2019 Los Angeles Lakers Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Los Angeles Lakers averaged 287 passes per game. The leading assist duo was LeBron James to Anthony Davis, with 181 assists on 978 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
LeBron James to Anthony Davis97818122047546.3%
LeBron James to Kyle Kuzma381778518545.9%
LeBron James to Danny Green689778520940.7%
LeBron James to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope452757917445.4%
LeBron James to JaVale McGee298737912961.2%
LeBron James to Avery Bradley411707816048.8%
Rajon Rondo to Anthony Davis376577116044.4%
Rajon Rondo to Kyle Kuzma342476216138.5%
Anthony Davis to LeBron James9764511426143.7%
LeBron James to Dwight Howard16545467065.7%
Rajon Rondo to LeBron James351416714546.2%
Rajon Rondo to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope21032388445.2%
Danny Green to Anthony Davis316285611648.3%
Anthony Davis to Danny Green20526276839.7%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to LeBron James459255611947.1%
Anthony Davis to Avery Bradley17825307341.1%
Anthony Davis to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope18823276541.5%
LeBron James to Alex Caruso22622237032.9%
Alex Caruso to Anthony Davis27021339136.3%
Anthony Davis to JaVale McGee6620213560.0%
Danny Green to LeBron James859197117341.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Dwight Howard7917182281.8%
LeBron James to Troy Daniels8417174438.6%
Avery Bradley to Anthony Davis19916256339.7%
Alex Caruso to Kyle Kuzma16916226732.8%
Anthony Davis to Kyle Kuzma9416214843.8%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Anthony Davis22215337444.6%
Alex Caruso to Danny Green7615152365.2%
Alex Caruso to LeBron James332154910148.5%
Alex Caruso to Dwight Howard13514182669.2%
Anthony Davis to Alex Caruso18514173745.9%
Avery Bradley to JaVale McGee6513141877.8%
Kyle Kuzma to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope9913133240.6%
Rajon Rondo to Alex Caruso13713163743.2%
Rajon Rondo to Dwight Howard13313133537.1%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Kyle Kuzma9312164337.2%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Danny Green9012133043.3%
Alex Caruso to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope12412154235.7%
Danny Green to JaVale McGee13412162955.2%
Kyle Kuzma to LeBron James32312306446.9%
Dwight Howard to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope13511144035.0%
LeBron James to Quinn Cook7011132650.0%
LeBron James to Jared Dudley6711111957.9%
LeBron James to Rajon Rondo25811195335.8%
Kyle Kuzma to Dwight Howard5411111861.1%
Kyle Kuzma to Anthony Davis8710133438.2%
JaVale McGee to Danny Green10910102835.7%
Rajon Rondo to Avery Bradley9110123237.5%
Avery Bradley to Kyle Kuzma479102441.7%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to JaVale McGee41991656.3%
Quinn Cook to Anthony Davis929153938.5%
Anthony Davis to Rajon Rondo3459255942.4%
Danny Green to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope83992437.5%
Dwight Howard to LeBron James45594811840.7%
JaVale McGee to Avery Bradley939102245.5%
Rajon Rondo to Troy Daniels58992536.0%
Avery Bradley to Dwight Howard42881172.7%
Anthony Davis to Quinn Cook858122646.2%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Alex Caruso141792832.1%
Alex Caruso to Quinn Cook867112445.8%
Kyle Kuzma to Alex Caruso1327122646.2%
Rajon Rondo to Danny Green73772528.0%
Avery Bradley to LeBron James3346297140.8%
Quinn Cook to Kyle Kuzma836103330.3%
Anthony Davis to Dwight Howard21671353.8%
Danny Green to Kyle Kuzma62672429.2%
Danny Green to Avery Bradley112692437.5%
Kyle Kuzma to Troy Daniels39681942.1%
Kyle Kuzma to Danny Green59662326.1%
Kyle Kuzma to Rajon Rondo2756123336.4%
JaVale McGee to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope77681553.3%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Quinn Cook81551145.5%
Alex Caruso to Avery Bradley51551533.3%
Quinn Cook to Troy Daniels42571936.8%
Quinn Cook to Dwight Howard91561540.0%
Quinn Cook to LeBron James915163250.0%
Dwight Howard to Alex Caruso2375123732.4%
LeBron James to Dion Waiters33561637.5%
LeBron James to Markieff Morris32561540.0%
Rajon Rondo to JaVale McGee2357977.8%
Avery Bradley to Danny Green82472429.2%
Alex Caruso to Rajon Rondo161491656.3%
Quinn Cook to Alex Caruso4644666.7%
Anthony Davis to Troy Daniels23441136.4%
Jared Dudley to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope2846785.7%
Dwight Howard to Troy Daniels2544944.4%
JaVale McGee to LeBron James5874379339.8%
Avery Bradley to Alex Caruso3833837.5%
Avery Bradley to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope1233650.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Troy Daniels2133837.5%
Alex Caruso to Troy Daniels3033933.3%
Alex Caruso to Dion Waiters2034757.1%
Alex Caruso to Markieff Morris1733650.0%
Quinn Cook to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope61341330.8%
Quinn Cook to Avery Bradley2434757.1%
Quinn Cook to Danny Green3433837.5%
Troy Daniels to Kyle Kuzma26351145.5%
Troy Daniels to Quinn Cook40371450.0%
Jared Dudley to Talen Horton-Tucker1534757.1%
Jared Dudley to Quinn Cook1083102540.0%
Danny Green to Dwight Howard3533742.9%
Dwight Howard to Quinn Cook1493143540.0%
Dwight Howard to Anthony Davis3934757.1%
Dwight Howard to Avery Bradley64362030.0%
Dwight Howard to Danny Green3933650.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Markieff Morris1934580.0%
Rajon Rondo to Jared Dudley40331030.0%
Dion Waiters to Kyle Kuzma1034580.0%
Dion Waiters to Anthony Davis1933742.9%
Dion Waiters to Markieff Morris1633742.9%
Kostas Antetokounmpo to Dion Waiters4222100.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Avery Bradley1622540.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Rajon Rondo2372122646.2%
Alex Caruso to JaVale McGee2323475.0%
Quinn Cook to JaVale McGee2023933.3%
Troy Daniels to LeBron James5025862.5%
Anthony Davis to Dion Waiters25251050.0%
Jared Dudley to Kyle Kuzma2022922.2%
Jared Dudley to Alex Caruso74251050.0%
Jared Dudley to Troy Daniels1822540.0%
Jared Dudley to Dion Waiters1924757.1%
Jared Dudley to Avery Bradley1424580.0%
Jared Dudley to Danny Green822450.0%
Jared Dudley to JaVale McGee522366.7%
Danny Green to Alex Caruso140251050.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Devontae Cacok3222100.0%
Dwight Howard to Kyle Kuzma77271838.9%
Dwight Howard to Rajon Rondo3212174934.7%
LeBron James to Talen Horton-Tucker1323560.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Avery Bradley40251050.0%
JaVale McGee to Kyle Kuzma2925862.5%
JaVale McGee to Anthony Davis62231030.0%
Markieff Morris to Kyle Kuzma24261346.2%
Markieff Morris to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope1922633.3%
Rajon Rondo to Markieff Morris28221020.0%
Dion Waiters to JR Smith1122366.7%
Kostas Antetokounmpo to Quinn Cook8122100.0%
Devontae Cacok to Talen Horton-Tucker211250.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Markieff Morris1411714.3%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Jared Dudley1711250.0%
Alex Caruso to Jared Dudley4711616.7%
Quinn Cook to Talen Horton-Tucker1211250.0%
Quinn Cook to Dion Waiters1011425.0%
Quinn Cook to Markieff Morris911250.0%
Quinn Cook to JR Smith1112540.0%
Troy Daniels to Alex Caruso4212922.2%
Troy Daniels to Anthony Davis2012633.3%
Troy Daniels to Danny Green8111100.0%
Troy Daniels to JaVale McGee511250.0%
Troy Daniels to Jared Dudley8111100.0%
Troy Daniels to Rajon Rondo4712728.6%
Anthony Davis to Markieff Morris811425.0%
Anthony Davis to Jared Dudley6111100.0%
Jared Dudley to Devontae Cacok211250.0%
Jared Dudley to Kostas Antetokounmpo2111100.0%
Jared Dudley to Dwight Howard1612540.0%
Jared Dudley to LeBron James96192931.0%
Danny Green to Quinn Cook5012540.0%
Danny Green to Markieff Morris4122100.0%
Danny Green to Jared Dudley811250.0%
Danny Green to Rajon Rondo117161931.6%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Kyle Kuzma1111100.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Jared Dudley911250.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Dwight Howard1011333.3%
Dwight Howard to Talen Horton-Tucker711333.3%
Kyle Kuzma to JaVale McGee2011520.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Jared Dudley1211425.0%
Kyle Kuzma to JR Smith411250.0%
JaVale McGee to Talen Horton-Tucker9111100.0%
JaVale McGee to Quinn Cook4013650.0%
JaVale McGee to Troy Daniels411250.0%
JaVale McGee to Rajon Rondo48171353.8%
Markieff Morris to Alex Caruso1811333.3%
Markieff Morris to Rajon Rondo3913742.9%
Markieff Morris to JR Smith311250.0%
Markieff Morris to Dwight Howard711250.0%
Rajon Rondo to Quinn Cook24121118.2%
JR Smith to Talen Horton-Tucker3111100.0%
JR Smith to Markieff Morris3111100.0%
JR Smith to Jared Dudley511250.0%
Dion Waiters to Kostas Antetokounmpo2111100.0%
Dion Waiters to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope811250.0%
Dion Waiters to Danny Green511250.0%
Dion Waiters to Jared Dudley10111100.0%
Dion Waiters to Dwight Howard10111100.0%
Dion Waiters to LeBron James3613742.9%
Kostas Antetokounmpo to Talen Horton-Tucker30000.0%
Kostas Antetokounmpo to Kyle Kuzma10000.0%
Kostas Antetokounmpo to Alex Caruso40000.0%
Kostas Antetokounmpo to Jared Dudley10000.0%
Kostas Antetokounmpo to JR Smith10010.0%
Avery Bradley to Quinn Cook2101250.0%
Avery Bradley to Troy Daniels30000.0%
Avery Bradley to Markieff Morris201250.0%
Avery Bradley to Jared Dudley70000.0%
Avery Bradley to Rajon Rondo72041233.3%
Devontae Cacok to Quinn Cook30030.0%
Devontae Cacok to Dion Waiters10000.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Talen Horton-Tucker10000.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Dion Waiters801333.3%
Alex Caruso to Zach Norvell Jr.10000.0%
Alex Caruso to Talen Horton-Tucker20000.0%
Alex Caruso to Kostas Antetokounmpo10000.0%
Alex Caruso to JR Smith50030.0%
Quinn Cook to Zach Norvell Jr.30010.0%
Quinn Cook to Kostas Antetokounmpo50000.0%
Quinn Cook to Jared Dudley560040.0%
Quinn Cook to Rajon Rondo230030.0%
Troy Daniels to Talen Horton-Tucker10000.0%
Troy Daniels to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope140000.0%
Troy Daniels to Avery Bradley30000.0%
Troy Daniels to Dwight Howard260010.0%
Anthony Davis to Talen Horton-Tucker10010.0%
Anthony Davis to JR Smith30010.0%
Jared Dudley to Anthony Davis20000.0%
Jared Dudley to Rajon Rondo64021216.7%
Jared Dudley to JR Smith30020.0%
Danny Green to Talen Horton-Tucker60020.0%
Danny Green to Troy Daniels701250.0%
Danny Green to Dion Waiters120030.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Kostas Antetokounmpo20000.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Alex Caruso10000.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Quinn Cook1801425.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Troy Daniels10000.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Dion Waiters1801333.3%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Anthony Davis20000.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Markieff Morris70030.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Danny Green30000.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to JaVale McGee70020.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to JR Smith60030.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to LeBron James1801333.3%
Dwight Howard to Dion Waiters2801520.0%
Dwight Howard to Markieff Morris40010.0%
Dwight Howard to Jared Dudley1901425.0%
Dwight Howard to JR Smith4011100.0%
LeBron James to JR Smith40000.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Talen Horton-Tucker10000.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Quinn Cook6803933.3%
Kyle Kuzma to Dion Waiters1501250.0%
JaVale McGee to Alex Caruso450060.0%
JaVale McGee to Dion Waiters2011100.0%
JaVale McGee to Markieff Morris20010.0%
JaVale McGee to Jared Dudley30000.0%
JaVale McGee to JR Smith30000.0%
Markieff Morris to Talen Horton-Tucker100030.0%
Markieff Morris to Quinn Cook70030.0%
Markieff Morris to Dion Waiters1701520.0%
Markieff Morris to Anthony Davis30010.0%
Markieff Morris to Avery Bradley30010.0%
Markieff Morris to Danny Green40030.0%
Markieff Morris to JaVale McGee30000.0%
Markieff Morris to LeBron James36091464.3%
Zach Norvell Jr. to Kostas Antetokounmpo10000.0%
Zach Norvell Jr. to Alex Caruso10000.0%
Zach Norvell Jr. to Quinn Cook20000.0%
JR Smith to Devontae Cacok10000.0%
JR Smith to Kostas Antetokounmpo10000.0%
JR Smith to Kyle Kuzma10010.0%
JR Smith to Alex Caruso50000.0%
JR Smith to Quinn Cook60000.0%
JR Smith to Dion Waiters1001425.0%
JR Smith to Anthony Davis20010.0%
JR Smith to JaVale McGee10000.0%
JR Smith to Dwight Howard20020.0%
JR Smith to LeBron James1002366.7%
Dion Waiters to Talen Horton-Tucker1302450.0%
Dion Waiters to Alex Caruso220050.0%
Dion Waiters to Quinn Cook90030.0%
Dion Waiters to JaVale McGee20000.0%