
Tristan Thompson to Collin Sexton607237017739.5%
Darius Garland to Larry Nance Jr.21622265052.0%
Cedi Osman to Darius Garland372224010139.6%
Tristan Thompson to Kevin Love14522267733.8%
Matthew Dellavedova to Cedi Osman11821234748.9%
Kevin Love to Darius Garland447214610245.1%
Larry Nance Jr. to Collin Sexton412214712138.8%
Matthew Dellavedova to Collin Sexton18620327244.4%
Larry Nance Jr. to Kevin Porter Jr.21619278133.3%
Matthew Dellavedova to Jordan Clarkson18818286344.4%
Jordan Clarkson to Larry Nance Jr.14417183847.4%
Cedi Osman to Tristan Thompson21517266937.7%
Collin Sexton to Darius Garland51117338140.7%
Matthew Dellavedova to Tristan Thompson13216173351.5%
Darius Garland to Kevin Porter Jr.14616245742.1%
Larry Nance Jr. to Darius Garland33914257533.3%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Tristan Thompson8013173548.6%
Jordan Clarkson to Kevin Porter Jr.6411132650.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Alfonzo McKinnie5111123138.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to Cedi Osman14311175431.5%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jordan Clarkson17811246238.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to Tristan Thompson8111122941.4%
Matthew Dellavedova to John Henson4510101662.5%
Darius Garland to John Henson8810102245.5%
John Henson to Kevin Porter Jr.8010112740.7%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Ante Zizic2110111478.6%
Kevin Porter Jr. to John Henson6410101662.5%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Kevin Love11010134032.5%
Jordan Clarkson to Kevin Love819102934.5%
Matthew Dellavedova to Kevin Porter Jr.1169153938.5%
Kevin Love to Larry Nance Jr.929122744.4%
Kevin Love to Matthew Dellavedova2389123040.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Darius Garland1399204445.5%
Tristan Thompson to Kevin Porter Jr.949174141.5%
Jordan Clarkson to Tristan Thompson808102540.0%
Darius Garland to Jordan Clarkson728142850.0%
John Henson to Larry Nance Jr.38881457.1%
John Henson to Jordan Clarkson618142360.9%
Kevin Love to Kevin Porter Jr.988123633.3%
Larry Nance Jr. to Kevin Love648113036.7%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Jordan Clarkson62893327.3%
Darius Garland to Alfonzo McKinnie55782630.8%
Darius Garland to Andre Drummond567101662.5%
Cedi Osman to Larry Nance Jr.97792339.1%
Cedi Osman to Andre Drummond377112347.8%
Collin Sexton to Alfonzo McKinnie33771450.0%
Collin Sexton to Andre Drummond44771643.8%
Andre Drummond to Kevin Love1966966.7%
Dante Exum to Alfonzo McKinnie19661154.5%
Brandon Knight to Kevin Love28681457.1%
Kevin Love to Andre Drummond35691560.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Collin Sexton1156153542.9%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Alfonzo McKinnie24661346.2%
Collin Sexton to Kevin Porter Jr.1026163842.1%
Collin Sexton to Ante Zizic2366875.0%
Tristan Thompson to Larry Nance Jr.37681361.5%
Tristan Thompson to Jordan Clarkson936122548.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Alfonzo McKinnie1755683.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Cedi Osman42551145.5%
Jordan Clarkson to John Henson47561250.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Ante Zizic32551241.7%
Dante Exum to Larry Nance Jr.66561154.5%
Darius Garland to Dante Exum69571838.9%
Collin Sexton to John Henson58551533.3%
Matthew Dellavedova to Darius Garland39451533.3%
Matthew Dellavedova to Alfonzo McKinnie34441723.5%
Dante Exum to Darius Garland80471838.9%
Dante Exum to Collin Sexton84471936.8%
Brandon Knight to Ante Zizic1644666.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to John Henson42441428.6%
Larry Nance Jr. to Andre Drummond1845862.5%
Cedi Osman to Alfonzo McKinnie1344757.1%
Cedi Osman to Jordan Clarkson58482138.1%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Cedi Osman38441330.8%
Tristan Thompson to Matthew Dellavedova203472528.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Darius Garland76341723.5%
Andre Drummond to Cedi Osman3833933.3%
Dante Exum to Cedi Osman2335955.6%
Dante Exum to John Henson34331030.0%
Dante Exum to Kevin Love2334944.4%
John Henson to Collin Sexton51351338.5%
John Henson to Dante Exum40351050.0%
Brandon Knight to Darius Garland45361154.5%
Brandon Knight to Jordan Clarkson2535862.5%
Kevin Love to Jordan Clarkson1073102835.7%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Cedi Osman1833650.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Larry Nance Jr.3035862.5%
Larry Nance Jr. to Dante Exum74371741.2%
Larry Nance Jr. to Matthew Dellavedova282372825.0%
Cedi Osman to Kevin Porter Jr.2835955.6%
Cedi Osman to Matthew Dellavedova122351435.7%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Matthew Dellavedova92361637.5%
Jordan Clarkson to Collin Sexton80292142.9%
Jordan Clarkson to Matthew Dellavedova119221513.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Brandon Knight2222540.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Dean Wade7222100.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Dante Exum10222100.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Andre Drummond1622540.0%
Andre Drummond to Darius Garland74231225.0%
Dante Exum to Kevin Porter Jr.30251145.5%
Darius Garland to Dean Wade1022366.7%
Darius Garland to Ante Zizic2322922.2%
John Henson to Darius Garland100271936.8%
John Henson to Alfonzo McKinnie2323837.5%
John Henson to Matthew Dellavedova5124944.4%
Brandon Knight to Collin Sexton37261060.0%
Brandon Knight to Cedi Osman1322540.0%
Brandon Knight to Larry Nance Jr.1522450.0%
Brandon Knight to Dante Exum15271070.0%
Brandon Knight to Tristan Thompson3323933.3%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Kevin Porter Jr.29271353.8%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Collin Sexton912102245.5%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Brandon Knight3625862.5%
Cedi Osman to Ante Zizic823560.0%
Cedi Osman to Brandon Knight1522633.3%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Andre Drummond1723933.3%
Collin Sexton to Jordan Clarkson74282236.4%
Ante Zizic to Kevin Porter Jr.2225862.5%
Tyler Cook to Dean Wade2111100.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Brandon Knight611250.0%
Andre Drummond to Larry Nance Jr.1512450.0%
Andre Drummond to Dante Exum611333.3%
Andre Drummond to Matthew Dellavedova2511333.3%
Dante Exum to Dean Wade311250.0%
Dante Exum to Ante Zizic411250.0%
Dante Exum to Tristan Thompson1914580.0%
Darius Garland to Matt Mooney1111100.0%
Darius Garland to Tyler Cook9111100.0%
Darius Garland to Matthew Dellavedova3512728.6%
Darius Garland to Brandon Knight4911812.5%
John Henson to Cedi Osman1913933.3%
John Henson to Kevin Love612450.0%
Brandon Knight to Dean Wade211250.0%
Brandon Knight to Kevin Porter Jr.1312825.0%
Brandon Knight to Tyler Cook3111100.0%
Brandon Knight to Alfonzo McKinnie1511714.3%
Brandon Knight to Matthew Dellavedova7122100.0%
Kevin Love to Dante Exum2011520.0%
Kevin Love to John Henson411333.3%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Darius Garland94162326.1%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Tyler Cook2111100.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to John Henson1411425.0%
Matt Mooney to Tristan Thompson1111100.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Ante Zizic411333.3%
Larry Nance Jr. to Brandon Knight2211333.3%
Cedi Osman to Dante Exum2011425.0%
Cedi Osman to John Henson16111100.0%
Collin Sexton to Tyler Cook311250.0%
Collin Sexton to Dante Exum4611425.0%
Collin Sexton to Matthew Dellavedova152141428.6%
Collin Sexton to Brandon Knight2512825.0%
Tristan Thompson to Alfonzo McKinnie1712540.0%
Tristan Thompson to Andre Drummond3111100.0%
Tristan Thompson to Brandon Knight4012728.6%
Dean Wade to Matthew Dellavedova1811333.3%
Dean Wade to Kevin Love2111100.0%
Ante Zizic to Cedi Osman1514666.7%
Ante Zizic to Matthew Dellavedova5312450.0%
Ante Zizic to Brandon Knight25151050.0%
Ante Zizic to Kevin Love311333.3%
Marques Bolden to Kevin Porter Jr.10010.0%
Marques Bolden to Darius Garland20000.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Dean Wade10000.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Ante Zizic130020.0%
Tyler Cook to Matt Mooney10000.0%
Tyler Cook to Kevin Porter Jr.10000.0%
Tyler Cook to Darius Garland1001425.0%
Tyler Cook to Collin Sexton40000.0%
Tyler Cook to Cedi Osman40010.0%
Tyler Cook to Larry Nance Jr.20000.0%
Tyler Cook to Dante Exum40020.0%
Tyler Cook to Matthew Dellavedova6011100.0%
Tyler Cook to Brandon Knight70030.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Tyler Cook50010.0%
Andre Drummond to Kevin Porter Jr.140050.0%
Andre Drummond to Collin Sexton6503933.3%
Andre Drummond to Tristan Thompson10000.0%
Dante Exum to Tyler Cook301333.3%
Dante Exum to Malik Newman20000.0%
Dante Exum to Matthew Dellavedova160030.0%
Dante Exum to Andre Drummond10000.0%
Dante Exum to Brandon Knight40000.0%
Darius Garland to J.P. Macura10000.0%
John Henson to Anzejs Pasecniks10000.0%
John Henson to Brandon Knight1101714.3%
Brandon Knight to John Henson40010.0%
Kevin Love to Matt Mooney10000.0%
Kevin Love to Alfonzo McKinnie120030.0%
Kevin Love to Ante Zizic40020.0%
Kevin Love to Brandon Knight4101911.1%
J.P. Macura to Darius Garland10000.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Matt Mooney10000.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Dean Wade20000.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Malik Newman10010.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Ante Zizic6011100.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Dante Exum2301616.7%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Jordan Clarkson2200110.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Matthew Dellavedova7001250.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Tristan Thompson90010.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Kevin Love1602633.3%
Matt Mooney to Dean Wade10010.0%
Matt Mooney to Collin Sexton601250.0%
Matt Mooney to Larry Nance Jr.20000.0%
Matt Mooney to Matthew Dellavedova60000.0%
Matt Mooney to Kevin Love20010.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Matt Mooney60020.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Dean Wade20000.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Tyler Cook10010.0%
Malik Newman to Dean Wade20000.0%
Malik Newman to Alfonzo McKinnie10000.0%
Malik Newman to Dante Exum20000.0%
Cedi Osman to Matt Mooney20000.0%
Cedi Osman to Dean Wade20000.0%
Cedi Osman to Tyler Cook10000.0%
Cedi Osman to Pascal Siakam10000.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Dean Wade20000.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Tyler Cook10000.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Dante Exum1502450.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Brandon Knight260050.0%
Collin Sexton to Matt Mooney20010.0%
Collin Sexton to Dean Wade20000.0%
Tristan Thompson to Dante Exum2902825.0%
Dean Wade to Kevin Porter Jr.301333.3%
Dean Wade to Darius Garland110030.0%
Dean Wade to Tyler Cook10000.0%
Dean Wade to Collin Sexton801333.3%
Dean Wade to Malik Newman50010.0%
Dean Wade to Alfonzo McKinnie701425.0%
Dean Wade to Ante Zizic10000.0%
Dean Wade to Cedi Osman10000.0%
Dean Wade to Larry Nance Jr.20000.0%
Dean Wade to Dante Exum701333.3%
Dean Wade to Brandon Knight8033100.0%
Ante Zizic to Dean Wade10000.0%
Ante Zizic to Darius Garland38021020.0%
Ante Zizic to Collin Sexton2505862.5%
Ante Zizic to Alfonzo McKinnie100020.0%
Ante Zizic to Larry Nance Jr.60000.0%
Ante Zizic to Dante Exum40000.0%
Ante Zizic to Jordan Clarkson90010.0%