2019 Oklahoma City Thunder Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Oklahoma City Thunder averaged 288 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Chris Paul to Danilo Gallinari, with 89 assists on 737 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Chris Paul to Danilo Gallinari7378911729140.2%
Chris Paul to Steven Adams553779718652.2%
Chris Paul to Dennis Schroder6467611824348.6%
Chris Paul to Nerlens Noel20653537174.6%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Danilo Gallinari462436617338.2%
Dennis Schroder to Danilo Gallinari367435914141.8%
Dennis Schroder to Nerlens Noel25641416860.3%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Steven Adams32840457460.8%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Dennis Schroder643397417143.3%
Chris Paul to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander671379825937.8%
Steven Adams to Dennis Schroder620356313447.0%
Steven Adams to Danilo Gallinari283314711939.5%
Danilo Gallinari to Steven Adams24727396956.5%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Nerlens Noel17427275152.9%
Chris Paul to Darius Bazley15327338737.9%
Dennis Schroder to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander657278720442.6%
Dennis Schroder to Hamidou Diallo18626347644.7%
Dennis Schroder to Steven Adams30825305950.8%
Dennis Schroder to Abdel Nader19024276342.9%
Chris Paul to Hamidou Diallo8823234748.9%
Chris Paul to Terrance Ferguson18922227529.3%
Chris Paul to Mike Muscala14122225738.6%
Danilo Gallinari to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander422205312044.2%
Steven Adams to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander550197516246.3%
Chris Paul to Abdel Nader9418195335.8%
Danilo Gallinari to Dennis Schroder41917398744.8%
Chris Paul to Luguentz Dort11517185234.6%
Dennis Schroder to Mike Muscala19117175034.0%
Steven Adams to Terrance Ferguson9315152853.6%
Steven Adams to Abdel Nader6215173253.1%
Danilo Gallinari to Chris Paul750156914148.9%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Darius Bazley11915164734.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Chris Paul538155912248.4%
Danilo Gallinari to Nerlens Noel11414163151.6%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Hamidou Diallo6713143342.4%
Nerlens Noel to Dennis Schroder59513338240.2%
Dennis Schroder to Luguentz Dort8613133438.2%
Dennis Schroder to Darius Bazley18513157021.4%
Steven Adams to Chris Paul965129418151.9%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Mike Muscala10012122842.9%
Dennis Schroder to Terrance Ferguson11712123237.5%
Danilo Gallinari to Luguentz Dort5511152853.6%
Mike Muscala to Dennis Schroder32011256538.5%
Luguentz Dort to Danilo Gallinari6010122646.2%
Terrance Ferguson to Danilo Gallinari6510133043.3%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Luguentz Dort10210124725.5%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Terrance Ferguson9810103330.3%
Mike Muscala to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander16910224746.8%
Dennis Schroder to Chris Paul632105113138.9%
Terrance Ferguson to Darius Bazley29991560.0%
Nerlens Noel to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander3399348440.5%
Hamidou Diallo to Darius Bazley51891369.2%
Hamidou Diallo to Dennis Schroder1778204346.5%
Nerlens Noel to Abdel Nader468111861.1%
Dennis Schroder to Deonte Burton74883125.8%
Terrance Ferguson to Chris Paul1147162955.2%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Abdel Nader53771838.9%
Abdel Nader to Steven Adams42781080.0%
Nerlens Noel to Hamidou Diallo42781942.1%
Steven Adams to Luguentz Dort43671741.2%
Darius Bazley to Dennis Schroder2726296643.9%
Luguentz Dort to Nerlens Noel22661154.5%
Terrance Ferguson to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander99693228.1%
Terrance Ferguson to Dennis Schroder86692634.6%
Nerlens Noel to Terrance Ferguson38661540.0%
Nerlens Noel to Danilo Gallinari1056123336.4%
Chris Paul to Deonte Burton34661540.0%
Steven Adams to Darius Bazley41561735.3%
Darius Bazley to Hamidou Diallo63571936.8%
Darius Bazley to Abdel Nader38551435.7%
Darius Bazley to Mike Muscala2555862.5%
Terrance Ferguson to Steven Adams73592142.9%
Abdel Nader to Deonte Burton21561154.5%
Abdel Nader to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander59581650.0%
Abdel Nader to Mike Muscala24561154.5%
Abdel Nader to Dennis Schroder1535134131.7%
Darius Bazley to Steven Adams3745862.5%
Hamidou Diallo to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander924102050.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Steven Adams3444580.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Abdel Nader18451241.7%
Mike Muscala to Abdel Nader39461346.2%
Steven Adams to Hamidou Diallo37331323.1%
Darius Bazley to Luguentz Dort24341428.6%
Darius Bazley to Nerlens Noel3233560.0%
Darius Bazley to Chris Paul2243204445.5%
Deonte Burton to Hamidou Diallo2633933.3%
Deonte Burton to Abdel Nader29351338.5%
Hamidou Diallo to Abdel Nader26341040.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Chris Paul963162369.6%
Luguentz Dort to Mike Muscala1933650.0%
Luguentz Dort to Dennis Schroder61351729.4%
Luguentz Dort to Chris Paul853142653.8%
Terrance Ferguson to Abdel Nader18341136.4%
Terrance Ferguson to Nerlens Noel3133650.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Mike Muscala3633933.3%
Devon Hall to Mike Muscala1233560.0%
Mike Muscala to Darius Bazley39341233.3%
Mike Muscala to Chris Paul1843163348.5%
Abdel Nader to Nerlens Noel4534757.1%
Nerlens Noel to Darius Bazley44351533.3%
Nerlens Noel to Deonte Burton1033560.0%
Steven Adams to Deonte Burton822540.0%
Darius Bazley to Deonte Burton31231030.0%
Darius Bazley to Danilo Gallinari722366.7%
Deonte Burton to Darius Bazley1923742.9%
Deonte Burton to Kevin Hervey922728.6%
Deonte Burton to Dennis Schroder60261637.5%
Hamidou Diallo to Danilo Gallinari17241040.0%
Luguentz Dort to Darius Bazley1423837.5%
Danilo Gallinari to Hamidou Diallo1423650.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Terrance Ferguson58231421.4%
Devon Hall to Kevin Hervey1523650.0%
Devon Hall to Hamidou Diallo23231127.3%
Devon Hall to Abdel Nader1824757.1%
Devon Hall to Andre Roberson522366.7%
Mike Muscala to Luguentz Dort1722540.0%
Mike Muscala to Deonte Burton1823933.3%
Mike Muscala to Hamidou Diallo4723933.3%
Mike Muscala to Terrance Ferguson1022540.0%
Abdel Nader to Darius Bazley1823650.0%
Abdel Nader to Justin Patton622450.0%
Abdel Nader to Danilo Gallinari1223650.0%
Nerlens Noel to Chris Paul4452357149.3%
Andre Roberson to Hamidou Diallo1223475.0%
Steven Adams to Andre Roberson2111100.0%
Darius Bazley to Devon Hall3911520.0%
Darius Bazley to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander1791194344.2%
Darius Bazley to Andre Roberson511333.3%
Deonte Burton to Luguentz Dort1211425.0%
Deonte Burton to Devon Hall1211520.0%
Deonte Burton to Terrance Ferguson511250.0%
Deonte Burton to Nerlens Noel611333.3%
Deonte Burton to Chris Paul3011333.3%
Hamidou Diallo to Luguentz Dort1112450.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Deonte Burton3411119.1%
Hamidou Diallo to Mike Muscala4011714.3%
Hamidou Diallo to Nerlens Noel40111100.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Mike Muscala811250.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Justin Patton211250.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Deonte Burton1511425.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Andre Roberson911333.3%
Devon Hall to Deonte Burton1212540.0%
Devon Hall to Terrance Ferguson911333.3%
Kevin Hervey to Luguentz Dort3111100.0%
Kevin Hervey to Darius Bazley612366.7%
Kevin Hervey to Devon Hall911425.0%
Kevin Hervey to Hamidou Diallo711250.0%
Kevin Hervey to Terrance Ferguson211250.0%
Mike Muscala to Andre Roberson611250.0%
Mike Muscala to Danilo Gallinari34131323.1%
Abdel Nader to Terrance Ferguson1911425.0%
Abdel Nader to Chris Paul64151533.3%
Justin Patton to Darius Bazley3111100.0%
Justin Patton to Deonte Burton13122100.0%
Chris Paul to Andre Roberson1011520.0%
Andre Roberson to Deonte Burton711250.0%
Andre Roberson to Devon Hall611250.0%
Dennis Schroder to Justin Patton3111100.0%
Steven Adams to Kevin Hervey10000.0%
Steven Adams to Mike Muscala40020.0%
Darius Bazley to Kevin Hervey10000.0%
Darius Bazley to Terrance Ferguson170050.0%
Darius Bazley to Justin Patton50010.0%
Deonte Burton to Isaiah Roby20010.0%
Deonte Burton to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander11011100.0%
Deonte Burton to Justin Patton110010.0%
Deonte Burton to Steven Adams70000.0%
Deonte Burton to Mike Muscala70020.0%
Deonte Burton to Andre Roberson50000.0%
Deonte Burton to Danilo Gallinari10000.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Kevin Hervey1001616.7%
Hamidou Diallo to Devon Hall300040.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Terrance Ferguson100040.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Justin Patton30010.0%
Hamidou Diallo to Andre Roberson110050.0%
Luguentz Dort to Deonte Burton80040.0%
Luguentz Dort to Kevin Hervey30020.0%
Luguentz Dort to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander68071936.8%
Luguentz Dort to Hamidou Diallo40000.0%
Luguentz Dort to Terrance Ferguson40000.0%
Luguentz Dort to Abdel Nader100020.0%
Luguentz Dort to Steven Adams320050.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Luguentz Dort30000.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Deonte Burton40020.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Kevin Hervey10010.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Devon Hall20000.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Hamidou Diallo80030.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Andre Roberson10010.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Darius Bazley40010.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Deonte Burton20010.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Andre Roberson20010.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Kevin Hervey20000.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Devon Hall10000.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Justin Patton10000.0%
Devon Hall to Darius Bazley160040.0%
Devon Hall to Justin Patton10000.0%
Devon Hall to Dennis Schroder10000.0%
Devon Hall to Nerlens Noel40000.0%
Kevin Hervey to Deonte Burton100040.0%
Kevin Hervey to Abdel Nader4011100.0%
Kevin Hervey to Nerlens Noel10000.0%
Kevin Hervey to Chris Paul70020.0%
Mike Muscala to Kevin Hervey10010.0%
Mike Muscala to Devon Hall2501520.0%
Mike Muscala to Steven Adams20000.0%
Abdel Nader to Luguentz Dort110000.0%
Abdel Nader to Devon Hall140030.0%
Abdel Nader to Hamidou Diallo2101520.0%
Abdel Nader to Andre Roberson10000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Luguentz Dort230040.0%
Nerlens Noel to Devon Hall4011100.0%
Nerlens Noel to Mike Muscala10000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Andre Roberson10010.0%
Justin Patton to Devon Hall30000.0%
Justin Patton to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander20000.0%
Justin Patton to Hamidou Diallo30000.0%
Justin Patton to Abdel Nader80010.0%
Justin Patton to Mike Muscala10000.0%
Justin Patton to Dennis Schroder40000.0%
Justin Patton to Danilo Gallinari20000.0%
Justin Patton to Chris Paul20000.0%
Chris Paul to Kevin Hervey40000.0%
Chris Paul to Justin Patton20000.0%
Andre Roberson to Darius Bazley1302540.0%
Andre Roberson to Kevin Hervey20020.0%
Andre Roberson to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander1101425.0%
Andre Roberson to Terrance Ferguson30000.0%
Andre Roberson to Steven Adams30010.0%
Andre Roberson to Mike Muscala20000.0%
Andre Roberson to Dennis Schroder30000.0%
Andre Roberson to Nerlens Noel20000.0%
Andre Roberson to Danilo Gallinari10000.0%
Andre Roberson to Chris Paul120010.0%
Isaiah Roby to Kevin Hervey1011100.0%
Isaiah Roby to Hamidou Diallo20010.0%
Dennis Schroder to Devon Hall10010.0%