2019 Phoenix Suns Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Phoenix Suns averaged 293 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Ricky Rubio to Devin Booker, with 108 assists on 1022 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Ricky Rubio to Devin Booker102210817740443.8%
Ricky Rubio to Deandre Ayton477899718253.3%
Ricky Rubio to Mikal Bridges448818414856.8%
Ricky Rubio to Kelly Oubre Jr.406768920144.3%
Devin Booker to Deandre Ayton205727312259.8%
Devin Booker to Kelly Oubre Jr.287697818741.7%
Ricky Rubio to Aron Baynes327636413348.1%
Ricky Rubio to Dario Saric565596915444.8%
Devin Booker to Dario Saric301586614844.6%
Devin Booker to Ricky Rubio398576916641.6%
Devin Booker to Mikal Bridges239394110638.7%
Devin Booker to Aron Baynes16039419443.6%
Devin Booker to Cameron Johnson14638409741.2%
Dario Saric to Devin Booker406276613548.9%
Ricky Rubio to Frank Kaminsky19426297240.3%
Ricky Rubio to Cameron Johnson15725266540.0%
Devin Booker to Frank Kaminsky14024276640.9%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Devin Booker29324479649.0%
Mikal Bridges to Devin Booker278224911144.1%
Deandre Ayton to Devin Booker354214412036.7%
Aron Baynes to Devin Booker24019326747.8%
Deandre Ayton to Kelly Oubre Jr.9717235442.6%
Devin Booker to Cheick Diallo4917172470.8%
Mikal Bridges to Deandre Ayton12117194740.4%
Elie Okobo to Cameron Johnson8717174141.5%
Elie Okobo to Mikal Bridges16017194146.3%
Elie Okobo to Cheick Diallo13117203164.5%
Aron Baynes to Kelly Oubre Jr.9414194542.2%
Mikal Bridges to Cameron Johnson7714143342.4%
Mikal Bridges to Kelly Oubre Jr.9914183650.0%
Jevon Carter to Devin Booker17014276144.3%
Cameron Johnson to Mikal Bridges5714142850.0%
Elie Okobo to Devin Booker288143810137.6%
Dario Saric to Ricky Rubio920144511339.8%
Devin Booker to Jevon Carter7913133141.9%
Mikal Bridges to Dario Saric6813132259.1%
Mikal Bridges to Ricky Rubio65113299829.6%
Jevon Carter to Cameron Johnson5913132748.1%
Dario Saric to Deandre Ayton6313152365.2%
Frank Kaminsky to Devin Booker19012287040.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Kelly Oubre Jr.9512145226.9%
Elie Okobo to Deandre Ayton13912163151.6%
Dario Saric to Kelly Oubre Jr.10512184045.0%
Devin Booker to Elie Okobo9611133043.3%
Jevon Carter to Cheick Diallo5811111573.3%
Tyler Johnson to Devin Booker13611184440.9%
Dario Saric to Frank Kaminsky7411132454.2%
Deandre Ayton to Mikal Bridges9910112055.0%
Elie Okobo to Kelly Oubre Jr.8410174141.5%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Deandre Ayton8710143441.2%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Frank Kaminsky7310111957.9%
Ricky Rubio to Tyler Johnson7310132454.2%
Dario Saric to Aron Baynes7410122744.4%
Devin Booker to Tyler Johnson62992931.0%
Jevon Carter to Dario Saric1089112544.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Dario Saric1139103033.3%
Ricky Rubio to Jevon Carter67992437.5%
Ricky Rubio to Cheick Diallo539101952.6%
Dario Saric to Mikal Bridges749102050.0%
Aron Baynes to Ricky Rubio3478205337.7%
Mikal Bridges to Cheick Diallo33891464.3%
Cameron Johnson to Ricky Rubio2508183551.4%
Frank Kaminsky to Cameron Johnson45881942.1%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Ricky Rubio4108205040.0%
Dario Saric to Cameron Johnson41891947.4%
Deandre Ayton to Dario Saric807132748.1%
Aron Baynes to Dario Saric47771838.9%
Jevon Carter to Mikal Bridges105782334.8%
Jevon Carter to Kelly Oubre Jr.567122842.9%
Cameron Johnson to Kelly Oubre Jr.41773023.3%
Tyler Johnson to Kelly Oubre Jr.627102934.5%
Frank Kaminsky to Jevon Carter1317101855.6%
Frank Kaminsky to Dario Saric58792045.0%
Elie Okobo to Aron Baynes91772133.3%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Aron Baynes897111861.1%
Deandre Ayton to Cameron Johnson42661735.3%
Mikal Bridges to Aron Baynes52671546.7%
Ty Jerome to Jevon Carter40671450.0%
Ty Jerome to Devin Booker856123138.7%
Ty Jerome to Frank Kaminsky3767977.8%
Tyler Johnson to Cameron Johnson50662227.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Tyler Johnson153682630.8%
Frank Kaminsky to Ricky Rubio2876144928.6%
Elie Okobo to Frank Kaminsky55661540.0%
Elie Okobo to Dario Saric94661637.5%
Dario Saric to Elie Okobo146681457.1%
Mikal Bridges to Jevon Carter1265102737.0%
Jevon Carter to Elie Okobo87551631.3%
Jevon Carter to Deandre Ayton60561833.3%
Ty Jerome to Cameron Johnson2655955.6%
Ty Jerome to Mikal Bridges70551533.3%
Cameron Johnson to Jevon Carter61561833.3%
Cameron Johnson to Devin Booker1205184639.1%
Cameron Johnson to Dario Saric53561735.3%
Tyler Johnson to Dario Saric50561442.9%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Cameron Johnson2255955.6%
Cameron Payne to Jevon Carter3255771.4%
Deandre Ayton to Ricky Rubio6054247233.3%
Aron Baynes to Cameron Johnson27441136.4%
Aron Baynes to Jevon Carter4544850.0%
Aron Baynes to Tyler Johnson45441040.0%
Devin Booker to Cameron Payne36451338.5%
Mikal Bridges to Frank Kaminsky71452123.8%
Cheick Diallo to Jevon Carter83451338.5%
Cheick Diallo to Mikal Bridges3545771.4%
Ty Jerome to Cheick Diallo52441526.7%
Cameron Johnson to Deandre Ayton43481942.1%
Cameron Johnson to Tyler Johnson64461442.9%
Cameron Johnson to Aron Baynes1844666.7%
Tyler Johnson to Frank Kaminsky127463218.8%
Frank Kaminsky to Mikal Bridges53441233.3%
Elie Okobo to Jevon Carter96452420.8%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Mikal Bridges62441625.0%
Cameron Payne to Deandre Ayton39441040.0%
Cameron Payne to Mikal Bridges34441233.3%
Cameron Payne to Dario Saric55461637.5%
Dario Saric to Jevon Carter133442020.0%
Deandre Ayton to Jevon Carter79351050.0%
Aron Baynes to Mikal Bridges3633837.5%
Devin Booker to Ty Jerome40341822.2%
Mikal Bridges to Ty Jerome97371450.0%
Mikal Bridges to Elie Okobo242373023.3%
Jevon Carter to Cameron Payne4235683.3%
Jevon Carter to Frank Kaminsky102362227.3%
Jevon Carter to Aron Baynes4533560.0%
Cheick Diallo to Elie Okobo184361833.3%
Cheick Diallo to Kelly Oubre Jr.34361931.6%
Ty Jerome to Elie Okobo42331030.0%
Cameron Johnson to Elie Okobo124361637.5%
Cameron Johnson to Frank Kaminsky36351241.7%
Tyler Johnson to Mikal Bridges60331030.0%
Tyler Johnson to Cheick Diallo12333100.0%
Tyler Johnson to Aron Baynes2533650.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Ty Jerome3833837.5%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Tyler Johnson63341233.3%
Cameron Payne to Cameron Johnson2033837.5%
Cameron Payne to Devin Booker813102050.0%
Dario Saric to Tyler Johnson85331520.0%
Deandre Ayton to Elie Okobo12026966.7%
Mikal Bridges to Cameron Payne4523933.3%
Jevon Carter to Ty Jerome49231618.8%
Jevon Carter to Ricky Rubio83251631.3%
Cheick Diallo to Cameron Johnson2922728.6%
Cheick Diallo to Devin Booker912102737.0%
Ty Jerome to Deandre Ayton1623650.0%
Ty Jerome to Kelly Oubre Jr.34262030.0%
Ty Jerome to Tyler Johnson1022633.3%
Cameron Johnson to Cheick Diallo2422633.3%
Cameron Johnson to Cameron Payne2423650.0%
Tyler Johnson to Ty Jerome1122450.0%
Tyler Johnson to Deandre Ayton1022728.6%
Frank Kaminsky to Cheick Diallo422366.7%
Frank Kaminsky to Aron Baynes922450.0%
Elie Okobo to Ty Jerome34231030.0%
Elie Okobo to Tyler Johnson2224757.1%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Jevon Carter5323742.9%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Cheick Diallo2123742.9%
Deandre Ayton to Tyler Johnson2712450.0%
Deandre Ayton to Aron Baynes7111100.0%
Aron Baynes to Ty Jerome2412366.7%
Aron Baynes to Elie Okobo104181650.0%
Aron Baynes to Deandre Ayton511425.0%
Aron Baynes to Frank Kaminsky611333.3%
Mikal Bridges to Tyler Johnson68121315.4%
Jevon Carter to Tyler Johnson39121020.0%
Cheick Diallo to Deandre Ayton811333.3%
Cheick Diallo to Frank Kaminsky6111100.0%
Cheick Diallo to Tyler Johnson1711425.0%
Cheick Diallo to Dario Saric1513560.0%
Cheick Diallo to Ricky Rubio114131225.0%
Ty Jerome to Dario Saric4211911.1%
Ty Jerome to Aron Baynes2711714.3%
Ty Jerome to Ricky Rubio1411250.0%
Cameron Johnson to Ty Jerome4413650.0%
Tyler Johnson to Elie Okobo1711425.0%
Tyler Johnson to Jevon Carter3212633.3%
Tyler Johnson to Ricky Rubio53141428.6%
Frank Kaminsky to Elie Okobo5013742.9%
Frank Kaminsky to Cameron Payne3214580.0%
Jalen Lecque to Jevon Carter4111100.0%
Jalen Lecque to Cheick Diallo3111100.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Elie Okobo10412540.0%
Cameron Payne to Cheick Diallo4111100.0%
Ricky Rubio to Jalen Lecque1111100.0%
Dario Saric to Ty Jerome6313837.5%
Dario Saric to Cheick Diallo4111100.0%
Dario Saric to Cameron Payne7713933.3%
Deandre Ayton to Ty Jerome1401425.0%
Deandre Ayton to Cheick Diallo30010.0%
Deandre Ayton to Cameron Payne4303742.9%
Deandre Ayton to Frank Kaminsky10000.0%
Aron Baynes to Cheick Diallo30000.0%
Jonah Bolden to Cameron Johnson30000.0%
Jonah Bolden to Ty Jerome30000.0%
Jonah Bolden to Elie Okobo120010.0%
Jonah Bolden to Jevon Carter3011100.0%
Jonah Bolden to Mikal Bridges30000.0%
Jonah Bolden to Devin Booker70010.0%
Jonah Bolden to Kelly Oubre Jr.30010.0%
Jonah Bolden to Ricky Rubio60000.0%
Devin Booker to Jonah Bolden20010.0%
Mikal Bridges to Jalen Lecque1011100.0%
Mikal Bridges to Jared Harper10000.0%
Mikal Bridges to Jonah Bolden10000.0%
Jevon Carter to Jalen Lecque60000.0%
Jevon Carter to Jonah Bolden10000.0%
Cheick Diallo to Tariq Owens20010.0%
Cheick Diallo to Jalen Lecque10000.0%
Cheick Diallo to Ty Jerome5902540.0%
Cheick Diallo to Jared Harper3011100.0%
Cheick Diallo to Jonah Bolden10000.0%
Cheick Diallo to Cameron Payne60020.0%
Cheick Diallo to Aron Baynes20010.0%
Jared Harper to Tariq Owens10000.0%
Jared Harper to Jalen Lecque10010.0%
Jared Harper to Elie Okobo20000.0%
Jared Harper to Mikal Bridges10000.0%
Jared Harper to Cheick Diallo10000.0%
Ty Jerome to Jalen Lecque10010.0%
Ty Jerome to Jonah Bolden20020.0%
Ty Jerome to Cameron Payne60010.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Deandre Ayton40010.0%
Jalen Lecque to Jared Harper10000.0%
Jalen Lecque to Elie Okobo40010.0%
Jalen Lecque to Mikal Bridges10000.0%
Jalen Lecque to Cameron Payne10000.0%
Jalen Lecque to Devin Booker10000.0%
Elie Okobo to Tariq Owens70020.0%
Elie Okobo to Jalen Lecque90050.0%
Elie Okobo to Jared Harper40020.0%
Elie Okobo to Jonah Bolden110020.0%
Elie Okobo to Cameron Payne20000.0%
Elie Okobo to Ricky Rubio1601714.3%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Ty Jerome3802633.3%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Jonah Bolden10000.0%
Tariq Owens to Jalen Lecque4022100.0%
Tariq Owens to Jared Harper10010.0%
Tariq Owens to Elie Okobo50000.0%
Tariq Owens to Jevon Carter40000.0%
Tariq Owens to Cheick Diallo10000.0%
Tariq Owens to Ricky Rubio10000.0%
Cameron Payne to Ty Jerome70040.0%
Cameron Payne to Elie Okobo70010.0%
Cameron Payne to Frank Kaminsky3401616.7%
Cameron Payne to Ricky Rubio8022100.0%
Ricky Rubio to Ty Jerome110020.0%
Ricky Rubio to Elie Okobo100030.0%
Ricky Rubio to Jonah Bolden20000.0%
Ricky Rubio to Cameron Payne502450.0%